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I started my new job this week at the Standard Institute. The best thing I can say is that I feel at home. Everyone have been really nice, I don't mind the overtime (Asaf, my old boss from M. Gold is the head of the branch, and he made it very clear to me I need to do the overtime) and I'm super glad it's in Tel Aviv. 45 minutes by bus and I'm there, and no changes of buses, train, taxis or whatnots. I can't believe how much that's enjoyable.

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I spent most of my time reviewing the standards' files and getting some information gathered about importing policies...

And that was my first week. Next week is short, with Memorial day on Monday (half day's work) and Independence day on Tuesday (oh! Turns out a full day is 8.5 hours, so every minute beyond that is overtime, which is nice). Gonna have some fun this week... :)


Had loads to do today - gave my doctor a visit to get conformation for work that I'm healthy and she decided I needed blood tests (I doubt I'll do them - I hate them and I feel fine, and I had blood work two years ago). I really hate when she gives me blood tests. It makes me woozy for the entire day.

Also went to consult with an optometrist in Netanya with my glasses saga (he said I would need to get new glasses with closer focal than what I have now to stop my eyes from straining, and that it would be a longer time to get used to them because I've had these for too long). Hopefull it'll work this time.

I also managed to drop by the port market and get some nice stuff and get a burrito at the mexican place I love.

And now I'm off to dive a bit into Society 6.


Apr. 3rd, 2013 09:21 pm
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Win of the day - get an artist I adore to follow me on Society 6 (today it's Nikola Nupra)


(Also, I'm up to 46 followers and two of my pieces are at the shop - true the shop has a hundred pages and each page has 20 pieces but still.)

(Oh, and if everything goes well I'm going to be starting work this Sunday - At the Israeli Institute of Standards)

(And yes, the Society 6 news takes precedent.)


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