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I also got very drunk from the booze, which was really great. I usually have to drive, so I never allow myself to drink so much. Also - 30 year old Tequila. Brilliant. I was giggly as all hell, and didn't become sleepy! It seems my body handles Tequila much better than it does beer.

After the last game I opened the presents (got a handful of art books, a novel, a baking pan for brownies, some towels and a great kit of L'Occitane) and then we all got all the remains of the food and stuff back to the apartment.

In between I got a text from H's mom to ask if she left yet... Seems like my mom isn't the only one who does that with kids over 24...

Went to bed after 2:00 and got up this morning at 10:00. No headache and no nausea.

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I knew I was about to head out on Friday morning so I got up early and managed to leave the house at 9:45 (which is early for a Friday). The plan was head to the Frau Blau sale (they're a couple of Israeli-Russian designers who make wonderful colorful clothes who fit me quite well), to go get my latest 120 film developed and walk around TA photographing. I gave myself the challenge of taking only monochrome photos, which was really fun and challenging (photos to come).

Made it to Frau Blau and left after 15 minutes with three new shirts - very colorful, very flattering, the nicest fabrics, but two of them will not fit work - just too colorful and open. Great for the weekend, though.

Took off on foot and headed down Alenbi street and went through Nachlat Binyamin (which made for some lovely photos). I still need to get the hang of the fuji's auto focus, I think it's a bit slow, but then again I've heard it's one of its problems, so it might be just that.

Gave my film to be developed (very few places who develop 120 film) and headed to Shenkin street for a fruit shake. Watermelon and banana is a great combo. SAt on a bench for a while, drinking my shake and reading "Four to Score" (Stephanie Plum novel) on my kindle and then went home. I was lucky to have the bus arrive right when I got to the station and to have a place to sit (not an easy thing at this place at this time on a Friday).

My parents took my grandma to my grandpa's grave so I made myself lunch (asian-marinated tofu with broccoli and rice) and waited for my mom to come so we'll go to the Accessories Market.

The Accessories Market was nice as always, lots of designers we know (my mom spends half the time there talking to the designers). I got a new necklace and a hat and my mom bought a new bag from her favorite designer Belinky.

We were back home just in time for me to catch a movie I love on TV (Shlomi's Stars, one of the only Israeli movies I really love) and then I headed to Ofer and Shiri's.

The evening was lots of fun, with great games and great people, and after dinner, when the second round of games was starting I excused myself and took everybody's photos (again, only monochrome), which was a great decision, since if I would have played we would have had very few photos and this way I caught everyone on film. And here was the great thing about the fuji - ISO 4000-6400, and not an eyelash batted by it, so i could catch the action without having everything blurry as hell.

So now on to uploading photos and then maybe a bit of "Orphan Black".
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Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so we said we'd go for a trip. My mom talked to Menahem, who's a friend who travels a lot and he gave her some places, so we headed out early in the morning (early in our definition... Say 8:30).

We went towards Jerusalem and the Jehuda mountains, where we hoped to get a glimpse of tulips in bloom. The weather was terrific. We made it first to one place and then the other (Chorashim forest and Kisalon) and there were no tulips in sight, even though the entire surrounding was green and beautiful, full of mustard plants and some primroses. My mom called Menahem again, who directed us in another direction... And there they were! Tulips! Wild tulips are much shorter than cultured tulips, but just as beautiful. In a few weeks the blooming will be gone, so we really did get the last glimpses of them before the season is over. I broke out my Diana F to shoot some of them, I have no idea how it came out (I finished the roll of film later in the day, I'll find a place to get them developed tomorrow or next week). My camera was acting up (it is almost 6 years old. I really need another one already) so some of the photos were taken with my phone.

Tulips photos (and other nature shots) )

We finished our rounds of photos and excitment of the flowers (city dwellers that we are) and went to have brunch.

We went to a place called Derech Hagefen (Vine road) in Beit Zait (Olive House! Woo-Hoo!). The place comes highly recommended, but it wouldn't have been that in Tel Aviv. Yes, the food was good and the place is beautiful, but the service was below average and the prices high, and the food is just as good as any coffee house in Tel Aviv (lack of competition, that's what it is - you drive half an hour outside of TA and there's only one coffee place in a 30 km radius. This place would not have survived in TA).

Problems notwithstanding, we had fun and took pictures (duh), including one of me hugging a very reluctant Udi, which I'll spare you from seeing... :P

Vine road photos )

After out meal we headed out to see the memorial for 9/11 they have set out on the way to J-M. Don't ask me who made the decision to locate it there, since it's literally in the middle of nowhere, but we made it there (saw some deer on the way! No pics of them, though. Fucking camera). It's very large, and made with white limestone (I think). The middle piece is dark metal with a piece of the twin towers behind a glass window, and overlooking the hills of J-M is a bench with the name of the casualties on dark metal.

9/11 memorial )

J-M isn't one of our favorite cities but Machne Yehuda market is a great market, full of goodies. If we would have had a shopping cart we could have emptied half the place... We bought Halva, olives, pastries, cheeses, garlic and other stuff I can't recall. Most of it is awesome (there are always flops with places you don't know). We had a small lunch at Azura, an Iraqi restaurant with really great food and headed out to Nachlaot neigborhood. The street are small and old, and it has its charm. Some really big cats as well...

Machne Yehuda market and Nachlaot )

The last place we headed to was Yemin Moshe, with the big windmill and overlook at the old city.

Yemin Moshe and the old city )

...and then we headed home through the haze, which made me caugh heavily.

Haze! @#$%^&* )

And in the evening we met Michali and Tomer for dinner at Brasserie, which was excellent, as always. My mom was over the moon after that day...
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I'm not having another free afternoon this week, so I grabbed myself today and took off to TA. I left early enough to catch the 5:00 o'clock train and get to Dizengof Center by 17:45.

SOHO was a must, since I had a birthday present waiting there (got a blank notebook for drawing, plus a great pen for drawing - I need this practice, it's time), and I also gave Steimatzky a round, even though I still have my reading project going on. I got two books (one of them has already been read to it's half point) and also about 10 minutes of TV talk with the sales people. Funny and Fun.

Last but not least - dinner - at Idelson - with great ravioli, ice tea and cream puffs. And the book, of course, which gave me some mood-whip-lash, since I spent most of the time reading it either crying or laughing. :/

But it's a great book.

Anyway, I'm at home now, playing some TV game with my dad. So that's it. Good day.
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I made up my mind to get to Tel Aviv this morning, regardless of the marathon (it was supposed to be blocking half the city, but it turned out there was nothing wrong with the roads so things went well) and came home with a loot that's bigger than I intended but in the best possible way.

So I bought:
Mascara, a quartet of eye-shadows and an eye pencil from Lancom (got a bag with mini products with that, which is always a treat);

A small clutch bag for myself, for tonight (I've a party with dancing, and this bag is perfect for hanging from my wrist);

A bag as a gift for Danielle, which has her birthday party today;

And for the big finale - a dress, in the designer assembly in Dizengof Center (top half red with black dots, bottom black, like a good pencil skirt).

And I had my hair cut.

So - good day.
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The plan was to leave work at 14:00 and meet my mom and sister for lunch. My sister bailed (she was sick, as was her husband), so my mom picked me up and we went to have lunch.

"Benedict" was nice as always (best Eggs Benedict I've ever tasted, but the service is somewhat lacking) and then we went to walk around along Dizengoff... Right into the waiting arms of the shop who holds the designs of the couple we bought clothes from last week at the City Designers' Fair (the picture y'all got this morning? Their shirt).

The loot came down to two shirts for me and a coat for my mom (who is stunning - squares in different shades of ancient pink and purple, very retro).

We also got some food in a fromagerie to take to Michali and Eyal.

And on the way home, in the Holon junction, while waiting for the light to turn green, a man walked into the middle of the road and started to juggle with four or five balls, leaving them for periods of time on his head and rolling them on to his arms. My mom gave him 5 NIS and we drove off, laughing.

Went to visit Michali and Eyal after that and consumed some of the food my mom bought with me and before that and then we went home (picked up grandma on the way).

And that was a good day.
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Haha, have an idea for "grace". One can always count on Dizengof Center for ideas.

Spent the morning mall-hopping. First I went to Azrieli for a very specific birthday present for my cousin. She loved my earrings so I got her earrings from the same artist. Having spoken to said artist she showed me her new stuff, and I said she never rests with new ideas and she smiled and said she has more ideas than she can make, and I said that when it comes from the inside, it's art.

I know a real artist when I see one.

Managed to leave Azrieli with nothing else (I had more specific plans) and headed for the Center. As anticipated, the roads were completely blocked, but having Tori and To Venus and Back to keep me company I didn't mind much. What I did mind was the fact that for some reason the parking lot for the Center was shut. I parked a few blocks from there on another parking lot (I was lucky to have found a place there - I pretty much took the last one available) and walked for a few minutes in the blazing sun, enjoying the "Friday morning" atmosphere. I love TA on Friday mornings.

Walked around the Center for some time, bought a clock-necklace and a book on jewlery for my mom before I headed home. Took the sea-side road for a good reason and arrived home almost at the same time as Udi did (he loved the necklace, said it's "stylish", which is one of the best compliments I ever got from him). Only finished to wrap my mom's book when she and my dad arrived. She really loved the book, so I have had a terrific shopping morning, a success with everything I bought (I hope my cousin loves her earrings, but she can swap them if she doesn't).


ETA: Now I have two ideas for "Grace", but one is unduable for now.

I really need to know how to blow glass.
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Weekend report )

I've been here since 7:45, which means I can leave before 16:00... Woot!
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Yesterday was my mom's best friend's son's wedding (a lot of 's...). I came home early and organized as quickly as I could (but it wasn't quickly at all because I wanted something to eat) and we drove to pick up Michali and to the north we went. The wedding was set in a place near Netanya so it took us an hour to get there (what with the traffic and all) so we got there at about 20:00. The bride and groom didn't come out until the Huppa (which is strange in my opinion and completely stupid because they're stuck in a room for two hours and they don't get to see everybody..). The food at the beginning was nice, but the dinner was composed almost entirely of meat so I had only some cold salads (hence why I ate before we left the house - I knew about it being only meat). I have to say that I thought the bride's dress was awful, but I told it only to Michali and Eyal who stood next to me, and they thought I'm just being mean (they did laugh, though... And I know my sister's taste, and that dress wasn't to her taste).

After the food the dancing began, so I went to the floor and danced for two hours or more until my feet couldn't stand it anymore (dancing with 7 cm heels does make you feel your legs...), and we left soon after wards. I had two martinis and a shot of Jaggermiester (or a chaser, I think) but I didn't feel drunk. when we got home I was very tired, and I fell asleep pretty fast.

Woke up at 8:00 to my dog barking and dragged myself out of the bed to get organized. My head hurt a bit (maybe from the cold air last night, or the air conditioning during the night) so I took a pill and it seems to be fine now (hopefully it'll stay like this).

My period is over, thank god... Until next month.
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It was, such a perfect day. We didn't go to the zoo, but to the Luna Park, an amusement park in Tel Aviv. We spent the first half an hour screaming as in a screaming contest (Asaf won, closely followed by Hagar) on the small roller coaster. The lines were almost non-existing so we managed to get on the thing twice, go on a carousel that goes up and down and the flying chairs before running like hell to the Anaconda, the biggest roller coaster there is in the Luna Park (though in global terms it's a very small coaster). We screamed some more, and then headed to the Pirate ship. Sofi and I sat this on out, and Asaf and Hagar returned with a bit of nausea and a knack for sweet (Hagar, at least). We had some cotton candy (Hagar went to get another one after the first one disappeared in a very quick rate) and then went Sofi and I went to the water slides. After that we all rode the Octopus and Hagar was kind enough to go on the Brake dance with me (very swirly thing, that is). Feeling a bit better, we rode the Sky loop, after which Hagar decided that she'd had enough, so I dragged Asaf to the Ta-Ga-Da with me (a big round bench that jumps up and down. It hurts like hell on your but and is a very good practice for the abdominal muscles) and he dragged me to have another go on the Anaconda (I wasn't resisting much... Well, I wasn't resisting at all). After that ride we all felt like we can lower our adrenalin level, and after a few games (which got us one voodoo doll, a psychedelic bracelet that made Hagar do weird things, one tiger shaped cell-phone-bag and two small candles) we had one more round on the ferris wheel and headed outside the park.

Luckily my car was parked very close by, so we all went in and I drove south to the restaurant we had reservations for at 14:00 (we arrived on the dot, which was kinda nice). We had a very large meal, drinking a lot of water in the process (we were famished and dehydrated - it was really hot outside), and the atmosphere was one that can only be in a lasy Friday afternoon in Tel Aviv, with very good friends and good food, and a great day behind us.

Drove Asaf and Sofi to a station they could grab a cab from, to go back to Haifa, and then drove with Hagar to Kfar Saba, to wait for her mom to pick her up. Even though there was a bit of traffic clutter on the way we arrived some time before Hagar's mom, so we sat in the car, in the middle of the parking lot of the train station, the car standing in diagonal, blocking three parking spaces (the lot was completely deserted), with windows wide open, our chairs tilted back with the Friday-afternoon music they play in these hours and half dosed off, half talked about the day we had.

I drove home on 120 km/h (at the slowest) with the smell of summer in my face, wind and music.

Needless to say, I'm on cloud nine.

The only thing that bothered me was that Mel was unable to come with us, but I'm taking her to the Superland next week, so I hope it'll be proper compensation.
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I took myself to the "World Press Photo" exhibition yesterday. I had the tickets from work, and it was closing so I had to go see it. It was displayed in Dizengof-center, the most Tel Aviv-like mall in the center of Israel. Spent about 3/4 of an hour at the exhibition, most of the time with tears in my eyes. It's an exhibition of press photography, so it is bound to be very harsh. Some of the photos were quite disturbing, like the ones portraying the Catharina hurricane in south-east united states, the war in Iraq and of course, "Local Testimony", the Israeli exhibition in memory of Lior Ziv, the photographer who was shot and killed in Gaza (he was also in my school year), which has photos from the occupied territories. Most of the exhibits are of pain and suffering. It's an important exhibition, but few people visit it. Pity.

Anyway, I finished the exhibition and went on to walking around the mall. Spent some time in "Soho", a big decorative house-holds and stuff shop, really pretty stuff but man, are they expensive... Went to Tzomet Sfarim and bought a book (so I promised myself I wouldn't, who listens to me anyway?) and then bought myself a tortilla-rap and some diet-coke and sat down to read. Sitting there is amazingly Tel Aviv-ish - old people behind me talking about king Hordos, a kid running and sliding along the opposite aisle (he had shoes with wheels on the back). I went inside a book and magazine store right next to "Cafenetto" and was amazed to see the number of booklets about designing. After that I walked around, found the passage to the other side of the Center, found my Tattoo parlor (where I got Milton done) and got inside some nice shops, including one who has bags-do-it-yourself. A whole lot of fun. Got around and went back to the parking lot, briefly encountering on the way a group of teenagers doing break-dance. I drove home feeling I now remember much more clearly why I love Tel Aviv so much.


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