Oct. 11th, 2014 09:31 am
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My parents are on holiday at the moment, and what my mom does around the house is devided to three people (Emma, who comes and feeds the downstairs cats), Udi and me of course.

Had a nasty period these past few days so I was somewhat unhelpful, but I woke up today feeling a lot better, so I already washed the floor (hey, only just smeared poop), made pancakes, fed the dogs, gave them their medicines (they get A LOT), yelled at Bisi about ten times (he won't fucking sit down for more than a second. He already ate his food, ate Bono's food, peed, pooped, drank water twice, and he just keeps on going.
Yes, old demented dogs are FUN. SUPER FUN). I also bolied eggs and made the marinade for my tofu. We'll probably make fried rice for lunch.

Ooh. Also - laundry.

I still really want to clean out the fridge, but I think I'll do that after Udi goes back to Be'er Sheva, sinhce he won't let me throw out most of the stuff. I think I can have a go at the bathroom, though.

I also need to clean out the kitty litter. JOY.


I was planning on writing quite a lot lately, but it seems it all just slips down and I just don;t have the energy.

For example, I wanted to declare I would try and read at least one new book a week since Rosh Hashana (haven't done that), and I also wanted to write about my TV shows (more on that later) and also about the crap that's going on with my mom and my grandma, but... Like I said, time just slips away.

As for work, things are quiet. I also had a talk with Asaf before the holiday, in which he basically told me that after Motty leaves, Ill be promoted to section head (could still be two years until then, but still). He also made it clear that in order to be bigger section head I'd have to start going out to do tests. I told him I can't at the moment, and that he'd have to bring someone to take some of my work, and he said we'd talk about it once Motty returns from his holiday. If things go well, I might be getting a semi-replacement in a few months. If I stay at the institute, that's the way I want things to go.

Mirit and I also started sewing class, which is super fun. We really needed this. We feel rejuvinated after each class.


I'm gonna go and do the dishes, clean out some stuff and do the laundry, and enjoy my last day at home before going back to work tomorrow (still gonna be a short week of 6.5 hour days since it's Chol Hamo'ed).
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Two words - killer babies.

Well, it was more like the Bamba baby. Killer babies, inside the car.

Yes. I'm aware I have issues (I blame it on Promises Unbroken, which I've been reading non-stop this past few days, or looking into "The Walking Dead" or just my period doing it's normal shit).

And when I woke up I thought "Hmmm. Would make a great video game."
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On top of having cramps, one of my toes decided to swell up and start hurting in the middle of the night, which means I only slept in bits and pieces. It still hurts and it's annoying as all hell.

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I hate getting up at 5:45. Hate it.


This dream, my god - was I sleeping in Hagar's house? It certainly looked that way, and she was there begging us to be quiet and go to sleep, but I couldn't get into the bathroom because someone from work was there (Ofer - head of planning dept. in the SA), or maybe it was someone else, and Ofer was trying to get in as well? And the apartment looked all wrong, and there was a link to the mall. What mall? Just some random thing, no mall I've actually been in, it was big and strange, and I left my bag in a shop I bought a shirt in, and I wanted some other things, and some girl was trying to convince me to buy something else but I said I have no money but my mom will give me some.

And another girl from work was in a wheel chair (the wrong girl - we have an accessibility coordinator who really is in a wheel chair) and she drove me in it back to the apartment and I needed to use the bathroom but there was someone there and when I got in I had to empty a can of tuna fish, and before I got on that wheel chair I left some cold coffee behind.

Also there was a spa somewhere in there - with high and weird prices for stuff that was written in French (I think it was French).


If I look hard enough, all my weekly experiences are in this dream. The cold coffee (because we had no hot water in the office), the tuna (I tried to open a can with a fork for a girl I go to school with), the bathroom (period), people from work, money issues, etc, etc.

I always have weird dreams during my period. This one just - holy FUCK.


Oct. 20th, 2010 08:50 am
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1. Cramps. Ew.

2. First week of the semester almost over. It seems years and years since Sunday, to be honest, but I suspect it's just the beginning of the year fair I had to work in, and it totally drained me (with cramps, heat like a fucking oven and repeating myself about ten thousand times? Yeah). Anyway - I'll be canceling three classes, since I've too many hours and even with canceling another one next semester I'll have enough hours to graduate (graduate. I'm graduating this year).

3. Saw Mel for about 20 minutes Monday. I didn't recognize her with her hair tied back, I must admit, which was kinda hilarious...

4. Still haven't watched "Fringe". My, oh my.

5. The theater festival of the campus, "Small-Bama" [small stage] is on this week and I think I'll go watch one of the shows - since one of my co-workers wrote and directed it. Plus, there are sorta-street-shows outside the theater building, and I really want to photograph there tonight (so I brought my camera).

6. That's it.

Lazy day

Feb. 23rd, 2010 08:33 pm
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Doesn't feel like the beginning of the semester, for some reason. Well.

Skipped Physiology today. I was supposed to be at uni from 14:00 until 20:00, but I had no lab today, and the Physiology class on Sunday was a joke, so I knew nothing would happen if I didn't go. Also, cramps, so a day lazing out was needed.

Painted some, but not too much. Didn't really feel like doing much today, or I would have dressed and gone out - Tuesday at TA is nice, and I could have gone photographing, but, like I said, cramps.

Hopefully the rest of the week won't feel so out of shape...

Also - out of six exams I got 83, two 77s and two 60s. I only have one more test to get the grade on, and I'm positive I passed it. If I did, this will be the first semester since I started this bloody-fucking degree I won't have to re-take tests. This calls for a major "getting-drunk" thing.

Saturday, will be it. :)
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I'm baking cookies. Yes, I know it's 22:30, so? I've been a wreck most of the day, blowing my nose and enjoying the lovely side-effects of having a cold and a period at the same time (stomach ache + not being able to breathe except with my mouth open like a fucking cow and not being able to smell or taste almost anything), but at some time past 20:00 tonight, I had some sort of a rush, so I yanked this recipe I have for Lemon-and-Cardamon cookies and made the dough. While it was in the fridge I got the kitchen organized and got a few things for my mom, who returned from her work-out class very tired.

I used the adrenalin to cut and peel two carrots and a cucumber for my parents, and at that time it was time for the cookies to go into the oven. I've no idea how they turned out, as I can't taste them nor smell them, but my family seemed happy enough about them, so I think they're fine.

I will be going to take a shower soon (totally need it) and to bed.


Jan. 12th, 2010 12:48 pm
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Period. Joy of life.
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Two optalgins, a shower, two songs of Tori's and two of Leonard's.

I feel better. *sigh*

I need to write about "Night train to Lisbon", but I'll so it when I come back from work. There's just a lot to write about that magnificent book.
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If the junior staff doesn't declare strike, the school year begins tomorrow.

Bought all my stuff about half an hour ago at Office Depot here at the mall and I'm contemplating on organizing a bag for tomorrow now. Haven't really done that since the third grade. Scratch that, I've never organized a bag the night before. I'm lazy.

Anyway. I've got 9 hours tomorrow, 8:00-17:00, no breaks, of physics, and math and more physics and more math until my eardrums will pop, and then interviews of potential tutors.

Yey for a sucky first day.

Also, my dad and my brother got on my bad side today and I'm still pissed (typical males; they think they can make do with not lifting a finger around the house), so yey for a sucky before-first-day-day.

Oh, and stomach ache. Peachy, ain't it, to be on my period the first week back to school?

The problem with rants, they don't really help.


On the other hand, House was so unbelievably cute today!
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My last passing grade for this year, again, is in the 60's, and again, I don't care.

Second year, at last.. I don't have to worry about school until the second of November.

This post sounds pretty down but I'm jumping up and down for two hours now, or I would have if my stomach wouldn't have been so goddamn sore.

Yup, period + Equinox = not fun.
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You are a dog
Or maybe you are a mosquito, you certainly can't be human.

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 21.1kHz
Find out which ultrasonic ringtones you can hear!


Also - Stomach cramps. In addition to the sore neck (which didn't reside over night). I spent all of yesterday morning in bed, trying not to move for my neck and trying to move for my stomach. Luckily, the optalgin worked yesterday, and I'm hoping today as well, because we have guests today and my mom needs my help and if I lie in bed looking miserable will help none of us.

It always turns up that I have some sort of annoying thing whenever we're entertaining. Usually it's just my period, but this new neck thing is a fucking bonus.

So off to eat something (I'll wait for the nausea to pass first), get optalgin and wait for the pain to subside for me to start working.
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I have to say, I missed dancing.

I also have a stamp on my arm, which takes me back...

Avihu's birthday party was a lot of fun, but I came home completely drenched in cigarette smoke. I don't have the strength to shower tonight again, I'll bear with it until the morning.

Haven't written in a week. The problem is, every time I sit down I don't want to stand up, and if I sit at the computer I start playing computer games to keep my mind off things and not drown myself in analyzing them.

I'm still working hard on Perach, but the end is nigh (is that how it's spelled?), and two weeks from now the pressure will start to drop, hopefully.

I am still, however, dreaming about perach. I hate it. I used to love my dreams...

Also, second day of period. Yesterday was quite horrible, but today was somewhat better, and with all the work I hardly have time to whine (well, I seem to be doing a wonderful job at it now, at 1:56 in the morning).

Five exercises to be handed in this week - infi, linear algebra, two in graphics and one in programing. All of them needs to be done tomorrow so I'll have the week free for perach.



A bit in Hebrew about a book I love )
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Back pains, in addition to the stomach aches.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Also, my favorite snickers got torn off, and I have to go buy me a new pair. If Motty will leave soon I might be able to hop to the mall and find me something there.

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Second day of Period. took two optalgins this morning and they held me well up until about half an hour ago... Shit, it hurts, and I'm nuseous so I can't eat, so I can't take a pill, so... You get the point.

Tomorrow is another day of skipping from work to Perach, and Wednesday I have off, so I'll have four days to rest at home before my last week here begins.

So tired

Sep. 30th, 2007 01:30 pm
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The holidays are doing me nothing good - I'm just doing nothing productive in them.

Had another perach meeting today. God, this running around between these things and my job is annoying as hell. My stomach also hurts and I'm in a foul mood, not to mention I haven't done anything for perach these past few weeks, and I'm beginning to feel people around me breathing down my neck, and I still have my obligations for work, and I'm just...


The pain is another reason I feel this shitty, but the pressure is holding me from sleeping well at night, and it creeps up on me all the time, and I haven't a thing I can do because the fucking holiday means everything's closed and I have nowhere to conduct interviews even if I want to, and the constant running between work and the university (not to mention "exotic" places like fucking Tiv'on and Rehovot) is making me jumpy, edgy and timeless.



Aug. 29th, 2007 10:36 am
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Stomach ache - check, though bearable.

A glass of soda - check.

Exasperation by my boss first thing in the morning - check. How many times does he need conformations, for fuck's sake?!?!?

A call from Perach - check. I need to get that job.

A parcel sent to Lily - check.

Stomach ach... Yes, still here.

Quiet - check. My boss left for a tour. Good.

Some things to do - check. Sending mail, getting out the gift certificates for the holidays, order stickers, bills, get another book for the north district, talk to the Mashbir about their bad coupons, move two meetings... I think that's it.

A weird sequence of songs in the morning - check. It was as if I rewind the time to age 17. I started with "Almost Unreal" that I haven't heard in ages so I chose it and then let the shuffle roll. It was followed by "Whuthering Heights", Who wants to live forever", "solsbury Hill", "Girl" and "Masquerade".


One meeting is with a guy who has been difficult to reach forever, and every time we schedule he says he doesn't have it written... Ass hole. Annoying git claims he can't come now I've finally got a hold of him.
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Been working since 8:00 today, and it's been busy here, but I got some things done I needed to finish, so my desk looks a lot better.

Spent last night with Hagar. We went to eat at "Iceberg" and that was gooooood... We had macaroon cookies with ice cream, peaches cooked with lavender and caramel, some vanilla-maple ice cream and cannoli stuffed with nougat mousse... We also had cocktails and spent some two hours in the place, agreeing that ice cream is most definitely dinner, and you have to be a woman to think that. We went on a little bit up Ben Yehuda street because I wanted to show her an art gallery with gorgeous prints and then we went on to buy some bread (for me to have for sandwiches) and we sat on the beach for another hour or so, making plans for the future.

My stomach is held in a tight leash by painkillers today, and only glimpses of the pain shine through once in a while. Most of the time I'm fine (which is a miracle considering my state when I woke up in the morning).


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