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Feb. 20th, 2015 02:01 pm
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Took off and went to the port. The market was only half open - the weather frightened everyone away, even though by the time i got there the sun was pretty much shining, even if it was quite cold and windy.

I also got a glimpse of the lower parts of the Yehuda mountains with their lovely snow when I came down from the University Hill. The rain had washed away all the smog and filth from the air, and the visibility was unbelievably good. It was gorgeous.

Got some cheeses and bread, strawberries and olives, and some Haman's ears at my favorite bakery, and had Herring sandwich at the car before heading home.

As it turns out, my mom also bought bread, but, as i told her, that's what happens when she doesn't answer my phone calls.


You know. I don't fell lonely these days. I pretty much reconciled with the realization I'll probably never have a partner, and I'm fine with that, most of the time. I just don't have time to feel bad about it anymore. I wake up so early, spend the bus rides and car rides listening to music, to talk shows, reading, surfing the internet. I spend all day in a very hectic environment surrounded by people and come home to my parents. I actually feel like I need some alone time during the week, and I take a few hours to do so - shopping, sitting in a cafe, going to see some silly movie.

But then, I was sitting at my car having that sandwich, and I was watching the couples going by, and they were all couples. There weren't many people alone, and most were obviously partners, and it just hit me, like it does sometimes, my aloneness.

Nothing to it, and it'll pass, but, sometimes, for short periods of time, this feeling fills me to the brim and I can't help feel the impact and how it crushes me.



Jan. 20th, 2015 06:42 am
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Miqve Israel is foggy and the sky is bright. The sun hasn't come up yet, but the color of the horizon is pink and orange.

Then, an airplane takes off and its loneliness is staggering.

Going past this little stretch of morning voyage is probably one of the better parts of my otherwise tiring and too-early morning routine.
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Oh, god, I've missed this show.

I keep forgetting how good is people's characterizing here, as good as Person of Interest is.

I'm re-watching it from the beginning as well, because I need the reminders, and also Banshee Origins (which is the webisodes they upload each week), and I just keep loving it more and more.

The first episode of the season wasn't action packed, like a lot of the episodes are, but the opening sequence was fucking awesome, and we have some new shitstorms coming, I can see it happening.


So fucking cold out. I looked at the sky on Thursday morning and decided it was cold and rainy enough to play hooky. Also managed to get a sick day from my doctor, so that was great. My mom and I went to see if we could find a new TV (since out old one - and I do mean old, it's at least 15 years old - up and died last week) and ended up buying a new smart TV, a new dryer and a cell phone for my brother. Good day's work, I'd say.

Yesterday we actually braved the weather, since I needed fabric for my new sewing project (Jacket, this time), and we were able to find great wool/cashmere combo fabric, in two patterns, in different shades of blue.

It was raining hard, so we only took a small detour through the market and went home. I pretty much did nothing the renaining part of the day, except finish my book ("Charlotte Isabel Hansen", second book of the year after "The Ocean at the End of the Lane", which I hope is the beginning of a year that will rekindle my "Clean Shelves" project). I fell asleep quite early.


We went to visit Udi in Be'er Sheva today, and brought half the house with us, including a huge pot of Chulnt (which my mom made) and Bono (who was exceptionally good on the rides there and back).

Udi was glad to see us and we had lunch together, in his ice-box-of-an-apartment. We got back home at around 17:00.

I think I'm going back to Banshee, because if I go to the living room I'll be asleep in less than half an hour.
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Why-oh-why am I at work today.

There is absolutely NO LIGHT. WHAT.
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I miss the days that Fridays meant Supernatural and Freakangels.
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Home. There is nothing for me to do at the office, and my desk is needed, so I have the entire week to "work from home", which means doing nothing, because I have nothing to do from home.

Even though it makes me a wee bit nervous and annoyed, I have to say that staying at home on a day like today, with the rain and cold is really really nice.

Also, I'm going to try and spend no more money this month, because even though I spread my big buys on a few months my credit card has still gave me the stink eye, so hopefully I'l be able to hold it in my wallet for three weeks or so.
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Alone at the office at 7:45. I kinda like it at these hours - all alone and quiet - and I can put on some music with normal volume (I will say nothing about my Ipod's choice of a wintery-morning-song - "Ireland", of all the summer songs there are).

It's raining like crazy outside and my shoes and socks are half wet, which is annoying. I hope this day will leave most people at home (but I know it won't) or at least make most people late so I can have the time to myself.

Now back to the water tank I'm planning (and the oil tank that will be attached to it).

"Tower of Song" is a better choice now.


I really need a work icon.

ETA (9:30):Everybody's here. Crap.
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Rain like fucking winter... God.

Made it out of bed only at 6:45, which meant skipping breakfast to make it to uni at a decent hour. Mistake, that, because I'm super hungry and have no way of leaving the office without getting drenched again. Winter is meant to be spent at home.

Adi Ashkenazi yesterday was hilarious (I had a ticket to go see her at uni for the International Woman Day), but it meant going to sleep at about 12:00, which is, along with the darkness of the rain this morning, probably the reason I woke up so late.

Still haven't decided if I'm going to brave the rain to get to class (other side of campus) or just take off to Hagar's as soon as the clock hits 11. I'll see what's the sky's condition, then I'll make up my mind.
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Oh, the joy of writing reports about things I know nothing about...

But at least I moved myself to the living room computer. My room is fucking freezing. It's actually better to write here.
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It's not raining. The weather's nice, though. Not the terrible heat from yesterday.

Gave my number to a guy on campus this week. See if something comes out of it (hopefully).

Got two lab reports to get through, but they're not bad. If I push myself I can finish them both over the weekend, and since we have no Hydraulic class next week I'll have no more stuff for school (except the project, which I really need to get going on, though the first work proposal has already been sent).

Also - order. My room is at the critical point again. Nuclear fusion, anyone?

I'll maybe go with my mom to the shoe fair in Jaffa. I really want high boots, but it'll probably be very pricey, so we'll see.

Didn't get to watch both "Chuck" and "House", so that's for today also, as well as "Freakangels" (if they do us the cutesy to update). And still no "Bones" or "Fringe".

Spent yesterday with [personal profile] hagar_972. We haven't seen each other in a while, so that was truly needed. Also met [personal profile] eumelia this Tuesday, which was supposed to be our constant day for meeting, but then she callously found a new job... Well, we'll still see each other, we'll just need some better logistics.

Well, let's get going with some work. Or T.V.. Whichever comes first. :)
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Well, my dreams tonight were a mash up of "Ink", "CSI Miami" and some bookstore I can't recall I've ever been too. I can't even remember how it all came together, and it's possible I dreamed a few dreams at once. I do remember Speed being there, as a drunk, and Calleigh and Eric taking a stakeout at a cave somewhere. Real fucking mess.

As for reality - had my first sign language meeting yesterday, and it was fun, fun, fun. I already taught myself the letters and we learned some common phrases and practiced some. Spent half an hour on the bus home practicing. Probably looked like a goof. :)

The first week of the semester has passed, and I have a feeling this one will be easier. Not less time consuming, but maybe better. In retrospect, the last semester wasn't as bad as the one before, and I hope this down-hill will continue. I have three semesters to go now, and the end is nigh. Thank the gods of time.

Things to do today - Cook for tomorrow, go to the mall for my mom since my cousin is going away for a few months and we want to buy him a going-away present (well, she does - he managed to annoy me humongous-ly last week and I really don't want to give him anything), two exercises for next week, get the last bit of my costume finished and maybe watch the rest of "Ink".

I'm totally going to be a StoryTeller next Purim.

It's really stormy outside - I woke up during the night to the hail that was coming down and took my plants inside. I like winter when I'm home - last night it was a bit annoying when I had to fight the wind and the rain to get to the bus station.
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My mom sent me and my dad to the store. Two minutes in, my dad outside waiting in the car (double parked, of course), I get everything I needed (potatos and onions) and I step outside to walk the ~5 meters to the car. Some brilliant person flattened cardboard boxes on the road between the parking cars, and it was slippery.

Fell, of course, got my clean jeans and socks totally wet, I now have quite a large developing bruise on my upper arm/shoulder and the greatest thing? My dad didn't even notice. I fell and got up so quickly and he was moving the car out slightly so we can leave quickly and he missed it. So fucking precious.
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So... )

Two photos

Dec. 9th, 2008 04:55 pm
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Winter day and a macro shot of something weird...

The reason I .ike this winter shot is because you can see the person that's walking past the bus stop reflected in every drop of water, up side down.

Fun! )
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Was at a birthday party (to complete my party-roll) to a friend of mine from photography class up until now. Tons of people I don't know and one very sweet girl whom I talked to all night (her name is Efrat. Irony). She said I should come play rugby with them, but I'll pass. Glasses and violent ball games don't mix well.

Speaking of glasses, my own pair broke five minutes before I left the house so I had to raid my drawers to find my old pair(s). Found three pairs, one of which has pink lenses. Guess which pair I went with. :)

Had fun, tomorrow I'll go to the optometrist to have my current pair fixed and then Limor will come over and we'll go photograph somewhere.

And, it rained! I'm wearing my black tank top but I went with my high-heeled-boots, which was a good thing, since the parking lot was full of puddles. Smells like rain as well.
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Been quite ill... Haven't been able to work properly )

My mom was busy so I made sandwiches, and she bought like two tons of food to take with us. My dad got here at about 16:00 and we left at 16:15, picked my sister on the way and off we went.

Concert report, pics included! )

Mel and I arranged to meet at 10:30 but that didn't work so we ended up arranging a meeting at 11:30.

11:40 I was in TA with my sister and my brother in law and Mel was still stuck in traffic so we went to get some coffee (Blicker on Raines street has a very good chocolate and almonds croissant, maybe the best I've ever eaten, and great cold coffee). After that we went to the center, where we walked around some until Mel called and said she was there. I have already managed to buy myself a new bag by that point... I said goodbye to Michaly and Eyal and went to meet a very distressed Mel, not to mention hungry.

After getting tickets to "Persepolis" (which finally got to Israel!) she had something to eat and we made to look around. Got myself a new pair of earring at "Diva", an art magazine and a notebook and two new "Calvin and Hobbes" books. Needless to say, by then I asked Mel to stop me from buying anything else...

The movie was incredibly amazing and both me and Mel cried through big chunks of it. I can definitely say I wasn't disappointed (I have this tendency when it comes to books I love being processed into cinema), and even more so - I believe this movie gives a rounder, fuller view of this story. Mel agreed that it should be sold alongside the books for the full processed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching two episodes of "House" and then I gave her a ride home.

It's 10:52 and the rain is picking up.

I love this feeling. :)
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It's raining!!! Yey!
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Nose - Stuffed. Yuck, ick and annoying. At least my throat is a tiny bit better.

Had a meeting this morning at my second school, went well and all and I walked home from it, since it's quite close to my house. During that walk I had a strange feeling which I couldn't really put into words, and it intensified as I came closer to my old school and to my house. It was only after I walked into the apartment that I realised that it was dark and empty, and that this feeling I've been having for the last twenty minutes is a feeling I ditched school, as in high school.

Walked around the place and tried to come up with the "why" part, and I came to understand that the dark apartment, my walking home in a very fall-like weather (it's windy and chilly outside, almost as if it's going to rain) and my backpack, the hour - all of these things made me feel like I'm still at school and it's the middle of the day and I skipped some class to come home and have something to eat and watch T.V., like I used to in my teens.

So I made myself french toastand the fall/winter feeling got even more intense, with the smell of the vanilla and caramel.

It wasn't until now that I realised how much I'm looking forward to winter.


Mar. 15th, 2007 07:58 am
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I fell asleep at 8-bloody-thirty last night.

I still woke up this morning with little energy to spare.

It's getting really annoying.

Not to mention the dream I had at 3 a.m. - about me being Claire (from MecLoad's daughters) and flying in a hot-air-baloon with Alex (also from the series). We were flying above mountains (I can see them below me, my god, they were beautiful), and we had to land in a vally, very full of water. We couldn't take off again, so we had to stay there for the night (Claire/I was pregnent), and in the middle of the night we were attacked by black indians (completely - no faces, like someone drew them on a piece of paper). Then the dream changed, but I can't remember what happened next, even though I did in the middle of the night *frustration*...

And it's raining non-stop.

Well, G'morning to y'all!!! *sarcasm*
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At 5:30 this morning Dolce woke me up so I'll let her out of my room. I was sleepily staggering to the door when a huge flash of light and a very large "Booom!!!!!!!" echoed and shook my windows. It was followed by a constant ringing of all the phones in the house (four of them) that subsided after a few minutes. The amusing thing was that both my dad and my brother went on with their sleeping without even moving a toe... Dolce ran and hide and when I opened my door Bono was there, looking very frightened (as much as I could see without my glasses). I couldn't sleep well after that, I could feel my heart pumping really fast, and when I woke up I did everything in half-speed.

Yesterday Udi had his boot-camp finishing ceremony, which was (as was expected) very tedious, but at least it wasn't very long. The weather could not have been more un-decisive, as it was raining heavily at one point and hot and sunny the next.

I over page 200 in HBP, and as soon as I'm finishing that I have "Black sun rising" waiting for me at home, and a whole lot of planning to get started on, and I really should buy tickets to the concert, but I'm still waiting to see if anyone else wants to come with us (Mel and I will be going, Ayala told me last night that they can't come).


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