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Heh - got my "Height" poster from XKCD...

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OK, I'm freaking out here. My BitComet has decided that he doesn't want to download new files. Every time I try to push the "Download this torrent" it writes that the torrent connot be read and I have to try again to download it, but it doesn't change, and I've tried a few different searches and it just won't budge, even after restarting the computer.

Does anyone know what to do? I've also haven't found a place on-line to find the answeres to this question. my Bitcomet version is 0.68...

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I seem to remember now why I detest computers so bloody much.

So much freaking time to get one bloody movie burnt on a DVD. Now it's processing, and taking it's sweet time to do so, and I hope no more problems come up. It's taken me quite a while to get the thing to even start - not enough room on the CD, wrong kind of CD (until I found my own batch I bought with the burner), not enough disc space on the computer itself for the process...

Oh, deep breaths. I don't want to wreck my computer.

*Visualizes myself and the computer in a secluded location, a huge grin on my face and a baseball bat in my hand*


Imagination can come in really handy sometimes.
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Here's something y'all probably don't know about me - I used to be a gymnast. Only 'till the forth grade or so, but I can still make a cartwheel, I can stand on my head for quite some time and I can stand on my hands.

I may be fat, but I still remember to do these things! (I just tried, so I know).
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Okay, I give up. Nobody actually reads what I write. Out of my last 8 posts only one got comments.

Is my life that boring?


Sep. 28th, 2006 05:48 pm
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From my diary, two years ago" My lonely state is domminant through every aspect of my life".

I don't think so anymore. I'm not lonely. It's amazing, I never in my life lacked that feeling, no matter I had friends, family.

I was an outcast in school, I had almost no friends there (Efrat and Helena were, and still are, my only friends from high-school) and even though I had friends through other places, non of them "stuck", including later, in the army.

Then came the university, and Lilach, and Ayala, and finally Hagar. With Hagar came a lot of people, all of them the exact type I like and associate with.

I listened to my voice-mail messege from about two years ago and to the one I made last week. It sounds completely different - I'm happy. I was never happy, not like this, not with it actually being a continuing situation. I love my job, I love my friends, old and new, I love my life, I'm losing weight, The only thing I don't have is a boy/girlfriend, and it bothers me less then it used to.

Apart from this השתפכות, news:
* Racheli (who works with me) gave birth yesterday and I'm going to see her today, probably.

*Tori amos new collection - I'm so going to buy it!

*Party this and next weekend, in Reut and Haifa. I have five presents to give (or is it six?...)

*Bought a new wallet, by Benetton, and it may be a bit too small, but it's gorgeous and it wasn't expansive (it's also non-leather).

*As it turned out, Navot was actually listening (no offense, sweetheart, I usually even give myself bad advice so I didn't think you'd accept what I said) to me when I gave him my own two cents about some things, and it was helpful. I'm glad.

*My head hurts. Blaaaaaaaaa... I'm also hungry.

*Finally got an idea to the new painting, and with a little patiance I'll have some butterflies in my room... :)
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I so need to study

I'm so not doing it.

I'm messing around with stupid things like finding the lyrics to songs I love and downloading songs on the soulseek and daydreaming and eating frozen grapes...
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Oh the joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing here on my computer, in my room!!!! I finally have internet and I love each moment!!!!! Plus I just found out I got 97 on a test I took last week, and it was hard studying for it so I'm really pleased. Well, even if it wasn't hard studying for it I would have been pleased... It's 97! Yey!

This post is just ful of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Sorry, just excited (and tired - went to sleep at 4 in the morning...). Cheers!
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And they keep me from studying...

click me
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Hi you all - just a quick thing - I know some of my stuff is airing twice, it's supposed to be fine now, it was something to do with the spell check. let me know if it happens again, though I wouldn't know what to do if it does...

More updates:
Wednesday: After I finished my last class I was supposed to take video cameras from my lab for an observation. I forgot. Only when I got back to my car I remembered, and then I ran back and got them, ran back to the car, picked up my sister and her friends and drove half way home when my lab supervisor Neta-li called and said I HADN'T TAKEN THE BATTERIES... Crap. Dropped off all of my passengers (each in a different location... Can you spell - inconsiderate?), Got home, ate at top speed, found I didn't know the address of the woman I was supposed to go to, called her, and she canceled the observation. I was quite relived, to tell you the truth, but still... Why not call, for god's sake?!?!?! Went to the store with my mom and dad, only to discover when I got home, I hadn't bought what I needed the most... Fuck. Finished the day growing roots on my couch in front of the T.V. Long day.

Thursday: Got up two hours after the alarm clock went off. Luckily, didn't have to go the university, only to go to the store, buy some chocolate (what I have forgotten on Wednesday) and make chocolate truffles' batter. Went over to my best friend's house to help her plan a romantic night for herself and her boyfriend. We went shopping, tried to burn a CD (and failed miserably), went for lunch at a meat restaurant (I had Salmon... very tasty) with one of her best friends, got back to her place, cleaned her room, rolled the truffles in coco and powdered sugar, and then I left. again, long day.

Friday: got up at 5:45, got dressed and drove (thankfully in my car) to the university. WE HAD A FIELD TRIP... I take some classes with tours in them, and it feels like fifth grade. Anyway - we drove to Beit-She'an, which is about two hours from Tel-Aviv in a bus, and we had a very nice tour in a factory that produces natural enemies to pest insects, and bees for pollination of tomato flowers. It was very interesting, and I'm not even being sarcastic - it was actually fun! Not to mention I like the people who are on this class with me. I had fun, but it cut my weekend in half, and I already spent my whole thursday not relaxing, which made this weekend very fun but very short. when we got back I spent all my free time watching what I had taped the last day - The last two episodes of "Felicity" (yes, I know it's dumb) and "The district", which I love but never got a chance to watch until it got to a normal T.V. station.

Saturday: Finally got a chance to sleep in for a while. When I got up, my mom made some pancakes, and I got into organizing the house with my dad because we had company for lunch - my sister and her husband, my grandparents and two of my cousins. My dad and also went to buy some ice-cream for dessert. After lunch I spent the rest of my time watching ALL my favorite Saturday T.V. shows (I DO watch a lot of T.V., don't I?) and went to bed early.

"And that's all I have to say about that" - Forest Gump.

And so, another week begins... See you later, Tami.


Nov. 4th, 2005 09:00 pm
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Made a wonderful cake and it's not sweet enough... RATS!!!

First thing

Nov. 4th, 2005 04:54 pm
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Well, this is it. I am officially over-taken by the digital world - behold, my own LJ... A little introduction, as I do with every Journal I write: The name "Tamara" is a fake name, a variation of my real one, and if one should want to address me the name is "Tami". I live in Israel, I am a biology student third and final year (thank god!), I'm a Book-Worm - a very big one, and a Harry Potter fan(atic). I love animals (besides cockroaches - I suppose it's not very wise to be the killer of hundreds of the future rulers of the earth, but I am strange like that). I have been writing a Journal since I was a very young girl (I am 23, so it's about 15 years), and the prospect of publishing my writings was always at the back of my mind - at the back because I used to write horrible things about a lot of people I like, and even more horrible things about people I don't like but were at a position to hurt me - and I still do. Here is where censorship by my side can come in handy... The fact that they did hurt me no matter what I did is irrelevant...

1. My hand hurts
2. I have a Molecular Evolution exercise to write and I don't want to
3. My mom sent me in the rain to buy groceries today
4. My VCR is broken and I won't be able to tape "House" tomorrow... F@%K!!!
5. I was supposed to get a new computer and I'm not.

Well, I think that's enough for today... And thanks to Hagar, a fellow student and a Harry Potter fan herself for introducing me to this place and inspiring me to start complaining to the world and not only to myself... Cheers!


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