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I wasn't planning on buying clothes. I really wasn't. But I did.

Golbary has great stuff, and I really enjoy going there. The Azrieli branch has the sweetest saleswomen, otherwise I would have never left the store with all the loot i got. Never mind. They're good cloths for the upcoming automn and winter.

I also got Netalie's birthday gift, a new pair of gloves (with patches for touch-screen!), new nike snickers (mine are half dead already) and a climbing-up-the-stairs shopping cart for my mom.

Ahem. I also ordered a car on Tuesday (whaaaaaaaaat).

[side note - new semester this week, with three classes. I got top grades on last semester's classes, which were just to complete certain subjects, but I'm very pleased - makes me that much more confident for the actual degree].
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Spent most of the weekend in front of my Kindle, and some in front of other books and my computer.

Managed to finished the "50 Shades" trilogy for the second time (even if less thoroughly than the first time) and another book from beginning to end in just under three hours yesterday ("No mistakes" by Ella Yavlonski). I also watched the series finale of "Awake" (that had so much potential...), some "Revenge", "Game of Thrones", an episode and a half of "Wilfred" (sure made me laugh, but it's not how I want to spend my time" and half of the first season of "Awkward" (oh, high school drama).

I also bought two new shirts at Frau Blau of Friday, and had my fist summer-shake on Shenkien street (watermelon and banana!).

...and now I'm hungry.

Coffee? Too early.


Short week = good week!

And I have the Goteborg Ballet tomorrow, and the Accessories Market this weekend, and next week is my graduation ceremony
(Diploma!) and the reunion for my school and book week.


So much to do. :)
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I spent the last few days reading the first three books of "The Caster Chronicles" ("Beautiful Creatures", "Beautiful Darkness" and "Beautiful Chaos"). I have to say, the cliffhanger in the end of the third is the worst I've ever seen, and that says something. Altogether, they're really good, and I laughed my ass off at some parts (cried my eyes out as well at the end of the third book). Now I'm going to have to find something else to read during my work hours.

Yes, that's what I do at work most of the time. I haven't made up my mind yet if it's nice or annoying, so I guess it's some of both.

Job hunting still haven't yielded any results (hence the reading during my crappy-year-long-job), but I've been looking for only about 4 weeks, and it's supposed to take something like 3 to 6 months, so I'm not (very) frustrated yet.


Hey, the tickets to Cirque Du Soleil just arrived by mail! Yey!

(It's in August. I know, but if I'd waited we wouldn't have had these great seats on the most wanted date, so I'm super excited.)


I have to clean out my room. I've taken out all my school stuff out of the closet and now I have to gather up the courage to throw them out (or find the space to stuff them back in there). I'm the messiest person alive...
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It was maybe 14:00, and I was sitting very happily on the couch, reading (I had a day off from work, and my mom and I spent the morning cleaning and organizing the fridge) when the phone rang. It's a 074 number, so I figured it was work.

But it wasn't - it was my school's secretary telling me my last grade has finally arrived, that it will be updated in the computer during that day and that I can press on the happiest button there is - "Request of Graduation".

19:00 - the grade is in. 94 (an awesome grade to finish with), and so the "Request of Graduation" button is now pressed. My request is in.

I'm a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering.
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My room looks like a junkyard - having that I spent the good part of the last three days removing school stuff from my closet. I also used this excuse to do a bit of cleaning and organizing. Man, I have a lot of stuff...

All of my papers from the last four years are now on the floor, awaiting my verdict. I still have no idea what to do with them - I would have loved to just toss them out, but I keep thinking I may need them some day (unlikely, but tossing out about 10 full binders full of everything I learned in the past four years is not something I'll do lightly).

I think I'll wait to see if anyone is interested in taking them off my hands, and then just stow them in another part of my closet for another 10 years and then throw them out.

Also - having watched the first 7 episodes of "Homeland" I have a new favorite (and that's a good thing, being this season's slow beginning). The only bad thing is that, being that it's a Showtime series, the season will end in just a few weeks and I'll be left hanging again. Well.

Still looking for a job.
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I'm home.

After a test.

Well, not just any test - my last one. For this B.Sc - I'm done. I have a few days max to wait for the results, and then I can press "End School" and I'll have the degree sent to me (not the Diploma, though - that comes in May).

So. I'm thrilled. Ecstatic. Jumping up and down on my chair until it breaks.

I'm done.

After four years of spitting blood with the math, physics, shit-no-one-heard-of, I'm done.

And of course, now comes the best part. Looking for a job.

I don't care.

Nothing can bring me down Today.

(shut your ears)


That's all I had to say.

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Spent yesterday throwing up. Really, I haven't puked so much in... Well, ever.

I'm home today, as I have a test this Friday (vibrations - again - god only know how I'll pass), but my studying abilities are very low. Headache, from the loss of fluids yesterday, not to mention I had nothing to eat yesterday. Even after two cups of tea, a few glasses of water and some food I'm still not good. I'm going to keep the hope alive, But I have a bad feeling about this.
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Finally caught up with "Fringe". Man oh man, is that thing crazy!

Of course, I was supposed to study today, but guess who really, really hates Theory of Vibrations?

(me, yes).

Anyway - that's some really good television.

On other news, my parents decided to play the parenting thing today at the restaurant along with my grandma, so I got into a sulking mood. Michali is here, though, so I'm going to have to say hi and play nice for a while.

Going to hunt down some food, now.
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Submitted the final part of my final project.

I still have no idea what Elisha (the effing bastard) will say about it, but hopefully that's the last I need to see of this thing. If not... Well, I will have to do an extra year at school. Lovely. Here's to hoping.

One test next Friday (not tomorrow) and another the Friday after that. If I pass both, and the project passes as well, I'm done.

Again - Here's to hoping.
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I can say, for the first time in months, that I can see the end of my project. With some luck I'll have it ready by the end of next week and will be able to go to Berlin with a clear mind. Cross your fingers for me.

On the home front things have settled down. I don't know how long this truce will hold but I'm enjoying it non the less.

Best of all - I spent (very quickly and very happily) the coupons I got from work for the holiday - I got 400 NIS and spent them all on two photography books - one is "A Photographer's Life" by Annie Leibovitz (one I've been drooling over for months now) and the other is "Vitamin ph" which is an ensemble of photographers. I never can buy these huge books, I always hold myself back (they're so expensive), so I took this opportunity to buy these. My photography and art book collection is beginning to be substantial. When I move out I'm going to have a whole shelf just for them.
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Best thing - I finally found a way to make tofu so it would be tasty! I've had tofu in numerous restaurants and it always tasted great (or fine, depending on the restaurant), but at home - nothing. It was edible at best, and I was getting quite frustrated, but this week I managed to find a marinade that did the trick, and I'm gonna stick to it.

Work this week was very lazy - being that my boss was abroad, but I still managed to finish one of the bigger tasks we had to get done. It felt good sending that thing on for approval, and now we have almost no work in that regard, so I can be free to start worrying about the upcoming year.

I know I won't be there for long now, hopefully, but I have a high work ethics, so I'm in this thing deep (beside the fact I actually believe we're doing something good).

As far as school goes - I have my project which is now on the move, slowly, yes, but moving, which is better than what it was two weeks ago (meaning, dead).

Also - two tests are still looming from multiple reasons, both at the beginning of November. I will have, again, hopefully, submitted the last part of my project by then and pass these two.

And then I'll be a fucking engineer.

And can start looking for a job that pays more than 2500 NIS in a month, and move out to my own place and be able to hang all my photos on the walls.

Big, big dreams.
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This morning I woke up remembering it was a Friday, and all of a sudden was thrown back in time some a year and a half ago - when it was a Friday and I was waking up after a week at school and I had a day off, and I had an episode of "Supernatural" waiting for me. So I started the download and went to make myself some breakfast, and when I returned the episode was ready and I was engulfed by that story.

And here I am, not watching that series anymore, and with a head so full of worries that I can't really enjoy this Friday.

But I made a cake, with pares cooked in white wine and spices, and the smell makes me just a little bit better.

These worries, they just won't go away yet, not until I wrap up this fucking degree.


I've been a good girl when it comes to books - some five or six (mostly new) books read in the past two-three weeks. I took a break from "Children of Dune" (which will be my last "Dune" book, I think - I have enough craziness in my life, and it's not even the right kind of crazy) to get through "Beautiful Creatures", which turned out to be the first of a series. Seriously, people - why? You have a good idea, make a book out of it, it doesn't have to last three, four, ten books. I mean, each and evey "Young Adult Fantasy" book I've read lately turned out to be the first of a series. The book itself was really good, but no real ending, so I hunted down the fact that there were more. Time for my amazon account to make an appearance...

My sister's birthday party tomorrow - for the family, no friends. I don't think she'll throw one this year, with everything that has happened (and the fact that she's now dating a guy with three children of his own who dumped her twice already). God only knows where this whole thing will end.

One good thing though - T.V. Shows started coming back, and will be almost completely in full mode by the end of September (with the sole exception of "Bones".) Also, the "True Blood" season finale was one big bloodbath (spoilers) )

That is that.
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Been super busy with school (not to mention re-watching six seasons of "Bones" in between...) so I haven't been able to post very often (not that I do when I have the time, but still, I do a bit more).

The biggest update is that my sister finalized her divorce and is now living with a roommate in Tel Aviv. The whole saga was maybe six months and the actual divorce only took about two weeks. In the time that passed she started doing some other stupid things (like dating a guy with three kids) and my mom is really annoyed with her. Personally, I kinda like seeing her crapping her life away a bit, but that's just me. It's "her life" (as we often hear her say) and if she wants to make it difficult - be my guest.

My project was on hold while on my test season, but now I'll see what I can do with it. I need to find someone to guide me with this extra part they want me to submit because my instructor can't (he simply doesn't know how, which is just peachy).

Failed one test (a course I re-took after failing last year, and I can tell you I'm really sick of failing this test) and didn't go to another. I'm still waiting on three grades to know which tests I'll have to re-take (MEMS, Vibrations and Engineering design). I really hope I passed all three, but that's a bit of a stretch. Luckily I passed Finite Elements.

I'm working all week full time so I'll make up for the two weeks I was away studying (and watching "Bones") and I get edgy every day at around 13:00... Got quite a lot of stuff to do, though, so I'm not exceptionally bored.

I'm reading well these pass few days, and also photographing. Amazing how much I just can't do these things when I'm stressed out.

I think that's the end of my update.


Jun. 24th, 2011 08:01 am
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The first test that was down the drain? Got pulled out of there and dried.

To be short, I got 75.

Which means this test, this course, the one I've been most fearing - is over.

I'm so happy I could scream (but I won't since it's 8:02 on a Friday morning)!

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First test of the season - down the drain. It was Finite elements, so I had little hope for it, but still - with all the crap that went on with my project (got slaughtered in my presentation and they want me to submit an extra part - but the greatest thing about this is that my instructor doesn't know how to help me in it - yes, fucking lovely) I hoped it'll go more smoothely.


Got a nice big break now until my next test (which is in 10 days but it's a test in a course I had to retake because I flunked) so I'm going to cram quite hard. See, I truly truly hate this degree.

I had so many thoughts in my head about school ever since my project fiasco, but I think it's too early to see if it'll go anywhere.

I still need to finish this, damnit.

Then everything else.
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I wake up at 5:45 the entire working week - meaning Sunday through Thursday. Fridays are usually for a little r&r, but not yesterday.

Conference, working, running around and eating )

Crashed at home - sure after all the adrenalin wore off. my mom made me some coffee and cut some watermelon for me and after that I had enough energy to go get ready - shower, dress and make up for the wedding.

Wedding - eating, eating, eating... )

Managed to drag my mom and Udi away at about 8:45 (Udi was super drunk after almost an entire bottle of Drambui and my mom was tired so I drove). My dad and Michali managed to beat us home by a couple of minutes so I made him wait, got upstairs and repacked my stuff in a bigger bag (my new bag from the Thursday trip to the accessories market) and went downstairs again.

Helena's birthday party - the last of my strength )

Now - I need to practice my presentation for Monday (that last bit of Project I have left) and maybe some homework but mostly rest.

Another week until the end of semester, a month of exams and I'm done with this degree. Hallelujah.
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No internet at home for three days now (our router died - my mom brought another one but it has a different plug than we used to, and the old socket doesn't match so we have to wait for a mechanic - and he won't come before Thursday).

What it comes down to is that I couldn't do any of my homework yesterday and the day before, not to mention my project presentation (which is going fine since I work at it when I'm at work).


Busy day at the office as well, one of the busiest I had in a while, and a busy week to go with it.

One more week after this one and then - tests and then some freaking time off.
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Yesterday we all went out to dinner (meaning, my parents and the three of us kids) - we went to celebrate me handing in the final report of my project (YES!!!!!!!!!!!). We went to Papa's, which is an italian restaurant in Tel Aviv. I have to say, this place gets better and better - and it's really not expansive, which is extra fun.

We all shared pickled sardines and peppers (which may not sound all that good but it was) and shrimps with potatoes and some heavenly sauce based on butter and herbs. For the main course I had pizza with mushrooms, truffles and a sunny-side-down egg, my mom had pasta with lamb, my dad pasta with goose and cream sauce, Udi had the ravioli with rose sauce (which was soooooo gooooood) and my sister had risotto. We had tiramisu and profiteroles for dessert and left feeling very full and happy.

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So we have a final project at school, required, of course, to graduate.

So mine is shit and I know it, and when I handed to middle report I knew it was shit, and the guy who grades them (the notorious Elisha Amrami) sent me back a bucket-load of revisions, which I knew would have to be administered.

So he sent the grades last Thursday as well.




I was... beyond. I mean, I couldn't even digest it. I knew I had done a bad job, but this? A skim through the other grades revealed I was the only one who failed, and the next lowest grade was 75.

Through the weekend I was weighing options. I was going to talk to him, and I was thinking, well, I won't graduate this year, and, much like when I needed to submit my final project in my B. Sc. in biology (I'm not good with projects, it seems) I was on the verge of a panic attack.

And I had almost no sleep this weekend because of this.

30 minutes ago, I get an email from him.

"Your grade was a mistake. your grade is 75".

No apology, nothing to make him seem HUMAN, for the love of god.

I hate him so very much.

But needless to say, I can breathe again.
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Rain like fucking winter... God.

Made it out of bed only at 6:45, which meant skipping breakfast to make it to uni at a decent hour. Mistake, that, because I'm super hungry and have no way of leaving the office without getting drenched again. Winter is meant to be spent at home.

Adi Ashkenazi yesterday was hilarious (I had a ticket to go see her at uni for the International Woman Day), but it meant going to sleep at about 12:00, which is, along with the darkness of the rain this morning, probably the reason I woke up so late.

Still haven't decided if I'm going to brave the rain to get to class (other side of campus) or just take off to Hagar's as soon as the clock hits 11. I'll see what's the sky's condition, then I'll make up my mind.


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