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I had some good work done today.

My Diana F 120 film needed developing, so I set about in search for a place that does that. My first stop was in a big store in Alenbi where they informed me that no, they don't develop 120 color film but only B/W but another store in Alenbi does. Also, they suggested I glue the crack on my old Olympus since I'll have no other way to get it fixed because parts aren't being sent to Israel anymore and it's quite an old camera. I bought a few films extra to have (ISO 100, 400 and 800) and went to the store they pointed me to, where they happily took my film and told me to come back two hours later. They also repeated the glue suggestion from the same reason.

Took off towards Dizengof Center, where I went ot buy shoes as my old snickers are not as stable as they once were. Got a nice pair at Adidas, and as it turns out, I seem to be size 41 in these kind of shoes. Weird.

Anyway, Also got some body scrub at Soap (nice little promotion next to the store had me picking my favorite scent and reach into a box and get some kind of present and I got 20% discount, so very nice) and some crossword puzzle magazine and the latest National Geographic - cover page being about drones...

Took a turn in SOHO, nothing caught my eye, made it to iStore to find out that (as much as I expected) my ipod isn't worth the bother or money of fixing it and went to lunch. Moon had, as usual, very good sushi and very bad service but I really wasnted that sushi and when the Agadashi Tofu took forever they took off 30% of the cost.

Walked back to Alenbi (all by foot - true it's not that far but all together and the way back with parcels it can be annoying - lucky thing I had a good mood and good weather) and got my developed film and the CD with the photos scanned.

Made it home by 16:30 and took a look at the photos - I knew there were some I stupidly didn't take the lens cap off for (first time with this camera - needs getting used to) and those I took inside the Market needed longer exposure or a more open shutter but a few turned out nice and one of the double exposure is sweet as hell (obviously it's Udi's). I learned a lot by looking at them and I think I'll do a better job next time. Also, I need a shutter release for it, and when I get the Fuji I'll get one for that as well.

The better photos from the Diana, Jerusalem area )
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Had a very productive day. I went out to get my hair cut (looks all 20's now, love it to bits) and on the way back I dropped off my new pants at the seamstress for hem shortening (yes, more clothes... But those are the last few! I swear, oh mighty bank account! And I won't go back to Honigman for that GORGEOUS red coat...).

When I got home I went through my room for junk and hanged the laundry, got through one of the e-courses for work and I'm in the middle of (finally) organizing the pictures from Paris (even though I think I'm going to postpone the last bits for tomorrow, it's extremely annoying combining pictures from three different camera).

...and I think I'll go have dinner. I'm meeting Abigail tomorrow for a bit of shopping (for her! For her!), Thursday morning is reserved for Danielle and Friday morning I'm meeting Muna in TA.

Busy week (had breakfast with Lilach yesterday as well). Fun!

(And the best fun is not working and getting paid fully...)
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I wake up at 5:45 the entire working week - meaning Sunday through Thursday. Fridays are usually for a little r&r, but not yesterday.

Conference, working, running around and eating )

Crashed at home - sure after all the adrenalin wore off. my mom made me some coffee and cut some watermelon for me and after that I had enough energy to go get ready - shower, dress and make up for the wedding.

Wedding - eating, eating, eating... )

Managed to drag my mom and Udi away at about 8:45 (Udi was super drunk after almost an entire bottle of Drambui and my mom was tired so I drove). My dad and Michali managed to beat us home by a couple of minutes so I made him wait, got upstairs and repacked my stuff in a bigger bag (my new bag from the Thursday trip to the accessories market) and went downstairs again.

Helena's birthday party - the last of my strength )

Now - I need to practice my presentation for Monday (that last bit of Project I have left) and maybe some homework but mostly rest.

Another week until the end of semester, a month of exams and I'm done with this degree. Hallelujah.
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Netalie and I went to see a show last night - "Hydra" - a dance show by Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak. It was fantastic! We left Suzzanne Dalal with our mouths open, it was so good. I can never really describe dance shows, sadly, so if you're interested and you love dance - go see it. Wonderful.

After that (we had lunch at Bellini beforehand, wasn't that great) we went for a walk and then decided to go the TA harbor, where we could find ice cream and some places to take a few pictures. Netalie really wanted me to take a few photos of her. I must say, I think the first one is the best portait I've ever taken...

We had ice cream at "Iceberg-Volcano", again, wasn't all that great (we took a dish I'm not familiar with and it was a bit anemic) but they gave us some candles and a Hunukia so we lit candles and again, I took some pictures.

Also took some pictures of the harbor.

Here they all are )
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Had a lovely weekend.

Friday was our trip from perach. We went to Alexander stream, which was a very beautiful place. Those of us who came sang stupid songs on the bus on the way there and made half of the other people there glare at us with rage. That was quite amusing...

The route itself was very pretty and fun, with a bit of competing between the teams (there are 3 teams in our administration) and we won (we were the only team who cared about winning, so), and I got to see loads of cute turtles and some sort of a mammal which I've no idea what is it, but it was cute all the same. When we were standing looking at the turtles some stupid people from the other teams started throwing bisli to the water, and they wouldn't stop even though Eitan, myself and a few other people told them to stop, and even the signs that said "Please do not feed the turtles" didn't help. We grumbled out of there about the stupidity of some people (they said "If they're eating it it couldn't be bad for them"... ARG!).

In the end we came to where our bus was and ate our share of a ton of food and went home, tired but pleased. I got burnt on my shoulders (couldn't reach them with the protective cream) and was tired for the rest of the day, but it was worth it. Didn't do much as the day wore on, and I went to bed pretty early.

Saturday morning I went to have brunch with Netali and Mel. We ate at Idelson (I loved it, as usual, Netali wasn't quite happy with everything) and I bought some things to take home. We rolled out of there and badgered each other up until we came to the car. I drove Netali to her dad's and Mel home, and went home myself, put the stuff I bought in the fridge and drove to my aunt's. My brother was very happy I came because he could take the car and took off some time after I arrived, and a bit after him my mom and my sister and brother in law. I remained behind to play cards with my dad and a few other people (in which I lost gloriously) and we went home at about 17:30. Spent the evening at home again and fell asleep on the sofa at about 21:00.
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The holiday was long enough for me to get annoyed by all the family gatherings and too short for me to have real rest. However, I did have fun during those days...

Fun report )

This morning I had a meeting with my head of team in TAU and I planned it so it won't mean I'll be late for work. I also woke up at 5, because I forgot to set the clock an hour back.


Anyway, it's almost 11, and I've been up since 6 (if you don't count my mishap) and I still have a long day before me.


At least I have LoM to look forward to, and "Jericho" is on tonight.
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Taste of the city fair )

Mel and I watched three episodes of House on the T.V. (after I got the hang of transferring them to the big T.V. in the living room) and went to sleep. Of course, we haven't stopped talking, and when we got to talking about Animaniacs we went to the computer to look for the scene of "Who's on stage" which we found and laughed at. Didn't fall asleep until 1:30 I think.

Woke up at 7:30 this morning to go to a cooking class with my mom and sister. We drove Mel to Azrieli for her to catch the train and went north to a place called Havatzelet Hasharon, where we made wonderful pastries from yeast dough and took some home. the class was a lot of fun, and the stuff we made were very tasty... We only got back home at about 15:00, and we weren't hungry at all.

My brother is home from the army so my mom is very happy.

I spent the last few hours watching Medium and Young Americans on my computer. I finished the last episode some time ago so I went to sit at the living room, when my mom decided we need to organize the room which looks like a real mess (it does, but I'm lazy), and when I didn't respond (and put a pillow in front of my face for her to not see me...

She threw a clog at me. Hard.

It hit me smack in the forehead, and man was that funny (it did hurt, though), but I think she's a little mad at herself, so I got a free "get out of jail" card after that, and no cleaning for me... Tee-hee.
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Yesterday was my mom's best friend's son's wedding (a lot of 's...). I came home early and organized as quickly as I could (but it wasn't quickly at all because I wanted something to eat) and we drove to pick up Michali and to the north we went. The wedding was set in a place near Netanya so it took us an hour to get there (what with the traffic and all) so we got there at about 20:00. The bride and groom didn't come out until the Huppa (which is strange in my opinion and completely stupid because they're stuck in a room for two hours and they don't get to see everybody..). The food at the beginning was nice, but the dinner was composed almost entirely of meat so I had only some cold salads (hence why I ate before we left the house - I knew about it being only meat). I have to say that I thought the bride's dress was awful, but I told it only to Michali and Eyal who stood next to me, and they thought I'm just being mean (they did laugh, though... And I know my sister's taste, and that dress wasn't to her taste).

After the food the dancing began, so I went to the floor and danced for two hours or more until my feet couldn't stand it anymore (dancing with 7 cm heels does make you feel your legs...), and we left soon after wards. I had two martinis and a shot of Jaggermiester (or a chaser, I think) but I didn't feel drunk. when we got home I was very tired, and I fell asleep pretty fast.

Woke up at 8:00 to my dog barking and dragged myself out of the bed to get organized. My head hurt a bit (maybe from the cold air last night, or the air conditioning during the night) so I took a pill and it seems to be fine now (hopefully it'll stay like this).

My period is over, thank god... Until next month.
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I needed peace and quiet, and I got them. I woke up at 11:30 yesterday, having slept very deeply and comfortably. My parents had gone to the synagogue(my mother's best friend's son is getting married next week, so they have a Shabat Hatan - "Groom's Saturday" in the synagogue. A few minutes after I woke up the phone rang. It was my dad, calling from the car (my dad hates synagogues) because he was bored. When he heard I had only just woke up he said goodbye and I went to make myself some food and an ice-coffee. I sat down reading for a while before I realized I wanted to take a bath, so I used all my bath-stuff and sat inside the water and continued reading.

I spent the rest of the day watching T.V., whether on my computer with soy-beans or in front of the big T.V. in the living room, watching "Taming of the Shrew" on Hallmark. Went to sleep feeling I had a good and peaceful day, the one I needed after the disgusting Friday I had.

Today at work was again pretty messy because Lily was here for a bit and then left us with instructions for tomorrow, hopefully everything will go smoothly.

My mom had a surgery this morning, but she's already after and awake, and I think she'll be home today.

Quiet is...

May. 6th, 2007 12:52 pm
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Weekend been a hoot, but it went by pretty fast :(.

The party was awesome, but it was a huge amount of work, and it meant myself, my sister, my brother-in-law and my mom to work endlessly, and my dad to work a bit. Next year I think I'll do something else, even though it was great fun.

Yesterday was nothing special - we just went to have lunch with my grandparents. After that I went to see Ilanit, my Perach girl from two years ago (she's almost as tall as I am now...) and got my present from her. When I got home I was in serious need for sea and wind, so I did the next best thing.

I grabbed a book (House of sleep, Jonathan Coe, a really good book), a glass, the rest of the punch from Friday and a few truffles and went up to the roof to read. The air was pretty cold, but it was good for me. After finishing half the book, all the truffles and two full glasses of the punch I was woozy and sleepy in a good way, and I was also cold enough to go downstairs (the sun has also went down, so I got to see the sunset and the first stars appear). Took me a while longer to go to bed because I took the dogs out for a walk, but when I did go to sleep I fell asleep feeling very relaxed.

I also managed to fill almost my entire week with fun stuff - going to Chimichanga, my favorite restaurant with Lilach, Liat, Ayala and Asher tomorrow, will meet Hagar on Wednesday and will be going to Edison with Neta-li and Mel on Thursday. I hope I'll get the chance to see Avihu as well, and Friday has the house-warming party of Ruthi. I also need to go to the mall to exchange [an egg, never mind, if you haven't seen 90210 you won't understand] the books Lilach got me because they're not to my taste.
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I got up at 7:30 this morning, all to hard work that awaited me. Took me a while to wake up, eat breakfast and such, but then I went up to the roof and started my cleaning. After two hours I was still very much behind, and I wanted some more coffee, so I went down to the apartment and made myself a second coffee, cold this time, and after my dad said he'd help me with the roof when he gets back I decided to stay down and do some of the cooking. Managed to get the punch done and started with the potatoes and sweet-potatoes, which took a long time. I still need to cut the apples, make the dressing for the salad, finish with the potatoes and finish with the roof, not to mention all the last minute stuff I have to do, but I'm just tired and hungry right now, so I'm taking a (well deserved, I think) break. I'll go have lunch in a while, and then go back to work.

As for the party tonight - Hagar said she won't come. It wasn't unexpected, but it still annoy me. *shakes head and leaves it alone*

Finished "Lost in a Good Book". I really did enjoy it, tremendously, but it's the second in a series, so I'll be going back to the first and get on from there. It's been a long time since I enjoyed a book like that, because the last few books I read were either sad/touching or just not so great ("Prep", for example).

Going to eat.


17:18: Well, the potatoes are done and in the oven, the dressing is also finished, the apples are cut and inside lemon juice (so they won't turn black), and the roof is done - got dad and Eyal to do it for me. Some of the drinks are in the fridge, except the beers, because they'll turn gross if I put them this early. My mom went to lay down for a while, and she only has to put the chicken with the dressing (done by my sister) in the oven (I don't touch it) and the Tehinni (god, I hate that word in English). I am going to take a bath now, before Asaf and Sofi calls for a ride.


Called Sophi - it'll take them time to get here, so I have time.

Still has to do - defrost the pittas and cut some of them to make them crispy with olive oil and hyssop, put the beers in the fridge, get utensils and plates up to the roof (and table-cloths), and then get the food up there. I better go wash up and dress nicer than now, also...


May. 2nd, 2007 04:28 pm
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I'm in the middle of two birthdays I celebrate. On the 29th of April I celebrated a two-year birthday for Milton. He's very happy the summer is coming, because the sun and the air is doing him nothing but good.

In two days' time I'll be celebrating my own birthday in a party with most of my friends and a few parts of my family.

I usually have a lot of excitement for my birthday, and I did have it this year, but it withered a bit. I have a lot of work for Friday - including cleaning and organizing the roof and cooking heavily. My mom went shopping today for me so I'll have all I need to start my cooking. Most of it will be done tomorrow and on Friday, but I'll do what I can so I won't be stuck with it at the last moment. Plus, my mom won't be home on Friday night to help me as she and my dad are invited to friends of theirs.

My dad totally shocked me yesterday. We were sitting in the kitchen and eating dinner, and he started talking about the Winograd report, and I really wasn't in the mood to listen to him and my mom argue about politics (I was in a foul mood, but that's a different story), so I said (and that's a quote): "No, no, no, no" and he looked at me and said "Tami, Shut up (תסתמי את הפה). I was totally shocked, and so were my mom and sister. My mom started arguing with my dad about what he said, so he said I was very rude to try and shut him up and went to do the dishes. I hadn't spoken to him since, even though he said "Good morning" when I woke up today.

Oh, annoyance - the new Mugglecast won't download. Fuck it.

On the bright side, the new make up brush I bought is absolutely wonderful, so my eye shadow sticks all day long, and it's fun.

My lips are dry, better go put on some lip-balm.


Everybody left, and I have no work. I brought a book with me but I'm in no mood to read. Will put on some music, though. Oh, wait, the mail...


The mail is down at the gate, the personal expenses recipts are done. It has passed some time for me, these little things. It's now 17:15, so I'm thirty minutes away from leaving.

I really am dying to go see a movie, but I don't think I'll get a chance for that this week.
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Had a very busy day at work yesterday, I was pretty glad it was over. Met Mel and Avihu in Azrieli and went to attend the demonstration for the refugees from Darfur that "Amnesty international" was organizing. I was pretty tired (and felt really out of place) so I left after an hour and managed to catch the 7:00 bus on the way home.

Me [to Avihu]: "I don't know if us being here is doing anything at all, you know."
Avihu: "One second, I got an SMS."
Me: "You are aware that I'm going to quote this on my LJ, right?..."

The ride home was quick, as the bus wasn't full, and I returned home in a thoughtful mood. When I got home my mom was just with the cats, so I went down to the storage room to look at the two smallest cats... They were so cute! One is just a small, completely round fluff ball, and the second one is just a tiny cat, so cute and energetic. The fluff ball (temporary name...) decided that my shoe would be a good bed, so he curled on it and went to sleep, at which point I couldn't really sustain my squeaking so he woke up and jumbled his way back to the box my mom made for him. Needless to say, I went up with a huge smile on my face (I'll never understand people who don't love cats, I just won't). It only took my ten minutes to find a comfortable position and fall asleep on the sofa...

This morning has passed without anything special, and I'll be going shopping today or tomorrow so i really need to get the full menu for Friday done.
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It took me quite a while on Friday to make up my mind on where to go. I was bouncing in and out of will to get dressed and go out, not to mention I had no one to come with me. At the end I pulled myself out of the couch, got dressed and went out. I didn't really know where I was going, so I just started driving and ended up at Seven Stars Mall in Hertzlia. Walked around the mall (which was packed with people) for some time before I headed back to the car. Didn't really do anything - but I needed the outing and I needed to drive. Fooled around with the idea of going to Mazarin for Macaroon cookies but gave up when I could find no parking place near it. Headed home, feeling "half", like I hadn't really achieved what I intended on doing when I left the house, but I was still glad I went - I would have felt worse if I didn't.

Spent the evening with Navot - having a Shrek-marathon. We laughed our heads off at the movies, even though it took us quite a while to get the DVD working (it was actually PlayStation but who cares).

On Saturday morning I was delighted to find my SoulSeek had downloaded some more of Rachael Sage's music, so I went to have some pancakes with a good mood... Which reduced to hear that my uncle and cousin were coming to visit that morning (look, they're family, and I like my cousin, but my uncle is a blabber-mouth and a very "American" person, which annoys me greatly. Plus - hello!? It's Saturday morning! I wanted to rest...). After they left we had almost no time to get organized to go to my grandma for lunch, where we met my other aunt and uncle and cousin (whom I love very dearly). Spent the evening at home.

Yesterday was work, but at the evening I met Tal, my cousin from Saturday morning and we went to "Max Brenner". We made this plan on Saturday when she said she had never gone there (she's been here almost six months and is going back home to L.A. in two weeks). Michali and Eyal joined us a bit later, when we were already at he half point of stuffing our faces with chocolate and we had a lovely time. When we finished we went outside and Eyal said he wanted pizza (both he and Michali had nothing to eat, they just drank) so I joined in (yes, I know, calories...). Drove home to find the place empty - my parents went out and I forgot about it. I wasn't very tired so I put on the episode of "The 4400" I taped earlier that evening. Was quite creepy, to tell you the truth, but it was a good episode. I only went to bed about 10 minutes before my parents arrived.
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Job )

Going to a concert with Roy tonight, my cousin's boyfriend's group is playing, she said I'd like the music, so I said I'd go. Even though there are a lot of bombing alerts and my grandma is at the hospital (hopefully she'll get out tomorrow), I'm still going.

Yesterday )

Today )
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Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's hell was over by the time I got back from the lecture I had to give on animal behavior. Two tests. one lecture and the stupid-pain-in-the-ass Perach Party on these three days made me angry, frustrated and nervous, and made me want to kill someone. After getting home on Friday I finished with the truffles, ate lunch and arranged all my stuff for the party (which was a lot). Drove to get Adi and managed to get to Hagar's house no later than 17:00. Was then pulled into the frenzy of getting the house ready, the food ready and ourselves ready. Yes, Hagar, it takes a while to get make up on and looking good, what I did for you was really quick, and it wasn't that long for myself and Sofi as well... :)

The party went great, a lot of sushi, truffles and talking, including a lot of laughter. I got really tired at about 00:30, after waking up at 6:30 that day, but managed to stay a part of the party until most of the people had gone home, and only then opened the sleeping bag to try and fall asleep (a bit hard because some people talked in the living room where I tried to sleep and their voices are strong (*cough[livejournal.com profile] morinandNavotcough*). Ended up sleeping for about 3-4 hours at best, and woke up with a sore back, but not as bad as I though it would be. Waking up early, thanks to again, same people talking in the living room, accompanied with Hagar and Asaf this time, made me very sleepy for the rest of the day. I managed to keep running to help Hagar clean the house and get things organized when Asaf and Sofi were asleep again, and then we went out with a bottle of lemonade to enjoy the fresh air. Ended up having an "After-party" with Asaf, Sofi and Arnon (who came to pick Asaf and Sofi up at about 10-10:30 and stayed 'till 12:00-ish). At one point Sofi was on the verge of putting an ice-cube inside Hagar's shirt, Hagar making angry cat-like noises to stop her and threatening to re-introduce the thermos scene... Sofi's and mine plan was at first to take Hagar's unmentionables during the night and freeze them, but we gave up on the idea. It was still funny.

Drove home a bit faster than I probably should have, but never mind. Spent the whole day fighting to keep my eyes open, and ended up only going to sleep at about 23:30, because Helena was here. Woke up this morning at 10, which was a good thing, and have been spending my time since then to try to clean my room. It doesn't work.


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