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Did manage to rest this weekend, even though I had some plans.

Thursday I had the car so I used the mobility to go see Opher and Shiri. We had dinner together and a round of Dominion, and a whole lot of talking and fancying the cats.

Friday morning I got up really late, and then my mom recruited me to go do some shopping with her, and by the time we were finished with the fruit and vegetables, bakery, supermarket and a trip to my grandma's to drop some of the stuff off it was already after 13:00. On the other hand, I did get tons of stuff, so now the house is full of food I like. My dad made a face that we didn't get him anything, but as I've told him, we can't read his mind and if he wants something he needs to ask for it or come with us. Didn't stop him sulking, though.

Caught up with TV shows that afternoon and read a bit (I'm getting through the second half of the Harry Potter series again), and watched "Billy Eliot" with my parents again. This week's episode of "The Americans" was incredible, with one of the best scenes I've ever seen on television.

Today was my cousin's sons' birthday party, and since they fall asleep quite early in the afternoon my aunt invited us for 11:30. We weren't there by 11:30, but it was still very early when we got there and when we left. There was tons of food and I took pictures, but the light was unfavorable, so I hope they turned out all right.

Spent the last few hours reading and listening to music and pondering how the hell can I actually get my own apartment (which happens once in a while when my mom annoys me too much).

This week will be very hard, since next week on Monday is the annual quality exam. I can't wait for that to be over. Thankfully, that week we have our trip to Barcelona, which will give me time to rest and unwind for a bit.
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This reminds me of 9 hours on June 20th, 2007.... Enjoy.

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1. First week of the job went smoothly. I haven't really written about what I'm doing, huh? Well, I'm a scholarship-receivers coordinator (sound better in Hebrew, and, boy, that's a first - רכזת מלגאים) at the Student association of TAU, which is a fancy way of saying "secretary", but it's fine. Spent the first few days putting things in order (who the fucking shit files names by their first, I ask you?!) and spending some of the money I'm yet to earn (bras. Needed new bras).

2. School year starts Sunday. Last year (hopefully nothing extra I'll have to take or re-take). Kind of a big deal, see. I know myself, and when I get on the bus on Sunday morning (or during the ride at some point) I'll really comprehend that and have a huge smile on my face and some tears. I truly hope this is the last B.Sc. I'll go through... Might go for Masters at some point, but I've had enough of TAU for at least five years.

3. My mom cleaned my room and took the liberty of organizing stuff, I can't find a bloody thing. It's like having a maid again.

4. Reading list? Harry Potter. Yes. Well, it's been a while since I read the entire thing from scratch, and I see (yet again) how good it is. Makes me smile. I also got a book by Marjane Satrapi ("Embroideries") and it was very lovely. Maye "lovely" ain't the word exactly, but it was good. Made me laugh in the middle of the bus.

5. "Bones" this week was wonderful! I really hate the changing interns, but this one was just precious. Plus her outfit in the end, and Hodgins answering "The Dude" with all the other kids... I clapped and cheered on and jumped in my seat. :)

6. Took my mom out today - just me and her. We walked around in Neve Tzedek in TA, got into some incredible shops and had some great ice-cream. Also checked out the new "Station" complex (they fixed up some old train station next to the beach in Jaffa and turned it into a posh shops and cafes complex). Walked around some, got into some cool shops, bought some cheese and olives in the market stands and headed home. My dad called and wanted to know if we were coming to cook for him, so I told him he can cook for himself (he eats early on Fridays because he goes play Soccer with his friends in the afternoon). It was very hot, but we had a lot of fun and it wasn't even as big a mess as we thought it would be.

7. Saw Lilach yesterday. That's three times in a month - and I'm glad we did it. I don't want to lose touch with her, and I need the frontal conversations (not a very big phone person).

8. Somewhere in the middle I was crowned "link to Udi", since my tiny little brother of 23 is currently at India and will only send me messages via Facebook. Funny kid.

9. Also, took some pics out today, I'll post them in a while.

10. I'm actually behind on my shows - Still haven't watched "Chuck" or "Fringe".

11. ...And I need to get that work proposal done and send it to my project instructor.

12. I'm also considering my outfit for Sunday. Problem is, I'll be doing a shift in the Student association tent and I'll need to be with that horrible t-shirt they issued me (first week of semester the association has a big fair in the middle of the university, with beer and sponsors and what-nots, and people from the association to explain students what services they can get from it). Gonna be a problem with my other clothes... Crap.

And that's all for now.
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Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!".
I will then give you five words that remind me of you.
Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

Mel gave me these. )
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So mel gave me three of my beloved characters...

Throw off a cliff, marry, shag... )
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Thuesday night I had a fight with my dad. It ended with him saying "Find another house" and in me packing a bag and getting the hell out. Called Hagar and made sure I could crash there.

Spent the evening with her, a bottle of beer and "Twilight" (finished my month-and-a-half-project of all the "Harry Potter"s) and went to sleep at about 11:30. Slept badly - there was the noise of cars, the too-narrow-bed and my anger, who was creeping into my dreams. Only really fell asleep early in the morning, and by then the alarm went off and I got up, thankful, that the night was over.

Got some breakfast and made a few additions to my papers and then we left for the university. We were there with plenty time to spare so I was able to go print a few more things before my test. All in all, the test didn't go down as well as i could have hoped, but better than I could have expected. My eventful evening and night didn't help with that, too, and I found myself at times gazing blankly at the wall, my head full of buzzing.

Had a meeting with Keren after that, got plenty of compliments and a few points to work about (it was a feedback meeting) and then my mom picked me up and we made a few rounds before going home.

Spent the afternoon slouched on the couch, half dozing off half reading (Netalie called during which, and my behavior after that told me I wasn't really awake while speaking to her) until I got up and went to the shower. Was out of the house by 19:30 and was in Suzzanne Dalal at 20:00.

Netalie came and met me there and we ate at Suzzanna (I was supposed to call her when I got to Tel Aviv and pick her up but, as I said, I was half asleep when we talked). Dinner was great, though, and the dance show (Oyster - Inbal Pinto again) was beautiful.

I've seen that show before, some years ago, and it was just as wonderful as I remembered and even more - the theater-like feel they have to the dance, the costumes, so much great dancers... It was like a dream made into a performance. Netalie was just as thrilled about it as I was.

Drove her home and was home myself at about 11:30.

Now I need to study.

But House just finished downloading... Mmm.


Jan. 19th, 2009 08:46 pm
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Well, "Mr. Blue-sky" really is a feel-good song... :)

My solids professor walked up to me today and started a conversation about Harry Potter (she saw me with OotP during break), and a guy sitting behind be jumped in and said "how come you have time to read?" so I said that when one can't read, one can't live, and my professor said she agreed with me. I do so very much like her... :)

And on another subject - crushes are stupid things... Blah about that.

Some time off from Perach, almost no meetings this week, which will give me time to study (or, more likely, finish OotP). On the other hand, our mid-year seminar is this Friday, so this Friday is totaled as well as the last three and the next one. I won't have a Friday off until February...

Got hold of "First among Sequels" but there is still two and a half HP books to get through before I get my head around to anything else, and by that time my "Twilight" series will be here (hopefully) from Amazon and I can't see myself straining too hard to stop myself from them.

Very happy that the semester is drawing to a close. The next one is harder, still, but it's a second semester, and as such has the proximity to the summer and New York is calling me from afar for this summer, so I'm not too bummed. I am bummed about Mel not coming with me, but my sister gave me the idea to publish my need for a trip-buddy in "Lametayel" in Dizengof Center, so I guess I'll find someone in the end, and, still, I have these hopes that, well..

Also - "True Blood" had a very good first season, finished downloading it on Saturday and now I'm quite at a loss for stuff to download (some shows returned this week, so that's good, but whole seasons? Not anymore). Downloaded "Once" but only got through the first 5 minutes to understand I'll understand absolutely nothing from their Irish accent. I'll have to see what I'll do with that... *is amused*
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As I promised some time ago - a few photos of "Beedle the Bard" and "Comic Book Tattoo"


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Hee-hee *dances a little dance*

Third trailer of HP6 is out (link here to download from Mugglenet)

I'm excited, but also quite realistic.

There hasn't been one movie that it's trailer wasn't better than the actual film...

Still, great trailer!
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Got a makeup class at 10:00. My mom is giving me a lift to the university.

Also, it's been one year since we were in London after the HPatDH launch... What a great day that was, and the next day (=today) we went to Portobello road and bought cupcakes at the Hummingbird. I was really excited last night, remembering those moments we counted down from 10, and the last hour before we got the books, and the ride to the train station with that riksha, with the foreign driver who looked more at us than at the road...

I miss that trip. I would've like to have been there again...



Feb. 11th, 2008 12:27 pm
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Tendriling and my Tori poster returned from the frame guy, and they're both on my wall now, looking at me (yey!). I do need to make a bit of order on my wall, and for that I need someone to drill and make me hangers for my heavy stuff. I'm not even talking about the *counts* eight paintings, done and undone, I have next to my dresser and in my closet. I need more wall space, dammit.

Saturday was great, going to Haifa to finally give Asaf and Sofi their presents, and spending some much needed time with them. I haven't seen them in ages. It also gave me a good excuse for not being at home with my fighting parents (my dad being an ass, בהמה לחלוטין), and by the time I returned home, after driving long hours, too much coffee and tahini cookies from Hagar, they were speaking again and i didn't have to listen to the silence.

Also managed to finish during the weekend the alternative version of DH, being as corny and cheesy as it may, it has it's moments, and I enjoyed it, and started my new Umberto Eco book.

Day off

Dec. 24th, 2007 08:28 am
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I was all ready to leave, when the urge to stay at home today overwhelmed me.

So I'm taking the day off from school (will only miss two classes - one of them doesn't really help me and the other is teaching stuff I've already learned, so I'm giving myself this day), and I'll be spending it doing other stuff, like do my homework (bla), perach work (bla) or just reading (nodding feverently).

So, DH awaits me... :)

And I fucking deserve it after the horrible week I've had.
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OMG - Guillermo Del Toro is considering directing 'Deathly Hallows'.

That would be the best!!!

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So JKR is on a tour in the US, and she talked last night in New York, revealing that Dumbledore was gay and in love with Gellert Grindelwald...

She also said to the audiance that "If I had known this would have made you so happy, I would have told you years ago."

Woot for JKR!
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Comment, and I'll give you 7 of your interestd (you've written in your profile). Write about these.

Hagar gave me these. )


Sep. 24th, 2007 10:13 am
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I've been very busy these last few days... I spent Atonement day's eve mostly reading the hp fanfic Asaf sent me. It was very good, but I still like DH better. Asaf disagrees, but, well, never mind.

On Atonement day itself I had fun watching Die Hard 4.0 with my dad on my computer (really good action, and Bruce Willis is still incredible at this role) and a rewind of Life on Mars (the first season, a few episodes). Michali and Eyal came over for lunch (Eyal watched us eat since he does fest. I can never understand how he's being so nonchalant about people around him eating while he's hungry...) and stayed a few hours. Didn't do anything special as the day ended, and I went to sleep early.

Yesterday I woke early because I had a long drive ahead of me. I took my sunglasses, a big wallet of CDs and headed north, towards Tiv'on. The reason I went there was that I had a seminar for Perach (could they have stuck it in the end of the fucking world even further?!?!). As i expected, it was mostly bullshit with tiny freckles of actual important stuff. By the time it was over I was tired and annoyed, with two cups of coffee behind me. Luckily i had the car, and I was determined to make this day a better one, so, having been in the north, I went to see Asaf and Sofi in Haifa. The drive there wasn't very hard, and i found their place easily enough (having been there a few times already) and I spent two and a half hours chatting with them (it took Asaf an hour and a half to get home, so I spent most of the time talking to Sofi and watching her eat soup almonds with honey...) Parenti also showed up for some time, and we talked for a bit about how my Perach work collides with my hatred of children (that was quite the conversation, I tell you...), and then I thought it was already time to leave so I took off. It took me 20 minutes (and three mistakes, mind you) to get out of Haifa, but when I got to the coast highway I put my foot down on the gas and made it to Holon in just under and hour and 15 minutes.

Why, yes, I was on about 130 kph most of the way, why do you ask? :)

Had a meeting with the Perach school's headmistress and counselor this morning, but I still made it on time to work.

"Chris, I'm going to tell you two words that will change your life forever - Multi tasking."

Yes, I'm in love with John Simm, move along, there's nothing to see.
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I am totally in love with John Simm.

Now that I've dropped that bombshell, I can get on with things.

Been reading an altenative version of DH these past few hours, and man, is that good! I really hope it won't deteriorate, but up until now it's absolutely brilliant and I'm loving every moment.

Having counted, I have 14 working days left on the paper. Wow. My first real job, over.

Kinda makes you think.


Hard to write a coherant post when you're constantly interrupted by phones, gift wrappings and what-nots...
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Third day of my period, the pains are somewhat subsided. Hopefully it'll stay moderate until the end, I've no desire to go back to painkillers.

Went out to eat at "River noodle bar" last night with Lilach. I had completely forgotten about our plans and was about to make myself some dinner when she smsed me to remind me. We ended up having great fun (the place has really nice food in wonderful prices - I only payed 70 NIS, and that was with a big dish of noodles, a fruit shake, diet coke and tip. Needless to say, she heard all about my trip, and got her present. I came home at 22:50 to find my mom irritated that I haven't walked the dogs, so I did it, reluctantly, and only then went to sleep.

I've been sleeping with the AC on these past few nights, which is something I try not to do, even at summer, because my room has really nice breeze during most of the nights, but I have to admit - the heat is really bad during the night, and I would sleep much worse if the AC wasn't on. Plus, my cats have managed to tear my screen yet again, so it's with a cockroach and mosquito hazards that I leave the window open. So, the AC makes it all much simpler.

Thoughts about deaths in literature. DH spoilers Alert! )
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I promised I'd write a bit more, so here goes, since my boss isn't here and I'm bored to death...

Harry Potter Tales )


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