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So here is my 2 cents on "Inside Out"

Spoilers, obviously )

All great stories are just a mirror, and this one isn't any different. If you haven't seen it, go. Just bring tissues.


Apr. 19th, 2014 08:54 am
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So I went to see "Divergent" last night on a whim (one of my solo-last-minute movies). I've heard it was a sorry excuse of a movie, with nothing on "Hunger Games", so I went without any kind of expectations.

Which was probably the best thing I could have done.

Yes, it's not as good as "Hunger Games", but I didn't feel it tried to be anything like it. It felt like a nicely told story, not brilliant and not extremely original but well structured (even though the ending was incredibely fast paced), and I liked it quite a lot.

I went to the 23:00 showing, which was nice, since there were no annoying kids (and it's Passover!). I only came home at about 2:00. It was waaaaaay longer than I anticipated.

...so now I'll just click this rigt here, and here come the Divergent Trilogy into my Kindle... :)
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I knew I was about to head out on Friday morning so I got up early and managed to leave the house at 9:45 (which is early for a Friday). The plan was head to the Frau Blau sale (they're a couple of Israeli-Russian designers who make wonderful colorful clothes who fit me quite well), to go get my latest 120 film developed and walk around TA photographing. I gave myself the challenge of taking only monochrome photos, which was really fun and challenging (photos to come).

Made it to Frau Blau and left after 15 minutes with three new shirts - very colorful, very flattering, the nicest fabrics, but two of them will not fit work - just too colorful and open. Great for the weekend, though.

Took off on foot and headed down Alenbi street and went through Nachlat Binyamin (which made for some lovely photos). I still need to get the hang of the fuji's auto focus, I think it's a bit slow, but then again I've heard it's one of its problems, so it might be just that.

Gave my film to be developed (very few places who develop 120 film) and headed to Shenkin street for a fruit shake. Watermelon and banana is a great combo. SAt on a bench for a while, drinking my shake and reading "Four to Score" (Stephanie Plum novel) on my kindle and then went home. I was lucky to have the bus arrive right when I got to the station and to have a place to sit (not an easy thing at this place at this time on a Friday).

My parents took my grandma to my grandpa's grave so I made myself lunch (asian-marinated tofu with broccoli and rice) and waited for my mom to come so we'll go to the Accessories Market.

The Accessories Market was nice as always, lots of designers we know (my mom spends half the time there talking to the designers). I got a new necklace and a hat and my mom bought a new bag from her favorite designer Belinky.

We were back home just in time for me to catch a movie I love on TV (Shlomi's Stars, one of the only Israeli movies I really love) and then I headed to Ofer and Shiri's.

The evening was lots of fun, with great games and great people, and after dinner, when the second round of games was starting I excused myself and took everybody's photos (again, only monochrome), which was a great decision, since if I would have played we would have had very few photos and this way I caught everyone on film. And here was the great thing about the fuji - ISO 4000-6400, and not an eyelash batted by it, so i could catch the action without having everything blurry as hell.

So now on to uploading photos and then maybe a bit of "Orphan Black".


Mar. 11th, 2013 03:03 pm
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Cut my hair again to its 20's look for our trip on Wednesday (my mom's birthday - we're going to see flowers in the south and have dinner at Brasserie with my sister who can't make it to the trip).


Watched two movies yesterday - both childhood favorites - "Homeward Bound" and "The Land Before Time". Cried my eyes out, obviously. I was really glad to see that my good memories of both movies were justified - both are exceptionally sweet and well portrayed, emotional enough and tell a good story.


I've TV watching to fulfill, but I still haven't been able to do most of it. Hurmpf.
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I loved "Beautiful Creatures". Loved it to death, but they changed quite a bit of the plot, and got rid of a few good characters. A few I really liked.

I also got the feeling it could have ended right then and there at the end of this movie, when there are three more books in the series.


See, when I read the first book I was annoyed to discover (as I usually am, these days) that the book was the first in a series. This might sound odd - I read tons of good series's of books. Having the characters grow from book to book and spending more times with them, after you already grew to love them is awesome.


I'm kinda sick and tired reading a lovely book and not get an ending. It happened to me again this week, with "Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children". Goddammit, can't anyone write a self contained book anymore? Must all books have sequels upon sequels? You have a great story to tell - great. Write one fucking book. If it's too long cut into it. Distill it. Longer plots don't necessarily mean a better story, just a longer one.

But I'm raving. What I wanted to say (even though I love the Caster Chronicles, and Artemis Fowl, and Thursday Next and all the others) - I loved this movie. I can live without it having sequels and the plot would still make sense (it didn't at the end of the first book - you could feel it, that nagging feeling that things aren't closed). And most of all, Ethan and Lina (my god, I can't even remember her real name, the one they revealed at the end of the forth book) were amazing together. It was so strong I felt it. Something moved in me when they kissed (it happens, not a lot, but it does. It started four years ago, when I feel that, for real, from a story, from a movie, it stirs inside of me and makes me know it's real).

[Yeah, "Miss Peregrine" joined "Why the Evolution is right" in my clean shelves project, which is alive after two dead months. More on that at the end of March]
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Thank you mom, for making a not-so-great outing as it was to unbearable shit.


My god.

(oh, and "I give it a year" is a blah movie, and now I need a ramification)
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(Side note - "Silver linings playbook" was great, just to keep tabs on this year's movies).

Les Miserable. Udi said he'd go with me, but I got impatient, and Udi has a tendency to, well, go with the flow so nothing's certain.


(Part of me was at that theater with Mel in London, summer of 2007, crying my eyes out)

I cried. not as much as I did then. I sat on my seat knowing full well what to expect. I read the book, I saw the musical. Hell, there was a movie a few years back with Liam Nissan as Jean Valjean (which they cut after Javert spoiler alert )). I love they recorded the songs on the set. I can see why people would think it's too long, but then it's a musical. It didn't bother me.

The thing in Les Mis, the way I see it - you cry for the injustice of life (and yes, I once spent two and a half hours for that). Life's blows come from every direction here, and you feel, even if you can't articulate it at the time, that with very small changes it could have been you. You could have been born into sickness, poverty and war. Hell, some people still live this kind of life in our day and age, and you don't have to go far to find them.

It's a good movie. It's a great story. One that is so much bigger than all that's made of it.

(Even though, that last scene, on the stage, spoiler alert ), my god, that was heart braking)

And "I dreamed a dream" and "On my own" are fucking heart wrenching.

(No point to this post. If you want a recommendation, read the book, but I think all of you have, so just remember it).
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Got back from "The Impossible". My god, the portraying of the tsunami was fucking horrific, and there were some too-graphic-for-my-taste filming of injuries, but the movie was good, got through all the "right" places, emotionally, and Tom Holland (the kid who plays Lucas, the oldest boy) was magnificent.

And I'm going to sleep.

Oooh, "Black and White" on the radio! :)
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Still at home. Closing the fifth week and will probably stay home at least a few days next week as well.

Took a trip with my parent yesterday up north to see some flowers blooming. We had a great time, saw hundreds of Primroses and Anemones (most were not red but pink and violet). We had lunch at an eastern-european restaurant (not really my thing, but my parent were thrilled and I had enough to eat, plus - BEST POPPY SEEDS STRUDEL EVER).

This morning was, well, annoying, but at least I got to the port and the Accessories Market as I wanted (and I'm going again tomorrow with Netalie, and my mom won't be there on my case).

And I'll be off to see a movie tonight (The Impossible), again on my own. I just really don't want to stay at home alone on a Friday like I normally do (well, great, movies alone is just a tiny little bit better).

...and I need a new computer.
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Went to see "Cloud Atlas" yesterday. I feel like I've only just scratched the surface with this movie, like I feel most of the time with books I read for the first time - like I need to go back and watch it again and again to really get what I need from it. What I want from it.

Since I had no car I took the bus to Dizengof Center. The theater there isn't one of the most comfortable. I so used to the good quality of the Cinema City and Yes Planet theaters it really bothered me.

I went to see it on my own. I feel like I'm wasting my time this past month, and I needed something to do. It didn't help much, but it gave me something else to think about.

Having the Albatross (that's how I call my new phone) with me all the time is making it easier for me to remember what I want to remember - got an app for TDLs and I'm going to use it to see if I can keep track of the movies I watch and the books I read.

I'm less than coherent about all this.

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Just got back from seeing "Perks of a Wallflower".

See, there's something about going to the movies on your own. I've been doing it since forever (high school maybe? I can't remember), there are just some times I have to do it, I have to sit there when the lights go out, which is one of the things I love most about life, ever since I was very very small. I have to sit there, think with myself, talk to myself sometimes and be that lonely girl I used to be, because she's in there, she's the very foundation of everything I turned out to be, and I love that foundation. It's a good one.

It's a good one because I learned so much about myself those days. I know these things now because of who I was, I can dig within myself for answers when I know they exist, and I can tell why I do some things and why I don't do others, and if there is something I want to change I can go there and change it because I know where to go and look. Those are things I learned long ago, on my own, sitting on my bed, listening to music, trying to figure out what were all these things inside me and how they fit together.

Which brings me to the movie. It was a good choice for the alone show. Just the right one. I had very little expectations of it, and went because of (admittedly) Emma Watson, but it was one of the most beautiful,, sad, real and optimistic movies I've seen in a while. I haven't read the book (I might now), but I think it was done very well. the guys are great, Emma Watson is more than great, the story is thick enough to hold all the drama, and the characters are the kind you immediately like. I liked the Rocky horror picture show reenactment, the music, the snow angel, but the tunnel ride was just how you're supposed to feel when you're around people you love.

You listen to that song, and you spread your arms, and the wind is in your face, and the tunnel rushes by you and then it's over and the sky are so big and quiet, and that moment, there - it was worth it.

That's what it was to me. because my foundation isn't bare anymore. But the beauty and stability of the structure I have nowadays relies on that foundation, and its importance has never been transparent to me.


Mar. 26th, 2012 08:45 am
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I really wanted to write about my beautiful Friday, but i don't seem to have the time...

I spent the weekend shopping (in the Tel Aviv port) and watching TV shows (Awake, Touch, Fringe, Bones). Netalie and I also met on Saturday evening for a bit and I had a really great time.

We're going to see "The Hunger Games" this evening (by "we" I mean myself, Udi, Abigail - my cousin - and Uzi, her boyfriend). I'm really looking forward to it - I've been waiting for this movie for a while now, and I will probably watch it at least once more.


As per usual, ME opened IR's and my morning with "Stop what you're doing, I don't know the procedure, you have to work as I want, but until I decide you can't do that". When AS gets here we will see where everything is going. ME and AS had had a few... "disagreements" in the past few days, and this will not be any different.

Pissing contest, anyone?


I already have a few plans for the next few months regarding Independence day, my birthday and (!!!) finding my own apartment. I need to find a place for my birthday party, since I don't want to cook this year, and i need to lay off my credit card for a while in order to have the sufficient ammount of money that will enable me to buy all the things I need for my place.
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Went to see "Pina" Last night. Without a doubt, beautiful as hell. You get to see pieces of dances, solos, duets and group dances and in between the dancers talk about their life in the company (they sit with their mouths closed and their voice is played). It's amazing to see such old dancers - man and women in their forties and fifties. One of the younger dancers is actually a daughter of two of the older dancers. Unbelievable how Pina Bauch's company is held together - the attention she apparently gave to each of her dancers was such that they talk about her like she's their mother. Or more than that.

This isn't a dance company. This is a family. And you can see what it does to the dance. You can see how each of these people is woven into the entire group's movement. How they each have a place and a voice and yet when they dance together they're more than the sum.

The movie itself is filmed in the most beautiful places (all kinds of weird buildings, glass halls surrounded by forest trees, an inverted train in the middle of a city, road sides, sandy quarry), and on a stage (the group dances). "Cafe Moller", which is the only piece I ever came across before (in the film "Talk to Her") is an amazing creation and I will definitely watch it at some point in my life. I actually checked to see if they were dancing in Berlin while we're there, but no such luck.

A thought that occurred to me during the movie - about a fifty year old dancer who danced on point for 5 minutes straight - about how she does it - and the answer who came to mind was "Well, she's been doing it every day for the past 40 years, of course she can dance on point for 5 minutes straight".

If you love modern dance, I strongly recommend to go see it. It's one of those things that makes you humble.


Jan. 28th, 2011 11:40 pm
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Wow, "Black Swan" sucks Majorly.

And - well, if I had known it was to be a horror movie I wouldn't have gone to see it in the first place, but having it painted as a great movie, with Natalie Portman (who I love)...

My parents didn't like it as well, no surprises there.

I hate having nausea from a a movie. The worst part is that it only took the movie about 30 minutes to make me nauseous, but I couldn't get out because we were at the end of the fucking row (I was right next to the wall). In the end I just close my eyes and tried to not listen.

And now I can't see "Swan Lake", I think, nor listen to the music. Crap.

Super Annoying.


Jan. 15th, 2011 01:35 am
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"Hereafter" is, in three words - simple, elegant, impeccable.

I love Clint Eastwood as a director.
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Day 22: Your favorite song from a movie.

Oh, this is the kick-start for a bloody good movie!!! :)
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Day 3 - a song that makes you dance.

Well, the thing is, whenever I watch a movie that involves dancing (from "Dirty Dancing" to "Center Stage" to "Save the Last Dance" and "Hairspray") I want to dance, and I do it, if I'm home alone and I can make a fool out of myself without anyone else watching, but this one... Again, the quality of the video isn't the best, but it's the best "happy ever after" dance this world has ever seen, in my opinion.

From "Hairspray" - "You can't stop the bit"

The runner up was the song from "Dirty Dancing 2". It's a part of my playlist, though.


Aug. 22nd, 2010 12:59 pm
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My mom had a jewelery sale yesterday at my aunt's house, so I went with her to help out. Naturally, my entire afternoon was eaten, but we were able to sell some stuff, which was good. We even sold one pair of the pricier earrings.

I was half dead when we got home, but I got stuck long enough in front of the T.V. to see that the movie "Big" was on in five minutes, so I ended up watching it for the umpteenth time with my dad and I didn't even dose off. I forgot how much cuteness was that movie.

We're having another sale, next Saturday at my sister's house, so if any of you would like to come - you're welcome.

I was also quite glad to find out that a facebook page was a good idea, because most of the women who came said that, yes, they have a facebook page, and yes, they would look for us in there. I put most of my mom's stuff there, in a few albums, except for the newest, which I've already photographed and only need to upload (again, if anyone's interested, the page is here).

I don't really have anything special to do, but I think I'm going to do some stuff for my project, read some and get those photos uploaded. Before all that, though - food. Fried rice, even though I'm not really crazy about the idea, but when I make it I'll eat it and it'll be fine.


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