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The thing about a full life, is that things that matter less gets hold up, so I hardly write anymore. All my thoughts and photography go on FB, and not here, but this weekend deserves a mention.

There was also Book week last week on Tuesday. Only got three books for myself, and a few more as presents. Got through one of them already (Paper Towns- John Green).

Thursday )

Friday )

Spent Friday afternoon with Marvel's Daredevil, which turned out to be really fun and good television. I'm almost at the end of the season and will most likely finish it today or tomorrow.

Saturday )

I had a great weekend. I've got a busy week ahead of me. I guess I'll write when I can.
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The problem with my camera is my lack of lenses. I ordered our Maya Isacovitz tickets a few hours too late, and we sat at the gallery, and so I could only take photos from afar.

Still, the color rendition and quality of the photos make my old Olympus camera look like a toy.

I would still like to have one of the tele-photo lenses with me (and a few others, but that's another matter...).

But anyway.

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Leaving in 30 minutes to see the Rolling Stones (OH YEAH).

Also got some stuff straightened for tomorrow. I'm so happy to have some time off from work and a trip to look forward to.

Will probably leave at 12:30 tomorrow for the airport, our flight is at 15:45.


Six days!

May. 31st, 2014 04:07 pm
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So this week is going to be short and packed.

Sun-Mon are ordinary work days (blaurgh), but Tuesday is half a day and Wednesday is a holiday. We have the Rolling Stones concert on Wednesday as well, which will be AWESOME, hopefully. We'll probably get there quite early to find a good spot.

And Thursday is our flight, and Friday... GODI'MSOEXCITED!!!! Yes, I'm super excited for the Tori Amos concert, no surprises there.
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Well, thank the universe, it was not one of the ugliest, most disgusting viruses alive, like the one I cought back in March.

Even though yesterday I felt like there was fucking LEAD inside my limbs, the feeling is gone today, and besides a stuffy nose, some dryness in my throat and the hint of a headache, I'm much better. There's still soreness in my musceles, but again. it's much better today.

To celebrate, I went through my generic "List-for-Trips" I've been maintaining for the past 7 years, to make sure it's updated for Vienna.

As it turns out, it wasn't, but it is now.

...and as extra preperations, I'm listening to all my Tori Amos songs now. Hee.

I think I'm hungry.
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Yes, I went to see her again (this time with my parents) and got another batch of photos... We had lots of fun.

Here they are )
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The past two weeks seem like they lasted much longer than two weeks. I'm having a really nice quiet time at home, getting up at much later hours than 5:20 (YES!) and going to sleep much later than 22:00. My normal rhythm won't last long before I'm going to have to go back to work, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can.

So - I already signed the contract, I'm starting on October 1st, still have no idea when the rig times will be, not to mention the training courses abroad.


(Listening to Maya Isacowitz playlist on youtube.)


Finished "Avatar - The Last Airbender" a week ago, also finished one of the book week books and I'm in the middle of another. The last "Artemis Fowl" is in my Kindle, also already read as well as "The Age of Miracles", which was Meh. I'm currently watching "Big Bang Theory" and laughing my ass off (Oh, Sheldon).


My mom and I have been cleaning the smallest bedroom in hopes to make it her studio for the jewelery making, as well as doing inventory (boring as hell, and what I'm currently ignoring of during my time on the computer). All of the school books, encyclopedias and trash has gone to be recycled. It was heavy, I tell you.


I'm dreaming again! I can actually remember my dreams because I wake up naturally and the sleep cycles aren't cut off when the dreams are still small and insignificant.

Last night I was walking through a labyrinth and ended up at the bottom of a huge canyon. It had incredibly tall white smooth stone walls and one of the most amazing places I've ever been in in my dreams. I saw two falcons circling above me and the were lowering their flight, ending up in their nest. When I looked down there was a dog or a cat dressed up like a clown or something (9gag seems to be the culprit there). When the falcons flew off I went to check the nest and instead of a falcon chick I found a kitty, and I figured the falcons must have lost their own chick and decided to adopt the clown cat/dog's baby.

The thing is, the falcons seemed so insignificant in comparison to the immense canyon. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful it was.

Anyway. Then I walked up some stairs and came up at the bottom of my old house and met some russian girl, which I didn't know. Here is the end of the first part of the dream.

...and then I'm a member of the special services, during a drill to mimic kidnapping the president. It seemed like a big place, and in front of me were white marble stairs which we had to climb in order to get to the president's office. He had people guarding him, of course, and it seemed like live fire was being issued, but I managed to get to the top and into the room.

In order to mimic his kidnapping we had to get his wedding ring, but he didn't want to give it to me so he just gave me some coins.

At which point I went back downstairs and discovered the russian girl from before was a russian spy.

And then I woke up.


Took me two days to finish this post. During that time I dreamed I was at the Baker Hughes training facility in Huston and saw somebody juggle and go crazy with a chainsaw.

Have I mentioned how much I love dreaming?


Also, we watched "Alegria" on Thursday and it was amazing - wonderful, talented acrobats on the trapez, on bungee cords, jumping and twisting in the air, not to mention the rubber girls and the gymnasts with the hoops and the guy who stood on his hands on tall wodden sticks. And the clowns. Oh, the lovely clowns.

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Spent most of the weekend in front of my Kindle, and some in front of other books and my computer.

Managed to finished the "50 Shades" trilogy for the second time (even if less thoroughly than the first time) and another book from beginning to end in just under three hours yesterday ("No mistakes" by Ella Yavlonski). I also watched the series finale of "Awake" (that had so much potential...), some "Revenge", "Game of Thrones", an episode and a half of "Wilfred" (sure made me laugh, but it's not how I want to spend my time" and half of the first season of "Awkward" (oh, high school drama).

I also bought two new shirts at Frau Blau of Friday, and had my fist summer-shake on Shenkien street (watermelon and banana!).

...and now I'm hungry.

Coffee? Too early.


Short week = good week!

And I have the Goteborg Ballet tomorrow, and the Accessories Market this weekend, and next week is my graduation ceremony
(Diploma!) and the reunion for my school and book week.


So much to do. :)
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On a whim of a moment (and after yesterday which wasn't happy) I bought a ticket to see Bat Sheva Dance Company tomorrow at the Suzanne Dallal Center.

Made me feel tons better.

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I spent the last few days reading the first three books of "The Caster Chronicles" ("Beautiful Creatures", "Beautiful Darkness" and "Beautiful Chaos"). I have to say, the cliffhanger in the end of the third is the worst I've ever seen, and that says something. Altogether, they're really good, and I laughed my ass off at some parts (cried my eyes out as well at the end of the third book). Now I'm going to have to find something else to read during my work hours.

Yes, that's what I do at work most of the time. I haven't made up my mind yet if it's nice or annoying, so I guess it's some of both.

Job hunting still haven't yielded any results (hence the reading during my crappy-year-long-job), but I've been looking for only about 4 weeks, and it's supposed to take something like 3 to 6 months, so I'm not (very) frustrated yet.


Hey, the tickets to Cirque Du Soleil just arrived by mail! Yey!

(It's in August. I know, but if I'd waited we wouldn't have had these great seats on the most wanted date, so I'm super excited.)


I have to clean out my room. I've taken out all my school stuff out of the closet and now I have to gather up the courage to throw them out (or find the space to stuff them back in there). I'm the messiest person alive...
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Went to see "Pina" Last night. Without a doubt, beautiful as hell. You get to see pieces of dances, solos, duets and group dances and in between the dancers talk about their life in the company (they sit with their mouths closed and their voice is played). It's amazing to see such old dancers - man and women in their forties and fifties. One of the younger dancers is actually a daughter of two of the older dancers. Unbelievable how Pina Bauch's company is held together - the attention she apparently gave to each of her dancers was such that they talk about her like she's their mother. Or more than that.

This isn't a dance company. This is a family. And you can see what it does to the dance. You can see how each of these people is woven into the entire group's movement. How they each have a place and a voice and yet when they dance together they're more than the sum.

The movie itself is filmed in the most beautiful places (all kinds of weird buildings, glass halls surrounded by forest trees, an inverted train in the middle of a city, road sides, sandy quarry), and on a stage (the group dances). "Cafe Moller", which is the only piece I ever came across before (in the film "Talk to Her") is an amazing creation and I will definitely watch it at some point in my life. I actually checked to see if they were dancing in Berlin while we're there, but no such luck.

A thought that occurred to me during the movie - about a fifty year old dancer who danced on point for 5 minutes straight - about how she does it - and the answer who came to mind was "Well, she's been doing it every day for the past 40 years, of course she can dance on point for 5 minutes straight".

If you love modern dance, I strongly recommend to go see it. It's one of those things that makes you humble.


Jul. 13th, 2011 04:04 pm
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Tori Amos, October 11th in Berlin! My mom calls and says "Were you supposed to get something from Germany?" And I was like "YEEEEESSSSS!!!!! THE TICKETS!!!"


Dancing around.

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The Shlomi Shaban show - as seen from my seat way up in the balcony. Lucky I have good zoom.

The guy plating the piano is Shlomi Shaban, the girl with the big hair is Einav Jackson-something (couldn't catch the last name, she was the opening act), the woman with the sparkly short dress and awfull posture is Efrat Gosh, the older woman with the guitar is Koreen Elal (one of Israel's most celebrated singers, and she's gay, and that ain't easy here) and the woman with red lipstick and short dress is Marina Maximilian Blumin (fucking queen)

Awesome show.

Photos!!!! )
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Rain like fucking winter... God.

Made it out of bed only at 6:45, which meant skipping breakfast to make it to uni at a decent hour. Mistake, that, because I'm super hungry and have no way of leaving the office without getting drenched again. Winter is meant to be spent at home.

Adi Ashkenazi yesterday was hilarious (I had a ticket to go see her at uni for the International Woman Day), but it meant going to sleep at about 12:00, which is, along with the darkness of the rain this morning, probably the reason I woke up so late.

Still haven't decided if I'm going to brave the rain to get to class (other side of campus) or just take off to Hagar's as soon as the clock hits 11. I'll see what's the sky's condition, then I'll make up my mind.


Oct. 20th, 2010 08:50 am
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1. Cramps. Ew.

2. First week of the semester almost over. It seems years and years since Sunday, to be honest, but I suspect it's just the beginning of the year fair I had to work in, and it totally drained me (with cramps, heat like a fucking oven and repeating myself about ten thousand times? Yeah). Anyway - I'll be canceling three classes, since I've too many hours and even with canceling another one next semester I'll have enough hours to graduate (graduate. I'm graduating this year).

3. Saw Mel for about 20 minutes Monday. I didn't recognize her with her hair tied back, I must admit, which was kinda hilarious...

4. Still haven't watched "Fringe". My, oh my.

5. The theater festival of the campus, "Small-Bama" [small stage] is on this week and I think I'll go watch one of the shows - since one of my co-workers wrote and directed it. Plus, there are sorta-street-shows outside the theater building, and I really want to photograph there tonight (so I brought my camera).

6. That's it.
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Yesterday was my mom's first exhibition, which meant we were all recruited to work - starting from helping her with making pages for people to write their details on and ending with carrying (what felt like) half our house over to a friend's house*.

I worked as saleswoman for two hours before my dad showed me the time and we got going. We had a show to go to - a tribute night to Tori Amos, in a club in TA, arranged by the daughter of one of my mom's friends. The show was wonderful - most performers were women, of course (one was a guy, and he sang "Me and a gun", no less. Did it quite well, and I have to admit, it takes balls for a guy to sing a song like that**). My favorites was a girl named Savana (American) who gave a beautiful version of both "Winter" and "Silent all these years" and a Turkish girl, can't remember her name, who also did her own kind of change to "Crucify". I had a lovely time, and so did my dad. We went back to my mom's friend's house and helped her get everything organized and back home. I was even able to slip in one episode of CSI Miami before turning in (I hit the Merisol storyline. Horatio with her is incredibly sweet).

I also finally converted all my music and uploaded it to my iPod.

*If you don't know, my mom makes jewelery, expensive jewelery, and she sells her stuff to her friends and people who hear about her from them. Our house is impossible to host an exhibition in, since we have dogs who bark at everyone and cats who stink up the place.

**She wrote that song about a rape she survived in the 80's after watching "Thelma and Louise" and she sings it with no music. It's a very difficult song.


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