Train woes

Feb. 21st, 2012 08:27 am
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Yet again, train troubles. "Malfunction" my ass.

Half an hour in one station, then a very crowded train, then an even more so crowded station (I've never seen such a crowded station in my life, not here and not abroad). I was somewhat lucky since I got to work "only" 5 minutes late (but half an hour later than my usual time, which means I'll only be able to leave at 17:05, and I have the chance of missing the 17:20 train).

I hate the fucking train!


Feb. 14th, 2012 10:41 am
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* My shoes are incredibly greasy and I'm leaving footprints all over the office. I guess that's what happens when you have the kind of job I have.

* The radiator cover I designed arrived. It's horribly designed and it's going to need *a few* adjustments... I told AS I should have my degree revoked. :)

* No trains. Again. My morning routine now includes a trip to Ynet to see if I'll have a train. Service taxi it is, again, and more money spent. I'm going to go yell at someone at the train's PR office when they come back to work.


So I'm inside a school, yes? And I don't know if I went back to being a Perach instructor or it's just a social call, and I think Hagar was there with me, and suddenly the alarms go off. The kind i remember from the Gulf War, and I tell Hagar "It's the real deal, I just know it", and we go to the shelter. The school is really quiet - too quiet - I've been in schools as an adult to know exactly how noisy they are, even during lessons, and we seem to be alone in the shelter.

Then - three large explosions, one after another, and we're outside looking at the smoldering Azrieli towers after they've been hit with some bloody missile.


I only just remembered that dream some half an hour after I woke up. Made me stand still for a moment.


Also - finished the first novelette from Grossman's "In another Life" [בגוף אני מבינה]. Gave me chills that wouldn't go away for 10 minutes.
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I'm going to bed yet again not knowing if there will be trains tomorrow.

I feel like a fucking hostage.
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I hate the fucking train.

Now the workers' board is threatening to stike as of this Teusday.

I hate the fucking train.
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The strike on the train (and in half the country) meant I needed an alternative way to get to work today. Luckily, my dad isn't going to work today so I could take the car, but if the strike lasts more than a day I'm going to have a very serious problem.

Anyway, however annoying the strike is, it's incredibly fun to have the car - I got here in less than 30 minutes (even the best of times with the train and bus get to an hour-twenty in the morning, not to mention if I miss one of them and then it can get to close to two hours). That meant I got here via 7:05, which was totally too early - and even with a quick trip to the bakery to get something tasty to eat I signed in by 7:20. Well, I'll get some overtime today.

And, well, I'd better actually start working...


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