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Also, listening to the radio today is weird. Every couple of minutes the broadcaster would jump into the music and say "Color Red in [name of city]".

I can actually note when the rate of bombing is increasing or decreasing when more than one song goes by uninterrupted.
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We had lunch at "Papa's" (which is our favorite italian place in Tel Aviv). It's always a "joy" taking my grandma out to eat, all we hear is how lousy everything is...

Anyway, the food was great, as usual. Midway into the meal a woman who sat at another table got up and started singing a song she wrote for her mother's 70th b-day party. As it turns out, it was Hila Plitmann, a grammy award winning soprano singer. That was a weird and nice surprise.

We dropped my grandma at her apartment, got to ours, got out of the car... and here comes the alarm. We scuttled into our bomb shelter (we have one in the building, but it's quite small and dirty), and we waited about 40-50 seconds before we heard the Boom that signaled what we thought was the missile hitting.

As it turns out, it was Iron Dome intercepting it (the system they started operating today).

I still think they should have put it in the south, though, but I'm grateful nonetheless.
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For the first time since the Golf war, we had an alarm just now. Great.


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