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So here is my 2 cents on "Inside Out"

Spoilers, obviously )

All great stories are just a mirror, and this one isn't any different. If you haven't seen it, go. Just bring tissues.
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The problem with my camera is my lack of lenses. I ordered our Maya Isacovitz tickets a few hours too late, and we sat at the gallery, and so I could only take photos from afar.

Still, the color rendition and quality of the photos make my old Olympus camera look like a toy.

I would still like to have one of the tele-photo lenses with me (and a few others, but that's another matter...).

But anyway.

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Six days!

May. 31st, 2014 04:07 pm
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So this week is going to be short and packed.

Sun-Mon are ordinary work days (blaurgh), but Tuesday is half a day and Wednesday is a holiday. We have the Rolling Stones concert on Wednesday as well, which will be AWESOME, hopefully. We'll probably get there quite early to find a good spot.

And Thursday is our flight, and Friday... GODI'MSOEXCITED!!!! Yes, I'm super excited for the Tori Amos concert, no surprises there.


Feb. 21st, 2014 08:01 pm
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Wow, this Friday has passed by so quickly (yes, well that happens when you work from 7:00 until 11:00, go out to photograph a bit and then crash on the sofa for three hours).

I went to work and got through some really important stuff this morning, so even though I sacrificed some well-deserved-sleep, I'm still glad I went.

I'm also glad I went out to Tel Aviv with my new camera bag and Petzval Lens. I still need to get the real handle of this lens, being that it's manual focus and I don't seem to get the really great bokeh (could be the fact my Fuji isn't full frame, could be my framing). I'm optimistic though - I got some really good shots today (yes, you'll get a look).

I was dead tired when I came home, and hungry as well. After lunch I fell asleep on the sofa for two hours and laid there for another hour or so just for good measure. I only dragged myself up at around 18:30. That cup of coffee was neccessery.

And now I'm just sitting here thinking about dinner and my bed. We have to leave home at 10:00 tomorrow - my cousin and his wife are throwing a birthday party for their one-year-old twins at 11:00.

And, oh, look, Photobucket actually worked NOT SLOW AS FUCK.

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From TA )
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Free shipping on my Society 6 shop! Go to this link - http://society6.com/TamiIsaak?promo=8a429b

I have two (quite different, I might add) prints over 20 promotions. I gotta keep on my toes, through. I still haven't sold anything, except to Netalie. Work!

(I was super pissed up until I had dinner. The bus was 40 minutes late so I arrived home to run through change of clothes and cab ride to exercise class, and then my mom pissed me on the way back, but food is calming. I just wish I could have had tomorrow for myself - I need to go to the doctor for some stupid form for work and I have an optometrist apointment on 12:00, in Netanya, yeah, long glasses saga.)
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There is more to day about yesterday and today, but it will wait.

I just scored Eric Fan (one of Society 6's biggest artists - this is his page, and as you can see his best sellers have some 900 promotions) as a follower. True, he follows about 1000 people, but I actually got his attention with a comment (my god I was first to comment in one of his posts!) and now...

I'm so very happy.

But I've been happy before that. Because, you know, for the first time in years I feel something moving with my art. I haven't sold anything yet, and I still have only 31 followers' and my most promoted piece has 12 promotions, but it's growing every day. After years of nothing but photography and telling people that, yes, I photograph and paint and people nodding and forgetting about it quite fast, I feel like this is change. It might die out as quickly as it came, but I've missed this feeling of hope. Maybe, just maybe, someone somewhere will buy the first piece and maybe more will follow.
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I had some good work done today.

My Diana F 120 film needed developing, so I set about in search for a place that does that. My first stop was in a big store in Alenbi where they informed me that no, they don't develop 120 color film but only B/W but another store in Alenbi does. Also, they suggested I glue the crack on my old Olympus since I'll have no other way to get it fixed because parts aren't being sent to Israel anymore and it's quite an old camera. I bought a few films extra to have (ISO 100, 400 and 800) and went to the store they pointed me to, where they happily took my film and told me to come back two hours later. They also repeated the glue suggestion from the same reason.

Took off towards Dizengof Center, where I went ot buy shoes as my old snickers are not as stable as they once were. Got a nice pair at Adidas, and as it turns out, I seem to be size 41 in these kind of shoes. Weird.

Anyway, Also got some body scrub at Soap (nice little promotion next to the store had me picking my favorite scent and reach into a box and get some kind of present and I got 20% discount, so very nice) and some crossword puzzle magazine and the latest National Geographic - cover page being about drones...

Took a turn in SOHO, nothing caught my eye, made it to iStore to find out that (as much as I expected) my ipod isn't worth the bother or money of fixing it and went to lunch. Moon had, as usual, very good sushi and very bad service but I really wasnted that sushi and when the Agadashi Tofu took forever they took off 30% of the cost.

Walked back to Alenbi (all by foot - true it's not that far but all together and the way back with parcels it can be annoying - lucky thing I had a good mood and good weather) and got my developed film and the CD with the photos scanned.

Made it home by 16:30 and took a look at the photos - I knew there were some I stupidly didn't take the lens cap off for (first time with this camera - needs getting used to) and those I took inside the Market needed longer exposure or a more open shutter but a few turned out nice and one of the double exposure is sweet as hell (obviously it's Udi's). I learned a lot by looking at them and I think I'll do a better job next time. Also, I need a shutter release for it, and when I get the Fuji I'll get one for that as well.

The better photos from the Diana, Jerusalem area )
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One of my better combinations of photography and illustration. Independence.

Here, in Society 6
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Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so we said we'd go for a trip. My mom talked to Menahem, who's a friend who travels a lot and he gave her some places, so we headed out early in the morning (early in our definition... Say 8:30).

We went towards Jerusalem and the Jehuda mountains, where we hoped to get a glimpse of tulips in bloom. The weather was terrific. We made it first to one place and then the other (Chorashim forest and Kisalon) and there were no tulips in sight, even though the entire surrounding was green and beautiful, full of mustard plants and some primroses. My mom called Menahem again, who directed us in another direction... And there they were! Tulips! Wild tulips are much shorter than cultured tulips, but just as beautiful. In a few weeks the blooming will be gone, so we really did get the last glimpses of them before the season is over. I broke out my Diana F to shoot some of them, I have no idea how it came out (I finished the roll of film later in the day, I'll find a place to get them developed tomorrow or next week). My camera was acting up (it is almost 6 years old. I really need another one already) so some of the photos were taken with my phone.

Tulips photos (and other nature shots) )

We finished our rounds of photos and excitment of the flowers (city dwellers that we are) and went to have brunch.

We went to a place called Derech Hagefen (Vine road) in Beit Zait (Olive House! Woo-Hoo!). The place comes highly recommended, but it wouldn't have been that in Tel Aviv. Yes, the food was good and the place is beautiful, but the service was below average and the prices high, and the food is just as good as any coffee house in Tel Aviv (lack of competition, that's what it is - you drive half an hour outside of TA and there's only one coffee place in a 30 km radius. This place would not have survived in TA).

Problems notwithstanding, we had fun and took pictures (duh), including one of me hugging a very reluctant Udi, which I'll spare you from seeing... :P

Vine road photos )

After out meal we headed out to see the memorial for 9/11 they have set out on the way to J-M. Don't ask me who made the decision to locate it there, since it's literally in the middle of nowhere, but we made it there (saw some deer on the way! No pics of them, though. Fucking camera). It's very large, and made with white limestone (I think). The middle piece is dark metal with a piece of the twin towers behind a glass window, and overlooking the hills of J-M is a bench with the name of the casualties on dark metal.

9/11 memorial )

J-M isn't one of our favorite cities but Machne Yehuda market is a great market, full of goodies. If we would have had a shopping cart we could have emptied half the place... We bought Halva, olives, pastries, cheeses, garlic and other stuff I can't recall. Most of it is awesome (there are always flops with places you don't know). We had a small lunch at Azura, an Iraqi restaurant with really great food and headed out to Nachlaot neigborhood. The street are small and old, and it has its charm. Some really big cats as well...

Machne Yehuda market and Nachlaot )

The last place we headed to was Yemin Moshe, with the big windmill and overlook at the old city.

Yemin Moshe and the old city )

...and then we headed home through the haze, which made me caugh heavily.

Haze! @#$%^&* )

And in the evening we met Michali and Tomer for dinner at Brasserie, which was excellent, as always. My mom was over the moon after that day...
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Yes, I went to see her again (this time with my parents) and got another batch of photos... We had lots of fun.

Here they are )

Day report

Dec. 27th, 2012 08:57 pm
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Our maid was due today, so I packed myself out of the house. Visited Soho's annual sale, with no items bought (a very weird first, but I only went to mark it as done, not so much as to buy stuff - since I'm still at home and see myself leaving only quite a long time from now there was no point).

Headed over to "Donkey" for a burrito, and ate it in the car, since the place was packed as hell. Great burrito, but next time I think I'm going to ask no chilly - it burned my tongue really well today.

After that I had a small debate with myself, but then just drove over to Ramat Aviv and headed for the World Press Photo. It was pretty meh this year, and seemed smaller somehow (even though I think I remember saying the same thing last year, so I might be wrong). I usually like the international exhibition more than the "Local Testimony" one, but this time...

See, I have no photo stuck in my head from the WPP save one - of the world's largest cave in Vietnam (a definite vacation destination in the future), and even that one isn't about the photo but about the place.

There is one piece from the LT exhibit I keep playing in my head, though. It's a video piece, not video art (which I pretty much despise) - of a man dancing in the fountain created by a fire hydrant which was hit by a car some time before. The man was later recognized as a dancer and choreographer, but in those moments of dance he seems like a little boy, dancing, not in the rain, but in the summer's sprinklers. It was very obviously a modern dancer, no doubt, but the act of dancing in a fire hydrant's fountain is not an act of an adult.

It reminded me of that sensation, of the summer's heat, and the sound of the sprinklers, going this way and that, and you wait for them to hit just the right place and you walk into the rain of it, and the smell it spreads and the sound it emits - it was so lively, that sensation in that moment. It was beautiful, pure joy, and at the end he just lay there, in the water, soaked through and through (as he was withing seconds of going into the stream).

...and that's why I go back every year. For these moments.
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Just got back from seeing "Perks of a Wallflower".

See, there's something about going to the movies on your own. I've been doing it since forever (high school maybe? I can't remember), there are just some times I have to do it, I have to sit there when the lights go out, which is one of the things I love most about life, ever since I was very very small. I have to sit there, think with myself, talk to myself sometimes and be that lonely girl I used to be, because she's in there, she's the very foundation of everything I turned out to be, and I love that foundation. It's a good one.

It's a good one because I learned so much about myself those days. I know these things now because of who I was, I can dig within myself for answers when I know they exist, and I can tell why I do some things and why I don't do others, and if there is something I want to change I can go there and change it because I know where to go and look. Those are things I learned long ago, on my own, sitting on my bed, listening to music, trying to figure out what were all these things inside me and how they fit together.

Which brings me to the movie. It was a good choice for the alone show. Just the right one. I had very little expectations of it, and went because of (admittedly) Emma Watson, but it was one of the most beautiful,, sad, real and optimistic movies I've seen in a while. I haven't read the book (I might now), but I think it was done very well. the guys are great, Emma Watson is more than great, the story is thick enough to hold all the drama, and the characters are the kind you immediately like. I liked the Rocky horror picture show reenactment, the music, the snow angel, but the tunnel ride was just how you're supposed to feel when you're around people you love.

You listen to that song, and you spread your arms, and the wind is in your face, and the tunnel rushes by you and then it's over and the sky are so big and quiet, and that moment, there - it was worth it.

That's what it was to me. because my foundation isn't bare anymore. But the beauty and stability of the structure I have nowadays relies on that foundation, and its importance has never been transparent to me.


Sep. 7th, 2012 07:58 pm
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First two days in Paris went by quicky and with so much food!!!

I won't write a lot since I'm typing on my iPod and it's extremely uncomfortable, but we walked tons and saw the Notre dame and been to the Orangerie and the city is beautiful and the weather is wonderful and my dad only gets an angry fit about six times a day (that's not a lot)...

Every corner has a pattiserrie and we have a great one right below the apartment we rented. I'm gonna have quite a few photos when I get back... :)

Oh, Bravo.

Sep. 5th, 2012 05:22 pm
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And the TV fest continues with "Sherlock".

Fucking brilliant, that is, and has made me talk with a british accent for the past two days.

Got through the first series and contemplating on doing the first ep of the second, just to get through the cliffhanger (did I mention it's brilliant?). The best thing about british television, it sure knows how to tell a story. Plus, you know, the basic material is already fabulous, but the construction of the characters and directing... Wonderful.

In other news, my suitcase is packed and everything else is also ready. We'll be leaving first thing in the morning (our flight is at 9:20) and be gone for a week. Look forward to my return with a ton of pictures!
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The past two weeks seem like they lasted much longer than two weeks. I'm having a really nice quiet time at home, getting up at much later hours than 5:20 (YES!) and going to sleep much later than 22:00. My normal rhythm won't last long before I'm going to have to go back to work, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can.

So - I already signed the contract, I'm starting on October 1st, still have no idea when the rig times will be, not to mention the training courses abroad.


(Listening to Maya Isacowitz playlist on youtube.)


Finished "Avatar - The Last Airbender" a week ago, also finished one of the book week books and I'm in the middle of another. The last "Artemis Fowl" is in my Kindle, also already read as well as "The Age of Miracles", which was Meh. I'm currently watching "Big Bang Theory" and laughing my ass off (Oh, Sheldon).


My mom and I have been cleaning the smallest bedroom in hopes to make it her studio for the jewelery making, as well as doing inventory (boring as hell, and what I'm currently ignoring of during my time on the computer). All of the school books, encyclopedias and trash has gone to be recycled. It was heavy, I tell you.


I'm dreaming again! I can actually remember my dreams because I wake up naturally and the sleep cycles aren't cut off when the dreams are still small and insignificant.

Last night I was walking through a labyrinth and ended up at the bottom of a huge canyon. It had incredibly tall white smooth stone walls and one of the most amazing places I've ever been in in my dreams. I saw two falcons circling above me and the were lowering their flight, ending up in their nest. When I looked down there was a dog or a cat dressed up like a clown or something (9gag seems to be the culprit there). When the falcons flew off I went to check the nest and instead of a falcon chick I found a kitty, and I figured the falcons must have lost their own chick and decided to adopt the clown cat/dog's baby.

The thing is, the falcons seemed so insignificant in comparison to the immense canyon. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful it was.

Anyway. Then I walked up some stairs and came up at the bottom of my old house and met some russian girl, which I didn't know. Here is the end of the first part of the dream.

...and then I'm a member of the special services, during a drill to mimic kidnapping the president. It seemed like a big place, and in front of me were white marble stairs which we had to climb in order to get to the president's office. He had people guarding him, of course, and it seemed like live fire was being issued, but I managed to get to the top and into the room.

In order to mimic his kidnapping we had to get his wedding ring, but he didn't want to give it to me so he just gave me some coins.

At which point I went back downstairs and discovered the russian girl from before was a russian spy.

And then I woke up.


Took me two days to finish this post. During that time I dreamed I was at the Baker Hughes training facility in Huston and saw somebody juggle and go crazy with a chainsaw.

Have I mentioned how much I love dreaming?


Also, we watched "Alegria" on Thursday and it was amazing - wonderful, talented acrobats on the trapez, on bungee cords, jumping and twisting in the air, not to mention the rubber girls and the gymnasts with the hoops and the guy who stood on his hands on tall wodden sticks. And the clowns. Oh, the lovely clowns.

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Heard it this morning on the way and... Well, it's beautiful. Just listen to it.


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