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[Error: unknown template qotd]Even though I haven't written in a while, and I don't usually answer the writer's block questions (this silence has nothing to do with lack of stuff to say), this question is nice enough to answer.

So. I think the biggest book I loved and got turned into a movie was Harry Potter. I can say it lived to my expectation, because I knew it would suck. Almost every book that I loved that got made into a movie sucked. One cannot convey such depth as in the written word, for one, and a good book is full of deeper meanings, meanings that usually get left out for the more up front stuff - love affairs, action. In Hebrew it's called תכלס [tachles], and it means, basically, the bottom point. Most books suffer from it. Harry Potter, Narnia (though better than others), Alice in Wonderland - all of them, especially the latter, should have been left alone for readers.

I do have one exception to books I thought were great and got the best of turning into a movie - Lord of the Rings. Having a great story but with a lot of extra too-heavy surrounding, this book benefited from being trimmed into the תכלס. I also have a theory - good books don't produce good movies (whether it's just the fact that you can't transfer the beauty of the written word, the fact you already know the characters and imagine them one way, or that good books awaken the desire of some people to make money), but mediocre books will produce good movies, if their makers are wise enough. One only has to look at the different John Grishem books and understand it (and, with some difference, Stephan King's short stories that got made into movies - "Stand by me" and "The Shawshank redemption").

A long answer. :)


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