Shitty day

Jun. 9th, 2013 08:54 pm
tamara_russo: (short temper)
Yeah, well, so today was TOTAL SHIT.

It started with a mistake I discovered I made at work, on something I checked three or four times. Obviously, Asaf wasn't happy.

And then he asked me when I'll have something for him. This week. It's six full technical articles, 100-150 pages long in English. Yeah, summarized and ready at your commend. Yes, I've had them for three weeks, but I've been doing other stuff, more urgent stuff, stuff that HE FUCKING ASKED ME TO DO AND THEN DISCARDED. And then we went and asked me to work on the accident report. And I said well, now I would really have no time for the articles, but it seems like he didn't really listen when I said it.

So I stayed until 19:30 today and only made it through half of the report, and then my mom called and said we have some update on the trial, and it ain't a good one.

So I'm going to have a burrito now and, so help me, wash away this day with guacamole.
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It's been two months at my new job. My, how time flies. I really didn't feel it - and it feels like I've been there for a hundred years (in a good way).

I've a few big projects rolling in and out (I work on it, then my boss does and then he sends it back with needed adins and changes) and some stuff I have transferred to me from the other guys in small doses (most of the importation in the branch will eventually go through me).

There was an instructing lecture today about the section's regulations - super long and boring - but at least I'm all caught up on 9gag and managed to do something for Society6 (here.

Went beck to the office only to sit in a meeting with Asaf and Motty arguing and then headed home.

On to "Orphan Black".


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