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Spent most of the weekend in front of my Kindle, and some in front of other books and my computer.

Managed to finished the "50 Shades" trilogy for the second time (even if less thoroughly than the first time) and another book from beginning to end in just under three hours yesterday ("No mistakes" by Ella Yavlonski). I also watched the series finale of "Awake" (that had so much potential...), some "Revenge", "Game of Thrones", an episode and a half of "Wilfred" (sure made me laugh, but it's not how I want to spend my time" and half of the first season of "Awkward" (oh, high school drama).

I also bought two new shirts at Frau Blau of Friday, and had my fist summer-shake on Shenkien street (watermelon and banana!).

...and now I'm hungry.

Coffee? Too early.


Short week = good week!

And I have the Goteborg Ballet tomorrow, and the Accessories Market this weekend, and next week is my graduation ceremony
(Diploma!) and the reunion for my school and book week.


So much to do. :)
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On a whim of a moment (and after yesterday which wasn't happy) I bought a ticket to see Bat Sheva Dance Company tomorrow at the Suzanne Dallal Center.

Made me feel tons better.

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Went to see "Pina" Last night. Without a doubt, beautiful as hell. You get to see pieces of dances, solos, duets and group dances and in between the dancers talk about their life in the company (they sit with their mouths closed and their voice is played). It's amazing to see such old dancers - man and women in their forties and fifties. One of the younger dancers is actually a daughter of two of the older dancers. Unbelievable how Pina Bauch's company is held together - the attention she apparently gave to each of her dancers was such that they talk about her like she's their mother. Or more than that.

This isn't a dance company. This is a family. And you can see what it does to the dance. You can see how each of these people is woven into the entire group's movement. How they each have a place and a voice and yet when they dance together they're more than the sum.

The movie itself is filmed in the most beautiful places (all kinds of weird buildings, glass halls surrounded by forest trees, an inverted train in the middle of a city, road sides, sandy quarry), and on a stage (the group dances). "Cafe Moller", which is the only piece I ever came across before (in the film "Talk to Her") is an amazing creation and I will definitely watch it at some point in my life. I actually checked to see if they were dancing in Berlin while we're there, but no such luck.

A thought that occurred to me during the movie - about a fifty year old dancer who danced on point for 5 minutes straight - about how she does it - and the answer who came to mind was "Well, she's been doing it every day for the past 40 years, of course she can dance on point for 5 minutes straight".

If you love modern dance, I strongly recommend to go see it. It's one of those things that makes you humble.
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School work status - non existing yet. I really need to get a move on.

On the other hand I made Kranz dough, so that will be today's dessert, not to mention my mom making all kinds of nice foods today (sweet potatoes, cauliflower as I like it, baked onions) - and we have strawberries. Happiness.

As for the passing week - it was shit. From beginning to almost end, it was bad, with nights of almost no sleep, to cramps, to pains, to zombie state half the week, to being emotional all the time (including crying at at least 3 public places).

Thursday was fun, though, with Hagar and the quiches' place (though the waiter was very unpleasant), and a lot of talking.

I also had trouble with my Ipod, hopefully it'll be fine now, after I erased all the music and re-synced it.

I think a shower is in order, and then I hope I'll be able to work some, and also finish the cakes (the dough still need two folds, and only then can I fill it and put it in the oven pan for another rising, and only then can I bake it).

Oh! I also ordered two tickets for Inbal Pinto's new dance show (going with my mom). First one in more than a year. I'm really excited... :)

OK. Let's go.
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I missed it. All of it. Crap.


ETA - The dance show. It's here because It's supposed to have been on today. It was cool, not as good as the last few I've seen. "Trout", Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollack. On a stage flooded with water.


* Costumes were beautiful - when they soaked up the water they had more fluidity and motion. It was different and gorgeous.

* The girl with the old-time evening gown was making violin-like noises with her mouth. WTF?

* Two maids, two other girls, upper, one guy, a lot of chalk writing on the wall and a flamingo costumed guy. Funny.

* At the end there was a small piece by Talia Beck. Was very nice.

Don't really have the edge to tell it all.
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I'm better. Down time took a while, but it's over.

So - updates, and the photography will get a few posts on it's own:

[From recent events back]

New York, New York )


Leonard Cohen, pics included! )


Quick report on the Madonna show – I didn't have much fun. Most of the show is about, well, the show, not the music (and she has great music, ton of soul in so many of her songs), and it bothered me to no end. The breaking point was Frozen. I'm sorry, but a dance version of this song? So, I dragged my mom out early, and I'll never go see her again. This is one artist the recorded version of her songs was that much better and full of emotion than the live version. I still love her, but I'll know better.


Hora )


OK. That's it for now. Wait for more photography.
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So... I went to see the dancers of the Paris Opera House yesterday at the Suzanne Dalal center.

Longish report of this amazing performance )

Udi was home when I got back and was very kind to listen to my rambling about the show. I also got to talk with him about what he wanted to do when he will be discharged in November, and a bit about politics. He seemed to be in a fairly good mood (might have something to do with the fact he's on vacation this week) and the late hour seemed to help him open up. It was a good conversation.

My mom and I went to buy me a dress today in Hod Hasharon (since she didn't like the one I got and I really didn't want to go to the wedding we have this week with pants or a skirt) and we managed to find a nice one we both liked, with good shape and it's not black (only needs to be shortened a bit). Spent the day doing nothing much, supporting a headache (third time this week... Damn air condition).

I can't wait until tomorrow, because I'll be giving Hagar her birthday present and it has been in the works since March. Finally. The card is done as well, and all I have left to do is wrap it, which will be a hassle, the painting being 70x100 cm...
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I went to see "What is it to you, angel" (מה לך מלאך) with Netalie at Suzanne Dalal. It was incredible.

The first part was mainly Rina Shinfeld and a co dancer in a duet (I'll point out that Rina Shinfeld is 71 years old and her co dancer was a guy in his twenties and the dance was semi mother/son and semi lovers. Made me think of D.H. Lawrence). It was beautiful - there were poles they hung from and a lot of playing with Rina's hair as a prop (lovely artistic). There were some six or seven female dancers and they joined and interwove into the duet at some point, and there were times two girls held on to a cloth and the projected pictures from (I imagine) Rina's childhood. The end had the dancers and music saying that "Heaven is like the place we are now, only much, much better". The energized ending to the dance was beautiful, and then they had some red props (they were dressed in grey), and after the first round of applause the dancers swept to the audience and pulled a few people from the crowd to dance with them on the stage. Mesmerizing and intoxicating.

We left with huge grins on our faces, and since this was my birthday gift from Netalie I'll say once more - Thank you!!! :)
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Thuesday night I had a fight with my dad. It ended with him saying "Find another house" and in me packing a bag and getting the hell out. Called Hagar and made sure I could crash there.

Spent the evening with her, a bottle of beer and "Twilight" (finished my month-and-a-half-project of all the "Harry Potter"s) and went to sleep at about 11:30. Slept badly - there was the noise of cars, the too-narrow-bed and my anger, who was creeping into my dreams. Only really fell asleep early in the morning, and by then the alarm went off and I got up, thankful, that the night was over.

Got some breakfast and made a few additions to my papers and then we left for the university. We were there with plenty time to spare so I was able to go print a few more things before my test. All in all, the test didn't go down as well as i could have hoped, but better than I could have expected. My eventful evening and night didn't help with that, too, and I found myself at times gazing blankly at the wall, my head full of buzzing.

Had a meeting with Keren after that, got plenty of compliments and a few points to work about (it was a feedback meeting) and then my mom picked me up and we made a few rounds before going home.

Spent the afternoon slouched on the couch, half dozing off half reading (Netalie called during which, and my behavior after that told me I wasn't really awake while speaking to her) until I got up and went to the shower. Was out of the house by 19:30 and was in Suzzanne Dalal at 20:00.

Netalie came and met me there and we ate at Suzzanna (I was supposed to call her when I got to Tel Aviv and pick her up but, as I said, I was half asleep when we talked). Dinner was great, though, and the dance show (Oyster - Inbal Pinto again) was beautiful.

I've seen that show before, some years ago, and it was just as wonderful as I remembered and even more - the theater-like feel they have to the dance, the costumes, so much great dancers... It was like a dream made into a performance. Netalie was just as thrilled about it as I was.

Drove her home and was home myself at about 11:30.

Now I need to study.

But House just finished downloading... Mmm.
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So. 60 Hz, by the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company was amazing,. The whole thing is built around sounds, but, as all contemporary dance, says much more than the original idea.

The show started a bit funny, with a woman walking around with two golden cages around her bottom, but when the entire company took the stage there was enough energy to blow off the roof.

There were a few parts I loved more - one dancer performed a wonderful solo dance, to almost no music (there was hardly music during the whole thing - loud noises and talk mostly) that was later repeated with the entire company. There were also a few duets, two by a man and a woman, two by two women and one with two men. I loved the male duet the most, it was full of enough love, passion, sex and closeness that it brought tears to my eyes. It was one of the best pieces of dance I've ever seen.

There was a part, really loud, really powerful of all the dancers on stage moving and vibrating to sound of excited mumbelling and jibrish talk, with the dancer with the golden cages pretending to scream all the time. Laughed my ass off...

I went with Lilach and she loved it too (less than I did) and we finished the evening with a trip to Suzzanna, the cafe near Suzzanne Dalal Center. Had some really good food, wine (I wasn't driving and that was fun) and conversation and got home at about 23:30.

Also, my dad's work place was hit last night from a missile, he spent some time in a safe room and when he got home my mom greeted him with a "Oh, look, the war hero came home!". Needless to say, we were very happy he was home, and he'll be in Holon today, nowhere near falling missiles.
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Netalie and I went to see a show last night - "Hydra" - a dance show by Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak. It was fantastic! We left Suzzanne Dalal with our mouths open, it was so good. I can never really describe dance shows, sadly, so if you're interested and you love dance - go see it. Wonderful.

After that (we had lunch at Bellini beforehand, wasn't that great) we went for a walk and then decided to go the TA harbor, where we could find ice cream and some places to take a few pictures. Netalie really wanted me to take a few photos of her. I must say, I think the first one is the best portait I've ever taken...

We had ice cream at "Iceberg-Volcano", again, wasn't all that great (we took a dish I'm not familiar with and it was a bit anemic) but they gave us some candles and a Hunukia so we lit candles and again, I took some pictures.

Also took some pictures of the harbor.

Here they all are )
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I haven't written about the dance show last night, have I?

Well, it was incredible. four pieces, the first was "Magnolia" with Talia Paz (I've seen that before), the second was with English dancers, the third Talia Paz again and the forth with a Japanese dancer (choreographed by a dutch choreographer).

Magnolia was amazing, like the first time I saw it. If there is some sort of dance-interpretation for life, this is it. Name the emotion, it's there, with all of life's little screw-ups. And Talia Paz... Would someone clone this woman, please? She's un-fucking-believable. Such a virtuous dancer I've never seen in my life, the way she moved her body, it's like she can control every last muscle and bone separately.

The second part was wonderful - two dancers, a man and a woman dancing to the sound of instructions on how to assemble the complete - saying, the combination of the two, and how to use each separately. The narrative (with no music but with great pace and intonation) was quite hilarious most of the time, and the dancers dance their parts as, well, parts is done to perfection. Quite "normal" modern dancing, but excellently performed.

The third part was my least favorite - Talia Paz again, but in a different piece by another choreographer. It was less to my taste and by that point I was really tired, and my eyes shut more than once.

The forth part was more modern ballet than anything else with Johnny Cash music, which fitted it beautifully. It was, again, quite "normal" modern dancing, but, again, done extremely well by a very able dancer, and not just able - expressive enough for this role.

The entire thing wasn't long - I was home at 23:30 (the show started at 22:00 and it was about 20 minutes driving to get me home) with a bunch of leaflets for the next month's worth of shows in Suzanne Dallal Center. Good time.
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Got tickets for two shows - one is Hooverfonic that's playing in the Barbi in Tel Aviv on thursday night and the other is a dance show on Friday night in Susan Dalal's Center - Three Creators - Britain, Israel and the Netherlands, which is supposed to be relly good and with Talia Paz (whom I love).

So, lot's of money spend, but these things are priceless, to me.

Just need to get ther, now, as in, let it be Thursday night and Friday night.


Sep. 13th, 2008 12:05 pm
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Yesterday morning )

Had lunch with my parents and went on the get some painting done, managed to almost finish one base (I finished the base today, also got on to the second lair of actual painting), went on with another painting and by then I noticed it was late so I went to get the truffles rolled and get washed and dressed.

Evening - Party and a show )

Going to eat at my grandparents today so I have to get dressed soon. Also got to paint a bit today as well.
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כרגע חזרתי מ"מגנוליות" של טליה פז.


קודם כל, המופע מוזר לחלוטין - הוא מורכב משלושה חלקים, את הראשון והאחרון רוקדת טליה פז לבד על הבמה ואת הקטע האמצעי רוקד בחור יפני בשם שינטארו אווה. החלק הראשון הוא ריקוד סולו של טליה כשהיא לבושה רק בתחתונים שחורים על הבמה. לראות את החלק הזה גרם לי לחשוב כל כך הרבה מחשבות בזו אחרי זו - לחשוב על איך עירום הוא במילא חלק מריקוד, גם אם לבושים, על מחלות, על איגרוף, על זקנים, על כל כך הרבה דברים שנפתחו בתוכי ונעלמו בתנועה הבאה. והיא רקדנית מדהימה - וירטואוזיות של הגוף... אלוהים, כל כך הרבה שרון, והיא אשה כל כך בשלה, יש לה כל כך הרבה בגרות בריקוד הזה. לא הרבה אנשים יכולים לעשות מה שהיא עשתה ולא להיראות מגוחכים.

החלק האמצעי מצא חן בעיני הכי פחות, כי הוא גם היה מורכב מלא המון אשכרה ריקוד - הרבה עמידה במקום, הרבה דיבור וכל מיני שיחות מוזרות עם שני מקליטים קטנים. הרקדן שביצע את הקטע הזה היה, בקטעים שכן היה ריקוד, רקדן מעולה.

אני יודעת בתוכי שגם הדיבור והמוזרות היא חלק מהריקוד, אבל אצלו היה לי קשה יותר לקבל את זה מאצלה, כי בחלק האחרון גם היא דיברה הרבה והחליפה בגדים על הבמה לשמלה אדומה ורקדה ורקדה איזה חמישה חלקים שהתחברו למין רצף של קפיצות לגבהים שונים, ופשוט,... אוי, זה פשוט כאב מעונג. הכוריאוגרפיות היו כולן חדשניות מאוד, טוויסטיות וקורקיות, ובאיזשהו מקום לפעמים זה נורא מנסה להגיע לקצה הכי רחוק שאפשר.

לפעמים זה גם מצליח.

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First, a quote from Adi Ashkenazi last night: "There isn't such a thing as a straight girl, there is just not enough Vodka".


Today was big - my grandparents' 60 anniversary. We arranged a nice big party for them, in my aunt's house, with a few of their friends (those who are alive and can get in the car/sit still for an hour/remember who they are... I'm not joking here) and a few of my mom and my aunt's friends (my aunt is my mom's sister and my grandparents are my mom's parents). At first my grandma said she didn't even want a party (she had been ill for a long time up until a few weeks ago) but she came around, and we went ahead with our plan. everything was wonderful, my dad and I made a presentation from old photos and my dad rhymed so much of their life story. They were really touched, I even saw my grandad shed a tear. My mom, after crying on and off for some time in the beginning of the party behaved and didn't cry during the presentation (it was also written funnily, so it helped), and I made it my goal to get people drunk - whiskey and brandy and martini, oh my!

Will be leaving shortly with Michali and Eyal for a dance show I'm dying to see.

Didn't really get a chance to work this weekend... Mmmm.
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Dance show - pretty amazing )

Susana and a cat )

After about an hour we have finished our drinking and eating (and conversation), so we headed home. I dropped her off at her place, and walked into our apartement just as my dad was turning off the lights.

My floor was, again, peed on, so I had to clean it up before I turned in, and was quite annoyed about it, but the wonderful evening I had kept me from swearing loudly...

Morning brought a very strange weather. The window is open and there's some wind, but there's haze outside, and I can't help thinking something's changing.


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