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10. Spending an hour listening to Vienna Teng, singing at the top of my voice because Udi isn't here.

11. Translating large parts of said songs into Israeli Sign Language.

12. That last sentence of the sequence (from "Eric's Song") - "How swiftly we choose it, The sacred simplicity of you at my side".

13. Reaching the 150 km/hour mark on an empty road, at 23:30.

14. The smell of yeast dough when it's touched, uncooked.
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I'm writing. It's nice to have some new advanture to try out. I'm only at the beginning but I hope I'll be able to get some meat into this new story. I haven't written anything in a while.

The vacation has caused me to think up all the things I want to do and normally don't have time for, so it's kind of a mess inside my head at the moment. I'm enjoying the freedom, but I'm aware that in a few days I'll have to start thinking about school work again. I've about four or five exercises to submit after the holiday ends, not to mention two mid-semester quizes in the two weeks following.

Out of 6 Sign Language meetings four has gone by. I have to admit I'm getting good and very happy about this. My grandma asked me why one day, and when I thought about it the answer just... It makes me one step closer to the person I want to be. That's a good feeling. I'm also considering music lesson in the summer, if I can find a job that will allow me to afford it.

I think it's time for lunch.
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I've started learning Israeli sign language (each country has it's own, see. Even different areas in the same country has different signs sometimes). I found this site a while ago, and now began to teach myself words from there in earnst. I strongly reccomend, even if just to know how to spell your name, and know a few simple phrases.
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Well, my dreams tonight were a mash up of "Ink", "CSI Miami" and some bookstore I can't recall I've ever been too. I can't even remember how it all came together, and it's possible I dreamed a few dreams at once. I do remember Speed being there, as a drunk, and Calleigh and Eric taking a stakeout at a cave somewhere. Real fucking mess.

As for reality - had my first sign language meeting yesterday, and it was fun, fun, fun. I already taught myself the letters and we learned some common phrases and practiced some. Spent half an hour on the bus home practicing. Probably looked like a goof. :)

The first week of the semester has passed, and I have a feeling this one will be easier. Not less time consuming, but maybe better. In retrospect, the last semester wasn't as bad as the one before, and I hope this down-hill will continue. I have three semesters to go now, and the end is nigh. Thank the gods of time.

Things to do today - Cook for tomorrow, go to the mall for my mom since my cousin is going away for a few months and we want to buy him a going-away present (well, she does - he managed to annoy me humongous-ly last week and I really don't want to give him anything), two exercises for next week, get the last bit of my costume finished and maybe watch the rest of "Ink".

I'm totally going to be a StoryTeller next Purim.

It's really stormy outside - I woke up during the night to the hail that was coming down and took my plants inside. I like winter when I'm home - last night it was a bit annoying when I had to fight the wind and the rain to get to the bus station.


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