Bisi died

Dec. 7th, 2014 06:21 pm
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He was a motherfucker of a dog, but he was still my dog.

My mom put him to sleep today at our home.

He was only in pain for a short while.

That's it.
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They landed this morning at 4:00, and my mom forbade me from coming to pick them up, which in retrospect was a wise thing, since I only just fell asleep at around 12:00 and didn't sleep very well.

I still needed to get up to open the door to them, since our lock was changed and they didn't have a key. My internal clock woke me up at 4:00 sharp, at which point I walked into the living room to see Bisi leave me with one last gift (of course I was wrong - he was able to fit another piss right when my parents' taxi arrived). Mopped the floor (I got pretty good at that - after having mopped the floor more times these past three weeks than I have my whole life), and finished up with enough time to open the door and see Bono go nuts. The cats were vocal, Bono was jumping up and down and even Bisi wagged his tail a few times. No need to go nuts, after all.

They walked in and my mom immediately started unpacking (otherwise they stand a chance of having their things peed on), so I got a run of all their shopping (well, all of her shopping...)

Tons of scarves, silk and wool (I think three silk, four wool) in various sizes, thickness and patterns, clothes for my parents, my brother and my sister (cardigans, shirts, coats...), some shirts for my almost-brother-in-law and my ex-brother-in-law, chocolates, booze, all kinds of weird treats like thin slices of crystallized ginger and rice crispies, bags, hats... DAMN.

I got mine fairly quickly - the first thing was the Sprungli loot (they had a layover at Zurich, and since they have a daughter that's addicted to Macaroons... and BTW, if you don't know Sprungli, it's one of the best bakeries in Europe, and has an international name in Macaroons - here is their website). A box of Macaroons (they call them Luxemburgerli) and sugared chestnuts. My parents paid their weight in gold, but OH MY GOD are they amazing. Really. Nothing short of that.

I also snatched one of the silk scarves for myself, and will probably confiscate some of the other at times. They also bought me L'Occitane perfume, a picture made of a kind of wire of a traditional chinese figure and a messenger bag, which looks like leather but it ain't (it's also right to my taste, which is one of the first times my mom was able to get me a bag which is to my liking.

My dad went to sleep for a few hours and is heading to work now, and my mom went through her morning routine (back to the coal mines) and went to visit my grandma. I'm at home, as this is my last day of vacation, and I'm really happy I decided to do that, since I'm quite tired and I need this extra day.

I'm so so happy they're back. They had a blast, as well, which is very good to know. They had a good group and a good instructor, and the trip was very thorough (as much as it can be for three weeks in China).

So no more mopping for me. Well, at least not at this rate...
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[oh yey, it's a holiday, I can sleep in!]

[Uh, no, E. isn't coming this morning, which means.... FUCKSTICKS. CATS.]

[got up at 6:40 to Bono whining he has to go out]

[Oh, no, wait, Bisi has pooped, peed and is standing in his piss licking it, the little fucking asshole]

[MOPPING!!!!! MOPPING!!! Quite a lot of swearing. Dragged the dog to his place but he refuses to sit down]

[Bono, let's go. Nice little trip outside. At least he's behaving like a normal dog. Even though it takes him ages to climb the stairs back home]

[Food? Food. Oh, there's no open can for the dogs... Why don't they have a quick open on these cans? Um, can I help you guys? Is there a reason four cats are SITTING AROUND ME STARING? Oh, you want food? Water? Right on it.]


[OK. All the animals are fed. Medicines? One pill for Bisi, another for Bono, Bisi get an insulin shot, and oh right, Bono gets 10,000 pills in a pastrami piece, the little princess.]

[OK. Why won't Bisi sit down? Oh, poop again. OK]


[Take you out, OK. Could you DO something, not just walk around like a loon? You are a loon. Oh dear]

[Yes, he fell down the stairs twice so I carried him up to the apartment. He tried to bite my nose off]

[Downstairs Cats, OK, food, keys... Wait, where THE FUCK do you think you're goin... Oh, hell, I'll get the little fucking runaway after wards]

[Could you please not try and trip me when I'm walking? Thanks. No REALLY. REALLY.]

[No wet food you guys. Just deal with it.]

[Really., Eat your fucking food and STOP MEWLING. OMG STOP IT]

[Hey Maggie! Wanna play "Catch the Giant"? Without making my legs look like a scratching post?]


[Where are you, you little runaway? Oh, you went upstairs, I'll just open this door to you and... No, don't go the other fucking direction. OK. The other door, no, wait he went up again]

[Five times of up and down the stairs]

[I think I got him to get the fuck out, but I don't really care if I didn't]

[Drag myself to the apartment]

[H: "Wanna hug?" Me: "I WANNA FUCKING KILL SOMEBODY" H: "That's gonna be a LITTLE harder to arrange"]

[Can I die now on the sofa?]


[F you, man, F you.]


Oct. 11th, 2014 09:31 am
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My parents are on holiday at the moment, and what my mom does around the house is devided to three people (Emma, who comes and feeds the downstairs cats), Udi and me of course.

Had a nasty period these past few days so I was somewhat unhelpful, but I woke up today feeling a lot better, so I already washed the floor (hey, only just smeared poop), made pancakes, fed the dogs, gave them their medicines (they get A LOT), yelled at Bisi about ten times (he won't fucking sit down for more than a second. He already ate his food, ate Bono's food, peed, pooped, drank water twice, and he just keeps on going.
Yes, old demented dogs are FUN. SUPER FUN). I also bolied eggs and made the marinade for my tofu. We'll probably make fried rice for lunch.

Ooh. Also - laundry.

I still really want to clean out the fridge, but I think I'll do that after Udi goes back to Be'er Sheva, sinhce he won't let me throw out most of the stuff. I think I can have a go at the bathroom, though.

I also need to clean out the kitty litter. JOY.


I was planning on writing quite a lot lately, but it seems it all just slips down and I just don;t have the energy.

For example, I wanted to declare I would try and read at least one new book a week since Rosh Hashana (haven't done that), and I also wanted to write about my TV shows (more on that later) and also about the crap that's going on with my mom and my grandma, but... Like I said, time just slips away.

As for work, things are quiet. I also had a talk with Asaf before the holiday, in which he basically told me that after Motty leaves, Ill be promoted to section head (could still be two years until then, but still). He also made it clear that in order to be bigger section head I'd have to start going out to do tests. I told him I can't at the moment, and that he'd have to bring someone to take some of my work, and he said we'd talk about it once Motty returns from his holiday. If things go well, I might be getting a semi-replacement in a few months. If I stay at the institute, that's the way I want things to go.

Mirit and I also started sewing class, which is super fun. We really needed this. We feel rejuvinated after each class.


I'm gonna go and do the dishes, clean out some stuff and do the laundry, and enjoy my last day at home before going back to work tomorrow (still gonna be a short week of 6.5 hour days since it's Chol Hamo'ed).


Mar. 22nd, 2014 10:30 am
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Sickness is slowly dissipating. I'm still coughing and my throat is making little noises of soar, and my nose runs, but the worst is, I think, behind me.

I was at work Thursday and also yesterday, because really, I couldn't leave everything hanging like I did. With some hard work, help from people at the branch and, unfortunately, taking some work home both Thursday and yesterday, I think we'll be OK for the ISO test on Monday.

Adding another layer of stress, my parents are going on a trip to Berlin tomorrow (My dad taught my mom's best friend's son Math so he could finally finish high school - he's 25 - and so my mom's best friend decided they deserve a vacation and bought them tickets and hotel stay for five days). Not that I don't think they deserve it, my parents work very hard, but the timing sucks big time, since the house is left empty with only me with the animals.

Emma will come and feed the street cats mornings and evenings but she has two evening she can't come so I will have to do it. Udi is taking Bono with him to Be'er Sheva and I'm left with Bisi, and hopefully he won't pee in the living room more than, say, five times during this time period.

The dog's food need to be prepared and distributed (he eats schnitzels - he eats better than I do, dammit), the cats have to be looked after as well, I need to arrange my food for the five days, and work in between and take care of the house and maybe go see my grandma once in a while...

Yeah, the upcoming week is going to be tough.

On the other hand, the party last night was great, full of great people. I might not have gone if I hadn't volunteered to pick a couple of Didi and Eli's friends on my way, having that I'm still not a 100%, but I'm glad I went. I had fun.

...and now on to root cause searches.
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My room looks like a suitcase exploded in it (yes, I unpacked. Yes, I still haven't put all my things away). The amount of presents for myself and for other is astounding, I tell you. Most of our shopping was for food, but I still seem to have managed to get quite a lot of non-food stuff. And of course another round of the "abroad-cold".

We landed this morning (worst flight ever, maybe only beaten by the flight home from Stansted at '07) at 8:00 and got home a bit after 9:30. The week was a lot of fun (though many many people fighting, as per usual) and I have a whole bunch of photos to share, but I need my sister's camera's pictures as well, and also my mom's pictures. We'll have quite a lot of work combining the three.

The dogs are still alive (my mom was sure we'd come back to one dead) and the cats seem to be fine as well, but the house looks like hell - and when it becomes so dirty it bothers me, you know it's serious. Luckily our maid is coming next week, and by then my mom and I will have cleaned most of the place.

Once I have some strength I'll get my room organized (I can't sit on my bed, not to mention sleeping on it), but for now I really want to look at my photos and maybe re-watch the first episode of "Sherlock"'s second series.

(Oy! Some of my favorite shows are coming back next week! "Bones" and "Downton Abby", and "Revolution" starts as well! Yey for fall season!)


Feb. 12th, 2012 11:07 am
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Spent the weekend with Hagar and Shubi (her very neurotic dog, who gets exponentially worse when her parents are away). Being that it was cold, most of our time was in a closed, heated room. I watched half of the first season of "Revenge" (which is deliciously juicy and fun) while Hagar worked on her computer.

No buses this morning - my mom drove me to the station (how incredibly second-grade of me), but the strike is over, so I'll have the bus on the way back. The train thing was much more annoying to solve.

I've quite a lot of work this week, having this Friday is Helena's bachelorette party, so food and presents and activities must be planned and carried out.

Back to work.
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Yesterday was quite productive - I managed to fit in a meeting with my project instructor, a trip to the vet with the dogs and a trip to Ikea with my mom. We ended up buying half the store - my mom took advantage of the place and bought holiday presents for all the people we'll be hosted by, as well as some necessities for the house. We got two computer chairs (those we have broke ages ago), a CD rack for me and a bunch of drawers for her jewelery stuff. We couldn't carry all of that so we had them delivered (they came today at noon). I only got to assemble one chair before my hairdresser's appointment.

I spent the day fixing up my look, since today is the first of three weddings I'll be attending the upcoming month. All of them are friends' weddings, so I'm looking forward to that.

Well, off to the shower. I want to be out the door by 7.
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Parental unit coming back today. Udi and I went to get the dogs from the place they were at and now they're walking around the house like kings of the jungle. The cats are all in hiding... :)

Flight lands at 16:01, we'll leave here at about 15:30-15:45. Having pizza for lunch. I'm so bloody hungry.
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First day of exam season.

Morning was productive - went with my mom and my dogs to the vet so the dogs will get their shots, dropped off the dogs at home, took the painting and Sofi's present and went to get them framed (finally). It took us about 40 minutes from the time we went in to the time we went out - the man was a little busy... All in all we got nice stuff for both pictures and it'll be ready in 3-4 days. I'm going to haress my mom to hang it all through these days, so when it arrives I'll have a place for it and I won't have to wait a year (which is usually the case with these things).

After coming home my mom went to help our cleaner and I went for a few arrends and then came home and ate three slices of the dried fruit ake my mom made. Mmmm, dried cranberries, yummy.

Anyway, will mostly spend the day working (I do want to get started on Linear Algebra) and some perach work - I really want to finish tying those loose ends I have in my projects.
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At 5:30 this morning Dolce woke me up so I'll let her out of my room. I was sleepily staggering to the door when a huge flash of light and a very large "Booom!!!!!!!" echoed and shook my windows. It was followed by a constant ringing of all the phones in the house (four of them) that subsided after a few minutes. The amusing thing was that both my dad and my brother went on with their sleeping without even moving a toe... Dolce ran and hide and when I opened my door Bono was there, looking very frightened (as much as I could see without my glasses). I couldn't sleep well after that, I could feel my heart pumping really fast, and when I woke up I did everything in half-speed.

Yesterday Udi had his boot-camp finishing ceremony, which was (as was expected) very tedious, but at least it wasn't very long. The weather could not have been more un-decisive, as it was raining heavily at one point and hot and sunny the next.

I over page 200 in HBP, and as soon as I'm finishing that I have "Black sun rising" waiting for me at home, and a whole lot of planning to get started on, and I really should buy tickets to the concert, but I'm still waiting to see if anyone else wants to come with us (Mel and I will be going, Ayala told me last night that they can't come).
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Dance show - pretty amazing )

Susana and a cat )

After about an hour we have finished our drinking and eating (and conversation), so we headed home. I dropped her off at her place, and walked into our apartement just as my dad was turning off the lights.

My floor was, again, peed on, so I had to clean it up before I turned in, and was quite annoyed about it, but the wonderful evening I had kept me from swearing loudly...

Morning brought a very strange weather. The window is open and there's some wind, but there's haze outside, and I can't help thinking something's changing.
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One of the dogs peed in my room. I walked right into the puddle. YUCK!!!
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A whole bunch of weird dreams last night but I forgot all of them... Bummer.

Just got off the phone with an obnoxious man, who yelled at me for five minutes straight and then hung up on me. Stupid.

Animal craziness this morning - Dolce woke me up at least four times tonight. Once she wouldn't go outside (she wakes me to go out of the room to do god-knows-what) so I had to leave the door open and go to the bathroom for her to get of my T.V. and get the fuck out. She returned after 15 minutes, to wake me again, to get back inside. Grrrrr.

Ginger decided he has had a quiet morning and thus needs to attack Truffle. Creeping along the table he looked down on her, hissing and spitting, running around the table, throwing down everything in sight. Mess, mess, mess.

Garger decided he was too nice and bit me with a scratch to match. SOAB.

And for finale, Bono went shooting himself out of our front door when my parents and I were leaving the house. He went all the way down to the ground floor (luckily the building front door was closed) and then went back up, to my annoyed dad, who closed the door behind us.

The only two creatures who kept one open eye and one closed, staying lazily next to the heater were Shitaki and Bisi.
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Woke up this morning to find my fucking dog ate three-quarters of the halva cookies I made yesterday!!!

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Woke up at 8:15 to hear Bono barking at the guy who washes the stairs. Annoyed, I kicked him away from the door and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. After breakfast I got organized and my mom drove me to the supermarket so I'll get the shopping done. Met up with Eyal and Michali about half way and we payed together, only to discover I've forgotten all the stuff my grandma asked for (my mom didn't write that down, she called half way through me shopping and told me the stuff... I forgot, so shoot me) so I told my mom and she got angry and I got angry and Michali said they'll wait for me so I went in yet again to the supermarket. It's Friday. There were a ton of people. It took me half the time I spent shopping in the first place to get three bloody things and pay in the "slowest in the universe-fast cashier"...

After returning home and cooling off I headed out for Tel-Aviv. Spent a couple of hours walking around Nahlat Binyamin and Shenkin st., bought a new pair of earrings and half a store at "Sabon shel Pa'am" (really cool soaps), and I finally joined their members club. Got home in time for a light lunch, and at about 16:00 I got into the kitchen to bake (it had only started raining - my favorite baking weather) and my batch of lemon and cardimon coockies came out of the oven about 30 minutes ago. In a few minutes I'll head for a shower and I'll get dressed and off to Chimichanga!
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So - from now 'till Saturday here's what I'll be doing:

This afternoon - shopping with Lilach and Liat at Azrieli (hopefully will buy new boots and some shirts).

Tomorrow night - going to celebrate the ending of my school duties with Ayala and maybe Hagar.

Friday morning - going shopping at "Mega" (for food and supplies) with Eyal and maybe Michali, and if I'll have time I'll go to Nahlat Binyamin and Shenkin st. for some fresh air (and some more shopping... I'm not planning on saving much this month).

Friday afternoon - baking. I have some new and old winter recipes that are begging me to be made. I'll also have to take the dogs and feed the cats since my parents are going on a weekend out of town.

Friday night - going to dinner with Michali and Eyal at Eyal's parents house (since I didn't get a positive reaction from almost anyone about coming to my house).

Saturday morning - resting, catching up on some T.V. (and cats and dogs).

Saturday afternoon - Perhaps at my grandma's house for lunch, I've no idea, and then continue resting.

Saturday evening - no plans yet (unless Efrat comes over) and probably not much.

Mom and Dad are back, the end of the weekend, Sunday is coming and there is work to be done.\

But for now - everything is still in front of me, and I have a lot to look forward to. Yey!
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היה לי סופ"ש מהגיהנום. בכנות, אני לא זוכרת סופ"ש כזה גרוע לפחות מאז התיכון, וגם אז סופ"ש כזה היה נדיר... אלוהים, הדבר הטוב ביותר בסופ"ש הזה היה שהוא נגמר. בתור מתנת רקע - כאבי מחזור, במיוחד כאלו שמקשים על ישיבה, והר... עבודת הפרויקט שלי צריכה להכתב על המחשב! אין סיכוי לשכב במיטה ולהתכווץ... כיף אחר היה זה שאמא שלי והאחים שלי היו חולים. מה זה משפיע עלי? זה אומר שהורדת כלבים בבוקר, האכלת חתולי רחוב בבוקר, נסיונות האכלת אחת הגורות שנותרו ומציאת הגופה של הגורה שמתה במהלך הלילה - עלי. הכי הרג אותי אבא שלי, שכשאני יושבת לשתות כוס קפה אחרי החתולה המתה ולפני שאני מתכננת לחזור לעבוד על הפרויקט, ששואל אותי "את רוצה שאני ארד איתך עם הכלבים? אמרתי לו "אני מבינה שזה נתון שאני זאת שיורדת עם הכלבים". הייתי כל כך מעוצבנת. בסופו של דבר אני ירדתי עם הכלבים (ברור, זאת לא הייתה שאלה בכלל) והוא התיישב לכתוב ברכת יומולדת לבן של בן דוד שלי שהיה לו אתמול יומולדת (כמובן שאבא נסע לשם בצהריים, לא נשאר לעזור לי עם כלום בבית, גם כשאמא הרגישה ממש רע. זה דבר אחד שעליו אני בחיים לא אסלח לו). אני חזרתי לעבוד, בקטיעות מעצבנות כל היום, עם עוד ירידה לגורה שהולכת ומתפגרת, והרגשתי שכבר אין לי כוחות ואנרגיות. זה קשור גם לעובדה שלילי נסעה לחו"ל ואני עובדת הרבה יותר קשה בעיתון, והימים עמוסים מדי כדי שאני אוכל לעשות משהו פרודוקטיבי כשאני מגיעה הביתה - זאת גם אחת הסיבות שלא עבדתי כמעט על הפרויקט כל השבוע. סיימתי את הפרויקט בשעה 21:00 בערב, כשאני יודעת שעשיתי עבודה מחורבנת, אבל כל כך לא היה אכפת לי - אני רק רוצה את ה"עובר" וזה אומר שסיימתי את כל החובות שלי לתואר. איילה תגיש היום את הפרויקט שלי ואת העבודה שלנו באלצהיימר, וזהו. הכל נגמר.

אני הולכת היום לסרט גם אם העולם יתפוצץ, נמאס לי מהכול.

עכשיו חוזרים אלי שלושה מכתבים שאין לי שמץ של מושג מה לעשות איתם לעזאזל, אבל זה יהיה חפיף, אחרי הכל, העולם לא יגמר אם איזה פנסיונר מעיק לא יקבל עיתון...
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I've had 5 cups of coffee yesterday. Hagar, Mel and Nurit, you can all be proud... I needed it, because when I got home I sat on the computer and worked until about 00:00, most of the time corresponding back and forth with Ayala in the G-talk, what saved us both a lot of money and time, and the day ended with most of the Alzheimer paper written. I'm working on it's last few details now, but It's as good as done. My project is the only thing left, so thank god for it, but I'll be on it for the entire weekend for sure. It's a small price to pay for a lifetime free of these things from sunday until I die...

Lily has gone abroad for her son's graduation from university and left Orit and myself working alone at the office. Today was kinda nutty, but it ended. The weekend will not be for resting, but, like I said, it's gonna feel soooooooo good to get this degree out of my head.

Next weekend my parents are going out of town, so I'll have a lot of animal work, but also the house almost entirely for myself (I'll kick Udi out). I'm thinking heavy baking (especially if it'll be a rainy weekend) and some DVDs and hot cocoa. I know, I know, diet... Never mind.

BTW - if anyone wants to come camp out at my house next weekend - you're invited...

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Mt dad's birthday was two days ago, so I bought him a CD he had as a vinil, and he misses it (we don't have a record-player anymore), so now he listenes to it. My dogs are dancing in front of the door because mom's taking them out for a walk, so she asks Bisi - "What are you so happy about?" so my dad answers "Because he listenes to Jethro Tull", and makes a stupid face. :)


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