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The headache is gone.

Coughing is also gon..., wait, what? Noooooo. Cough is HERE TO STAY.

It is also phlegmy and hurts my lungs and diapragm.

And my mom is now sick as well.

And we were supposed to go see a show tomorrow at the Zappa, but it won't happen.

Have I mentioned how much this SUCKS?
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So yesterday morning I was still semi-fine, even though the cough has taken a turn for the worse, and I decided I didn't need the stink-eye from my boss, so I braved the weather, which was truly horrible, and went to work.

After being somewhat productive for a few hours, I finally realized that the headache, coughing and breathing difficulty were not going away, so I called it quits, and packed up to go home. The walk to the bus station was... interesting, since by then it was cold, windy and SUPER FUCKING DUSTY, but I made it and also made it home pretty fine. I did, however, crashed right on the sofa the moment I made it home, and didn't get up until my mom came back. By then I was positive I was running a fever, because I was shaking like hell and my fingernails were blue.

My mom made me something to eat and some tea and I drifted in and out of sleep for the entire afternoon on the sofa, with a different array of cats on different parts of me (Truffle really wanted to sit on my chest and she also cuddled next to me, and Dolce and Ginger both took turns on my legs and sometimes the sides of my feet). My fever went up and then down, so I was cold and hot on intervals. Super fun times, I can tell you that. I did watch some TV with my parents, and went to sleep. Fortunately, the cough is a bit subdued, so I was able to fall asleep quite quickly.

I woke up without a fever today but the headache is still here (no doubt due to the coughing, stuffy nose and weather), and food tasted bad, so I don't know. But I can sit upright, which must be an improvement.


Other things:

I haven't really written in a while, even though I've had plenty to write about. It was, what, two weeks ago H. and I went to the Idan Haviv concert? Which was great, but it marked the beginning of one of my busiest weekends EVER.

It was a beautiful Friday, that one after the concert (maybe I'll actually be able to post pictures from the concert today), but it was full to the brim - work, drive up to KY with H., photography session with her and the pup, and game night at Opher and Shiri's.

Saturday was packing H's apartment, and that was long, hard and tiring, and also included a drive up to her parents' at KY, unpacking and keeping the pup busy while her mom got everything out of the way and into the wardrobe. I only made it home on 22:00 that day, and the fatigue and exhaustion dragged with me for the better part of last week. I only shook it off in the weekend, when I was able to actually sleep.

I had a deal with myself to not leave the house last weekend, but obviously it didn't work. Met Netalie for brunch Friday morning, and we proceeded to walk around TA, and I drove to Visit H. that afternoon. I also managed to squeeze in a visit to my grandma and was planning on going to see a movie but the one I wanted to watch had no more tickets, so I passed. Saturday was mostly quiet, but we did go out to lunch at Brasserie.

This week was fine until yesterday. The cough was getting better and I went to do some serious shopping Tuesday. Sale season, so I got two pairs of shoes, three bras, four long-sleeved shirts and tons of cosmetics. The shirts and shoes were half off, but since my shoes are extremely expensive, I still payed an arm and a leg for them. The bras are always expensive, unfortunately.

I was lucky with the cosmetics, though. I ran into a salesperson (a guy!) who actually knew what he was doing. I knew I needed refills for at least three items, and I also got a night cream. He gave me tons of tips on usage, and when I got home and tried some, and thanked him silently. He also gave me loads of tiny stuff for travel, which is always fun.

I think I'll go see if there's anything fun to watch on TV, and if not try and be productive with easy things, like the photographs or even catching up on my own shows ("Banshee" really bummed me out last week, and I'm super behind on everything, from "Person of Interest" to "The Americans")
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Second day at home. Threw my back, yet again. Gets better, though, and I think I'll be able to go to work tomorrow.

I spent yesterday in front of the TV, obviously, watching movies and three episodes of Ptzuim Barosh. I need quiet for it, and my mom is here today, so I don't know if I'll watch any more today.

Recent updates:

I'm moving on nicely with the sewing class. We finished both the skirt and pants, and we'll be finishing the blouse next week. I need to make up my mind what I want to make for the final project, pick the figure from the Burda and copy it and get material. I want to make a jacket, and I hope I can. I'll copy a dress as well, just in case. I also really want to get a sewing machine already.

The class is ending in four weeks, and after that there will be a figure making class which I want to enroll to, but that starts in April, so I've some time.

We're looking into taking a short trip to Europe for my mom's birthday in March. We were thinking Barcelona, for 5 days, including her birthday Friday and come back just in time for the Elections. I'm really looking forward to it.

Work is hectic/hellish as usual, with ups and downs. I'm still toying with the idea of trying to find another place, but it's energy I don't have at the moment, and there are many people I'll be sad to leave behind. It's also, still, my best chance to acquire some management experience in the next few years, so deliberations.

Got a chance, as I've written to get some stuff out of my room, but it still looks a bit like a war-zone. My back situation makes it quite impossible to straighten at the moment, of course, but since I'm not the *most* organized person on this planet (cue laughter from the crowd), I don't mind terribly. I still need a few things from Ikea, which I'll grab when I'll be there next.
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Home sick.

First thing - siren.

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Well, thank the universe, it was not one of the ugliest, most disgusting viruses alive, like the one I cought back in March.

Even though yesterday I felt like there was fucking LEAD inside my limbs, the feeling is gone today, and besides a stuffy nose, some dryness in my throat and the hint of a headache, I'm much better. There's still soreness in my musceles, but again. it's much better today.

To celebrate, I went through my generic "List-for-Trips" I've been maintaining for the past 7 years, to make sure it's updated for Vienna.

As it turns out, it wasn't, but it is now.

...and as extra preperations, I'm listening to all my Tori Amos songs now. Hee.

I think I'm hungry.
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At home. Sick. Again.

I think my immune system is deteriorating.


Mar. 19th, 2014 10:09 am
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At home, surrounded by mountains of used tissues.

Whether it's a minor flu or a major cold, this illness has screwed my week plans to hell, not to mention my job.

See, we have a quality assurance test next week, and I'm the quality manager in our branch. Since I also do about ten thousand other things all the time I usually push back this work, which causes gaps, which need to be closed... Right before the test. See the problem?

If this were any other time of the year I wouldn't have felt even the least bit annoyed by this illness, but would have just rode it out with the sick days my doctor prescribed, but now? Really, body?

I have a sense it was the last few months' stress streak that pushed me over the edge, and the ever-changing weather didn't help either.

Well, it doesn't matter. I'm at home, my boss is mad at me, I spent a few days without the ability to breathe properly, my throat still hurts (after five days!!!!) and I am coughing and blowing my nose like a professional cold-sicker.

At least Person of Interest was extra good today. Did I say extra? I meant ULTRA.

Really, Root and Shaw. Get a room.


Oct. 17th, 2013 08:16 am
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My forth day at home.

Monday was... Completely horrible. I can't remember when was it I threw up so many times, and the cramps were killing me. I took as many painkillers as I could and tried my best to sleep most of the day. Couldn't sit down for more than a minute or two, or maybe five when the painkillers kicked in. Everything I ate I lost.

Tuesday was better, but I was still prone to vomiting and stomach ache, and I ate very little.

I was hoping I'd go to work yesterday, but the pain, nausea and weakness were too great, at which point I said FUCK IT and texted my boss to wait for me only next week.

My eyeballs were fucking hurting. For Fuck's Sake.

I can sit up now, but the nausea still comes once in a while, and I haven't been able to eat a decent thing for the last three days, going on four. How happy am I? *sarcasm*

And I'm fucking sick of fucking tea.

And just the thought of what's expecting me next week at work (the overload, my boss is really cool about me taking the time off to get better, which is awesome).

oh dear...

Mar. 5th, 2013 12:23 pm
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My voice is half gone... The annoying cold has passed the sore throat phase and progressed into the "cough-and-almost-vomit-blow-nose-every-nanosecond" phase.

I'm still on campus, working for the student union for pittance, but it's still money.

Some updates are due, but I'm on my cell, and it's not really comfortable typing like this, so they'll wait until I get home.
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So I've no idea if it's because of the call yesterday about Haifa, but I came down with an annoying fit of stomach flu, and nausea isn't fun.

So I called the guys at Baker and said I won't be coming there today, and got re-scheduled for Saturday night.

I feel like in the army. Why the fuck.
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The cold is in full swing - I'm coughing my lungs out at this moment.

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I spent maybe 20-30 minutes last nigh without a scarf, and now my throat hurts.

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Spent yesterday throwing up. Really, I haven't puked so much in... Well, ever.

I'm home today, as I have a test this Friday (vibrations - again - god only know how I'll pass), but my studying abilities are very low. Headache, from the loss of fluids yesterday, not to mention I had nothing to eat yesterday. Even after two cups of tea, a few glasses of water and some food I'm still not good. I'm going to keep the hope alive, But I have a bad feeling about this.
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On top of having cramps, one of my toes decided to swell up and start hurting in the middle of the night, which means I only slept in bits and pieces. It still hurts and it's annoying as all hell.



Jan. 15th, 2010 10:14 am
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It's absolutely amazing how one person can give you a headache within 5 minutes thta you know will last for the entire day.

My dad is an ace with that.

My parents slept at my grandma's last night, so I got the thrilling chance to hear him when he came back. He wasn't even fullt through the door before he started complaining, and whne I wanted to help he went on and on, and eventually started with complaining about me and the way I fill the middle of the toilet paper with the used tissues, so I said "Jesus" and went into my room. He went on to saying "Why "Jesus"? You can say "Moses"", to that I said "Up yours" and that's it.

The cold ain't over, far from it, and my nose loooks like someone went over it with a sander. Throat is back to hurting some (probably from the caughing) and now a headache, curtusy of my dad, to complete the set. I want to go out, but I don't really have the energy now. And to think yesterday was really nice and all.

Hagar said something about a bitchslap. I'm starting to think a big "Yes" to that.
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I'm baking cookies. Yes, I know it's 22:30, so? I've been a wreck most of the day, blowing my nose and enjoying the lovely side-effects of having a cold and a period at the same time (stomach ache + not being able to breathe except with my mouth open like a fucking cow and not being able to smell or taste almost anything), but at some time past 20:00 tonight, I had some sort of a rush, so I yanked this recipe I have for Lemon-and-Cardamon cookies and made the dough. While it was in the fridge I got the kitchen organized and got a few things for my mom, who returned from her work-out class very tired.

I used the adrenalin to cut and peel two carrots and a cucumber for my parents, and at that time it was time for the cookies to go into the oven. I've no idea how they turned out, as I can't taste them nor smell them, but my family seemed happy enough about them, so I think they're fine.

I will be going to take a shower soon (totally need it) and to bed.
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I'm sick. Sore throat and not much else, though my night was tainted with annoying dreams, which is a known symptom with me for being sick, so I'm not going to school today. Picked one hell of a day, see, because the maid is coming today.

Lovely, lovely week has began.
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Meh. Headache. Also kinda neusous. Not going to school today. I hope I'll be better in the afternoon - I've work.
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Sick. Caugh galore during the night. It took me about an hour of sitting up, caughing, lying down and singing to myself to go back to sleep.

Also the sickness really influenced my sleep, because half the night I had a song stuck in my dreams I don't even like (hence the singing to myself - I couldn't go back to sleep with that song still there). I went throught "Dust in the wind", "Carry on my wayward son", "Cooling" and "Angel", twice, to make it go away.

Dreams after that became exceptionally weird. First part was me in some kind of summer camp, and all the towels were gone. And I needed a shower. Ugh.

The next bit is probably one of my most realistic dreams I ever had, I remember knowing for a fact I was dreaming, and I touched a dead leaf to feel the texture of it. I made up my mind to go inside a house and it was full of couples, but he was there too, waiting for me. He kept changing faces, but one stuck out... Yeah, I know.


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