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So I was at my grandma's and she said "you know, I dreamed you had a boyfriend with a mustache and glasses".

So I go home and post on FB "My grandma dreamed I had a boyfriend with a mustache and glasses, do you any like that for me?"

The nest thing I know, Udi posts a picture of Jeffery Dammer as a comment.

Gotta love the brotherly affection.

I did laugh my ass off.
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So apparently the CIA has to read through and approve every script of "The Americans" before the film it, due to it being based partly on real notes a Russian defect-ee took while working for the KGB and the CIA actually used during the Cold War.

How awesome is that?
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The last week was full of family stuff. Well, you know, passover and all.

The Seder was great - it was supposed to be just us this year with Netalie and Hadar, but about three days before my aunt called my mom and said her son and his wife decided to have the Seder at their house because the little twins (who were born a month ago) shouldn't be outside (forgive me for bullshitting that), so they'll have the wife's family over, but not my aunt's... So yeah, they came over without Asaf, the eldest son who's wife is a bitch and it made a whole lot of difference - Asaf is the leader in the "No-reading-of-the-Hagada-movement", and without him we went through it quickly and with lots of laughs, and a lot of singing (and after a point, drunk singing). Everyone were in high spirits and the food was great, so it was a great night (unfortunately Netalie and Hadar didn't make it in the end, but next time).

And so begins a week long of Matzebra (so many different names for that dish, so allow me to explain) - basically passover's pancake - you break a matza into little pieces, mix it with warm water, milk and egg and fry it on a pan. It's my dad's time to shine since he's the Matzebra maker at home (he can't cook anything else for the life of him). I tried to make one for myself one day and it turned out horrible, so dad will be in charge of it from now until forever...

Friday was meant to go to my aunt and uncles (other side), and boy was that fun.

Some family connections )

So Shachar, who is my cousin's second cousin once removed was about 9 when I last saw her, and I was amazed to see her this time. She's a real sweetheart - funny and smiley (reminds me a lot of myself), and we immediately clicked. She spent some time talking with me and she sat next to us when we played cards (oh, the cards! Both me and Ayelet really like this one game but we usually have a hard time convincing people to play with us - this time not only did we have abundance of players but my uncle Rafi actually made us stay and have another game with him since he didn't play the first game - I was lucky my mom was in no hurry to go home - since I won both games which was awesome). Both Udi and I explained to her some of the moves and we had a great time (my dad was our secretary, and he recruited both my cousin's little kids to help with the math. They ended up riding his head, literally, and he was having the time of his life).

Since the guys were coming over to play football on Sunday I tagged along and sat with Shachar for two hours mocking the players (she mocked her dad quite a lot). Lilach, her mom, who's a really cool broad, sat with us some and gave me the thumbs up when I was teaching swearwords in Hebrew to Shachar (I don't get it - I have more genes in common with this girl than I do with actual people I'm related to). The conversation went to food somehow, and she mentioned she had sushi for the first time that day - but it was veggie sushi, and in Rehovot (very hard to find good sushi outside Tel Aviv and Herzliya) so I volunteered to take her out to have real sushi today.

Picked her up at 7 and we made it in good time to Tel Aviv and we headed for Moon, which was a great choice. She was a real good sport - she let me pick all the dishes ("Do you trust me?" I asked her, and she dove right in) and ha all of them, not just nibble at the edge, and enjoyed everything, even the shrimp. We both declared the experiment a huge success and I told her next time they'll be in Israel I'll take her to have some good ice cream. Lilach told me she had no idea if Shachar would want to come over during the summer, but she told me today they booked their tickets and she looked excited about it, so yey.

I am also going to introduce her to Tori Amos. She's just the right age to grow into this kind of music.

I seem to have adopted a little sister. :)
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...I bought two dresses.

No, really, I seriously don't need anymore dresses, but, but, but, they were nice and pretty and good on me and in great colors and textures and only cost 270 NIS for both!

I had no intention of buying anything, since, well, I still don't have a job, but I wanted to go for a bit to walk around. The weather wasn't for the outside (it was hot and windy when I left. By the time I came back the wind had turned cold and moist) so I took the bus to Dizengof Center. On Fridays it has a designer market I like, with a nice designer I already bought dresses from, so I went to see what she had. I ended with two quite different dresses - one is quite casualy, V-necked, top in deep pink, black belt section below the breasts and an A-skirt in textured black. Sits well on the top of my body and falls out at the right place. The other is a version of a dress I already have but in slightly different fabrics and colors - bottom is fitted and grey and goes all the way below the dreasts and top in white, falling fabric. The back of the dress also has a great stanciled flower in white on the grey area which gives it that extra something. This one would be awesome for the Seder and the other one will be great for everyday casual-pretty.

I have way way more dresses than I need now, I I'm going to start wearing them much more often.

I also have two weddings coming up, so a good dressy dress was a good buy, and even though it was not included in the 1+1 sale the designer, who knows me (since I bought there already and it's a small company) decided I could have them both for the price of one (I would have taken only one if she didn't).

Got myself fruit shake and headed home. Now I have to decide what to have for lunch.

Clue time

Feb. 17th, 2013 10:50 am
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So, it seems like there are quite a lot of my songs no one can name. It's clue time!

(And as scores go - [personal profile] hagar_972 has 9 right answers, Nurit has 2, as before).

Third lines )

Solved )

Round 3

Feb. 15th, 2013 09:26 am
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We have a new roller, her name is Nurit and she's waaaaaaaaaaay over there at LJ... But she got two songs right, and now we have a third line for y'all.

(As scores go - [personal profile] hagar_972 has 9 right answers, Nurit has 2).

Third lines )

Solved )

Round 2.

Feb. 14th, 2013 05:13 pm
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Round 2. Since the first round has ended (we have a leader, naturally), here are the second lines.

Second liners )
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Since this will mostly be solved by two people, no need to repeat the rules in full, just a reminder:

* Below are the first lines of 25 songs that came up on my iTunes.
* If you recognize a song, name it in a comment.
* And to make this interesting - I'll make a nice little present (one you can eat) for the winner.

Let the Hunger Games begin! (and may the odds be EVER in your favore...)

The lyrics )
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And not just. Daddy's girl, and brother and sister's girl, and aunt and uncle and cousins' girl, and best friend's girl, and other best friend's, and other friends' girl, and Tel Aviv girl, home girl, Israel girl, Hebrew girl, Girls' girl, clothes' girl.

At the beginning of the week I felt like this job isn't right for me but I couldn't tell why. I think I know now - I think I simply ignored everything I am, everything that defines me when I took this job. I was so happy and excited and I disregarded all the not-so-great things that came along with it, even though they nudged me even then. And that was what came back to bite me in the ass this week.

I don't belong in a kind of work that takes me away from everything I love, from everyone I love. I don't belong in a kind of work where I'm surrounded by men from all around the world who tell sexist jokes and announce that "You'll not go offshore with a pink suitcase", I don't belong in a line of work that has physical labor that I just can't handle (I'm just not strong enough).

Most of all, I don't belong in a kind of work that will mean I will be gone for the next few years, with very little time off.

[No, this isn't a rationalization, and I'm not ashamed of my decision - I needed to say this and I needed it to be written and organized]


The pink suitcase comment was half funny, half annoying. The commenter, Paul, deserves some slack for he was my mentor for the last few days and I can say he's really great.


A few political discussions, some talk of vegetarianism, spending a lunch trying to calm myself down from a baboon talking fucking nonsense (Israeli baboon), being in the room and having no one swear because of it (if they only knew), one car ride with a very drunk still, very sleeping, very snoring guy behind me, the fumes coming off of everybody's mouths today (I swear, stick a wick in their mouths and they'd burn for a week), too much sushi, too many train rides...

And thank god for my phone - I watched 5 TV shows on it, been super updated all the time and it gave me a whole lot of "passing the time".

That was my week. It wasn't all bad.


I called AS on Tuesday (AS was the one who hired me in M. Gold, the company I was at until August). He works at the Standard Institution now and I thought "well, it's a long shot, but maybe he needs someone", so I'm going to see him tomorrow and talk about options.

But even if it fails, I will be back on Monday to tell them I'm leaving. I'd be so much more relieved once I do that.

(I'm home free)
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Yeah, so "Castle" is as much a cop show as "Bones" is (as in - pure fluff).

I do like Alexis and Martha so very much, not to mention Castle's relationship with them (daughter and mother, respectivly - both cute redheads).

I'm through to the middle of the third season, which means I'll be finished by Friday, and may still have time to get through another show (probably short or british) by next week.

Yes, my vacation is television. But good television.
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I'm watching the gymnastics first round on te internet at work.

Yeah, I'm that excited about actually working... :)

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Took me hours upon hours.... But I'm finally cought up with 9gag posts I've missed when I was in Germany.


I'm hitting "refresh" every time I go to my gmail account to see if I already have the contract.
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I went to Tel Aviv on Friday by bus. I sat quite close to the front of the bus and listened to music on my earphones when I noticed the guy getting on.

He had tattoo after tattoo, piercings and all kinds of leather accessories with metal spikes, and I'm looking at him and thinking "Hmmmm... He's wearing Crocs."


BTW - at another glance, they were Birkenstocks. Better.
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This reminds me of 9 hours on June 20th, 2007.... Enjoy.

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[I come back from making coffee, saying I really want a Kasata, meaning ice cream between two biscuits, remember Adi Ashkenazi's stand up and start laughing]

Me: [laughing]
IR: [conducts me as in a concert]

[repeat for 2 minutes]

Me: [stops laughing for a second]
IR: [prepares]
Me: [carry on laughing]
IR: [makes a blowing motion with her hands]

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[IR and I are talking guys at work, after her bad morning]

IR [half crying, half laughing]: "I didn't say I would go out with AN [one of our garage workers, about 50 years old]... Maybe pull his willy [in Hebrew - "אמשוך לו בבולבול"]"
Me: *dies*


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