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They landed this morning at 4:00, and my mom forbade me from coming to pick them up, which in retrospect was a wise thing, since I only just fell asleep at around 12:00 and didn't sleep very well.

I still needed to get up to open the door to them, since our lock was changed and they didn't have a key. My internal clock woke me up at 4:00 sharp, at which point I walked into the living room to see Bisi leave me with one last gift (of course I was wrong - he was able to fit another piss right when my parents' taxi arrived). Mopped the floor (I got pretty good at that - after having mopped the floor more times these past three weeks than I have my whole life), and finished up with enough time to open the door and see Bono go nuts. The cats were vocal, Bono was jumping up and down and even Bisi wagged his tail a few times. No need to go nuts, after all.

They walked in and my mom immediately started unpacking (otherwise they stand a chance of having their things peed on), so I got a run of all their shopping (well, all of her shopping...)

Tons of scarves, silk and wool (I think three silk, four wool) in various sizes, thickness and patterns, clothes for my parents, my brother and my sister (cardigans, shirts, coats...), some shirts for my almost-brother-in-law and my ex-brother-in-law, chocolates, booze, all kinds of weird treats like thin slices of crystallized ginger and rice crispies, bags, hats... DAMN.

I got mine fairly quickly - the first thing was the Sprungli loot (they had a layover at Zurich, and since they have a daughter that's addicted to Macaroons... and BTW, if you don't know Sprungli, it's one of the best bakeries in Europe, and has an international name in Macaroons - here is their website). A box of Macaroons (they call them Luxemburgerli) and sugared chestnuts. My parents paid their weight in gold, but OH MY GOD are they amazing. Really. Nothing short of that.

I also snatched one of the silk scarves for myself, and will probably confiscate some of the other at times. They also bought me L'Occitane perfume, a picture made of a kind of wire of a traditional chinese figure and a messenger bag, which looks like leather but it ain't (it's also right to my taste, which is one of the first times my mom was able to get me a bag which is to my liking.

My dad went to sleep for a few hours and is heading to work now, and my mom went through her morning routine (back to the coal mines) and went to visit my grandma. I'm at home, as this is my last day of vacation, and I'm really happy I decided to do that, since I'm quite tired and I need this extra day.

I'm so so happy they're back. They had a blast, as well, which is very good to know. They had a good group and a good instructor, and the trip was very thorough (as much as it can be for three weeks in China).

So no more mopping for me. Well, at least not at this rate...
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[oh yey, it's a holiday, I can sleep in!]

[Uh, no, E. isn't coming this morning, which means.... FUCKSTICKS. CATS.]

[got up at 6:40 to Bono whining he has to go out]

[Oh, no, wait, Bisi has pooped, peed and is standing in his piss licking it, the little fucking asshole]

[MOPPING!!!!! MOPPING!!! Quite a lot of swearing. Dragged the dog to his place but he refuses to sit down]

[Bono, let's go. Nice little trip outside. At least he's behaving like a normal dog. Even though it takes him ages to climb the stairs back home]

[Food? Food. Oh, there's no open can for the dogs... Why don't they have a quick open on these cans? Um, can I help you guys? Is there a reason four cats are SITTING AROUND ME STARING? Oh, you want food? Water? Right on it.]


[OK. All the animals are fed. Medicines? One pill for Bisi, another for Bono, Bisi get an insulin shot, and oh right, Bono gets 10,000 pills in a pastrami piece, the little princess.]

[OK. Why won't Bisi sit down? Oh, poop again. OK]


[Take you out, OK. Could you DO something, not just walk around like a loon? You are a loon. Oh dear]

[Yes, he fell down the stairs twice so I carried him up to the apartment. He tried to bite my nose off]

[Downstairs Cats, OK, food, keys... Wait, where THE FUCK do you think you're goin... Oh, hell, I'll get the little fucking runaway after wards]

[Could you please not try and trip me when I'm walking? Thanks. No REALLY. REALLY.]

[No wet food you guys. Just deal with it.]

[Really., Eat your fucking food and STOP MEWLING. OMG STOP IT]

[Hey Maggie! Wanna play "Catch the Giant"? Without making my legs look like a scratching post?]


[Where are you, you little runaway? Oh, you went upstairs, I'll just open this door to you and... No, don't go the other fucking direction. OK. The other door, no, wait he went up again]

[Five times of up and down the stairs]

[I think I got him to get the fuck out, but I don't really care if I didn't]

[Drag myself to the apartment]

[H: "Wanna hug?" Me: "I WANNA FUCKING KILL SOMEBODY" H: "That's gonna be a LITTLE harder to arrange"]

[Can I die now on the sofa?]


[F you, man, F you.]


Mar. 22nd, 2014 10:30 am
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Sickness is slowly dissipating. I'm still coughing and my throat is making little noises of soar, and my nose runs, but the worst is, I think, behind me.

I was at work Thursday and also yesterday, because really, I couldn't leave everything hanging like I did. With some hard work, help from people at the branch and, unfortunately, taking some work home both Thursday and yesterday, I think we'll be OK for the ISO test on Monday.

Adding another layer of stress, my parents are going on a trip to Berlin tomorrow (My dad taught my mom's best friend's son Math so he could finally finish high school - he's 25 - and so my mom's best friend decided they deserve a vacation and bought them tickets and hotel stay for five days). Not that I don't think they deserve it, my parents work very hard, but the timing sucks big time, since the house is left empty with only me with the animals.

Emma will come and feed the street cats mornings and evenings but she has two evening she can't come so I will have to do it. Udi is taking Bono with him to Be'er Sheva and I'm left with Bisi, and hopefully he won't pee in the living room more than, say, five times during this time period.

The dog's food need to be prepared and distributed (he eats schnitzels - he eats better than I do, dammit), the cats have to be looked after as well, I need to arrange my food for the five days, and work in between and take care of the house and maybe go see my grandma once in a while...

Yeah, the upcoming week is going to be tough.

On the other hand, the party last night was great, full of great people. I might not have gone if I hadn't volunteered to pick a couple of Didi and Eli's friends on my way, having that I'm still not a 100%, but I'm glad I went. I had fun.

...and now on to root cause searches.


Mar. 23rd, 2013 10:39 am
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Lovely morning. As soon as I woke up my mom informed me that she found rat poison in the cats' dishes downstairs.

As our neighbors are known to be cat haters (and we had them complaining about them a few times, including the city patrol brought in) we know it's them. They've been making our lives difficult since they came to live here (they stopped paying for the gardener, the wife has a small business in the downstairs storage room, they litter all over the place and there's nothing we say or ask that they comply), and the problem right now is how to get evidence to file a complaint.

As far as I've read on line, it's a criminal offense to poison cats, so we have a case, and it's written that most people who do it boast about it - so my plan is to record them at it and go to the police with that.

I know the case won't hold much, due to "public indifference", but I'm still going to do it. I'm not in the custom of bowing down to bullies.

I've been shaking with rage since this morning and I honestly can't calm myself down.
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My room looks like a suitcase exploded in it (yes, I unpacked. Yes, I still haven't put all my things away). The amount of presents for myself and for other is astounding, I tell you. Most of our shopping was for food, but I still seem to have managed to get quite a lot of non-food stuff. And of course another round of the "abroad-cold".

We landed this morning (worst flight ever, maybe only beaten by the flight home from Stansted at '07) at 8:00 and got home a bit after 9:30. The week was a lot of fun (though many many people fighting, as per usual) and I have a whole bunch of photos to share, but I need my sister's camera's pictures as well, and also my mom's pictures. We'll have quite a lot of work combining the three.

The dogs are still alive (my mom was sure we'd come back to one dead) and the cats seem to be fine as well, but the house looks like hell - and when it becomes so dirty it bothers me, you know it's serious. Luckily our maid is coming next week, and by then my mom and I will have cleaned most of the place.

Once I have some strength I'll get my room organized (I can't sit on my bed, not to mention sleeping on it), but for now I really want to look at my photos and maybe re-watch the first episode of "Sherlock"'s second series.

(Oy! Some of my favorite shows are coming back next week! "Bones" and "Downton Abby", and "Revolution" starts as well! Yey for fall season!)
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School )

Family )

Work )

Books )

...Is that is?
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The fat cat has taken into sitiing on my lap. I wouldn't mind (she's purring all the time - I love it when they do that) but she's fucking heavy, and tends ro sit only on her back legs, so her front paws dig into my thighs.

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It was morning and he just sat on the windowsill so quiet and cute... I had to snap a picture.

Waiting, waiting, for who, for who, for who?... )
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* Homework=Death. I hate electronics. And a whole lot more.

* Song of the moment - "Are you out there" by Dar Williams. Brilliant.

* Dolce is sleeping exactly where she'll have both the blanket and some sun. Whoever says cats aren't smart is a moron.

[livejournal.com profile] lucywiggin was here for lunch yesterday and I took a few pictures of her for her facebook. Unfortunately we went upstairs when the sun was already down so we didn't have much time, and also she had to go home to take out her dog. My own dogs didn't scare her one bit (almost a first - people always flinch at the dogs' barking mad) and she even made it to stroking Ginger (who is a total coward when it comes to strangers).

Went to bed extremely early and woke up at about 4:30 completely awake. There were also a few dreams there, but none that was exceptional. Needless to say, I went back to sleep.

Got up at 7:30 and went to make pancakes (with vanilla and cinnamon...). I'm doing my homework now, and hating it, though I'm almost finished with the report.
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Stupid, sweet cat.

Photo )
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So here are two photos )

I think I'll make as icon out of the first one...

Cat fight

Jan. 16th, 2009 07:19 pm
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Shytaki is an asshole - first he attacked Ginger and then he attacked him again - the whole house is full of blood... We keep worrying that he'll lose too much blood.... He's under the sofa right now, so we can't catch him,a dn I chased Shytaki with a broom all over the house to close him up in a room.


So much blood, god...
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Parental unit coming back today. Udi and I went to get the dogs from the place they were at and now they're walking around the house like kings of the jungle. The cats are all in hiding... :)

Flight lands at 16:01, we'll leave here at about 15:30-15:45. Having pizza for lunch. I'm so bloody hungry.
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I hate fucking cats.

Two hours on cleaning the apartment, putting food in their trays, changing their kitty litter, brooming and washing the floors, and they spread the entire contents of their kitty box with their food.

Not to mention, the floors are now as dirty as they were two hours ago.

I hate fucking cats!
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One of our cats has been poisoned. I've no idea how, he doesn't leave the house, and all the other animals are fine. My mom thinks he must have eaten some of the cleaning detergents from under the sink (we had a problem with our dish washer so it was all outside on the kitchen floor), which is weird, because I always thought about him as a smart cat.

Even though he drinks from the toilet.

At any rate, he's at the vet now, and she's giving him something against the poison, and I hope he'll be fine. He's been drooling like mad from Friday, but we thought it was just a tooth problem.

Next time we won't wait so long.
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Haven't written about my dreams lately, except a bit here and there to tell you they're all about perach, but tonight I was finally a bit free (even if not completely) from that saga.

So I dreamed I was in a class that was being taught by [livejournal.com profile] hagar_972's mother. Strangely, it was about greek mythology (or we got to talking about it... I don't know), and I was excluded from taking that class but I attended non the less.

Anyway, the class goes on, and the lecturer talks about Aphrodite being seduced. I have no idea who did it, she says, do you? And the class bursts with answers, and they include all of the gods - from Zeus to Athena to Apollo to Venus [Huh? Isn't Venus Aphrodite? Never mind, it's a dream].

So eventually I say I believe it was Venus who seduced Aphrodite, because if we look at the history of her tales we see a clear pattern.

And then the lecturer turns to me and says - "yes, but it's not the past we look at now, it's the future that counts.


The dream goes on to us having a page with some sort of a small building glued to it and we have to write on it, so I start using my erasing cassette on it to make a surface and find out someone has beat me to it, so I look right and I see Dan from my high school class (but he also reminded my of Eitan from Perach) and he starts doing the assignment, and then he says something stupid and I slap him over the head, in a funny sort of way, but he is offended so I apologize.

When I woke up I tried to think what that last bit was about, so I concluded that it's the constant hitting I have with Eitan, but I think it reflect my fear that at some point he'll stop taking it as the good sport he is. Then again, we both laugh at each other and tease each other, so it's all in good nature... :)

Speaking of nature, we have a new cat downstairs in the storage room. She small, skinny, dirty little thing, with flea bites and eyes half closed due to infection, but she came up to me and rubbed her head against my hand and purred like two and a half tractors and mewed in a small sort of squeak, and I fell in love with her at that moment.

Besides, if she survived up until yesterday at the state my mom found her in, she's a fighter.

A total fighter.

So I named her Tori.
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Comment, and I'll give you 7 of your interestd (you've written in your profile). Write about these.

Hagar gave me these. )
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Yes, I know it sounds stupid... But Polly, one of our street cats (who sleeps mostly in our building's staircase curled on a box of kitty-litter in front of our door) made an attempt on the life of my Kipling-monkey, Camile... Of course, I pushed her away, because not only was she grabbing the monkey, she had her nails stuck in my jeans. Not pleasent.

I'm all alone here for now (it's the first of May, so all the people in a specific community contract don't work), but Motty will be here shortly, so i'll have to lower my music. He won't be here long today, his day is packed with meetings so he won't stay long (or drive me nuts, which he does sometimes when Lily isn't here).

We got the nre issue of "Menta" so I'll have something to brouse after I finish "The Island" (it's a really good book, but I cried like a baby yesterday from reading it).
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Had a very busy day at work yesterday, I was pretty glad it was over. Met Mel and Avihu in Azrieli and went to attend the demonstration for the refugees from Darfur that "Amnesty international" was organizing. I was pretty tired (and felt really out of place) so I left after an hour and managed to catch the 7:00 bus on the way home.

Me [to Avihu]: "I don't know if us being here is doing anything at all, you know."
Avihu: "One second, I got an SMS."
Me: "You are aware that I'm going to quote this on my LJ, right?..."

The ride home was quick, as the bus wasn't full, and I returned home in a thoughtful mood. When I got home my mom was just with the cats, so I went down to the storage room to look at the two smallest cats... They were so cute! One is just a small, completely round fluff ball, and the second one is just a tiny cat, so cute and energetic. The fluff ball (temporary name...) decided that my shoe would be a good bed, so he curled on it and went to sleep, at which point I couldn't really sustain my squeaking so he woke up and jumbled his way back to the box my mom made for him. Needless to say, I went up with a huge smile on my face (I'll never understand people who don't love cats, I just won't). It only took my ten minutes to find a comfortable position and fall asleep on the sofa...

This morning has passed without anything special, and I'll be going shopping today or tomorrow so i really need to get the full menu for Friday done.


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