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It's not raining. The weather's nice, though. Not the terrible heat from yesterday.

Gave my number to a guy on campus this week. See if something comes out of it (hopefully).

Got two lab reports to get through, but they're not bad. If I push myself I can finish them both over the weekend, and since we have no Hydraulic class next week I'll have no more stuff for school (except the project, which I really need to get going on, though the first work proposal has already been sent).

Also - order. My room is at the critical point again. Nuclear fusion, anyone?

I'll maybe go with my mom to the shoe fair in Jaffa. I really want high boots, but it'll probably be very pricey, so we'll see.

Didn't get to watch both "Chuck" and "House", so that's for today also, as well as "Freakangels" (if they do us the cutesy to update). And still no "Bones" or "Fringe".

Spent yesterday with [personal profile] hagar_972. We haven't seen each other in a while, so that was truly needed. Also met [personal profile] eumelia this Tuesday, which was supposed to be our constant day for meeting, but then she callously found a new job... Well, we'll still see each other, we'll just need some better logistics.

Well, let's get going with some work. Or T.V.. Whichever comes first. :)


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