Feb. 20th, 2015

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Another Friday at work, for the overtime and work, but since I'm here alone I haven't done much until now.

Who gives a shit.

I'm listening to music and work on one certificate, and if I'll finish it it'll be great.

I was actually able to finish one of the books I got from Yediot (Schroder - by Amity Gaige) and liked it a lot. I hope I'll be able to read some more during the weekend. I still have four more books from them, not to mention *some* of my own...

The weather is cold and rainy, but not as stormy as I feared. If it would have been, I wouldn't have come here today.

Started a class this week, for Gmul (public workplaces have this thing, where if you have a few hundred hours of classes you get extra money in your paycheck). I need 400 hours for the first step and then 400 more for the second. This class is 100 hours, which is good, and talks about ISO 9001, which is better (since it's relevant to my job). It does kill my week, though, but I have to get through it in order to improve my monetary status. I still hope to get within three years and not four, and after that i can start getting the extra pay, and I really want to have all or most of the hours I need for it by that time.

So, on to work and i'll go home in an hour and a half.

After work

Feb. 20th, 2015 02:01 pm
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Took off and went to the port. The market was only half open - the weather frightened everyone away, even though by the time i got there the sun was pretty much shining, even if it was quite cold and windy.

I also got a glimpse of the lower parts of the Yehuda mountains with their lovely snow when I came down from the University Hill. The rain had washed away all the smog and filth from the air, and the visibility was unbelievably good. It was gorgeous.

Got some cheeses and bread, strawberries and olives, and some Haman's ears at my favorite bakery, and had Herring sandwich at the car before heading home.

As it turns out, my mom also bought bread, but, as i told her, that's what happens when she doesn't answer my phone calls.


You know. I don't fell lonely these days. I pretty much reconciled with the realization I'll probably never have a partner, and I'm fine with that, most of the time. I just don't have time to feel bad about it anymore. I wake up so early, spend the bus rides and car rides listening to music, to talk shows, reading, surfing the internet. I spend all day in a very hectic environment surrounded by people and come home to my parents. I actually feel like I need some alone time during the week, and I take a few hours to do so - shopping, sitting in a cafe, going to see some silly movie.

But then, I was sitting at my car having that sandwich, and I was watching the couples going by, and they were all couples. There weren't many people alone, and most were obviously partners, and it just hit me, like it does sometimes, my aloneness.

Nothing to it, and it'll pass, but, sometimes, for short periods of time, this feeling fills me to the brim and I can't help feel the impact and how it crushes me.



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