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Listening to the Twilight soundtrack.

Couple of good songs there.

Test this morning was, well, ick. Two more next week.

Going to make myself some food.
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OK. So "Breaking Dawn" was perfect. I haven't had this much fun since I read DH more than a year and a half ago.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Now I can focus on my studying.
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Done my civic duty this morning and I'm now contemplating on studying (which I really should do, since my test is Thursday) or carry on my reckless behavior for just a few more minutes and finish my chapter. Things have really gone crazy there... Well.
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Took me five days to get through "Twilight" and "New Moon" (only because I had to study in between... So much for prioritizing...). "New Moon" was depressing like hell, I'm really glad I've finished it. So far - 113 pages into "Eclipse" and a hope I'll be able to finish both this one and "Breaking Dawn" in a week or so. "Breaking Dawn" is a bit longer, but all in all the fond's pretty big and spacey, so it's not my normal 30-35 pages per hour.

The books aren't bad - they're quite simplistic, not much beneath the surface. The first-person narrative doesn't help on that section, and the fact that the story never once deviates from that narrative is also removing quite a lot of the possibilities for a deeper story.

All in all, I am enjoying the story (it's a good story), and some parts are really great (Charlie and his attempted sex talk with Bella, for instance...).

Can't really wait for Bella and Eduard to get married to see what happens then...
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Thuesday night I had a fight with my dad. It ended with him saying "Find another house" and in me packing a bag and getting the hell out. Called Hagar and made sure I could crash there.

Spent the evening with her, a bottle of beer and "Twilight" (finished my month-and-a-half-project of all the "Harry Potter"s) and went to sleep at about 11:30. Slept badly - there was the noise of cars, the too-narrow-bed and my anger, who was creeping into my dreams. Only really fell asleep early in the morning, and by then the alarm went off and I got up, thankful, that the night was over.

Got some breakfast and made a few additions to my papers and then we left for the university. We were there with plenty time to spare so I was able to go print a few more things before my test. All in all, the test didn't go down as well as i could have hoped, but better than I could have expected. My eventful evening and night didn't help with that, too, and I found myself at times gazing blankly at the wall, my head full of buzzing.

Had a meeting with Keren after that, got plenty of compliments and a few points to work about (it was a feedback meeting) and then my mom picked me up and we made a few rounds before going home.

Spent the afternoon slouched on the couch, half dozing off half reading (Netalie called during which, and my behavior after that told me I wasn't really awake while speaking to her) until I got up and went to the shower. Was out of the house by 19:30 and was in Suzzanne Dalal at 20:00.

Netalie came and met me there and we ate at Suzzanna (I was supposed to call her when I got to Tel Aviv and pick her up but, as I said, I was half asleep when we talked). Dinner was great, though, and the dance show (Oyster - Inbal Pinto again) was beautiful.

I've seen that show before, some years ago, and it was just as wonderful as I remembered and even more - the theater-like feel they have to the dance, the costumes, so much great dancers... It was like a dream made into a performance. Netalie was just as thrilled about it as I was.

Drove her home and was home myself at about 11:30.

Now I need to study.

But House just finished downloading... Mmm.


Jan. 19th, 2009 08:46 pm
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Well, "Mr. Blue-sky" really is a feel-good song... :)

My solids professor walked up to me today and started a conversation about Harry Potter (she saw me with OotP during break), and a guy sitting behind be jumped in and said "how come you have time to read?" so I said that when one can't read, one can't live, and my professor said she agreed with me. I do so very much like her... :)

And on another subject - crushes are stupid things... Blah about that.

Some time off from Perach, almost no meetings this week, which will give me time to study (or, more likely, finish OotP). On the other hand, our mid-year seminar is this Friday, so this Friday is totaled as well as the last three and the next one. I won't have a Friday off until February...

Got hold of "First among Sequels" but there is still two and a half HP books to get through before I get my head around to anything else, and by that time my "Twilight" series will be here (hopefully) from Amazon and I can't see myself straining too hard to stop myself from them.

Very happy that the semester is drawing to a close. The next one is harder, still, but it's a second semester, and as such has the proximity to the summer and New York is calling me from afar for this summer, so I'm not too bummed. I am bummed about Mel not coming with me, but my sister gave me the idea to publish my need for a trip-buddy in "Lametayel" in Dizengof Center, so I guess I'll find someone in the end, and, still, I have these hopes that, well..

Also - "True Blood" had a very good first season, finished downloading it on Saturday and now I'm quite at a loss for stuff to download (some shows returned this week, so that's good, but whole seasons? Not anymore). Downloaded "Once" but only got through the first 5 minutes to understand I'll understand absolutely nothing from their Irish accent. I'll have to see what I'll do with that... *is amused*


Jan. 3rd, 2009 12:25 pm
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Yes, I have gone to see that dumb teenage movie.

It is dumb, mind you but it did what it was supposed to do - got me smiling for quite a while. It's not a bad movie, I've seen much worse, and it had some of the most beautiful scenery shots I've seen in a movie outside the LotR trilogy, and a few priceless scenes as well (baseball with vampires who can run fast and hit so hard they have to wait for a thunder storm to play? Yeah..).

It was, however, very late - we went to see the 22:45 show and ended up with the need to wait for the 00:30 one because there were no tickets left. We however got our reward - no kids in the audiance... I was happy about it.

Only got home at 3:00, and then I stupidly watched the last hour of "It's a wonderful life" so bed for me - only at 4:00.

Got up at 11:00 or so, had some cake (which I baked yesterday) and now I'm trying to convince myself to do my homework..

All in all, I had a good Friday... Oh! I also had a quiz yesterday morning, and it was one I'm completely sure I aced. I hope I won't be dissapointed.


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