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Mar. 5th, 2013 12:23 pm
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My voice is half gone... The annoying cold has passed the sore throat phase and progressed into the "cough-and-almost-vomit-blow-nose-every-nanosecond" phase.

I'm still on campus, working for the student union for pittance, but it's still money.

Some updates are due, but I'm on my cell, and it's not really comfortable typing like this, so they'll wait until I get home.
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I got my shift picked up by a colleague for tomorrow, so today was my last shift at the student union.

That's it, apparently. No one did a thing to mark it. A work place of over a year, and if I wouldn't have gone there to say goodbye I wouldn't have gotten that as well. I spent the day trying to convince myself I don't care, but I do.

I mean, after more than a year, you would have expected something, no? Cake? Bamba? Anybody? Only goes to show what they really think about their workers. Crap, anyone? Yeah.

Anyhoo, on to bigger and better things.

Bright note - I picked up two gorgeous satin scarves on campus today (Wednesday's fair). Really pretty and great for the not-so-cold days this country is full of during fall and spring.
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So everything is setteled... All I have to do is notify at the student union I'm leaving in two weeks (which I'll do today when I get to the university for my shift).

I found a job.

A real, engineering job.

Which will actually pay something.

*does crazy dance*

I'm one step closer to being an adult... :)
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Best thing - I finally found a way to make tofu so it would be tasty! I've had tofu in numerous restaurants and it always tasted great (or fine, depending on the restaurant), but at home - nothing. It was edible at best, and I was getting quite frustrated, but this week I managed to find a marinade that did the trick, and I'm gonna stick to it.

Work this week was very lazy - being that my boss was abroad, but I still managed to finish one of the bigger tasks we had to get done. It felt good sending that thing on for approval, and now we have almost no work in that regard, so I can be free to start worrying about the upcoming year.

I know I won't be there for long now, hopefully, but I have a high work ethics, so I'm in this thing deep (beside the fact I actually believe we're doing something good).

As far as school goes - I have my project which is now on the move, slowly, yes, but moving, which is better than what it was two weeks ago (meaning, dead).

Also - two tests are still looming from multiple reasons, both at the beginning of November. I will have, again, hopefully, submitted the last part of my project by then and pass these two.

And then I'll be a fucking engineer.

And can start looking for a job that pays more than 2500 NIS in a month, and move out to my own place and be able to hang all my photos on the walls.

Big, big dreams.
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Been super busy with school (not to mention re-watching six seasons of "Bones" in between...) so I haven't been able to post very often (not that I do when I have the time, but still, I do a bit more).

The biggest update is that my sister finalized her divorce and is now living with a roommate in Tel Aviv. The whole saga was maybe six months and the actual divorce only took about two weeks. In the time that passed she started doing some other stupid things (like dating a guy with three kids) and my mom is really annoyed with her. Personally, I kinda like seeing her crapping her life away a bit, but that's just me. It's "her life" (as we often hear her say) and if she wants to make it difficult - be my guest.

My project was on hold while on my test season, but now I'll see what I can do with it. I need to find someone to guide me with this extra part they want me to submit because my instructor can't (he simply doesn't know how, which is just peachy).

Failed one test (a course I re-took after failing last year, and I can tell you I'm really sick of failing this test) and didn't go to another. I'm still waiting on three grades to know which tests I'll have to re-take (MEMS, Vibrations and Engineering design). I really hope I passed all three, but that's a bit of a stretch. Luckily I passed Finite Elements.

I'm working all week full time so I'll make up for the two weeks I was away studying (and watching "Bones") and I get edgy every day at around 13:00... Got quite a lot of stuff to do, though, so I'm not exceptionally bored.

I'm reading well these pass few days, and also photographing. Amazing how much I just can't do these things when I'm stressed out.

I think that's the end of my update.
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I wake up at 5:45 the entire working week - meaning Sunday through Thursday. Fridays are usually for a little r&r, but not yesterday.

Conference, working, running around and eating )

Crashed at home - sure after all the adrenalin wore off. my mom made me some coffee and cut some watermelon for me and after that I had enough energy to go get ready - shower, dress and make up for the wedding.

Wedding - eating, eating, eating... )

Managed to drag my mom and Udi away at about 8:45 (Udi was super drunk after almost an entire bottle of Drambui and my mom was tired so I drove). My dad and Michali managed to beat us home by a couple of minutes so I made him wait, got upstairs and repacked my stuff in a bigger bag (my new bag from the Thursday trip to the accessories market) and went downstairs again.

Helena's birthday party - the last of my strength )

Now - I need to practice my presentation for Monday (that last bit of Project I have left) and maybe some homework but mostly rest.

Another week until the end of semester, a month of exams and I'm done with this degree. Hallelujah.
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No internet at home for three days now (our router died - my mom brought another one but it has a different plug than we used to, and the old socket doesn't match so we have to wait for a mechanic - and he won't come before Thursday).

What it comes down to is that I couldn't do any of my homework yesterday and the day before, not to mention my project presentation (which is going fine since I work at it when I'm at work).


Busy day at the office as well, one of the busiest I had in a while, and a busy week to go with it.

One more week after this one and then - tests and then some freaking time off.
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Today just isn't.

I hate my boss today - how can I fucking do my job when he keeps tying my hands like this! And don't even get me started on some of the Utter Morons I've had to talk to today.

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Rain like fucking winter... God.

Made it out of bed only at 6:45, which meant skipping breakfast to make it to uni at a decent hour. Mistake, that, because I'm super hungry and have no way of leaving the office without getting drenched again. Winter is meant to be spent at home.

Adi Ashkenazi yesterday was hilarious (I had a ticket to go see her at uni for the International Woman Day), but it meant going to sleep at about 12:00, which is, along with the darkness of the rain this morning, probably the reason I woke up so late.

Still haven't decided if I'm going to brave the rain to get to class (other side of campus) or just take off to Hagar's as soon as the clock hits 11. I'll see what's the sky's condition, then I'll make up my mind.
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School )

Family )

Work )

Books )

...Is that is?


Dec. 6th, 2010 03:14 pm
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I don't like people who are mean to me and act as if nothing happened the day after.

I don't like being jumped at just because the other person had a bad day.

Not having the best of days, yet again.


Nov. 15th, 2010 07:32 am
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So I was sitting in the office, and a guy comes in, who works in a different department. He asked if anyone has a charger for his laptop, so I laughed.

And the little shit shut my mouth with his hand.

I was stunned. He said "Are you angry with me? and I didn't answer so he said he was sorry, and wanted to shake my hand, but I wouldn't.

And still I feel like I should have done something different, and the thing is, our office was full of people at the time, and none told him he was an ass.
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Top priority:

School stuff:

0. Work proposal for my project!!!!!!!!!
1. Preliminary report for the solids lab on Sunday.
2. Summing report for the solids lab on Sunday.
3. Summing report for the material lab on Thursday.
4. Summing report for the fluid lab on Tuesday.
5. Exercise in computer graphics.

6. Do make some organizing in this bloody mess of a room I'm living in!

Second priority:

7. Bra washing. All kinds of laundry, to be exact.
8. TV shows watching.
9. Cupcakes for Sunday
10. Vegetarian sandwiches exploring (and making the ingredients for cool ones).

I think that's enough for now. If I can get through even half these things I'll be pleased.

On a good note, the software update I got for my Ipod seems to have fixed that annoying background noise I had on some songs. Woot!


We had "Rock on Campus" two nights ago - Asaf Amdursky and Efrat Gosh played. It's a series of music shows the student association puts together every year, with cheap tickets for students. It's the first time I went, and it was extremely fun, and I had a free ticket (as an employee)!

I took almost 500 photos in a little over an hour, so be ready for the next time I post... Because there will be photos, and a lot of them!
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I hate getting up at 5:45. Hate it.


This dream, my god - was I sleeping in Hagar's house? It certainly looked that way, and she was there begging us to be quiet and go to sleep, but I couldn't get into the bathroom because someone from work was there (Ofer - head of planning dept. in the SA), or maybe it was someone else, and Ofer was trying to get in as well? And the apartment looked all wrong, and there was a link to the mall. What mall? Just some random thing, no mall I've actually been in, it was big and strange, and I left my bag in a shop I bought a shirt in, and I wanted some other things, and some girl was trying to convince me to buy something else but I said I have no money but my mom will give me some.

And another girl from work was in a wheel chair (the wrong girl - we have an accessibility coordinator who really is in a wheel chair) and she drove me in it back to the apartment and I needed to use the bathroom but there was someone there and when I got in I had to empty a can of tuna fish, and before I got on that wheel chair I left some cold coffee behind.

Also there was a spa somewhere in there - with high and weird prices for stuff that was written in French (I think it was French).


If I look hard enough, all my weekly experiences are in this dream. The cold coffee (because we had no hot water in the office), the tuna (I tried to open a can with a fork for a girl I go to school with), the bathroom (period), people from work, money issues, etc, etc.

I always have weird dreams during my period. This one just - holy FUCK.


Oct. 20th, 2010 08:50 am
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1. Cramps. Ew.

2. First week of the semester almost over. It seems years and years since Sunday, to be honest, but I suspect it's just the beginning of the year fair I had to work in, and it totally drained me (with cramps, heat like a fucking oven and repeating myself about ten thousand times? Yeah). Anyway - I'll be canceling three classes, since I've too many hours and even with canceling another one next semester I'll have enough hours to graduate (graduate. I'm graduating this year).

3. Saw Mel for about 20 minutes Monday. I didn't recognize her with her hair tied back, I must admit, which was kinda hilarious...

4. Still haven't watched "Fringe". My, oh my.

5. The theater festival of the campus, "Small-Bama" [small stage] is on this week and I think I'll go watch one of the shows - since one of my co-workers wrote and directed it. Plus, there are sorta-street-shows outside the theater building, and I really want to photograph there tonight (so I brought my camera).

6. That's it.
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1. First week of the job went smoothly. I haven't really written about what I'm doing, huh? Well, I'm a scholarship-receivers coordinator (sound better in Hebrew, and, boy, that's a first - רכזת מלגאים) at the Student association of TAU, which is a fancy way of saying "secretary", but it's fine. Spent the first few days putting things in order (who the fucking shit files names by their first, I ask you?!) and spending some of the money I'm yet to earn (bras. Needed new bras).

2. School year starts Sunday. Last year (hopefully nothing extra I'll have to take or re-take). Kind of a big deal, see. I know myself, and when I get on the bus on Sunday morning (or during the ride at some point) I'll really comprehend that and have a huge smile on my face and some tears. I truly hope this is the last B.Sc. I'll go through... Might go for Masters at some point, but I've had enough of TAU for at least five years.

3. My mom cleaned my room and took the liberty of organizing stuff, I can't find a bloody thing. It's like having a maid again.

4. Reading list? Harry Potter. Yes. Well, it's been a while since I read the entire thing from scratch, and I see (yet again) how good it is. Makes me smile. I also got a book by Marjane Satrapi ("Embroideries") and it was very lovely. Maye "lovely" ain't the word exactly, but it was good. Made me laugh in the middle of the bus.

5. "Bones" this week was wonderful! I really hate the changing interns, but this one was just precious. Plus her outfit in the end, and Hodgins answering "The Dude" with all the other kids... I clapped and cheered on and jumped in my seat. :)

6. Took my mom out today - just me and her. We walked around in Neve Tzedek in TA, got into some incredible shops and had some great ice-cream. Also checked out the new "Station" complex (they fixed up some old train station next to the beach in Jaffa and turned it into a posh shops and cafes complex). Walked around some, got into some cool shops, bought some cheese and olives in the market stands and headed home. My dad called and wanted to know if we were coming to cook for him, so I told him he can cook for himself (he eats early on Fridays because he goes play Soccer with his friends in the afternoon). It was very hot, but we had a lot of fun and it wasn't even as big a mess as we thought it would be.

7. Saw Lilach yesterday. That's three times in a month - and I'm glad we did it. I don't want to lose touch with her, and I need the frontal conversations (not a very big phone person).

8. Somewhere in the middle I was crowned "link to Udi", since my tiny little brother of 23 is currently at India and will only send me messages via Facebook. Funny kid.

9. Also, took some pics out today, I'll post them in a while.

10. I'm actually behind on my shows - Still haven't watched "Chuck" or "Fringe".

11. ...And I need to get that work proposal done and send it to my project instructor.

12. I'm also considering my outfit for Sunday. Problem is, I'll be doing a shift in the Student association tent and I'll need to be with that horrible t-shirt they issued me (first week of semester the association has a big fair in the middle of the university, with beer and sponsors and what-nots, and people from the association to explain students what services they can get from it). Gonna be a problem with my other clothes... Crap.

And that's all for now.


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