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I'm walking home from "Taste of the city" (a food festival in Tel-Aviv), and I drank a little, only a beer and a margarita, but my head still spins just a bit, and I'm more cheerful than usual. I walked most of the way alone, after walking with Avihu to the train station. This guy comes up to me and starts talking to me. If I were a bit more fine I would have told him to get lost in the begining, but he's not bothering me much, and I'm flattered.

He tells me he likes how I look, and even puts his arm around me for a second, at that point I distance myself from him. He offeres a lift home, I say no, and than he asks for my number. I know I won't give hime the real number, because he's creeping me out, and the only way to get rid of him is getting on the bus, and than he says, as he's taking his cell out, "I'm just dying to fuck you". At this point my mind kicks into third geer, and I tell him "Get away from me, now" He's walking away, dancing in content, I call him an idiot and get on the bus.

I feel like crap.

I keep on telling myself, maybe if I wasn't wearing what I was wearing this would not have happened, but I try telling myself it's not my fault, that it's nothing, nothing happened, and I can't bring myself to believeing in it.

How dare him?????
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It's late, it stopped raining, it's quite cold out, and I like it.
Been to a sci-fi convention today, probably the biggest amount of freaks I've ever seen. Walked around a bit and went back there now for a lecture on slashes in fan-fics. It was really dissapointing, I was really glad Hagar didn't come - she would have been so annoyed to lose sleeping hours over this thing. For starters, the lecturer was not the kind who's used to public speaking... Result? A lot of looking at the pages she had and a few stupid jokes. The material was kinda nice, but it was too simplistic, and to top it all the audituriom was packed with teenagers, who just wouldn't shut up. I wanted to shoot some of them down. I still think I'll go to some of the other lectures, though, as this being a very exciting topic (oooooooh, gay relationships!), and perhaps some of the other things that interest me are not quite so juicy, so there wouldn't be any clapping and shouting. I might be wrong.

This lecture gave me some things - mainly bad mental images, like Harry and Snape (Yuck! Who came up with that one?) and Harry and Draco, and a few of the more obvious things, like Frodo and Sam. Too much "Star-Treck" and Buffy for me, but hey, these are the main people who come to these things.

One good thing - a very funny word (though accompanied with the mental picture of Sirius and Remus together... Yuicks!) - Remusexual...

Yes, that would be a good moment for *headdesk*

Night, y'all


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