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I've been spending some time with my old journals these past few days (both on paper and digital journals). My oldest consecutive one is from when I was 17 (I've been writing longer, but the first and second journals have entries from when I was 8 until I was 15 very sporadically), and after this one i have about 5 or six. The most documented times are the end of my high school and my military service, and then it grows thinner (mostly due to my LJ and later DW), but i still have a lot written down.

I also make comments on my entries, sometimes years after, sometimes a few comments per entry. Amazing how my perspective has changed throughout these last 12 years, and how some things are completely the same.

The last one is from a few months after the Oren incident (yes, I'll have to create a tag for him, it seems, just not now), and I can see incredibly clearly the pain I was in. The worst part is that it's not completely gone, but I guess that's not uncommon.

How does that saying goes? "The Memory of Happiness isn't Happiness. The Memory of Sadness is Sadness".


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