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I also got very drunk from the booze, which was really great. I usually have to drive, so I never allow myself to drink so much. Also - 30 year old Tequila. Brilliant. I was giggly as all hell, and didn't become sleepy! It seems my body handles Tequila much better than it does beer.

After the last game I opened the presents (got a handful of art books, a novel, a baking pan for brownies, some towels and a great kit of L'Occitane) and then we all got all the remains of the food and stuff back to the apartment.

In between I got a text from H's mom to ask if she left yet... Seems like my mom isn't the only one who does that with kids over 24...

Went to bed after 2:00 and got up this morning at 10:00. No headache and no nausea.

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Hehe. My brother just got 3 bottles of After-Shock from his friends, one cytrus, one mint and one cranberries. He's thrilled...
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First, a quote from Adi Ashkenazi last night: "There isn't such a thing as a straight girl, there is just not enough Vodka".


Today was big - my grandparents' 60 anniversary. We arranged a nice big party for them, in my aunt's house, with a few of their friends (those who are alive and can get in the car/sit still for an hour/remember who they are... I'm not joking here) and a few of my mom and my aunt's friends (my aunt is my mom's sister and my grandparents are my mom's parents). At first my grandma said she didn't even want a party (she had been ill for a long time up until a few weeks ago) but she came around, and we went ahead with our plan. everything was wonderful, my dad and I made a presentation from old photos and my dad rhymed so much of their life story. They were really touched, I even saw my grandad shed a tear. My mom, after crying on and off for some time in the beginning of the party behaved and didn't cry during the presentation (it was also written funnily, so it helped), and I made it my goal to get people drunk - whiskey and brandy and martini, oh my!

Will be leaving shortly with Michali and Eyal for a dance show I'm dying to see.

Didn't really get a chance to work this weekend... Mmmm.
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A last minute call and I went out with Navot a nd a couple of his friends - Langut, a friend of Asaf and Sofi's who I've met before (a really sweet guy) and Eyal, a friend of Navot's from Reut, which is a nice person but not my type of a friend. We went to "Norma-Jean", a pub in Yafo, a nice place, but because I was driving I only had diet coke, and since I wasn't hungry, I ended up paying 10 NIS on my credit card (didn't have cash), which is, I think, the least I've payed with it not including the copy machines and printers on campus. Langut went on and on about beers, Navot got his Hamburger like an hour later than everything else but I still had fun, and I laughed a lot (and yes, I do sometimes laugh like a witch). Ended up being a night out rather than my normal "falling asleep in front of the T.V. and dragging myself to bed at 23:00 or 00:00".


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