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I'm watching the gymnastics first round on te internet at work.

Yeah, I'm that excited about actually working... :)

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I'm actually feeling better after aerobics class. My mom seems to have been right - it burned all my access energy from today's annoyance.

I don't think my body understands what I'm trying to do to it (for it, for it).

No off to have a small dinner, shower and bed. I'm done with Sunday, but this week still has four days in it before my birthday.
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The perfect birthday gift - Tori has a new album and tour!!!!!!!!!. Much squeeing went on this morning when I found out, but quietly, since half the house was still asleep.

Spent my birthday yesterday answering tons of phone-calls and quite a lot of texts and facebook congratulations and probably failing a quiz I had. I'm not really troubled (it won't count if the test score is higher, see, so no harm done), but I needed to be away from learning for a while so I ditched the next two classes and went straight to work. Also had a lab meeting for the same class I had the morning quiz at, which was really fine (we finished 45 minutes earlier), and the evening was spent with my family, watching Manchester beat the shit out of Schalke in the champions league semi-final.

Good day, and my party is tomorrow. :)


Jan. 31st, 2011 10:23 pm
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Took me a while to get someone to come hang out with me, but in the end my cousin rose to the challenge.

The result? She finally got a dress for her brother's wedding (two weeks from now) and a pair of shoes.

Me, I just got a new bra. Not that I have money for it, but it was sooooo pretty...


Oh, and I'm down one cup size.

I think I need exercise.

I hate exercise.

We got fruit-shakes and called it a night. Success! :)
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אוי, אילו צעקות אושר הלכו אצלנו בבית אתמול. אני מודעת לעובדה שמרביתכם (מרביתכן?) לא ממש מעורות בעולם הכדורגל הישראלי (או כדורגל בכלל), אבל אני כן, אני אדומה, ואתמול הייתי עוד יותר אדומה.

המון דיבורי כדורגל ושמחה אמיתית )

For the English speakers - I'm a fan of Hapoel Tel Aviv in soccer. They won the Israeli championship yesterday. This whole thing is just me giving a whole lot of detail and happiness. Red one. :)
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I've no more tests until September. Naturally, all I did today (after my test and a meeting with my employer-to-be and a bit of work with her) was watch the athletics, gymnastics and water jumps of the day and take pictures. I had a lot of fun...

And here are my best pics for today, including two I shot of my cats.

Pics! )
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Took some time off from math to watch Usain Bolt make the run of a lifetime and make a new world record in the famous 100m run.

9.69 seconds, I mean, wow, how fast is that?!

So all in all, one of the events I've been looking forward to the most has ended spectacularly, and now I'm back to math, and hopefully I'll be able to breath a bit more easy after tomorrow, at least for a little while, and watch some more of the events I want to watch.
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Set the alarm clock to 5 this morning but I turned it off and went back to sleep, thus missing all of the gymnastics I wanted to watch.

Major crap.

Well, I'll have to find it in another place. :(
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The Olympic games are beginning in three days. I love the Olympic games. This is going to be the fifth Olympics I'll be watching. I keep remembering the first time - 1988, I was 5, and the Olympics were held in Seoul in South Korea. The time differences meant that most of the broadcasting were in the middle of the night here, so my dad and I watched it together, in the dark apartment, with everybody else asleep, drinking strawberry soda.

Some of my best childhood memories.

And here I am, 20 years later, still waiting on the edge of my seat for the 100 meters finale, and the gymnastics, and the pool diving, and all of the buzz.

Staying up late doesn't mean a lot today anymore. The sports can be seen on various championships during the four-year-wait between one Olympics to the other, but the nostalgia and the meaning this event has in my life mean I'll be watching whatever I can watch, in the middle of the night, hopefully with my dad.

But no strawberry soda, that stuff's disgusting.
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Don't know why. I keep having annoying dreams as well, and I woke up today at 5:00 a.m. completely energetic and ready to get up, and after having gone back to sleep had problem waking up at 7:00.

Some sport made me feel better, but still - and my stomach seems undeceive if it wants to hurt or not.


Spent last night at my aunt and uncle's at their Shiv'a (my aunt's father passed away), feeling half there and half somewhere else. Perhaps the lunar eclipse messed with my system.

Good news - Beitar only just scraped a score of 1:1 with Ashdod, so it's now only two points between it and Hapoel. One good Saturday and Hapoel is on first place, and I do hope it'll happen, we haven't won the championship since 2000.

I'm in the middle of OotP now, but my pace isn't very fast, but no matter - the longer it takes me, the shorter the time to wait 'till DH. Plus - there's a new Mugglenet podcast out, so I have something to do when everyone leaves this afternoon.

Still feel weird.
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Spent last night with my grandparents. I think I've written about it already, but it keeps catching me by surprise how different they are from so many elderly people - and I'm not saying that just because I love them... They are very educated, well spoken people, and I love talking to them. I had my dinner made for me (and it was better than the usually "two pieces of bread with something on them"), plus strawberries and chestnuts for dessert, and my mom came to pick me up... Definitely fun night, not to mention also Hapoel won, so they're back in second place, and Beitar only tied with Beney Yehuda, so the distance is narrower.

When I came home I sat down and rolled the truffles, listening at the same time to Yair Lapid on T.V., and almost knocked all the truffles off the table when a scene came on which was called "What a bummer".

Guy # 1: "Reading segment"

Guy # 2: "Please address the matter with proper seriousness".

Guy # 1: "What a bummer to send a text message and have someone call you at the last word"

Guy # 2: "What a bummer to wash the floor [he used the term "Sponja"] and be caught in a little corner while it dries up"

It went on like that, being told in a false teacher-like-voice. It was hilarious...
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So On Tuesday I had my night plans change about three times - At first my mom and I were planning on going shopping in Azrieli, but after my mom realized she won't have the time to come to Tel Aviv we canceled, plus my sister was due to come over, so I thought "OK, I spent tonight at home". Wrong. Lilach called and asked if I wanted to go out on her birthday that night, so I said yes, and she hang up. After five minutes she called again and said that Liat can't come, but she will be able to on Thursday, so we moved the outing. Not five minutes after that phone call was ended I get a text message from Avihu, saying "Who wants sushi with me?" So, of course, I say yes and get home with a full intention of taking the car and going, which I did.

We ended up at "Zozobra" instead of "Kyoto" because "Kyoto" was full. The problem was, "Zozobra" doesn't really have sushi... We ate noodles and tempura and had fun without caring about the sushi. We also laughed our heads off, and I definitely need a recorder for our next meeting so I can record our crazy conversations... We had coffee at "Arcafe" next door and I drove him home, parking the car at midnight. Needless to say, I didn't get up early enough for my walk on Wednesday.

Wednesday was supposed to have Adi and me going shopping, but she canceled (surprise, surprise) so I went home and my mom said "Hey, why dont we go find you some clothes?" So we went to the mall, but found nothing at all. The only things I bought were a present for Lilach's birthday and a pair of horns to wear on Purim. We went home and watched "Born to Dance" until Helena came picking me up at 10:30 (I felt rather drowsy then, but we already said we'd go out and I haven't seen her in a while so we went to have a drink in "Tippo" in Holon. Since Helena was driving I allowed myself to have a martini instead of diet coke, and a small dish of pasta. Danny, Helena's boyfriend stared most of the time at the T.V. at the Barcelona-Liverpool game, which gave me and Helena some time to catch up (I told her about Efrat. She was quite shocked to hear I've done such a brave thing...). After eating Danny and I argued about sports, which amused Helena very much, and then we went home. I got into bed feeling I'd wake up very lat and very tired.

In spite of my worries, I woke up this morning pretty refreshed, so I hastened to take advantage of this energy and thus gave up on my plan to sleep late and got up and went walking. Felt even better after my 40-minutes-walk, having thought about my days in the army and how I'm glad I'm in the here and now at the moment...

Plans ahead - Lilach, Liat and myself are going to eat at "Bellini" today, very fun indeed (For Lilach's birthday). The only problem is Lilach will be picking me up from here, and I left her present at home. She said she doesn't mind, so I'll give it to her as soon as possible when we meet after today.

Tomorrow I have work in the morning, but at night I'm going to watch a dance show with Orit from work, which is, amusingly enough, at the same place as the restaurant today...

It feels so good to have plans!


Feb. 21st, 2007 11:55 am
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Racheli, from work (on me asking if everybody thinks Hapoel Tel Aviv will win tomorrow): "I've always said that jewish people do not belong on the grass, but they belong in other places... [pause] And when they do score, it's "Salim" [Toama, one of Hapoel's best players] who scores..."

Oh, lol.


Feb. 6th, 2007 03:19 pm
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It's 15:20, and there's nothing for me to do. My boss is abroad so there's nothing I have to do for him. Spent my morning mostly reading (finally finished "Madame") and flicking through "Blazer", playing card games and mine-sweeper on the computer and listening to MuggleCast.

I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed, a lot more energetic. Even though I went to sleep last night feeling a little bad, The way I woke up this morning told me I was at rest with what I did, and that I'll be fine, and even more than fine - I'll be better.

It was raining this morning so I couldn't go walking. I hopped with a skipping-rope instead. Boy, it was hard... I don't have aerobic stamina at all... Non the less, I managed to make it to 15 minutes of on-and-off skipping, with a lot of sweat and a high heart-rate. Hopefully I'll stick to it.
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So on Friday I worked in the morning. I was quite tired because I was at the movies with Michali on Thursday night (we saw "The secret behind the words, a really good movie, but it's slow ans heavy. I loved it non-the-less). I had the car so I was able to go home in a jiffy. Mom and I went shopping in Mega (spent a huge amount of money, including two new perfumes for me).

I grew more and more tired as the day went on, and ended up not going anywhere on Friday. I sat at home, watched "Gilmore Girls", talked to Adi for a bit and finally finished some arts I've had in the working for ages. I also managed to kick my foot into the tap on my way out of the bath and now I have a big wound that affects my walking. Ouch.

On Saturday we went to my aunt and uncle's house for lunch. I hate being in a place that has no food for me to eat. There was only what we brought (two kinds of salads I've finished half of) and potatoes. And not even nice potatoes. My mom and siblings went home early and I stuck around for a game of red king (my mom asked me after why I stuck - so I said that it's the only fun thing I get by going there). Only during the game we got a cup of coffee and some cake (my aunt really looked like she didn't want us to come).

Being there is being in a place I'm not welcome and a place I don't wanna be. I only go because my dad would be offended if I don't go. I mean, if Navot and Hagar, who are both carnivores with a capitol C, can make food and think of me, why doesn't my so-called-family acts the same? Well, I know the answer... You guys actually love me, so... I guess you can choose your family in some cases :)

My aunt and uncle are very different from us (meaning, my close family), even my dad, who is my uncle's brother is very different from him. They're relatives, not family.

Well, let's stop with this mish-mash.

Yesterday was an ordinary day at work, except Lily was sick again (she's not here today as well, and probably won't be here this week at all). I was very tired, dragging it from the weekend, but still managed to meet Efrat for a quick late-lunch. Fell asleep in front of the T.V. right when the game started but heard the goals through my dreams. Jerusalem lost, yeah! This way, Hapoel Tel Aviv has a chance of going to first place...

Today - another ordinary day, I got two tickets to "Casino Royal" for free, and I'm still tired, even though I slept well last night. I need some work-out, but I can't walk because of my foot. Rats.
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Today's Thuesday, and Lily still hasn't come back (home with a flu). Met Efrat On Sunday for a quick after-noon lunch in Azrieli. Went home and managed to convince myself to go walking. On monday I had the "get as many magazines out of the office" and I brought about five of them to Efrat. I handed her the bag and she was pulled down by the weight, it was quite funny... This morning I was planning on getting up early to walk but at 6:30 I fell asleep again and was thrown into a very vivid dream (where I won money in a weird slot/game machine) and only woke from it at 7:30, so I used the extra time (I didn't spend walking) getting more music into my playlists on the computer. I was, as usual, at a lose for time but my mom gave me a ride to the bus station so I managed to catch the bus. I brought something for Hagar today, I hope we'll be able to meet, even for a few minutes so I'll be able to give it to her.
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Started the day at 5.15. Not that I need to get up, but my cat Dolce decided I had had enough sleep, and woke me up and started playing tricks on me - scratching the door and when I open it running away... I almost threw her out the window, or at least played "Cats Football". I truly wanted to kick her.

Got out of the house, missed the bus, got on the next one and seated myself exactly on the only seat on the bus that was wet. Spent half the day with wet pants, and of course I can't miss classes... I hate misfortune.

Classes were long and dull, and in the middle of the day I found something out that pissed me off to the verge of combustion - my project colleague (another student who works on the same project as I am) has already finished his hours on the project (we're supposed to do 90 hours), and he started out after I did. I Went over to the lab to check how could that be, and found out that: first thing he has done less observations than I did, and he has written that each observation has taken him five hours, three hours, four... He is so fucking exaggerating, the little shithead.. No observation takes that long.

Anyway, I finally got home and felt particularly nice towards my mom, so I cleaned the kitchen and the living room and folded the laundry and took the dogs out for a walk and then got home, changed my clothes and went walking with Efrat. On the way I got a hand ache, don't know why, maybe I twisted it or something... Well, I'm off to eat, Cheers. Tami.



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