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My room looks like a suitcase exploded in it (yes, I unpacked. Yes, I still haven't put all my things away). The amount of presents for myself and for other is astounding, I tell you. Most of our shopping was for food, but I still seem to have managed to get quite a lot of non-food stuff. And of course another round of the "abroad-cold".

We landed this morning (worst flight ever, maybe only beaten by the flight home from Stansted at '07) at 8:00 and got home a bit after 9:30. The week was a lot of fun (though many many people fighting, as per usual) and I have a whole bunch of photos to share, but I need my sister's camera's pictures as well, and also my mom's pictures. We'll have quite a lot of work combining the three.

The dogs are still alive (my mom was sure we'd come back to one dead) and the cats seem to be fine as well, but the house looks like hell - and when it becomes so dirty it bothers me, you know it's serious. Luckily our maid is coming next week, and by then my mom and I will have cleaned most of the place.

Once I have some strength I'll get my room organized (I can't sit on my bed, not to mention sleeping on it), but for now I really want to look at my photos and maybe re-watch the first episode of "Sherlock"'s second series.

(Oy! Some of my favorite shows are coming back next week! "Bones" and "Downton Abby", and "Revolution" starts as well! Yey for fall season!)


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