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Dec. 27th, 2012 08:57 pm
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Our maid was due today, so I packed myself out of the house. Visited Soho's annual sale, with no items bought (a very weird first, but I only went to mark it as done, not so much as to buy stuff - since I'm still at home and see myself leaving only quite a long time from now there was no point).

Headed over to "Donkey" for a burrito, and ate it in the car, since the place was packed as hell. Great burrito, but next time I think I'm going to ask no chilly - it burned my tongue really well today.

After that I had a small debate with myself, but then just drove over to Ramat Aviv and headed for the World Press Photo. It was pretty meh this year, and seemed smaller somehow (even though I think I remember saying the same thing last year, so I might be wrong). I usually like the international exhibition more than the "Local Testimony" one, but this time...

See, I have no photo stuck in my head from the WPP save one - of the world's largest cave in Vietnam (a definite vacation destination in the future), and even that one isn't about the photo but about the place.

There is one piece from the LT exhibit I keep playing in my head, though. It's a video piece, not video art (which I pretty much despise) - of a man dancing in the fountain created by a fire hydrant which was hit by a car some time before. The man was later recognized as a dancer and choreographer, but in those moments of dance he seems like a little boy, dancing, not in the rain, but in the summer's sprinklers. It was very obviously a modern dancer, no doubt, but the act of dancing in a fire hydrant's fountain is not an act of an adult.

It reminded me of that sensation, of the summer's heat, and the sound of the sprinklers, going this way and that, and you wait for them to hit just the right place and you walk into the rain of it, and the smell it spreads and the sound it emits - it was so lively, that sensation in that moment. It was beautiful, pure joy, and at the end he just lay there, in the water, soaked through and through (as he was withing seconds of going into the stream).

...and that's why I go back every year. For these moments.


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