Dec. 16th, 2016

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Dec. 16th, 2016 11:24 pm
tamara_russo: (No Fate)
So I finished yesterday my first week on my new job.

What happened at my OLD job )

I had time, since I left my old job, to rest and recuperate; to plan and execute my trip to the USA with my little brother; and also to let myself search in peace for my next job.

I had very few phone calls, even though I must have sent out hundreds of resumes. In the end, the job I found was the one I interviewed for back in May. They were very keen on me back then, but they had an earlier candidate which looked good on paper, so they hired him, only to discover, after some time, that he's absolutely no good. Hence - I got the call and I was thrilled. It's a great company, old enough and stable enough and with room to grow and learn, and the job description is right up my ally. Hell, I couldn't have written it better myself if they'd let me.

So I went through all the process, including two interviews, 3.5 hours of computerized testing, an English evaluation (that was amusing - I have better English than my all my managers) and finally I made it to having a contract in my hands and a start date.

The First week )

The greatest thing this week? My reflection in the mirror in the mornings. There was a smile. There was hope. There was expectation. It felt wonderful.

Simply wonderful.

[and this icon is here because it's true - for good or for bad - and this time it's good - there's no fate but what we make for ourselves.]


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