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[AS takes my place near the computer to look at the water tank, IZ is sitting next to him, enters ME]
ME: [to me] "I'll give you a rule of thumb - if you've been bumped from the computer it means you're on your way out"
Me: [joyfully] "So I can go home today? Thanks! [starts to pack]
ME: [amused] "I meant with a kick"
[everybody laugh]


The thing is, if it were SH that ME would have given that remark to, SH would have been sure it's his resignation letter.


I really, really have to get a working/funny icon. *nudge nudge* [personal profile] hagar_972?


Sep. 20th, 2010 10:32 pm
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The last photo session has been made into icons (By [personal profile] hagar_972, as always) and has been uploaded to [community profile] seabreezeicons. Go check it out!

LJ and DW
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Icon set, new as a... Uh, never mind. Playfullness, from the photos of this post. DW and LJ.
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Yes - only two out of the recent icons I've used are happy icons. Not a big surprise there. I've never seen so many "What am I supposed to do", "Dragon", "x" and "Bells" icons in one page of my journal.
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But it could use the pimping - New icons' set at [livejournal.com profile] seabreezeicons, word set, and it's quite beautiful.

Dream Width and LJ.


Jan. 12th, 2009 04:01 pm
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I need a T.V. icon.
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Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours. Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon.

My favorite..... A tough one... Three come to mind - "sleeps with butterflies", a gorgeous creation, "Flight" and "Accio Brain". My favorite I think is "Flight", because, well, i'ts who I am.
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The weekend has passed. It was a good weekend - with Thursday night's outing, Friday morning's shopping, Friday night's Chimichanga (was amazing) and Saturday's lazy day. Spent most of yesterday's morning organizing my room. After eating lunch at grandma's Efrat picked me up and we talked and went to eat at "Mozes" in Herzlia (I had a good portobello sandwich and two glasses of sangria). We finished our afternoon im Giv'ataim mall, where I bought a new jacket and a lipgloss. Returned homw at about 22:30 and went to bed shortly after.

This morning I woke up 20 minutes later than I should have so I was a bit late, but no matter - I was only 10 minutes late and I'll get out a bit later this afternoon (I love working these hours much more than working 10:00-18:00). Not much mess this morning, but my shirt keeps falling so my bra shows. I need to stitch it so it'll be good.

All in all, was a very good weekend (the way I planned it) and I'm full of energy again. Shopping will do that to me... :)

P.S. - a new icon, thanks (how surprising) to Hagar - I think it's one of the most beautiful one's she's ever made, but I may be biased...
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A quick change in my default icon - thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hagar_972 - same picture but a refreshed look!


Oct. 25th, 2006 09:09 pm
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I've spent less than a day without a default user-pic, and it felt wrong already. so, back to the "I believe in peace, Bitch" icon from Hagar (a qoute I'm nuts about from "The Waitress - Tori Amos).
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Well, finally found the time to get the icons I wanted from [livejournal.com profile] hagar_972's A-Z fractal series - "Thought", "Insight", "Undone", "Offbeat", "Cheer" and of course, my favorite, "Flight". :)
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I'm awake. It's 2:40 a.m. I really should go to sleep...

We were at a dinner party tonight at my brother-in-law's parent's house. "We" meaning my parents, my sister and her husband (obviously, they're his parents) and myself.

There was soooooo much food!!!!!!! For starters, when we walked through the door (after kissing everyone on both cheeks) we were served with dry fruit, nuts and aperitifs - chocolate and orange liqueur, Tequila, Bakardi and Jinn. Really nice. When we sat down to eat came food. A lot of food. Latkes (americans - like Hash-brown), fried fish, Hummus, two kinds of eggplant salad (greek and with mayonnaise), onion pie, mushroom pie, Pizza with cheese and olives, Pizza without cheese with vegetables (my dad doesn't eat dairy products almost completely), tomatoes salad, lettuce salad, salmon, pasta with pesto, tomato and cream sauce (three different sauces), three kinds of cheeses, roasted peppers, really good bread (I dipped it in the divine pesto sauce), not to mention the huge amount of booze pouring out of every bottle... Wine, so much wine...

For dessert - Pavlova (meringue base with whipped cream, strawberries and forest-fruit sauce), fresh fruit, chocolate mousse cake with meringue, Macaroon cookies (made from almonds... *Homer-like-chchchccchchchchchc*), cigar pastry stuffed with almonds, more meringue cookies, coffee, tea and cognac....

I was very cheery, due to the wine and the company of the sister of my brother-in-law's brother-in-law (My sister Michali is married to Eyal, whose sister Orit is married to Yosi, whose sister is Orly, a really sweet girl we know from a long time ago since Yosi is one of my sister's best friends for years...) Never mind the relations, she is a great girl and we spent most of dinner talking to each-other (we sat together intentionally). I had fun, and ate too much, but ah, well.

When we got back my dad and I got into a long conversation about music and musical taste, and then my brother Udi came home and changed the channel from VH1 classic to extra-hot to watch Nip/Tuck, at said point I abandoned the living room (I'm not crazy about Nip/Tuck) and came to my room to document this evening.

Now I can go to sleep... Night!

P.S. - Another icon, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hagar_972, quote from "Terminator".
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I spent yesterday evening with Avihu and Adi. Adi wasn't feeling too good so I invited myself to her place, and brought Avihu for support. When I was half-way to Avihu's to pick him up she says "Don't come, I haven't got the strength". I called her and said I was already on the way, but she evaded. I picked up Avihu and told him "Adi doesn't want us to come". He looks at me and says "Tough". We both laughed, and I drove us to Adi's, where she didn't answer to the door, so I called her on the cell and told her to open the fucking door, and there we were, forcing ourselves on her, but she didn't complain much, she was glad to see us. Managed to give her her birthday present without too much fuss, and got a hug for the card. We set and talked and laughed, and at some point, when Adi said she was over something big she recently went through, we all started clapping and "woo"-ing. Avihu, at one point stated he hates Halva and that Halve is "Tahini who's been abused". We were pretty amused...

Adi was tired, so Avihu and I went to eat something after she wanted to go to sleep, and we ended up eating great salad in "Edisson", with raddish, carrot, kolorabbi and all kinds of good stuff... We had a lot of fun, and I was happy I was with people who love me, whom I love, who appreciate me, and I them, and for once I needn't think about every single word to come out of my mouth and be distorted. I love you, guys, or, well, guy and girl...

Been crafting all day, but the secong painting for Michali (my big sis) didn't come out well, so I'll have to revise. It'll be fine in the end.

I'm going to sleep now, night.

P.S. - I can flirt, I never though I could...

P.P.S - I have a lot of new icons, all from Hagar and most from her A-Z series. I love 'em...
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First - new icon, credit for [livejournal.com profile] hagar_972

Second - The party last night was absolutely great, with an almost-complete turn-up, which was great (missed you , Mel!), but the candles I planned on lighting all around the roof edge turned up to be un-light-able due to the wind... My mom cooked almost everything, and the food ran out really, really quickly. My sister brought some Anty-Pasto, which was a great success, and of course, the white chocolate and cheesecake and chocolate truffles were a smashing hit (not that I'm surprised, Hagar did call my truffles "Doomsday weapon"...). I was really glad to accept a ton of gifts, most of them were books, and good ones, and the others were jewelry and paid time on my LJ (hence the icon festivities!), but most of all I enjoyed to see everyone had a good time (though Sofi felt bad for a while, and had to go lie down in the apartment). Some people stayed really late, about 4 a.m., and Asaf and Sofi spent the night here and I gave them a ride to the train station this morning for them to go back to Haifa.

I had such a good birthday!

Tomorrow my sister is taking me to have breakfast at Idelson 10, which is a really good Cafe we love... So much fun!

7th icon

May. 4th, 2006 05:46 pm
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Only those of you who know and love Harry Potter will grasp the true wonderfulness of this icon... As a HP freak myself, I think it most funny and great, and credit for Hagar for making it for me (Hagar - one down, 33 more to go) - Thanks!

Accio Brain!
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4 meme )

P.S. - New icon, thanks to Hagar... I can only say it's more interesting than the test she's studying for...
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Hagar made me a new icon - to match my new LJ title... Cool as hell (Thanks, girl!)

Spent most of this week being sick, but unfortunately had to go to the university, because I couldn't afford it to miss class, especially not Immunology. We had a class tour on Tuesday, and it was a complete snore - thing. So boring, and it meant me getting up at 05:00, and returning home at 20:30... And it was so hot, and the pages kept flying so I couldn't write properly. Anyway, after one more day of school, one of Perach I got to this Friday, and I am very grateful for it.

My Birthday-Piniata is coming on very nicely, though my mom looked at it and said it looked nothing but a few cups wrapped in newspaper... Never mind, it'll be good, I hope...
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Just as it says... Have a new icon (replacing the white bird). Avihu sent me this link to a forum where they posted pictures from a calender where several artists painted Tori Amos (my favorite singer), and it's just so beautiful I made this one picture my wallpaper and decided to let you all see it as well.

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Like I said, I get bored quite fast - but that's not the thing this time. this picture is just sooooooooo beautiful - I got it from a slide-show and it was just so right... Anyway, it pushed my dragonfly picture out, but, well... it's just so much more me, and since I can't find a decent Sphinx picture this is it.

I'm still studying, though my back and my butt hurts from all this sitting, and my chair is not all that great. I'm going to streach and make screechy noises to relive myself and go back to neurobiology. Did you know that most of our brain isn't even neurons? It's mostly glia cells and people used to think they weren't important - well, no... They are very important, but I'm sick of'em...


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