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Is just an excuse, I think. The thing is, most of my friends are on FB, and this place just became my update for very few people.

So this is a short update.

I'm working like crazy. Work is... annoying on so many days. There are too many things building up for me to try and find something else, and I believe that once the holidays pass, I'll dedicate some time for that. Unless something radical happens, I don't believe I'll stay there for a much longer (even though I keep saying that once in a while).

I'm going to Berlin with mom on Saturday, for 6 days. 6days of shopping, museums, and some peace and quiet from my boss. I'll be coming back to the usual mess.

School is fine. Went through one exam, and I have another tomorrow. The last ine is the Thursday after next, and then a week later the new semester starts. I still have no idea how it'll look, because I can't register until I have all of the summer classes' grades.

I very much need to go ahead and buy a car before semester starts, hopefully I'll get to that once I'm back home.

There is also the apartment buying issue, which now, that my mom's little health scare has passed (she has a lump in the side of her neck. We were worried it was cancer for a while but it's just an unsubstential infection, fortunately), we can start rolling again.

I also watched the first season of "The Legend of Korra" during Yom Kippur, which started kinda Meh, but went ahead and became good enough to captivate me. I'll download the lot and take it with me to Berlin, to watch on dead moments. I also need to shake my mom off for a bit while we're there, if I want to visit the Hamburger Bahnhoff and obtain certain, ahem, UNMENTIONABLE items. I need to see how THAT will work out.

There's somethiong else, but I'm still waiting to see how that whole thing is going to develop, and I don't want to get my hopes up (even though they're up). It's better then it's not, but can end in a very destructive way, but fuck it. It's done me more good than I've had in years.
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Me [talking to my mom]: "So Thursday night is Tel Aviv's white night. I'm gonna go hang."
Her: "You're gonna go for a long time? I can come for some of the night with you."
Me: "Nah, you always bring me down and make faces about the whole thing. I'll just go alone."
Her: "I don't make faces! And I don't like you to go alone."
Me: "I'm 32, mom. I can go alone, and this way I can do what I want."
Her: "I really don't like you to go alone. What about Michali?"
Me: "She's pregnant, mom. Besides, I just want to go alone."

Michali called a while after and she told my mom she's going to White Night, so my mom shouts out to me "Hey! You can go together!"

And I was like what part of "want-to-go-alone-you-don't-get-to-make-this-choice-for-me" don't you fucking get?!?!?

And now I'm so fucking stuck with this hole she dug me into, and I'm fucking seething here and I know she had good intentions, but for the love of fuck, will you PLEASE stop treating me like a fucking five-year-old and realize this WASN'T YOUR FUCKING DECISION TO MAKE.
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Did manage to rest this weekend, even though I had some plans.

Thursday I had the car so I used the mobility to go see Opher and Shiri. We had dinner together and a round of Dominion, and a whole lot of talking and fancying the cats.

Friday morning I got up really late, and then my mom recruited me to go do some shopping with her, and by the time we were finished with the fruit and vegetables, bakery, supermarket and a trip to my grandma's to drop some of the stuff off it was already after 13:00. On the other hand, I did get tons of stuff, so now the house is full of food I like. My dad made a face that we didn't get him anything, but as I've told him, we can't read his mind and if he wants something he needs to ask for it or come with us. Didn't stop him sulking, though.

Caught up with TV shows that afternoon and read a bit (I'm getting through the second half of the Harry Potter series again), and watched "Billy Eliot" with my parents again. This week's episode of "The Americans" was incredible, with one of the best scenes I've ever seen on television.

Today was my cousin's sons' birthday party, and since they fall asleep quite early in the afternoon my aunt invited us for 11:30. We weren't there by 11:30, but it was still very early when we got there and when we left. There was tons of food and I took pictures, but the light was unfavorable, so I hope they turned out all right.

Spent the last few hours reading and listening to music and pondering how the hell can I actually get my own apartment (which happens once in a while when my mom annoys me too much).

This week will be very hard, since next week on Monday is the annual quality exam. I can't wait for that to be over. Thankfully, that week we have our trip to Barcelona, which will give me time to rest and unwind for a bit.
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Oh, god, I've missed this show.

I keep forgetting how good is people's characterizing here, as good as Person of Interest is.

I'm re-watching it from the beginning as well, because I need the reminders, and also Banshee Origins (which is the webisodes they upload each week), and I just keep loving it more and more.

The first episode of the season wasn't action packed, like a lot of the episodes are, but the opening sequence was fucking awesome, and we have some new shitstorms coming, I can see it happening.


So fucking cold out. I looked at the sky on Thursday morning and decided it was cold and rainy enough to play hooky. Also managed to get a sick day from my doctor, so that was great. My mom and I went to see if we could find a new TV (since out old one - and I do mean old, it's at least 15 years old - up and died last week) and ended up buying a new smart TV, a new dryer and a cell phone for my brother. Good day's work, I'd say.

Yesterday we actually braved the weather, since I needed fabric for my new sewing project (Jacket, this time), and we were able to find great wool/cashmere combo fabric, in two patterns, in different shades of blue.

It was raining hard, so we only took a small detour through the market and went home. I pretty much did nothing the renaining part of the day, except finish my book ("Charlotte Isabel Hansen", second book of the year after "The Ocean at the End of the Lane", which I hope is the beginning of a year that will rekindle my "Clean Shelves" project). I fell asleep quite early.


We went to visit Udi in Be'er Sheva today, and brought half the house with us, including a huge pot of Chulnt (which my mom made) and Bono (who was exceptionally good on the rides there and back).

Udi was glad to see us and we had lunch together, in his ice-box-of-an-apartment. We got back home at around 17:00.

I think I'm going back to Banshee, because if I go to the living room I'll be asleep in less than half an hour.

Bisi died

Dec. 7th, 2014 06:21 pm
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He was a motherfucker of a dog, but he was still my dog.

My mom put him to sleep today at our home.

He was only in pain for a short while.

That's it.
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They landed this morning at 4:00, and my mom forbade me from coming to pick them up, which in retrospect was a wise thing, since I only just fell asleep at around 12:00 and didn't sleep very well.

I still needed to get up to open the door to them, since our lock was changed and they didn't have a key. My internal clock woke me up at 4:00 sharp, at which point I walked into the living room to see Bisi leave me with one last gift (of course I was wrong - he was able to fit another piss right when my parents' taxi arrived). Mopped the floor (I got pretty good at that - after having mopped the floor more times these past three weeks than I have my whole life), and finished up with enough time to open the door and see Bono go nuts. The cats were vocal, Bono was jumping up and down and even Bisi wagged his tail a few times. No need to go nuts, after all.

They walked in and my mom immediately started unpacking (otherwise they stand a chance of having their things peed on), so I got a run of all their shopping (well, all of her shopping...)

Tons of scarves, silk and wool (I think three silk, four wool) in various sizes, thickness and patterns, clothes for my parents, my brother and my sister (cardigans, shirts, coats...), some shirts for my almost-brother-in-law and my ex-brother-in-law, chocolates, booze, all kinds of weird treats like thin slices of crystallized ginger and rice crispies, bags, hats... DAMN.

I got mine fairly quickly - the first thing was the Sprungli loot (they had a layover at Zurich, and since they have a daughter that's addicted to Macaroons... and BTW, if you don't know Sprungli, it's one of the best bakeries in Europe, and has an international name in Macaroons - here is their website). A box of Macaroons (they call them Luxemburgerli) and sugared chestnuts. My parents paid their weight in gold, but OH MY GOD are they amazing. Really. Nothing short of that.

I also snatched one of the silk scarves for myself, and will probably confiscate some of the other at times. They also bought me L'Occitane perfume, a picture made of a kind of wire of a traditional chinese figure and a messenger bag, which looks like leather but it ain't (it's also right to my taste, which is one of the first times my mom was able to get me a bag which is to my liking.

My dad went to sleep for a few hours and is heading to work now, and my mom went through her morning routine (back to the coal mines) and went to visit my grandma. I'm at home, as this is my last day of vacation, and I'm really happy I decided to do that, since I'm quite tired and I need this extra day.

I'm so so happy they're back. They had a blast, as well, which is very good to know. They had a good group and a good instructor, and the trip was very thorough (as much as it can be for three weeks in China).

So no more mopping for me. Well, at least not at this rate...


Oct. 11th, 2014 09:31 am
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My parents are on holiday at the moment, and what my mom does around the house is devided to three people (Emma, who comes and feeds the downstairs cats), Udi and me of course.

Had a nasty period these past few days so I was somewhat unhelpful, but I woke up today feeling a lot better, so I already washed the floor (hey, only just smeared poop), made pancakes, fed the dogs, gave them their medicines (they get A LOT), yelled at Bisi about ten times (he won't fucking sit down for more than a second. He already ate his food, ate Bono's food, peed, pooped, drank water twice, and he just keeps on going.
Yes, old demented dogs are FUN. SUPER FUN). I also bolied eggs and made the marinade for my tofu. We'll probably make fried rice for lunch.

Ooh. Also - laundry.

I still really want to clean out the fridge, but I think I'll do that after Udi goes back to Be'er Sheva, sinhce he won't let me throw out most of the stuff. I think I can have a go at the bathroom, though.

I also need to clean out the kitty litter. JOY.


I was planning on writing quite a lot lately, but it seems it all just slips down and I just don;t have the energy.

For example, I wanted to declare I would try and read at least one new book a week since Rosh Hashana (haven't done that), and I also wanted to write about my TV shows (more on that later) and also about the crap that's going on with my mom and my grandma, but... Like I said, time just slips away.

As for work, things are quiet. I also had a talk with Asaf before the holiday, in which he basically told me that after Motty leaves, Ill be promoted to section head (could still be two years until then, but still). He also made it clear that in order to be bigger section head I'd have to start going out to do tests. I told him I can't at the moment, and that he'd have to bring someone to take some of my work, and he said we'd talk about it once Motty returns from his holiday. If things go well, I might be getting a semi-replacement in a few months. If I stay at the institute, that's the way I want things to go.

Mirit and I also started sewing class, which is super fun. We really needed this. We feel rejuvinated after each class.


I'm gonna go and do the dishes, clean out some stuff and do the laundry, and enjoy my last day at home before going back to work tomorrow (still gonna be a short week of 6.5 hour days since it's Chol Hamo'ed).
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Preparations )

The actual party )

I also got very drunk from the booze, which was really great. I usually have to drive, so I never allow myself to drink so much. Also - 30 year old Tequila. Brilliant. I was giggly as all hell, and didn't become sleepy! It seems my body handles Tequila much better than it does beer.

After the last game I opened the presents (got a handful of art books, a novel, a baking pan for brownies, some towels and a great kit of L'Occitane) and then we all got all the remains of the food and stuff back to the apartment.

In between I got a text from H's mom to ask if she left yet... Seems like my mom isn't the only one who does that with kids over 24...

Went to bed after 2:00 and got up this morning at 10:00. No headache and no nausea.



May. 5th, 2014 04:16 pm
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לכולנו יש את מתינו.
אני את שלי בירושה קיבלתי.
כתכשיט בוהק,
כאבן יקרה,
הוא נח בידיי.

ואני מביטה בו, כרואה
במיקרוסקופ –
כל רגע משנה את דרכו,
את צבעו,
את ריחו,
את טיבו,
מול עיניי.

לכולנו יש את מתינו.
אני את שלי חולקת.

הזכרון אינו שלי.
הפנים אינן נראות לי.
רק ממרחק השנים
בכל פעם אדם אחר,
מחזיר לי מבט,
לאחר שדהו התמונות.

פעם ילד ופעם נער.
פעם בוכה ופעם עולז.
ותמיד חומק ממני
כמו אז,
כשחמק מהם.

לכולנו יש את מתינו.
ולי אין.

רק לפעמים,
מורשה לי לגעת,
ואז המגע צורב,

ואז אני יודעת,
מה זה אומר
לחיות עם הכאב.
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תענוג מפוקפק, לבלות את כל אחה"צ עם אנשים שלא מעניינים אותך ולנסות לגרור את ההורים שלך הביתה.

כמה זמן לוקח להגיד להתראות, לעזאזל, כמה?!?!?

ולמה לשמוע בדרך מוזיקה מחורבנת!!!!


מה שכן, ל]פחות שלושה מפגשים עכשיו אני הולכת להבריז. לא בזין שלי.

וראבק, אני בת 31. אני יכולה להחליט בעצמי מה אני רוצה לעשות. מישהו רוצה להפגש בפעם הבאה שיש מפגש עם ההורים של החבר של אחותי הפוצה?
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Like going to my sister's boyfriend's birthday party, where I don't like anyone, no one interests me and I can't sulk, and I actually made a cake for the occasion.

And my mom stopped me from putting bananas at the bottom of the cake (my sister hates bananas).

Yes, I know I'm behaving like a teenager, but gully, if my 34 year-old sister is allowed to, so am I.

Got the "Divergent" trilogy downloaded to my phone, so worst case scenario I'll just go read.

Gotta love the Kindle app.
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So I was at my grandma's and she said "you know, I dreamed you had a boyfriend with a mustache and glasses".

So I go home and post on FB "My grandma dreamed I had a boyfriend with a mustache and glasses, do you any like that for me?"

The nest thing I know, Udi posts a picture of Jeffery Dammer as a comment.

Gotta love the brotherly affection.

I did laugh my ass off.

Week report

Apr. 5th, 2014 12:15 pm
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Work was hard this week. My boss doesn't seem to understand that mocking people will not make him more popular at the branch, and that being cutesy afterword doesn't change what he said before. I told him before his mocking wasn't nice to hear, but he brushed it off, and it seems I'm speaking to the wall.

The culmination was on Thursday, when we were evacuating the lab (since it's due to start renovations on Sunday). Needless to say, it was completely last minute and we worked our asses off to get everything done in one day, instead of starting at the beginning of the week and, y'know, actually being able to move afterwords (have you ever tried to carry car jack? The big kind? Yeah, heavy and annoying). None of us was really thrilled to come to work on Friday, so we put our backs to it and managed to get everything done. During lunch we got take out, and sat, about 7 of us, in my room (which usually holds 5 workers and some stuff for testing and will now include another person, another desk and stuff to check. Can of Sardines), and Boris came back from being outside. The look on his face when he saw all of us there, and the extra mess and no-place-to-move was so funny I laughed out loud, and got yelled at for it (it was for maybe 5 seconds that I laughed). Michal said, and she's right, that Asaf is jealous of us being together, but I'm seriously fed up with reprimanding about being happy once in a while.

I feel like I work and work and work and all he sees are the little things that he thinks are crap. I'm not looking for constant pats on the back, but I would love to be able to do my job without being constantly interrupted with unimportant requests, without being the scapegoat for everything shitty that happens with my work, and without being so damn swamped that even with all the extra time I still can't everything done.

I hate getting the stink-eye when I leave when I am actually supposed to, the constant remarks about "working half a day" when I get to work at 7:00 and leave at 17:00, about the fact I always have to explain why I'm not working Fridays.

Fun times at work, yes it is.

Different stuff include my dad's birthday today (60!), which means he got a care package, and pancakes in the morning, and my mom is making a strawberry cake for him. I'm also scanning all kinds of photos of him to make him a presentation for his big party at the end of the month. I'll also have to write something down. I need to get started, because it's gonna take me AGES.

I also got some stuff from Strawberry.net, which I hope will be here soon, and I'm still waiting for some Kickstarter stuff and Erin's package, and I bought three really cool necklaces yesterday at the Dizengoff Center's Designer Boutique.

I really wish the weekend was longer. Then again, it's passover the week after this one.
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So the trial is over.

So there was a settlement.

A good one.

I'm happy.

Happy it's over, and that it's over on the good side, and that my dad can finally smile and put the whole thing behind him.

15 years, my god.

I'm so fucking relieved.


Mar. 22nd, 2014 10:30 am
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Sickness is slowly dissipating. I'm still coughing and my throat is making little noises of soar, and my nose runs, but the worst is, I think, behind me.

I was at work Thursday and also yesterday, because really, I couldn't leave everything hanging like I did. With some hard work, help from people at the branch and, unfortunately, taking some work home both Thursday and yesterday, I think we'll be OK for the ISO test on Monday.

Adding another layer of stress, my parents are going on a trip to Berlin tomorrow (My dad taught my mom's best friend's son Math so he could finally finish high school - he's 25 - and so my mom's best friend decided they deserve a vacation and bought them tickets and hotel stay for five days). Not that I don't think they deserve it, my parents work very hard, but the timing sucks big time, since the house is left empty with only me with the animals.

Emma will come and feed the street cats mornings and evenings but she has two evening she can't come so I will have to do it. Udi is taking Bono with him to Be'er Sheva and I'm left with Bisi, and hopefully he won't pee in the living room more than, say, five times during this time period.

The dog's food need to be prepared and distributed (he eats schnitzels - he eats better than I do, dammit), the cats have to be looked after as well, I need to arrange my food for the five days, and work in between and take care of the house and maybe go see my grandma once in a while...

Yeah, the upcoming week is going to be tough.

On the other hand, the party last night was great, full of great people. I might not have gone if I hadn't volunteered to pick a couple of Didi and Eli's friends on my way, having that I'm still not a 100%, but I'm glad I went. I had fun.

...and now on to root cause searches.
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ביום ראשון האחרון, ה - 6 באוקטובר, מלאו 40 שנה לנפילת יהודה רז קטן, החבר הכי טוב של אבא שלי, במלחמת יום כיפור (יחד עם עוד הרבה אחרים). לקראת באזכרה שהתקיימה לזכרו כתב אבא שלי הספד, שממחיש עד כמה האובדן גדול בשבילו, גם היום.

אכסיומת הבחירה

היה לי חבר, החבר מרחוב הס,

בהא הידיעה, אאמר מבלי להסס,

מכיתה א' עד הסוף המר בצבא –

החבר שלי יהודה, אותו נפשי אהבה !!

ילד מבריק הוא היה, מוכשר כמו שד,

שלרעיונותיו הפורים הייתי אז עד –

טלסקופ עם עדשה שהכין מפח וטיפת מים,

בו השקפנו יחדיו בגרמי השמים ;

עד אני שבן עשר בנה רדיו גביש

ובמיקרוסקופ הוא חקר קורי עכביש ;

עול ימים, חומרים הוא ערבב ורקח –

צבעים ברא יש מאין, אותי הדהים אז כל כך ;

ובסביבות אותו גיל, הוא לימדני תרגיל

איך ללכת על כביש במורד רחוב הס –

"אל תדאג, סמוך עלי, אנחנו לא נידרס,

אם רק נלחשש כמה מילות של כישוף" ;

ואכן, הוא צדק ועוד פעם ושוב :

לא אונה לנו רע, ממש סוג של נס ;

עם אברא קדברא במורד רחוב הס...


עברו השנים, חלפו ימי השכונה

והמוקד עבר ממרכז העיר לצפונה :

אנו בתיכון – עירוני ה' (והים),

הנעורים הם כעת ממש בשיאם –

מעבדות, שיעורים, בחנים, בגרויות,

ובין לבין, בחדווה, ממשיכים גם לחיות :

מסיבות של י"ב 4, סרטי מרקס במרתף,

שיט ובאולינג (אח, כמה זה כיף !)

סטייקים ב"אדריה", מעדני "סנדביץ' סיטי" –

כל חוויה קולינרית עם יהודה ניסיתי ;

הסטונס ולד זפלין הכתיבו קצב וצליל,

הגיטרה של הנדריקס, ג'טרו טול עם חליל ;

עם שערות ארוכות, בלי (כמעט) דאגות

(חוץ ממשוואות, פרדוקסים ומשחקי מחשבה)

פתאום הגיע זמננו להתגייס לצבא !!


אני הראשון הוא זה שבחר בשריון

(בלי טיפוס ג'בלאות, במחיר של גריז וקצת פיח),

דרכי אל הטנקים מתחילה בטירונות ברפיח ;

ואחרי כמה ימים שם, אני קולט (איזה נס)

את חברי היקר, החבר מרחוב הס,

לא יאומן כי סופר, צועד שם בסך -

גם הפציפיסט המושבע לאותה רפיח נשלח

(ביטלו לו את העתודה ברגע האחרון

ובלית ברירה, הוא ביקש, כמוני, שריון) ;

הוצבנו אז, שנינו, למסלול שוט-צנטוריון -

קרובים, אך מעולם לא יחד ממש,

"כמו אסימפטוטות" צחקנו "ללא נקודה של מפגש"...


עברה יותר משנה, כבר אוקטובר הגיע,

פלוגה ז' של יהודה עושה קו בחושנייה

והנה, הוכרזה ברמת הגולן כוננות

(שגרתית, לכאורה, בלי זרעי פורענות)

ופלוגה ג' "שלי", איזה מזל, מתגברת

דווקא את פלוגה ז' ; אותה, לא אחרת !!

וכך, מדי ערב, בצל טנקי שוט,

ליהודה ולי היה זמן לפגישות

וגם בערב כיפור, כשהשתרר הס מסביב,

שוטטנו יחדיו, כאילו ברחובות תל אביב,

ובין ענב לענב, שאל פינו הוגנב,

גילה לי אז יהודה : "אני דוד עכשיו –

נילי ילדה בן, שלחו לי על כך מסר"

בסלנג של היום – מצב רוחו היה 10 !!

אף אחד מאיתנו לא שיער, לא ידע

שהיה זה, בעצם, אז ליל הפרידה...


למחרת בצהריים נפתחה לה התופת –

פלוגות ז' ו-ג' יצאו להדוף את

הכוחות הסורים שכבר השיקו לגבול ;

ממרומי העמדות כל פגיעה הייתה בול,

אך, התחמושת אזלה מול טורי הצרים,

והמרחקים החלו, חיש מהר, מתקצרים

ואז, בום לפתע, אלוהי הרולטה

זימן לצוות של יהודה טיל או רקטה ;

אילו רק יכולתי להבחין שם ברשף,

אילו רק יכולתי למלמל את הכשף,


כחום היום של כיפור, זה הקרוי יום הדין,

בצריח בוער מת אחי העדין,

רודף השלום, העניו, אוהב אדם וחיה,

מראשוני הנופלים במלחמה הוא היה ;

חתימה רעה ומהירה ועוד לאיש הכי טוב ?!

מקומם אותי שמישהו יכול כך לחשוב !!!


נוח, חבר, וזכור שבי אתה חי –

בחלום, בהקיץ, אצל אשתי וילדיי ;

עד יום מותי אמשיך להנחיל ת'סיפור

עליך, יהודה שלי, ועל אותו יום כיפור ;

ואם, בטעות, ניפגש, אם יבוא המשיח,

אולי אתה, ברוב כשרונך, אז תצליח

להסביר לי את פרדוקס הצדק של מעלה

ומה מלא רחמים שם, וכן הלאה והלאה...
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OK. Have you seen Vienna Teng's kickstarter project? (Here)

Worth a buck just to get the updates - A Capella songs all over the place... The last one is "Patterns", and boy did she have fun with that (and some plastic cups).


See, I've been thinking about yesterday all day. The sad thing is, if my sister were a friend I would have called her and simply said I don't really want her in my life anymore, but I can't do that, and we have the Holiday dinner on Wednesday. I guess... I guess I'm just going to really chill things out for a while.

I don't really care anymore. That's the worst part.

(I'll say it again - if you want me to treat you like an adult, behave like one. You can't expect me to take you seriously while you're shrilling like a five-year-old).
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My parents spent a good chunk of time this morning singing nonsense songs. I have to say, after hearing so many terrible tales about people's parents, I'm quite happy with the pair I have.

On the other hand, I would really like a different sister.

Shitty day

Jun. 9th, 2013 08:54 pm
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Yeah, well, so today was TOTAL SHIT.

It started with a mistake I discovered I made at work, on something I checked three or four times. Obviously, Asaf wasn't happy.

And then he asked me when I'll have something for him. This week. It's six full technical articles, 100-150 pages long in English. Yeah, summarized and ready at your commend. Yes, I've had them for three weeks, but I've been doing other stuff, more urgent stuff, stuff that HE FUCKING ASKED ME TO DO AND THEN DISCARDED. And then we went and asked me to work on the accident report. And I said well, now I would really have no time for the articles, but it seems like he didn't really listen when I said it.

So I stayed until 19:30 today and only made it through half of the report, and then my mom called and said we have some update on the trial, and it ain't a good one.

So I'm going to have a burrito now and, so help me, wash away this day with guacamole.


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