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Apr. 5th, 2014 12:15 pm
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Work was hard this week. My boss doesn't seem to understand that mocking people will not make him more popular at the branch, and that being cutesy afterword doesn't change what he said before. I told him before his mocking wasn't nice to hear, but he brushed it off, and it seems I'm speaking to the wall.

The culmination was on Thursday, when we were evacuating the lab (since it's due to start renovations on Sunday). Needless to say, it was completely last minute and we worked our asses off to get everything done in one day, instead of starting at the beginning of the week and, y'know, actually being able to move afterwords (have you ever tried to carry car jack? The big kind? Yeah, heavy and annoying). None of us was really thrilled to come to work on Friday, so we put our backs to it and managed to get everything done. During lunch we got take out, and sat, about 7 of us, in my room (which usually holds 5 workers and some stuff for testing and will now include another person, another desk and stuff to check. Can of Sardines), and Boris came back from being outside. The look on his face when he saw all of us there, and the extra mess and no-place-to-move was so funny I laughed out loud, and got yelled at for it (it was for maybe 5 seconds that I laughed). Michal said, and she's right, that Asaf is jealous of us being together, but I'm seriously fed up with reprimanding about being happy once in a while.

I feel like I work and work and work and all he sees are the little things that he thinks are crap. I'm not looking for constant pats on the back, but I would love to be able to do my job without being constantly interrupted with unimportant requests, without being the scapegoat for everything shitty that happens with my work, and without being so damn swamped that even with all the extra time I still can't everything done.

I hate getting the stink-eye when I leave when I am actually supposed to, the constant remarks about "working half a day" when I get to work at 7:00 and leave at 17:00, about the fact I always have to explain why I'm not working Fridays.

Fun times at work, yes it is.

Different stuff include my dad's birthday today (60!), which means he got a care package, and pancakes in the morning, and my mom is making a strawberry cake for him. I'm also scanning all kinds of photos of him to make him a presentation for his big party at the end of the month. I'll also have to write something down. I need to get started, because it's gonna take me AGES.

I also got some stuff from Strawberry.net, which I hope will be here soon, and I'm still waiting for some Kickstarter stuff and Erin's package, and I bought three really cool necklaces yesterday at the Dizengoff Center's Designer Boutique.

I really wish the weekend was longer. Then again, it's passover the week after this one.
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OK. Have you seen Vienna Teng's kickstarter project? (Here)

Worth a buck just to get the updates - A Capella songs all over the place... The last one is "Patterns", and boy did she have fun with that (and some plastic cups).


See, I've been thinking about yesterday all day. The sad thing is, if my sister were a friend I would have called her and simply said I don't really want her in my life anymore, but I can't do that, and we have the Holiday dinner on Wednesday. I guess... I guess I'm just going to really chill things out for a while.

I don't really care anymore. That's the worst part.

(I'll say it again - if you want me to treat you like an adult, behave like one. You can't expect me to take you seriously while you're shrilling like a five-year-old).
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My parents spent a good chunk of time this morning singing nonsense songs. I have to say, after hearing so many terrible tales about people's parents, I'm quite happy with the pair I have.

On the other hand, I would really like a different sister.


Mar. 23rd, 2013 10:39 am
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Lovely morning. As soon as I woke up my mom informed me that she found rat poison in the cats' dishes downstairs.

As our neighbors are known to be cat haters (and we had them complaining about them a few times, including the city patrol brought in) we know it's them. They've been making our lives difficult since they came to live here (they stopped paying for the gardener, the wife has a small business in the downstairs storage room, they litter all over the place and there's nothing we say or ask that they comply), and the problem right now is how to get evidence to file a complaint.

As far as I've read on line, it's a criminal offense to poison cats, so we have a case, and it's written that most people who do it boast about it - so my plan is to record them at it and go to the police with that.

I know the case won't hold much, due to "public indifference", but I'm still going to do it. I'm not in the custom of bowing down to bullies.

I've been shaking with rage since this morning and I honestly can't calm myself down.
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8:15: Woes, Woes, woes.

Woke up with a sore throat, not to mention cramps.

Paper cut on my thumb.

Stood all the way to the train station on the bus, just to see an empty one go by.

Some cunt completely cut me off when I wanted to get on the service cab - and took the last seat.

My earphones stopped working (another set of Skull-candy, even though when I bought the first pair I got a lifetime warranty with them).

One the other hand, saw a rainbow.

9:50: Oh my god, people, stop reply all!!!!!!

12:30: Oh, yeah, forgot earrings today... And still a whole lot of pain (I'm looking forward to having lunch and taking some more painkillers).

And why would anyone actually answer my emails? It's not as if they matter or anything...



Jul. 11th, 2012 10:21 am
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Hoo-hoo, first time crying in this fucking place.

Coffee break after some unpleasant time with ME, with stuff that should have been fine but came out shitty, and no, actually, I can't ask you about everything I do because you'll get angry and say I should know (hello, you're supposed to teach me), and then I knock my own personal cup from home into the sink and the handle breaks and I'm fucking crying because of a coffee mug.

I can't wait to get out of here.

Oh, Drama

Jun. 13th, 2012 10:31 am
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IR just resigned. Truth be told, I'm not exactly surprised. ME has been riding on her back for days now, and she spends half her time crying.

This means I'll have a few rough days. I'm going to have to handle her work load, but if ME thinks I'm staying overtime he's really mistaken. I dare him to lose both his engineers in one week.

I should have taken that job in Holon, I swear to god. This way I'd be leaving tomorrow.

Carreer wise I made the right choice, but I fear the price.

(Just to be clear - the "Stupid People" tag is about ME, not IR. Seriously, no one needs to work in a place where they spend half their time crying).
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No. Just... No.

Starting with reading this fucking book, cramps, work mess, more work mess and now rape arguments (never a good idea - especially with people who believe that the victim is to be blamed).

Should have stayed in bed.
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The story goes )

I was just so furious, I can say it no better. Shiri (my train friend) went with me in my car and agreed to come have something tasty to eat to make me feel better (we went to "Max Brenner" in the port, and since it was raining and cold the parking lot was empty. I went zig-zagging on it, screaming "Twanda!!!!" and Shiri laughed her ass off).

IN texted me later that evening saying she talked to AS and that things will be fine on Sunday, but I think once I saw who AS really is, I'm going to have that stuck in my mind. My cousin Abigail says I just need to stick it out a few more months and then start look for something else.

And here I was so happy I found a place without all this shit.

For closure, this song, that I've ben listening to in loops since last night, is incredible (the video is as well).

Somebody that I used to know - Gotye )
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Wow. Drama, drama, drama.

I don't have the time to specify, but I will write this whole thing down with it's 3rd-grade-drama later.

Dear me.
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SH: "How was riding the train without any soldiers? Did you have a place to sit?"
Me: "I always have a place to sit."
SH: "Sure, they see an old pregnant (!!!) woman, they'll give her a sit"
Me: [stunned silence]
SH: [pointing at me]
Me: "Wow. That was one of the most insulting things anyone has ever said to me in the past few years."
SH: "No offense"
Me: "..."

Yes. That was unpleasant.
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Oh, the joy of writing reports about things I know nothing about...

But at least I moved myself to the living room computer. My room is fucking freezing. It's actually better to write here.
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Pain TMI )

The "stupid people" tag? Yeah. Moi. Great.


Aug. 2nd, 2009 02:32 pm
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מסע קל ברחבי הטוקבקיסטים על כך שהופעתו של לאונרד כהן בישראל כבר מכרה כמעט את כל כרטיסיה מגלה מצב אבסורדי משהו - כאלה שלא יגיעו כמחאה על כך שהוא מגיע לארץ "על אף הכיבוש והמצב בעזה" וכאלה שלא יגיעו כי "הוא יתרום את הכסף לפלשתינאים".

לא יודעת.
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כן, סיימתי את השנה הקודמת בתור רכזת אבל קיבלתי השבוע טלפון מחונכת לשעבר שלא קיבלה את המילגה באוגוסט, אז אמרתי לה שתיתן לי כמה ימים לברר מה קורה...

היא התקשרה יום אחרי זה, ושוב אמרתי לה שאני אחזור אליה.

היא התקשרה היום שוב, והתאפקתי מאוד לא לצרוח עליה שתעזוב אותי בשקט, וביררתי שוב, אם לא נכנס לה כסף, אם היא בטוחה מאוד שלא נכנס לה כלום לבנק, והיא אומרת שלא ולא ולא ולא, ואז, אולי כן.


1000 ש"ח, מהמכון לחינוך, שזה בדיוק מה שאני מדברת עליו. והיא ממשיכה "אבל זה לא הכול!" אז אמרתי לה שתבדוק במאי ואז היא אומרת שהיא בדקה במאי ולא נכנס לה כלום.

כן, בדיוק כמו שלא נכנס לה כלום באוגוסט.

טיפשה שבא לי לחנוק אותה.

אני לא הולכת לברר לה כלום עד שהיא לא מתקשרת אלי ותגיד שהיא לא קיבלה כלום.

כן, הצרחות שלי היו בהחלט ניכרות כשהיא ניתקה.
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Christ, I hate perach parties...

Last night was the last one of them for this year. I was at the center where we had the party at 14:30 and didn't leave until 20:30. During those hours I carried tables, chairs, arts and crafts shit, got people to carry all of the above, cut squares from any kind of material you'd care to name, shout me throat raw, sit on a floating slide for 90 minutes (with many kids who smelled like shit), dealt with annoying tutors, the center's sour caretaker, my fellow instructors, take about 150 photos, fight with a mother or two and with a lot of children, pick up what 300 people leave behind when they have popcorn and candyfloss and decide once more that I never care to have children of my own.

This week... It's going to be hell. Three lab reports, four exercises, a quiz and tutors last meetings, projects briefs to be made and all in all, crap.

Can you tell I'm extremely misanthropic right now?
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ערב צוות של פר"ח. יכול להיות נחמד.

אלא שחמוטל לא הפסיקה לדבר על הישרדות, וכל שניה "אולי נדליק טלוויזיה?" ו"רק את ההדחה..." ופרצוף של ילדה בת חמש שלא מקבלת מה שהיא רוצה. אוי. אחד גדול.

ואכלתי ממתקים ושטויות ועכשיו כואבת לי הבטן וזה די רע ומעצבן, וכל השמחה שהיתה לי מזה שמל באה היום לבקר נעלמה ופרחה לה. מה גם שהיא הייתה צריכה להסתלק די מהר, אבל זה עדיף מכלום.

אוי, אני חושבת שאני הולכת להקיא... איח.
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I'm listening to "American Doll Posse"'s first few songs in loop on Tori's website. Can't wait until I get my hands on that album!

I have to say, talk-back can be so funny, and quite predictable. OK, an example. I read the food section on YNET, which has a few good things a week usually, and I really like most of the recipes they give there. There are always questions about the recipe, which is understandable, but... Well, there are always the health freaks, who'll write "Oh, this recipe is so full of fat/calories/junk/whatever, you can get the same taste by eating lettuce"... Did I already say that there are stupid people in this world?!?!?! Then there are the rabbis - those who check to see if everything that is said on the recipe is kosher, and if it isn't... "I'm shocked! On YNET! In a Jewish country! Meat with cream dressing! YNET, you should be ashamed for making yourselves Goyim..." and so on and so forth.

BTW - sorry, but I didn't copy the typos, because, well, they're dumb. Super dumb.

You want to know the really funny thing? The latest recipe is for gnocci with sage-butter. Yummy, huh? It's for Shavu'ot, so naturally it's with dairy products (butter, cheese and such), and one of the talk-back is about the recipe not being kosher... Which is really stupid, becaus eit is. It has no meat in it, no sea food, just potatoes, flour, eggs, cheese and sage.

Did I mention that people in this world are stupid? Oh, yes, I did... Never mind.


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