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I wasn't planning on buying clothes. I really wasn't. But I did.

Golbary has great stuff, and I really enjoy going there. The Azrieli branch has the sweetest saleswomen, otherwise I would have never left the store with all the loot i got. Never mind. They're good cloths for the upcoming automn and winter.

I also got Netalie's birthday gift, a new pair of gloves (with patches for touch-screen!), new nike snickers (mine are half dead already) and a climbing-up-the-stairs shopping cart for my mom.

Ahem. I also ordered a car on Tuesday (whaaaaaaaaat).

[side note - new semester this week, with three classes. I got top grades on last semester's classes, which were just to complete certain subjects, but I'm very pleased - makes me that much more confident for the actual degree].
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I was supposed to meet Shiri for shopping yesterday, but it didn't work out at the end - but i still had the car and some free time, and my boss went back to being the little bitch he is so I up and went at 16:00 and went to check out the second floor of Ayalon mall. The did a very nice job with it, it's quite large and the ceiling is incredibly tall, and the shops are very nice.

Went into Desigual, but didn't try anything on (I would have bought half the shop, and I don't need the clothes or the hole in my bank account it would have made). I'm really happy they brought it here, though.

Got myself a nice little outing pouch, for small change and one or two cards if I want to take a very small bag when I go out and also a new dress for the Seder night (shocking pink, knee length, V-neck, some scrunches at the front, just the way I like them - and it was only 200 NIS).

I still had energy after having dinner there so I braved the drive and the mess I knew would greet me, an headed to Ikea at Rishon.

I had a few things in mind for that, and I was able to get some of them, but a bed and a folding table will have to be from somewhere else. I also took a look at their new lines of bookcases and I don't think i'll have a problem come the time I'll get my own place (hopefully that day isn't far. I'm starting to feel the need).

I ended up with a shelf + hooks for my room (my room has no more storage space - I have tons of stuff - so I looked at my ever-closed-window and went "hmmmm. I could put a shelf with hooks above that!"), a few more small shelves for stacking books next to my bed, some new big boxes, coat hangers and a side table for our living room (the last one was unceremoniously trashed because it was peed on by the late monster that was Bisi, and since it was made of cardboard it drank up all the piss...).

My only problem was getting the things to the car. Luckily, they have staff members who stand in the loading area, so I let one of them look after my cart while I went to fetch the car.

Got everything in and drove off feeling accomplished and full of adrenalin. I actually built the side table upon arriving at home (took me maybe 15 minutes) and sat down to watch a movie with my dad, which was a mistake since I planned on going to work today, the movie ended late and the daylight saving hour change was tonight.

Only dragged myself out of bed at 7, and got here a bit after 8. will only be here until 12:00, I think, and then off to enjoy this heat. I missed the sun.

After work

Feb. 20th, 2015 02:01 pm
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Took off and went to the port. The market was only half open - the weather frightened everyone away, even though by the time i got there the sun was pretty much shining, even if it was quite cold and windy.

I also got a glimpse of the lower parts of the Yehuda mountains with their lovely snow when I came down from the University Hill. The rain had washed away all the smog and filth from the air, and the visibility was unbelievably good. It was gorgeous.

Got some cheeses and bread, strawberries and olives, and some Haman's ears at my favorite bakery, and had Herring sandwich at the car before heading home.

As it turns out, my mom also bought bread, but, as i told her, that's what happens when she doesn't answer my phone calls.


You know. I don't fell lonely these days. I pretty much reconciled with the realization I'll probably never have a partner, and I'm fine with that, most of the time. I just don't have time to feel bad about it anymore. I wake up so early, spend the bus rides and car rides listening to music, to talk shows, reading, surfing the internet. I spend all day in a very hectic environment surrounded by people and come home to my parents. I actually feel like I need some alone time during the week, and I take a few hours to do so - shopping, sitting in a cafe, going to see some silly movie.

But then, I was sitting at my car having that sandwich, and I was watching the couples going by, and they were all couples. There weren't many people alone, and most were obviously partners, and it just hit me, like it does sometimes, my aloneness.

Nothing to it, and it'll pass, but, sometimes, for short periods of time, this feeling fills me to the brim and I can't help feel the impact and how it crushes me.

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So yesterday morning I was still semi-fine, even though the cough has taken a turn for the worse, and I decided I didn't need the stink-eye from my boss, so I braved the weather, which was truly horrible, and went to work.

After being somewhat productive for a few hours, I finally realized that the headache, coughing and breathing difficulty were not going away, so I called it quits, and packed up to go home. The walk to the bus station was... interesting, since by then it was cold, windy and SUPER FUCKING DUSTY, but I made it and also made it home pretty fine. I did, however, crashed right on the sofa the moment I made it home, and didn't get up until my mom came back. By then I was positive I was running a fever, because I was shaking like hell and my fingernails were blue.

My mom made me something to eat and some tea and I drifted in and out of sleep for the entire afternoon on the sofa, with a different array of cats on different parts of me (Truffle really wanted to sit on my chest and she also cuddled next to me, and Dolce and Ginger both took turns on my legs and sometimes the sides of my feet). My fever went up and then down, so I was cold and hot on intervals. Super fun times, I can tell you that. I did watch some TV with my parents, and went to sleep. Fortunately, the cough is a bit subdued, so I was able to fall asleep quite quickly.

I woke up without a fever today but the headache is still here (no doubt due to the coughing, stuffy nose and weather), and food tasted bad, so I don't know. But I can sit upright, which must be an improvement.


Other things:

I haven't really written in a while, even though I've had plenty to write about. It was, what, two weeks ago H. and I went to the Idan Haviv concert? Which was great, but it marked the beginning of one of my busiest weekends EVER.

It was a beautiful Friday, that one after the concert (maybe I'll actually be able to post pictures from the concert today), but it was full to the brim - work, drive up to KY with H., photography session with her and the pup, and game night at Opher and Shiri's.

Saturday was packing H's apartment, and that was long, hard and tiring, and also included a drive up to her parents' at KY, unpacking and keeping the pup busy while her mom got everything out of the way and into the wardrobe. I only made it home on 22:00 that day, and the fatigue and exhaustion dragged with me for the better part of last week. I only shook it off in the weekend, when I was able to actually sleep.

I had a deal with myself to not leave the house last weekend, but obviously it didn't work. Met Netalie for brunch Friday morning, and we proceeded to walk around TA, and I drove to Visit H. that afternoon. I also managed to squeeze in a visit to my grandma and was planning on going to see a movie but the one I wanted to watch had no more tickets, so I passed. Saturday was mostly quiet, but we did go out to lunch at Brasserie.

This week was fine until yesterday. The cough was getting better and I went to do some serious shopping Tuesday. Sale season, so I got two pairs of shoes, three bras, four long-sleeved shirts and tons of cosmetics. The shirts and shoes were half off, but since my shoes are extremely expensive, I still payed an arm and a leg for them. The bras are always expensive, unfortunately.

I was lucky with the cosmetics, though. I ran into a salesperson (a guy!) who actually knew what he was doing. I knew I needed refills for at least three items, and I also got a night cream. He gave me tons of tips on usage, and when I got home and tried some, and thanked him silently. He also gave me loads of tiny stuff for travel, which is always fun.

I think I'll go see if there's anything fun to watch on TV, and if not try and be productive with easy things, like the photographs or even catching up on my own shows ("Banshee" really bummed me out last week, and I'm super behind on everything, from "Person of Interest" to "The Americans")
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Oh, god, I've missed this show.

I keep forgetting how good is people's characterizing here, as good as Person of Interest is.

I'm re-watching it from the beginning as well, because I need the reminders, and also Banshee Origins (which is the webisodes they upload each week), and I just keep loving it more and more.

The first episode of the season wasn't action packed, like a lot of the episodes are, but the opening sequence was fucking awesome, and we have some new shitstorms coming, I can see it happening.


So fucking cold out. I looked at the sky on Thursday morning and decided it was cold and rainy enough to play hooky. Also managed to get a sick day from my doctor, so that was great. My mom and I went to see if we could find a new TV (since out old one - and I do mean old, it's at least 15 years old - up and died last week) and ended up buying a new smart TV, a new dryer and a cell phone for my brother. Good day's work, I'd say.

Yesterday we actually braved the weather, since I needed fabric for my new sewing project (Jacket, this time), and we were able to find great wool/cashmere combo fabric, in two patterns, in different shades of blue.

It was raining hard, so we only took a small detour through the market and went home. I pretty much did nothing the renaining part of the day, except finish my book ("Charlotte Isabel Hansen", second book of the year after "The Ocean at the End of the Lane", which I hope is the beginning of a year that will rekindle my "Clean Shelves" project). I fell asleep quite early.


We went to visit Udi in Be'er Sheva today, and brought half the house with us, including a huge pot of Chulnt (which my mom made) and Bono (who was exceptionally good on the rides there and back).

Udi was glad to see us and we had lunch together, in his ice-box-of-an-apartment. We got back home at around 17:00.

I think I'm going back to Banshee, because if I go to the living room I'll be asleep in less than half an hour.

Week report

Apr. 5th, 2014 12:15 pm
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Work was hard this week. My boss doesn't seem to understand that mocking people will not make him more popular at the branch, and that being cutesy afterword doesn't change what he said before. I told him before his mocking wasn't nice to hear, but he brushed it off, and it seems I'm speaking to the wall.

The culmination was on Thursday, when we were evacuating the lab (since it's due to start renovations on Sunday). Needless to say, it was completely last minute and we worked our asses off to get everything done in one day, instead of starting at the beginning of the week and, y'know, actually being able to move afterwords (have you ever tried to carry car jack? The big kind? Yeah, heavy and annoying). None of us was really thrilled to come to work on Friday, so we put our backs to it and managed to get everything done. During lunch we got take out, and sat, about 7 of us, in my room (which usually holds 5 workers and some stuff for testing and will now include another person, another desk and stuff to check. Can of Sardines), and Boris came back from being outside. The look on his face when he saw all of us there, and the extra mess and no-place-to-move was so funny I laughed out loud, and got yelled at for it (it was for maybe 5 seconds that I laughed). Michal said, and she's right, that Asaf is jealous of us being together, but I'm seriously fed up with reprimanding about being happy once in a while.

I feel like I work and work and work and all he sees are the little things that he thinks are crap. I'm not looking for constant pats on the back, but I would love to be able to do my job without being constantly interrupted with unimportant requests, without being the scapegoat for everything shitty that happens with my work, and without being so damn swamped that even with all the extra time I still can't everything done.

I hate getting the stink-eye when I leave when I am actually supposed to, the constant remarks about "working half a day" when I get to work at 7:00 and leave at 17:00, about the fact I always have to explain why I'm not working Fridays.

Fun times at work, yes it is.

Different stuff include my dad's birthday today (60!), which means he got a care package, and pancakes in the morning, and my mom is making a strawberry cake for him. I'm also scanning all kinds of photos of him to make him a presentation for his big party at the end of the month. I'll also have to write something down. I need to get started, because it's gonna take me AGES.

I also got some stuff from Strawberry.net, which I hope will be here soon, and I'm still waiting for some Kickstarter stuff and Erin's package, and I bought three really cool necklaces yesterday at the Dizengoff Center's Designer Boutique.

I really wish the weekend was longer. Then again, it's passover the week after this one.
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I knew I was about to head out on Friday morning so I got up early and managed to leave the house at 9:45 (which is early for a Friday). The plan was head to the Frau Blau sale (they're a couple of Israeli-Russian designers who make wonderful colorful clothes who fit me quite well), to go get my latest 120 film developed and walk around TA photographing. I gave myself the challenge of taking only monochrome photos, which was really fun and challenging (photos to come).

Made it to Frau Blau and left after 15 minutes with three new shirts - very colorful, very flattering, the nicest fabrics, but two of them will not fit work - just too colorful and open. Great for the weekend, though.

Took off on foot and headed down Alenbi street and went through Nachlat Binyamin (which made for some lovely photos). I still need to get the hang of the fuji's auto focus, I think it's a bit slow, but then again I've heard it's one of its problems, so it might be just that.

Gave my film to be developed (very few places who develop 120 film) and headed to Shenkin street for a fruit shake. Watermelon and banana is a great combo. SAt on a bench for a while, drinking my shake and reading "Four to Score" (Stephanie Plum novel) on my kindle and then went home. I was lucky to have the bus arrive right when I got to the station and to have a place to sit (not an easy thing at this place at this time on a Friday).

My parents took my grandma to my grandpa's grave so I made myself lunch (asian-marinated tofu with broccoli and rice) and waited for my mom to come so we'll go to the Accessories Market.

The Accessories Market was nice as always, lots of designers we know (my mom spends half the time there talking to the designers). I got a new necklace and a hat and my mom bought a new bag from her favorite designer Belinky.

We were back home just in time for me to catch a movie I love on TV (Shlomi's Stars, one of the only Israeli movies I really love) and then I headed to Ofer and Shiri's.

The evening was lots of fun, with great games and great people, and after dinner, when the second round of games was starting I excused myself and took everybody's photos (again, only monochrome), which was a great decision, since if I would have played we would have had very few photos and this way I caught everyone on film. And here was the great thing about the fuji - ISO 4000-6400, and not an eyelash batted by it, so i could catch the action without having everything blurry as hell.

So now on to uploading photos and then maybe a bit of "Orphan Black".
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I started my new job this week at the Standard Institute. The best thing I can say is that I feel at home. Everyone have been really nice, I don't mind the overtime (Asaf, my old boss from M. Gold is the head of the branch, and he made it very clear to me I need to do the overtime) and I'm super glad it's in Tel Aviv. 45 minutes by bus and I'm there, and no changes of buses, train, taxis or whatnots. I can't believe how much that's enjoyable.

Headcount )

I spent most of my time reviewing the standards' files and getting some information gathered about importing policies...

And that was my first week. Next week is short, with Memorial day on Monday (half day's work) and Independence day on Tuesday (oh! Turns out a full day is 8.5 hours, so every minute beyond that is overtime, which is nice). Gonna have some fun this week... :)


Had loads to do today - gave my doctor a visit to get conformation for work that I'm healthy and she decided I needed blood tests (I doubt I'll do them - I hate them and I feel fine, and I had blood work two years ago). I really hate when she gives me blood tests. It makes me woozy for the entire day.

Also went to consult with an optometrist in Netanya with my glasses saga (he said I would need to get new glasses with closer focal than what I have now to stop my eyes from straining, and that it would be a longer time to get used to them because I've had these for too long). Hopefull it'll work this time.

I also managed to drop by the port market and get some nice stuff and get a burrito at the mexican place I love.

And now I'm off to dive a bit into Society 6.
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...I bought two dresses.

No, really, I seriously don't need anymore dresses, but, but, but, they were nice and pretty and good on me and in great colors and textures and only cost 270 NIS for both!

I had no intention of buying anything, since, well, I still don't have a job, but I wanted to go for a bit to walk around. The weather wasn't for the outside (it was hot and windy when I left. By the time I came back the wind had turned cold and moist) so I took the bus to Dizengof Center. On Fridays it has a designer market I like, with a nice designer I already bought dresses from, so I went to see what she had. I ended with two quite different dresses - one is quite casualy, V-necked, top in deep pink, black belt section below the breasts and an A-skirt in textured black. Sits well on the top of my body and falls out at the right place. The other is a version of a dress I already have but in slightly different fabrics and colors - bottom is fitted and grey and goes all the way below the dreasts and top in white, falling fabric. The back of the dress also has a great stanciled flower in white on the grey area which gives it that extra something. This one would be awesome for the Seder and the other one will be great for everyday casual-pretty.

I have way way more dresses than I need now, I I'm going to start wearing them much more often.

I also have two weddings coming up, so a good dressy dress was a good buy, and even though it was not included in the 1+1 sale the designer, who knows me (since I bought there already and it's a small company) decided I could have them both for the price of one (I would have taken only one if she didn't).

Got myself fruit shake and headed home. Now I have to decide what to have for lunch.
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I had some good work done today.

My Diana F 120 film needed developing, so I set about in search for a place that does that. My first stop was in a big store in Alenbi where they informed me that no, they don't develop 120 color film but only B/W but another store in Alenbi does. Also, they suggested I glue the crack on my old Olympus since I'll have no other way to get it fixed because parts aren't being sent to Israel anymore and it's quite an old camera. I bought a few films extra to have (ISO 100, 400 and 800) and went to the store they pointed me to, where they happily took my film and told me to come back two hours later. They also repeated the glue suggestion from the same reason.

Took off towards Dizengof Center, where I went ot buy shoes as my old snickers are not as stable as they once were. Got a nice pair at Adidas, and as it turns out, I seem to be size 41 in these kind of shoes. Weird.

Anyway, Also got some body scrub at Soap (nice little promotion next to the store had me picking my favorite scent and reach into a box and get some kind of present and I got 20% discount, so very nice) and some crossword puzzle magazine and the latest National Geographic - cover page being about drones...

Took a turn in SOHO, nothing caught my eye, made it to iStore to find out that (as much as I expected) my ipod isn't worth the bother or money of fixing it and went to lunch. Moon had, as usual, very good sushi and very bad service but I really wasnted that sushi and when the Agadashi Tofu took forever they took off 30% of the cost.

Walked back to Alenbi (all by foot - true it's not that far but all together and the way back with parcels it can be annoying - lucky thing I had a good mood and good weather) and got my developed film and the CD with the photos scanned.

Made it home by 16:30 and took a look at the photos - I knew there were some I stupidly didn't take the lens cap off for (first time with this camera - needs getting used to) and those I took inside the Market needed longer exposure or a more open shutter but a few turned out nice and one of the double exposure is sweet as hell (obviously it's Udi's). I learned a lot by looking at them and I think I'll do a better job next time. Also, I need a shutter release for it, and when I get the Fuji I'll get one for that as well.

The better photos from the Diana, Jerusalem area )
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Two rounds at the Accessories Market resulted in:

* Two bags, from "Clemantina". One of which I've been drooling over for some time now - turquoise - and the other is small evening one in black (as weird as it seems, I haven't one in black - I like color too much). She also threw in a small make up case with the purchase, which makes her extra awesome.

I've a thing for Israeli designers - not only the designs are good to great at most cases, but the quality of the things is that much better than the stuff made in China (like most of the stuff found in big chain stores) and you can find anything that fits - for me it also means great bags not made out of leather. I can't even begin to describe how frustrating it can be trying to find a good bag not made out of leather outside this country, unless you go straight for the Kipling-Mandarina Duck-Stella McCartney trio, and those can be pricey as hell.

[I saw a wonderful bag by SM when I was in New York, but it was before the time I could afford one...Well, I don't know if I can afford one now... *check* Nope, not yet.]

I've known the designer for some time now, but it's the first time I've bought something for myself - Both Netalie and Danielle got bags from her. Which also made the buy extra fun.

* Pair of earrings made out of some plastic strip rolled into itself, from the same designer I bought my groovy necklace from last time (the earrings match, but the two put together are too much, so I'll either go with one or the other).

Again, I really like the designer, and we spent some time talking both last time and this one, and her designs are special, not just pretty, and the fit me perfectly (I get a ton of compliments with her necklace). Who other than an Israeli designer would roll plastic strips into jewelery, I ask you?

* Small hair comb with flowers on it. This one was just plain sweet. I don't have any hair ornaments, but this one was just sweet and it looked great.

* A gold and basalt necklace, which was the most expensive of the lot but it's gorgeous and delicate, and fits right into my skin tone and will work well with all my necklines for work (and for the elegant type of evens).

It's been 5 years, I think, since the Market started. I've been going from the very beginning, and part of the fun for me (and my mom, who goes with me almost every time) is talking to the designers - some of them already know us well. I always go at least twice, having so many people to go with, and I always seem to manage buying great stuff.

Until the next time.
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Still at home. Closing the fifth week and will probably stay home at least a few days next week as well.

Took a trip with my parent yesterday up north to see some flowers blooming. We had a great time, saw hundreds of Primroses and Anemones (most were not red but pink and violet). We had lunch at an eastern-european restaurant (not really my thing, but my parent were thrilled and I had enough to eat, plus - BEST POPPY SEEDS STRUDEL EVER).

This morning was, well, annoying, but at least I got to the port and the Accessories Market as I wanted (and I'm going again tomorrow with Netalie, and my mom won't be there on my case).

And I'll be off to see a movie tonight (The Impossible), again on my own. I just really don't want to stay at home alone on a Friday like I normally do (well, great, movies alone is just a tiny little bit better).

...and I need a new computer.

Day report

Dec. 27th, 2012 08:57 pm
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Our maid was due today, so I packed myself out of the house. Visited Soho's annual sale, with no items bought (a very weird first, but I only went to mark it as done, not so much as to buy stuff - since I'm still at home and see myself leaving only quite a long time from now there was no point).

Headed over to "Donkey" for a burrito, and ate it in the car, since the place was packed as hell. Great burrito, but next time I think I'm going to ask no chilly - it burned my tongue really well today.

After that I had a small debate with myself, but then just drove over to Ramat Aviv and headed for the World Press Photo. It was pretty meh this year, and seemed smaller somehow (even though I think I remember saying the same thing last year, so I might be wrong). I usually like the international exhibition more than the "Local Testimony" one, but this time...

See, I have no photo stuck in my head from the WPP save one - of the world's largest cave in Vietnam (a definite vacation destination in the future), and even that one isn't about the photo but about the place.

There is one piece from the LT exhibit I keep playing in my head, though. It's a video piece, not video art (which I pretty much despise) - of a man dancing in the fountain created by a fire hydrant which was hit by a car some time before. The man was later recognized as a dancer and choreographer, but in those moments of dance he seems like a little boy, dancing, not in the rain, but in the summer's sprinklers. It was very obviously a modern dancer, no doubt, but the act of dancing in a fire hydrant's fountain is not an act of an adult.

It reminded me of that sensation, of the summer's heat, and the sound of the sprinklers, going this way and that, and you wait for them to hit just the right place and you walk into the rain of it, and the smell it spreads and the sound it emits - it was so lively, that sensation in that moment. It was beautiful, pure joy, and at the end he just lay there, in the water, soaked through and through (as he was withing seconds of going into the stream).

...and that's why I go back every year. For these moments.
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I'm moving well through my buying list, which was very very long.

Got the bras, the pants, the jackets, the shoes (three pairs!). Got the laptop bag and suitcase and today I got the Samsung Note 2, to replace my 5-year-old Sony Erickson cell (the size difference is unbelievable, since the Sony was quite small, and the not is huge).

I'm very happy with it (as a first enthusiasm), and I'll go on to start getting to know all it has to offer in the upcoming days.

I still need a new computer, since mine is 7 years old and tends to start humming in the middle of the night, not to mention the fuji x-e1 I'll get in the states.

I spent a whole lot of money this past month...
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Had a very productive day. I went out to get my hair cut (looks all 20's now, love it to bits) and on the way back I dropped off my new pants at the seamstress for hem shortening (yes, more clothes... But those are the last few! I swear, oh mighty bank account! And I won't go back to Honigman for that GORGEOUS red coat...).

When I got home I went through my room for junk and hanged the laundry, got through one of the e-courses for work and I'm in the middle of (finally) organizing the pictures from Paris (even though I think I'm going to postpone the last bits for tomorrow, it's extremely annoying combining pictures from three different camera).

...and I think I'll go have dinner. I'm meeting Abigail tomorrow for a bit of shopping (for her! For her!), Thursday morning is reserved for Danielle and Friday morning I'm meeting Muna in TA.

Busy week (had breakfast with Lilach yesterday as well). Fun!

(And the best fun is not working and getting paid fully...)
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Home. There is nothing for me to do at the office, and my desk is needed, so I have the entire week to "work from home", which means doing nothing, because I have nothing to do from home.

Even though it makes me a wee bit nervous and annoyed, I have to say that staying at home on a day like today, with the rain and cold is really really nice.

Also, I'm going to try and spend no more money this month, because even though I spread my big buys on a few months my credit card has still gave me the stink eye, so hopefully I'l be able to hold it in my wallet for three weeks or so.
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Another successful day with spending money, even more so than on Tuesday. Within 45 minutes of arriving at Azrieli I left with four bras, one pair of boots and one pair of flat everyday shoes and without 3000 NIS.

Quite a quota, I'll say.

And that pretty much concludes the "must" shopping list I had for a few weeks now. My favorite bra completely ripped yesterday (well, it was almost 5 years old, and it was working hard...) so it was really necessary to get to Lea London for new bras. It was very quick and easy - I just walked in, told the saleslady what size I was and she pulled out about 10 bras for me to try on. Being quite trained with bra trying I was out of the trying booth with my favorites in a matter of minutes and with the smallest amount of help from her.

The shoes was quite easy as well, after procrastinating about whether to get the Originals or something a bit cheaper, I said to myself "Fuck it" and got two pairs for the sole purpose of keeping my feet in working condition and actually be able to go to work with a dress.
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I have the longest shopping list ever, but I made a good dent in it yesterday.

After another worthless day at the office (more about that later) I dragged myself to Dizengof Center (thankfully the cramps were subsided enough to make it possible to be in my feet for a few hours). Made it to the mall by 16:30 and headed straight to the iDigital store for new headphones )

A long story short, I left with another pair after 30 minutes of tech inspections and phones browsing.

Took a turn around and went to the new area to see if I could find a pair of good work-out shoes (my pair is 6 years old and the soles are completely worn off) and got a pair in Adidas (and they're pink, to match my work out bag). The sales girl was lovely, and she thought I was 22, so all the more reason to like her... :)

Tried the computer store for a laptop bag, but those they had were as ugly as a Klingon, so I tried Soho and got a good one which may not be the most special, but is good enough to walk with (I still need another bag for my other stuff, but meh) and is elegant enough for my abroad trips, when they come.

I still need good work shoes and boots, not to mention bras, but I was out of strength and hands, so I took off.

All in all, good shopping trip.

As for work - well, I'm not going this week for the first general course. My "Career Manager" decided to postpone it. The reason he gave me was that I had nothing to do in Israel at the moment (no shit, Sherlock) so I need to see where I'm going to get my training done. Very annoying, and according to ER (project manager here in Herzlia) there might be the reason of money in there somewhere. I think he's right, since going to Houston for two weeks will be a good thing to do that's not in Israel...

The February course is still on, as far as I know, and I will really fight him if he'll want to postpone that one.

Which all comes down to that I still have no idea what I'm doing the next couple of weeks. I finished all the e-courses and, well, what I do most of the day is surfing...


Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:28 am
tamara_russo: (Accio Brain)
I just love it when TV shows go puck-puck-BOOM.

"Hunted" is very good. It's British, so don't expect any quick solutions, but that's the great part. Awesome characters, awesome kick assery (I'll never be tired of watching small cute girls beating the shit out of three guys twice her size) and the twisty plot is quite riveting. I strongly recommend.

In other news, I finished four books these past two weeks and I'm closing in on the fifth (Three Stephanie Plum novels, "The Perks of being a Wallflower" and "One night, Markovitz"). I've enough time on the bus and the service taxi to actually read.

Work is still a mess, but I've started taking things into my own hands a bit more and I've actually got some work done this week (e-courses).

And the weather is being nasty. White. The sky are supposed to be blue.

Got a party tonight and a party tomorrow night, and "DressCode" fair this afternoon. I don't think I'll buy something, I did get a dress, a shir and a jacket this week but I still like going.

And the end of the month is the Accessories market.

And December I'll be in Huston, it seems.

And February until April as well. I'll miss Purim, Passover and the Independence day, not to mention my mom's and cousin's birthdays.


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