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I got on the bus at 9:10.

I got off at 10:15.


Because there were huge traffic jams out of Holon. It took us over than 30 minutes just to get to Kibutz Galuyot junction, and then the bus driver did something really stupid - he drove into the central station of Tel Aviv. WTF? He usually gets on the bridge leading to it on jammed mornings but he never drives inside it, at least he never did it as far as I can remember (and I've been taking the bloody line for over 5 years!). So, instead of simply surrounding the traffic by you advantage as a bus who can go on and off the bridge to avoid the traffic, he drove around half of Tel Aviv... Arg, Frustration! Not to mention the sun shining exactly on me. At least I'm wearing a short sleeved shirt..
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So - dreams. I dreamed I was a car-witch this morning. I was driving a small convertible version of my car, a purple Toyota-Corolla (actually, it's my parents' car, but never mind), and I was making other cars do what I want. Whether i was aiming for someone in specific or just making cars go slower, faster and sideways in random, I've no idea. I got to a place where I met some people I know (don't know who they were) and started making adjustements in their BitComet (?!?!) and one of the girls said "I see you're the only one whom you let touch this" and I replied That it wasn't so, but no one really believed me, and then I woke up.

The truth is stranger than fiction, no doubt.

If fiction is mentioned - "The 4400" is coming back for it's third season on Sunday! Joy!


Dec. 8th, 2006 02:06 pm
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It's Tuesday. Is it already? My god, time flies...

So yesterday started bad, with me getting angry with my dad for hogging the shower right when I needed it in the morning. I mean, I use it every day at the exact same time, and he was awake for an hour before he went to get washed (and before I needed the shower). I haven't spoken to him last night, but I did this morning. My mom thinks I'm making a big deal, but I just think that a decent amount of consideration is in order, and a simple "I have no idea when you need the bath" is no good for me. You're not stupid, so think a little, and understand that you can bathe an hour before I need the bath, because I will also be late for work and I do it at the same time each morning. I was really pissed off. My mood got better at home - I watched 7 episodes of "Gilmore Girls" in a row and laughed my head off. Finally finished the sixth season and started the seventh. Went to bed at 1:00, which is a seriously late hour for me to go to sleep at, especially before a work day.

Today started not as bad, but wasn't great as well - me driving behind stupid slow drivers. I hate slow drivers.

I'm at work until 18:00, and will be looking forward into watching the two recent episodes of "Gilmore Girls" I've downloaded last night (oh, the horror! Illegal downloads!) and by that to finish the available episodes from that series. I'll move on to "The Dead Zone", "The Key" and to "Veronica Mars" if I'll have time.

T.V. rules!
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A produce truck got into an accident on the turn-out I needed on Ayalon today. Half the road covered in tomatoes. If it hadn't made me late for class it would have been so funny, though car accidents don't make me laugh. I had to run into class and I didn't get a chance to go to the bathroom. I was on edge all hour.

War zone

Dec. 23rd, 2005 05:10 pm
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So last night was a war zone. First thing's first: My mom had no idea I was driving to Haifa until about 14:00 yesterday (two hours before I left). I hadn't told her because if she would have known, I wouldn't have gotten the car... Even after I told her she tried to make me change my plans and go by train. I disagreed. In the end I got the car and drove to Haifa... Well, it's thursday afternoon, and every single israeli car is on the road, 90% of those on Ayalon. So I got stuck for 45 minutes where it should have taken me 20, so what? I had good music and good company to expect. After picking up Avihu we drove to Ra'anana to pick Adi up. On the way we got through one "Queen" CD, and a hell lot of making fools of ourselves... We yelled and made loud noises whenever something nice happened. This continued after we picked Adi up, and also after picking Nurit up. Me: "Hadera!" Everyone: "Yulululululululu!!!" and that's an understatement...

With all the traffic we got to Haifa at about 19:00 (I left Holon at 16:00), and then we went to pick Hagar up from the train station. When we got into Haifa ("Yulululululu!!!") everyone started to play "Holocaust ABC", which is one of the sickest games ever... We found our way to Asaf and Sofi's place (thanks to contradicting instructions, some intuition and one magnificent U turn), and immediately began eating. I, for one, was starving, having driven all the way from The center with that lot, but we all ate eventually. The night was peppered with all kinds of happenings, including a pillow fight, a kick in my chin (from Avihu; but I forgave him - I was trying to tickle him) and some chestnuts. It was a lot of fun, but as I foresaw - a war zone. Hagar, Avihu and I spent the night and woke up almost unanimously so that we where able to say goodbye to Hagar and Sofi before they left (Hagar to go home, Sofi had a test). Me and Avihu lingered for a bit more, and then left as well, saying goodbye to a very sleepy-disoriented-english mumbling Asaf, and got in the car. I lost my way. We started driving around Haifa trying to find where to go,,, It was lucky I had a map in my car for otherwise I don't know what we would have done. In the end we found our way into road 2 ("Yulululululu!!") and I kicked down the car into life (without all the Haifa hills). I was home in less than two hours, and that's after driving Avihu to his door step in Hod Hasharon... So I drove on 140 Kph, so what?...

After coming home my mom goes: "why don't you and dad go to the store to get the new modem so you would have internet?" So we went, and we got it, and we came home and my dad starts plugging it in when we get that we don't have enough power sockets... So my dad gets angry, and he gets angrier when he can't find the antenna for the Router (modem with broadcasting ability), and then, when we hooked up the old modem he got angry at me for not taking the bag with the new modem to my room at the exact second he wanted me to... Bloody annoying.

After that things eased up as my dad went to play Soccer (he just got back early - it was raining), And I watched the last two episodes ot "The 4400" I taped. So now I have a nice Friday evening at home (unless I find someone to go to "The lion, the witch and the wardrobe" with), and again, chestnuts. After a very busy week, I have some peace at last... Unless Iran decides to launch a rocket on us, and even then, it would be over quickly. I wouldn't have to do a thing.

Now I am going to make myself some hot chocolate, eat chestnuts and watch the rain. I do love the winter... Cheers, Tami.

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Major traffic jams on Ayalon this morning - a huge truck got stuck and the traffic was stuck well inside of Holon...
Got to the university at 8.30, fifteen minutes after class started, and that's after my sister kept telling me to stop getting angry about the traffic and to lower the music (AAAA!). Had trouble following the teacher as he talked, and I promised Ayala to write for her since she skipped endocrinology today...

Found out one of my project partners "doesn't want to make observations after noon" - only during university time - when I can only make observations on sunday, when I have three hours window. He pissed me off to some degree. After that I called the professor I wanted to write my "term paper" (so to speak), and she wasn't there, and she called after that when I was filling gas and I couldn't concentrate on what I was saying while I was driving, and I don't think I made a very good first impression...

Got home early because I skipped "Biological aspects" and wanted to do my neurology exercise. Instead watched "Missing" and "Sue Thomas" I had taped on saturday. A complete waste of time, but a necessity to a girl who had her fuses on a short leash. Going to eat now and to go to my "Perach" (which is a volunteer work I do for a scholarship). Hope things get better from here.



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