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Perhaps I should have waited with this post for my thirtieth birthday (only months away, that is), but I'm going to forget until then. I might reference this post, though, but here are my trip hopes for the next ten years (or even twenty):

1. Trip to the south pole. Sooooooo much ice!
2. Safari in Africa. Been wanting this kind of trip for a few years now.
3. The Trans-Siberian train. It looks like a wonderful trip.
4. Easter Islands, Chile... (and also Madagascar, The Galapagos and the Fiji islands). Quite a lot of islands.
5. Kayaks in the Panama Canal.
6. Rafting in the Colorado river. Actually, any good river will do.
7. Olympics! I would love going to Rio De Janeiro in 2016 and continue from there to a good trip in South America (Salt desert, Machu-Pitcho, the usual places).
8. The biggest cave in the world! Vietnam, and I hope that by the time I actually can go on that trip there will be an orderly way to get there...
9. Ma-kong river boat ride. Sounds like a whole lot of fun.
10. Alaska - whale watching. My god, how badly I want to see whales!
11. The lowest part of the Everest.
12. Rain Forests in Peru. Trees. Monkeys. Jaguars. What more could a girl want?
13. Japan - urban environment I've never experinaced, and also - fast trains!
14. Australia and New Zealand - just for the peace at times, but also the Big Reef, Sydney, the sheep and LotR...

I've still a few places I want to visit in Europe, but these aren't "once in a lifetime" sort of places. Also Petra, St. Petersburg, Thailand, Singapore, Hawaii, South Africa, and well, I'm sure I can find some more... But these are the biggest.


*Most of these were published today in the Yediot part of traveling "מסלול", but some are my own from way way back.
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Best thing - I finally found a way to make tofu so it would be tasty! I've had tofu in numerous restaurants and it always tasted great (or fine, depending on the restaurant), but at home - nothing. It was edible at best, and I was getting quite frustrated, but this week I managed to find a marinade that did the trick, and I'm gonna stick to it.

Work this week was very lazy - being that my boss was abroad, but I still managed to finish one of the bigger tasks we had to get done. It felt good sending that thing on for approval, and now we have almost no work in that regard, so I can be free to start worrying about the upcoming year.

I know I won't be there for long now, hopefully, but I have a high work ethics, so I'm in this thing deep (beside the fact I actually believe we're doing something good).

As far as school goes - I have my project which is now on the move, slowly, yes, but moving, which is better than what it was two weeks ago (meaning, dead).

Also - two tests are still looming from multiple reasons, both at the beginning of November. I will have, again, hopefully, submitted the last part of my project by then and pass these two.

And then I'll be a fucking engineer.

And can start looking for a job that pays more than 2500 NIS in a month, and move out to my own place and be able to hang all my photos on the walls.

Big, big dreams.
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I'm writing. It's nice to have some new advanture to try out. I'm only at the beginning but I hope I'll be able to get some meat into this new story. I haven't written anything in a while.

The vacation has caused me to think up all the things I want to do and normally don't have time for, so it's kind of a mess inside my head at the moment. I'm enjoying the freedom, but I'm aware that in a few days I'll have to start thinking about school work again. I've about four or five exercises to submit after the holiday ends, not to mention two mid-semester quizes in the two weeks following.

Out of 6 Sign Language meetings four has gone by. I have to admit I'm getting good and very happy about this. My grandma asked me why one day, and when I thought about it the answer just... It makes me one step closer to the person I want to be. That's a good feeling. I'm also considering music lesson in the summer, if I can find a job that will allow me to afford it.

I think it's time for lunch.


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