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10. Spending an hour listening to Vienna Teng, singing at the top of my voice because Udi isn't here.

11. Translating large parts of said songs into Israeli Sign Language.

12. That last sentence of the sequence (from "Eric's Song") - "How swiftly we choose it, The sacred simplicity of you at my side".

13. Reaching the 150 km/hour mark on an empty road, at 23:30.

14. The smell of yeast dough when it's touched, uncooked.
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6. Lying on the sofa, turning off the T.V. and be engulfed in the silence that takes over after it.

7. Hearing that same bird cry night after night, thinking it may be a seagull, and maybe a falcon, or it just may be someone calling from another world.

8. The sound of your own heels on the floor. The way it makes people turn to look at you.

9. Frozen grapes.
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1. Book week - the way you see the first of the stalls, and know there is something good waiting there. One of the best Israeli traditions.

2. Spotting your best friend across the road, and realize that yes, it is her in the pink and white.

3. Hugging your best friend when you both know what you want to say in that hug. Hugging her and knowing it's that conversation from last night that's being wrapped up.

4. Opening the first page of a book for the first time. Feeling it's one of many times you'll open this book. Also, closing the last page of the book for the first time and placing your hand on it, just for a moment, to savor it, closing your eyes.

5. Eating when you're hungry - the egg's yolk will drip through your fingers and you can suck them happily, because it's your home.


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