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The past two weeks seem like they lasted much longer than two weeks. I'm having a really nice quiet time at home, getting up at much later hours than 5:20 (YES!) and going to sleep much later than 22:00. My normal rhythm won't last long before I'm going to have to go back to work, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can.

So - I already signed the contract, I'm starting on October 1st, still have no idea when the rig times will be, not to mention the training courses abroad.


(Listening to Maya Isacowitz playlist on youtube.)


Finished "Avatar - The Last Airbender" a week ago, also finished one of the book week books and I'm in the middle of another. The last "Artemis Fowl" is in my Kindle, also already read as well as "The Age of Miracles", which was Meh. I'm currently watching "Big Bang Theory" and laughing my ass off (Oh, Sheldon).


My mom and I have been cleaning the smallest bedroom in hopes to make it her studio for the jewelery making, as well as doing inventory (boring as hell, and what I'm currently ignoring of during my time on the computer). All of the school books, encyclopedias and trash has gone to be recycled. It was heavy, I tell you.


I'm dreaming again! I can actually remember my dreams because I wake up naturally and the sleep cycles aren't cut off when the dreams are still small and insignificant.

Last night I was walking through a labyrinth and ended up at the bottom of a huge canyon. It had incredibly tall white smooth stone walls and one of the most amazing places I've ever been in in my dreams. I saw two falcons circling above me and the were lowering their flight, ending up in their nest. When I looked down there was a dog or a cat dressed up like a clown or something (9gag seems to be the culprit there). When the falcons flew off I went to check the nest and instead of a falcon chick I found a kitty, and I figured the falcons must have lost their own chick and decided to adopt the clown cat/dog's baby.

The thing is, the falcons seemed so insignificant in comparison to the immense canyon. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful it was.

Anyway. Then I walked up some stairs and came up at the bottom of my old house and met some russian girl, which I didn't know. Here is the end of the first part of the dream.

...and then I'm a member of the special services, during a drill to mimic kidnapping the president. It seemed like a big place, and in front of me were white marble stairs which we had to climb in order to get to the president's office. He had people guarding him, of course, and it seemed like live fire was being issued, but I managed to get to the top and into the room.

In order to mimic his kidnapping we had to get his wedding ring, but he didn't want to give it to me so he just gave me some coins.

At which point I went back downstairs and discovered the russian girl from before was a russian spy.

And then I woke up.


Took me two days to finish this post. During that time I dreamed I was at the Baker Hughes training facility in Huston and saw somebody juggle and go crazy with a chainsaw.

Have I mentioned how much I love dreaming?


Also, we watched "Alegria" on Thursday and it was amazing - wonderful, talented acrobats on the trapez, on bungee cords, jumping and twisting in the air, not to mention the rubber girls and the gymnasts with the hoops and the guy who stood on his hands on tall wodden sticks. And the clowns. Oh, the lovely clowns.



Mar. 15th, 2012 01:02 pm
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I don't remember my entire dream, only just the last moment, because the alarm clock woke me up, but in my dream we (my family and I, I think) were at a wedding, and GE and NE (my dad's best friend's daughters, who were at our house this Saturday) came up to me and said "When you had Michali's wedding, did you bring your own teaspoons?"


My mom thought it was hilarious when I told her...


Feb. 14th, 2012 10:41 am
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* My shoes are incredibly greasy and I'm leaving footprints all over the office. I guess that's what happens when you have the kind of job I have.

* The radiator cover I designed arrived. It's horribly designed and it's going to need *a few* adjustments... I told AS I should have my degree revoked. :)

* No trains. Again. My morning routine now includes a trip to Ynet to see if I'll have a train. Service taxi it is, again, and more money spent. I'm going to go yell at someone at the train's PR office when they come back to work.


So I'm inside a school, yes? And I don't know if I went back to being a Perach instructor or it's just a social call, and I think Hagar was there with me, and suddenly the alarms go off. The kind i remember from the Gulf War, and I tell Hagar "It's the real deal, I just know it", and we go to the shelter. The school is really quiet - too quiet - I've been in schools as an adult to know exactly how noisy they are, even during lessons, and we seem to be alone in the shelter.

Then - three large explosions, one after another, and we're outside looking at the smoldering Azrieli towers after they've been hit with some bloody missile.


I only just remembered that dream some half an hour after I woke up. Made me stand still for a moment.


Also - finished the first novelette from Grossman's "In another Life" [בגוף אני מבינה]. Gave me chills that wouldn't go away for 10 minutes.
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Two words - killer babies.

Well, it was more like the Bamba baby. Killer babies, inside the car.

Yes. I'm aware I have issues (I blame it on Promises Unbroken, which I've been reading non-stop this past few days, or looking into "The Walking Dead" or just my period doing it's normal shit).

And when I woke up I thought "Hmmm. Would make a great video game."
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I won the Hish-Gad (some raffle you can win up to a few hundred-thousands of NIS), and I ran home to tell my mom I won 100000 NIS, and how I can buy a new camera, and we can go on a trip to Australia like we wonted to, and I was so excited to tell Hagar and Mel...

And then I woke up.

And started swearing.

And the most annoying bit (besides the dream being so fucking real) is that I woke up about five minutes before my alarm clock went off.

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I hate getting up at 5:45. Hate it.


This dream, my god - was I sleeping in Hagar's house? It certainly looked that way, and she was there begging us to be quiet and go to sleep, but I couldn't get into the bathroom because someone from work was there (Ofer - head of planning dept. in the SA), or maybe it was someone else, and Ofer was trying to get in as well? And the apartment looked all wrong, and there was a link to the mall. What mall? Just some random thing, no mall I've actually been in, it was big and strange, and I left my bag in a shop I bought a shirt in, and I wanted some other things, and some girl was trying to convince me to buy something else but I said I have no money but my mom will give me some.

And another girl from work was in a wheel chair (the wrong girl - we have an accessibility coordinator who really is in a wheel chair) and she drove me in it back to the apartment and I needed to use the bathroom but there was someone there and when I got in I had to empty a can of tuna fish, and before I got on that wheel chair I left some cold coffee behind.

Also there was a spa somewhere in there - with high and weird prices for stuff that was written in French (I think it was French).


If I look hard enough, all my weekly experiences are in this dream. The cold coffee (because we had no hot water in the office), the tuna (I tried to open a can with a fork for a girl I go to school with), the bathroom (period), people from work, money issues, etc, etc.

I always have weird dreams during my period. This one just - holy FUCK.


Sep. 6th, 2010 08:04 am
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I dreamed about my grandpa again tonight - he came here, to our house, as my grandma does every day, but he seems to have been living somewhere else. He wanted to borrow a book from me. My grandma reads now, see, and she takes my books for that (she calls me "her librarian").

Also in that dream, somewhere, where Reut (from high school, OMG), club-hopping, riding in a bus with a tourist that had a cute little ginger cat and someone throwing a tantrum and destroying the table inside the bus. Which I fixed (mechanical engineer or not?).

As for yesterday - that was genuinely bizarre (no, really?) - I was driving some sort of silver car in a parking lot that stood on poles, and was consisted of little round concrete islands and glass bridges. Driving on them, I cracked one of the bridges and then the car took to the air. We were quite high up when I noticed the car has changed - it was now a yellow hummer and my entire family was inside - my parents, my brother and my sister and her husband. The man driving was our neighbor (whom I truly, truly hate), so I tilted the car in mid-air, opened the driver seat's door and threw him out. It gave me no little satisfaction, I can tell you that.

and then, as I woke up, Udi (my little brother) said he wanted to watcha movie on my Ipod, but the battery was empty, so I looked into it and tried to show him I downloaded the app to see how much battery was left, and flipping along the Ipod I thought "I didn't download all of these apps, where did they come from?" and then I truly woke up.

Uh, what?

Jul. 11th, 2010 06:04 am
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So in my dream I met Johnny Smith, from "The Dead Zone", and we talked in a bus. We also met a girl from my class (a girl I hated named Goni. Yes, that name is as stupid as it sounds), and I somehow gave him my home address. He came over to give me a letter, and in that letter a description of something I did, or should have done, because he touched me and saw something.

This made no sense whatsoever (and even though it was a dream... My dreams usually make more sense, see, they may be weird, yes, but with some kind of sense). I was totally confused, and my mom said she was worried about me because of the letter, and it was going to make me depressed.

Huh? What's going on?

And the weirdest part was that I woke up, and I still saw that dream go on, still felt some kind of leverage towards this person (I had a huge crush on Johnny Smith, so no surprise there).

It's 6 bloody a.m. and I've a test at 9.

And what was the thing with the calculator that played music?

I guess "Fringe" made it's way into my dream scape (yes, I did see that episode last night... Might explain it).

I feel crazy.
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Well, my dreams tonight were a mash up of "Ink", "CSI Miami" and some bookstore I can't recall I've ever been too. I can't even remember how it all came together, and it's possible I dreamed a few dreams at once. I do remember Speed being there, as a drunk, and Calleigh and Eric taking a stakeout at a cave somewhere. Real fucking mess.

As for reality - had my first sign language meeting yesterday, and it was fun, fun, fun. I already taught myself the letters and we learned some common phrases and practiced some. Spent half an hour on the bus home practicing. Probably looked like a goof. :)

The first week of the semester has passed, and I have a feeling this one will be easier. Not less time consuming, but maybe better. In retrospect, the last semester wasn't as bad as the one before, and I hope this down-hill will continue. I have three semesters to go now, and the end is nigh. Thank the gods of time.

Things to do today - Cook for tomorrow, go to the mall for my mom since my cousin is going away for a few months and we want to buy him a going-away present (well, she does - he managed to annoy me humongous-ly last week and I really don't want to give him anything), two exercises for next week, get the last bit of my costume finished and maybe watch the rest of "Ink".

I'm totally going to be a StoryTeller next Purim.

It's really stormy outside - I woke up during the night to the hail that was coming down and took my plants inside. I like winter when I'm home - last night it was a bit annoying when I had to fight the wind and the rain to get to the bus station.
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Slept bad. dreaming was only worse. Some Laplace transform got into my dreams, but also Dana International and "The Game of Life" (the Hebrew Soap).

And now I have a test to go to.
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Sick. Caugh galore during the night. It took me about an hour of sitting up, caughing, lying down and singing to myself to go back to sleep.

Also the sickness really influenced my sleep, because half the night I had a song stuck in my dreams I don't even like (hence the singing to myself - I couldn't go back to sleep with that song still there). I went throught "Dust in the wind", "Carry on my wayward son", "Cooling" and "Angel", twice, to make it go away.

Dreams after that became exceptionally weird. First part was me in some kind of summer camp, and all the towels were gone. And I needed a shower. Ugh.

The next bit is probably one of my most realistic dreams I ever had, I remember knowing for a fact I was dreaming, and I touched a dead leaf to feel the texture of it. I made up my mind to go inside a house and it was full of couples, but he was there too, waiting for me. He kept changing faces, but one stuck out... Yeah, I know.
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Well, that may be, but it seeme I've spent all my negative energy last night before bed. I spent my nighttime helping - I saved a baby rabbit and a kitten right after they were born, a girl who was going to kill herself and a boy who was almost burned alive.

I must see it as a posotove sign for this week, this semester, this year.

I'm off to school.
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Dream - I found my way into a Tori concert, she was playing in Israel, but it was nowhere I knew. She was wearing a blond wig, and people were standing right beside her piano, and so was I, but not very close. When the concert ended I left (to try to out-drive a motorbike... ?!) and when I came back she was there almost alone, still by the piano, and I finally got to tell her how much I love her, and how much I appreciate what she gave and still giving to this world, and I told her how she saved my life and she was so nice and amazing, and she took my phone number... and I woke up.

I was on the brim of waking up so long during that dream, I knew it was a dream but it didn't feel like one, and I kept myself from waking up because I knew I had to do something importany there, and I think I did.

Sure as hell woke up with a smile.
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Holy shit, what a fucked up dream!

First, I dreamed Ella's grandma* was dead, and I went over to pay my condolences, and I think there was a part before that had something to do with SPN. There I was, in Ella's grandma's house, in a place I've already been to in my dreams, it looked like an ivory tower, and there was a huge blue lizard on the waךl, and when it got to a window sill it turned into a toy dog, which was green, and I remember thinking it was some sort of industrial spying. Then I was somewhere else, in the middle of an abuse of a man**, they were whipping him raw, and then it was me that they were whipping, and I was somehow released, and I was walking home on the beach, but I felt no pain. I remember thinking "If it was me being whipped I would have been feeling terrible pain right now". The sea was getting closer so I drifted inside it to make the pain stop and I kept my eyes closed the whole time, as if I wanted to drown, and there were huge waves and people with boogie boards but I didn't drown.

I got the Ella's grandma's tower again and there was Abigail*** and she asked me where have I been, and I couldn't have answered her because I was with Sam and Dean**** and we were looking at a photo of the green toy dog and came up with the conclusion that it was an evil spirit so we got into the Impala and went on our way, and I was driving, Dean was sitting next to me and Sam was behind, and then it was like they were thrown out of the car and drove another car, and we raced on really strange roads inside a huge city and then on train tracks and then in the middle of a forest, were we all stopped and they went to find the evil bastard. I had the task of keeping the spirit's owner out of her house, so we made burekas together, and then there was a scene from "Catch me if you can" with Leonardo Dikaprio and he was fucking her.

I was back in the ivory tower after that, taking photos of some couple, and they weren't happy, and then I woke up...

I love waking up and remembering my dreams.

*Ella - was a good friend of mine in high school. She lives a few houses from me, and her dad feeds the street cats like my mom. They talked yesterday, so I guess it was the motive to introducing her into this dream.

**I think it's one of the hostages from the movie "The Rock"

***Abigail's my cousin

****Sam and Dean are the main characters in Supernatural
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Coughing isn't nice.

Took me half an hour to stop coughing last night before I could sleep, and when I did fall asleep I dreamed I was the perach instructor of my formar class in highschool, and they were mocking me and I was doing my best to ignore it. I also had a girl who's an instructor with me telling me I like the wrong kind of coffee (it's probably because I hate the cafe we kee going to because of her and another instructor), and I tried to catch some sort of a flying roller coaster by hand.

Yes, woke up thankfully, but to a different sound from the one I'm used to - my cell phone is at the shop, so I used my perach phone as an alarm clock. Instead of Tori I got some annoying Hebrew song. Arg.

I almost fell asleep in programming, I was so bored and tired, and I hope I'll feel better as the day wears on because I'm going to a party tonight and I really don't want to spend it coughing my laungs out.
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Friday morning came at last.

However, this week was less busy than the previous few, so... Yeah, phew...

My grandma had her test done (no cancer, thank god), so everybody's a bit more relaxed here.

I still have oday to get through - a few hours at the school, a few phone calls and then breakfast with my perach friends at "Cafe Cafe" and then home.

Also, I told most of you about this, but it's just too funny to overlook - last Friday I was on the phone with a candidate to tutor and he was angry with me for trying to move our meeting (I've had a lot of trouble with him in the few short times I've talked to him), and in the end I said he was ought to flexen here, because I'm still his superior and he's already on my last chance. So he says, "Go fill yourself, you cow" and hung up. I stared at the phone with amazement and starting laughing really hard. Ever since I keep telling people the cow story (and I'm getting quite a few bizzare stories on return, mind you).

A skip to another subject - had a dream tonight that all of my class from the university kept singing songs by Tsvika Pick. Oh, the hilarity.

Almost finished Eyal's birthday present, I just need one more coat of laquer on it and it'll be done. Good. I hope I'll be able to post a picture of the finished painting.

Well, off to the shower and to work.
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Haven't written about my dreams lately, except a bit here and there to tell you they're all about perach, but tonight I was finally a bit free (even if not completely) from that saga.

So I dreamed I was in a class that was being taught by [livejournal.com profile] hagar_972's mother. Strangely, it was about greek mythology (or we got to talking about it... I don't know), and I was excluded from taking that class but I attended non the less.

Anyway, the class goes on, and the lecturer talks about Aphrodite being seduced. I have no idea who did it, she says, do you? And the class bursts with answers, and they include all of the gods - from Zeus to Athena to Apollo to Venus [Huh? Isn't Venus Aphrodite? Never mind, it's a dream].

So eventually I say I believe it was Venus who seduced Aphrodite, because if we look at the history of her tales we see a clear pattern.

And then the lecturer turns to me and says - "yes, but it's not the past we look at now, it's the future that counts.


The dream goes on to us having a page with some sort of a small building glued to it and we have to write on it, so I start using my erasing cassette on it to make a surface and find out someone has beat me to it, so I look right and I see Dan from my high school class (but he also reminded my of Eitan from Perach) and he starts doing the assignment, and then he says something stupid and I slap him over the head, in a funny sort of way, but he is offended so I apologize.

When I woke up I tried to think what that last bit was about, so I concluded that it's the constant hitting I have with Eitan, but I think it reflect my fear that at some point he'll stop taking it as the good sport he is. Then again, we both laugh at each other and tease each other, so it's all in good nature... :)

Speaking of nature, we have a new cat downstairs in the storage room. She small, skinny, dirty little thing, with flea bites and eyes half closed due to infection, but she came up to me and rubbed her head against my hand and purred like two and a half tractors and mewed in a small sort of squeak, and I fell in love with her at that moment.

Besides, if she survived up until yesterday at the state my mom found her in, she's a fighter.

A total fighter.

So I named her Tori.


Sep. 5th, 2007 11:39 am
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Went to the TA museum of Art yesterday with Mel. Had a lot of fun walking around some of the exhibitions - especially the "One Family" photograph exhibition and the contemporary Italian art one. The impressionist constant exhibition was very beautiful as well, and I loved some of the cubist stuff Mel didn't. We both loved Jackson Pollock's paintings, and the Chagall paintings as well. We spent about two hours there and after that we went to "Cup o' Joe" across the street for a sandwich and diet coke (which made Mel go "I'm at "Joe" and I don't get coffee?!"). We walked back to Begin road and I caught the bus as Mel went over to the train station.

I'm finally writing "Gold Dust", the HDM fic I've been thinking of for so long. It's only the beginning, but it's coming on nicely, and I hope It'll be in a condition good enough for others' reading in a while.

I hope I'll have some time to go buy myself something new to wear on New year's eve, but my hopes are not high. Oh, well. We are the hosts this year, since my grandma doesn't have the strength to make the entire preparations. I'm planning on making wine-punch to make everybody extra-cheery.

I also had a dream last night which drew power from all sorts of stuff - starting with HP and ending with "Kyle XY" which I watched last night - a beautiful beach with dunes on a cliff, me trying to hide myself and some objects and a feeling of peace. Hmmm.

T.V. annoyance - Two episodes of "The Dead Zone" got to 99% and got stuck there... It's been there for three days, and I haven't been able to find another torrent to download them from. ARGH.
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Early day - came at 7:40, and will be leaving at 15:40. The only good thing about this day.

My head hurts and I'm nauseous, and I had way too much work this morning.

Seven weeks.

I dreamed I went back to the first grade of elementary school. I guess it's an ironic way to look at me going back to university, but really, first grade?! And I was thinking "Geez, I have a B.A., why am in first grade? And how am I going to get into the bathroom cubicle?!?!".


Forgot this over night in the office, so i'll post it now... *snicker*
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There was this drinking fest last Thursday, so my dreams kicked in, and...

I dreamed we were having a party at [livejournal.com profile] hagar_972's house, but I don't know who was there, but Hagar and I wanted Cosmopolitans, so we mixed cranberry juice and Vodka (I have no idea what's supposed to go into a Cosmo), and then I said "Hey, wait, didn't I leave Grenadine in here in the sushi party we had a year ago?" so we added a bit of that too (the bottle was strange - it was like the shape was of a lying bottle with the opening in the middle...) and we drank.

Then I woke up.



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