Dec. 30th, 2010 08:22 am
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Today's Ilanit's birthday. Ilanit was my perach girl six years ago, when she was 12, and today she turns 18.

Perach, for the non-Israelis )

I needed the money, back then, so I signed up. My instructor (a job I would have fulfilled later on, when I will have started my engineering studies) assigned me Ilanit, saying she was shy and lonely. She was, for about a second, and we had a wonderful year together.

When the year ended we said goodbye, and spoke only on her birthday or mine for a few years, until we stopped.

I have a younger brother, but she was (is) my younger sister, and I hope she knows I still think of her.

But it's just weird. She's 18 now. A senior in school, she'll probably go to the army next year. She was a child when I knew her. Oh, dear.
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3 exercises to get done this weekend, plus a ton of perach reports I've been neglecting for a month.

I'm feeling good today. Must be the sunlight. Huh.
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Thuesday night I had a fight with my dad. It ended with him saying "Find another house" and in me packing a bag and getting the hell out. Called Hagar and made sure I could crash there.

Spent the evening with her, a bottle of beer and "Twilight" (finished my month-and-a-half-project of all the "Harry Potter"s) and went to sleep at about 11:30. Slept badly - there was the noise of cars, the too-narrow-bed and my anger, who was creeping into my dreams. Only really fell asleep early in the morning, and by then the alarm went off and I got up, thankful, that the night was over.

Got some breakfast and made a few additions to my papers and then we left for the university. We were there with plenty time to spare so I was able to go print a few more things before my test. All in all, the test didn't go down as well as i could have hoped, but better than I could have expected. My eventful evening and night didn't help with that, too, and I found myself at times gazing blankly at the wall, my head full of buzzing.

Had a meeting with Keren after that, got plenty of compliments and a few points to work about (it was a feedback meeting) and then my mom picked me up and we made a few rounds before going home.

Spent the afternoon slouched on the couch, half dozing off half reading (Netalie called during which, and my behavior after that told me I wasn't really awake while speaking to her) until I got up and went to the shower. Was out of the house by 19:30 and was in Suzzanne Dalal at 20:00.

Netalie came and met me there and we ate at Suzzanna (I was supposed to call her when I got to Tel Aviv and pick her up but, as I said, I was half asleep when we talked). Dinner was great, though, and the dance show (Oyster - Inbal Pinto again) was beautiful.

I've seen that show before, some years ago, and it was just as wonderful as I remembered and even more - the theater-like feel they have to the dance, the costumes, so much great dancers... It was like a dream made into a performance. Netalie was just as thrilled about it as I was.

Drove her home and was home myself at about 11:30.

Now I need to study.

But House just finished downloading... Mmm.


Jan. 19th, 2009 08:46 pm
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Well, "Mr. Blue-sky" really is a feel-good song... :)

My solids professor walked up to me today and started a conversation about Harry Potter (she saw me with OotP during break), and a guy sitting behind be jumped in and said "how come you have time to read?" so I said that when one can't read, one can't live, and my professor said she agreed with me. I do so very much like her... :)

And on another subject - crushes are stupid things... Blah about that.

Some time off from Perach, almost no meetings this week, which will give me time to study (or, more likely, finish OotP). On the other hand, our mid-year seminar is this Friday, so this Friday is totaled as well as the last three and the next one. I won't have a Friday off until February...

Got hold of "First among Sequels" but there is still two and a half HP books to get through before I get my head around to anything else, and by that time my "Twilight" series will be here (hopefully) from Amazon and I can't see myself straining too hard to stop myself from them.

Very happy that the semester is drawing to a close. The next one is harder, still, but it's a second semester, and as such has the proximity to the summer and New York is calling me from afar for this summer, so I'm not too bummed. I am bummed about Mel not coming with me, but my sister gave me the idea to publish my need for a trip-buddy in "Lametayel" in Dizengof Center, so I guess I'll find someone in the end, and, still, I have these hopes that, well..

Also - "True Blood" had a very good first season, finished downloading it on Saturday and now I'm quite at a loss for stuff to download (some shows returned this week, so that's good, but whole seasons? Not anymore). Downloaded "Once" but only got through the first 5 minutes to understand I'll understand absolutely nothing from their Irish accent. I'll have to see what I'll do with that... *is amused*


Dec. 18th, 2008 08:20 pm
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One more dropped out.

I hate these fucking people.
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עובדת קשה, כרגיל. החודש זה חודש בחנים, אז היה לי ביום ראשון בוחן בדינמיקה של גוף קשיח (כן, אני יודעת שזה נשמע מלוכלך), ביום ו' הבא יש לי בוחן בפיזיקה, שבוע אחרי זה בוחן בתרמודינמיקה ושבוע אח"כ בוחן במכניקת המוצקים. ואחרי זה שלושה ימי שישי של ימי עיון בבתי הספר. מי שזוכר משהו ישאל למה שלושה? ובכן, לקחתי עוד בי"ס לרכז, מלבד שער האריות ואשכול, עכשיו אני אמו-הורתו הגאה של בי"ס הס גם כן... אחת הרכזות עזבה, וזה עוד 600-800 ש"ח בחודש. אין לי כסף. אני צריכה את הכסף. בכל מקרה - הוא עכשיו שלי ואני צריכה להתחיל לעשות סדר בבלאגן.

אני עכשיו במשרדי פר"ח בת"א, מחליפה את המזכירה שלנו לשעתיים (בהחלט לא התגעגעתי לעבודת המזכירות, אני יכולה להגיד בפה מלא!) בינתיים עושה את כל העבודות המזכירותיות שאני אמורה לעשות גם ככה. איחס על טלפונים וסידורי טפסים... בררר.

אני תוהה אם להשאר מעבר לשעתיים שהבטחתי כי יש לי עוד עבודה, וזה לא יגמר ברבע שעה... ויש לי כאן גישת אינטרנט שוטפת.

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If the junior staff doesn't declare strike, the school year begins tomorrow.

Bought all my stuff about half an hour ago at Office Depot here at the mall and I'm contemplating on organizing a bag for tomorrow now. Haven't really done that since the third grade. Scratch that, I've never organized a bag the night before. I'm lazy.

Anyway. I've got 9 hours tomorrow, 8:00-17:00, no breaks, of physics, and math and more physics and more math until my eardrums will pop, and then interviews of potential tutors.

Yey for a sucky first day.

Also, my dad and my brother got on my bad side today and I'm still pissed (typical males; they think they can make do with not lifting a finger around the house), so yey for a sucky before-first-day-day.

Oh, and stomach ache. Peachy, ain't it, to be on my period the first week back to school?

The problem with rants, they don't really help.


On the other hand, House was so unbelievably cute today!
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Been quite ill... Haven't been able to work properly )

My mom was busy so I made sandwiches, and she bought like two tons of food to take with us. My dad got here at about 16:00 and we left at 16:15, picked my sister on the way and off we went.

Concert report, pics included! )

Mel and I arranged to meet at 10:30 but that didn't work so we ended up arranging a meeting at 11:30.

11:40 I was in TA with my sister and my brother in law and Mel was still stuck in traffic so we went to get some coffee (Blicker on Raines street has a very good chocolate and almonds croissant, maybe the best I've ever eaten, and great cold coffee). After that we went to the center, where we walked around some until Mel called and said she was there. I have already managed to buy myself a new bag by that point... I said goodbye to Michaly and Eyal and went to meet a very distressed Mel, not to mention hungry.

After getting tickets to "Persepolis" (which finally got to Israel!) she had something to eat and we made to look around. Got myself a new pair of earring at "Diva", an art magazine and a notebook and two new "Calvin and Hobbes" books. Needless to say, by then I asked Mel to stop me from buying anything else...

The movie was incredibly amazing and both me and Mel cried through big chunks of it. I can definitely say I wasn't disappointed (I have this tendency when it comes to books I love being processed into cinema), and even more so - I believe this movie gives a rounder, fuller view of this story. Mel agreed that it should be sold alongside the books for the full processed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching two episodes of "House" and then I gave her a ride home.

It's 10:52 and the rain is picking up.

I love this feeling. :)
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Finally, new painting on the go. The first half came out much nicer than I thought it would, but the real job is yet to come. Will go back to it at some point this week. I really needed that.

Also, "Lunar Cycle" got work today, I fixed what was fucked there and now I need to see where I'm taking this one. For some reason I think that black would work really good there, but not as a color per-se. Beads, perahps, or strings.

Another no-name-painting got work, I still haven't finished the base yet (and my plans for this one requires a lot of work).

Got to close the whole perach thing, so I'll have that money (good), checked out my scheduale for next year (crazy, crazy, crazy!) and found out that tomorrow is a dance show I have tickets to, and it's Ruthi's bachlorette party. Completely slipped my mind. So I'll go after no time at all, but I'll at least be there long enough to say congratulations and drop off my gift... I was bummed, I can tell you that.

Tomorrow - Photography session first thing in the morning at Nahlat Binyamin, make chocolate truffles, party, dance show. Yup, full day's work. But good work.

Night. :)
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לקחו לי את שז"ר! כוס אמא שלהם!

הייתי אמורה להמשיך עם בי"ס שז"ר השנה, וזאת היתה אחת הסיבות העיקריות לזה שבכלל המשכתי בפר"ח, ועכשיו קרן (הראש צות שלי) מתקשרת אלי ואומרת שבגלל משהו שהפילו עליהם ממשרד החינוך הם היו חייבים להזיז אותי משז"ר ועלומים (שעליו לא אכפת לי) ולתת אותם לרכז אחר, חדש, עם חונכים שבאים איתו. זין!!!

אז אמרתי לקרן שאני צריכה לחשוב אם בכלל אני אגיע בשבוע הבא לסמינר, כי אני צריכה לחשוב אם אני רוצה להשאר אחרי המכה הזאת. הרי היו להם ברירות, והם בחרו את בתי הספר שלי, שאולי אין בהם הרבה הרשמה אבל יש בהם רכזת שנה שניה, וזה כזה מעצבן, וכל כך לא סופרים אותי שם, וזה חרא מחורבן. ושז"ר נדפקים כי המנהלת ממש רצתה שאני אשאר וגם אני רציתי, ואני כבר מכירה את הילדים ואת הנהלים ואת הכל וזה כזה זין ודפיקה ולמה עכשיו? כבר ספטמבר!

בקיצור, אין לי ברירה אלא לקבל את הזבל הזה שהנחיתו עלי ולשאול את עצמי אם אני רוצה לחזור לתפקיד של רכזת בבי"ס חדש.

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Finished "Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox" this morning (yes, while I was supposed to be studying). The end was... Well, an ending to this story but as for a(nother) sequel, it will come. But not soon. Well, never mind. It's not as if I'll have a lot of time to be reading much in the next three years.

Two more tests for this semester, a special test in Linear Algebra in September (because I failed the moed b) and that's it for this year. Too bad next year is closing very quickly.

On the 15-17 of September I have the perach seminar, on October three days of a class for my new first semester job (TAing a first year engineering's class on graphics), I've a photography course starting next week (a day after my last exam for this month), also Comic Book Tattoo is finally on it's way (it'll probably be here with a lot of time to interrupt my studying for materials), and I ordered "Tales of Beedle the Bard" from Amazon, but that's gonna be only on December.

I'm planning on a movie sometime this week (can't wait to see "Dark Knight" and "Wall-E"), and Hagar's b-day is approaching as well, so her present needs wrapping (and a card).

I need to get a tripod for the photography class, and I don't really have the money right now.

Oh, and get HP 1-3 in English for the major re-read I hope to get done during the next couple of weeks.

OK. Mechanics now.
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Christ, I hate perach parties...

Last night was the last one of them for this year. I was at the center where we had the party at 14:30 and didn't leave until 20:30. During those hours I carried tables, chairs, arts and crafts shit, got people to carry all of the above, cut squares from any kind of material you'd care to name, shout me throat raw, sit on a floating slide for 90 minutes (with many kids who smelled like shit), dealt with annoying tutors, the center's sour caretaker, my fellow instructors, take about 150 photos, fight with a mother or two and with a lot of children, pick up what 300 people leave behind when they have popcorn and candyfloss and decide once more that I never care to have children of my own.

This week... It's going to be hell. Three lab reports, four exercises, a quiz and tutors last meetings, projects briefs to be made and all in all, crap.

Can you tell I'm extremely misanthropic right now?
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כמה פאקינג פעמים יכולה חונכת אחת להתקשר אלי?!?!?!?!



מה עשיתי רע?

יום אחד, חמש שיחות טלפון ועוד שתיים שלא עניתי, ואחרי כמה ימים שאני מסננת אותה אז עוד פעם, די, די כבר, אינען ראבק!

ועוד שולחת לי מייל, אחרי שדיברתי איתה היום (או אתמול, אני כבר לא זוכרת) שהיא לא מצליחה לתפוס אותי, אז שאני אתקשר!!!

די כבר! יו, יא קרציה!
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My 9:30 meeting came only at 10:00, but oh well. I got some work done by the time she was there and I took some stuff I needed from the office. Also, passed through Azrieli on the way home - finally bought "Earthsea quartet" and a few things in Pnai-li (a few canvases and paints).

I have more meetings today but at HIT here in Holon, and my mom said she'd drive me.

Lunch would be good.
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Had a lovely weekend.

Friday was our trip from perach. We went to Alexander stream, which was a very beautiful place. Those of us who came sang stupid songs on the bus on the way there and made half of the other people there glare at us with rage. That was quite amusing...

The route itself was very pretty and fun, with a bit of competing between the teams (there are 3 teams in our administration) and we won (we were the only team who cared about winning, so), and I got to see loads of cute turtles and some sort of a mammal which I've no idea what is it, but it was cute all the same. When we were standing looking at the turtles some stupid people from the other teams started throwing bisli to the water, and they wouldn't stop even though Eitan, myself and a few other people told them to stop, and even the signs that said "Please do not feed the turtles" didn't help. We grumbled out of there about the stupidity of some people (they said "If they're eating it it couldn't be bad for them"... ARG!).

In the end we came to where our bus was and ate our share of a ton of food and went home, tired but pleased. I got burnt on my shoulders (couldn't reach them with the protective cream) and was tired for the rest of the day, but it was worth it. Didn't do much as the day wore on, and I went to bed pretty early.

Saturday morning I went to have brunch with Netali and Mel. We ate at Idelson (I loved it, as usual, Netali wasn't quite happy with everything) and I bought some things to take home. We rolled out of there and badgered each other up until we came to the car. I drove Netali to her dad's and Mel home, and went home myself, put the stuff I bought in the fridge and drove to my aunt's. My brother was very happy I came because he could take the car and took off some time after I arrived, and a bit after him my mom and my sister and brother in law. I remained behind to play cards with my dad and a few other people (in which I lost gloriously) and we went home at about 17:30. Spent the evening at home again and fell asleep on the sofa at about 21:00.

All sorts.

Mar. 20th, 2008 05:11 pm
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One big issue in my work just resolved. Phew.

Also, a quote:

Yael (a friend of mine from Perach) and I walking to our workshop, and we see a nice girl passing by.

Yael [looks at her behind] Hmmm.
Me: Hmmm
Yael: I can see you like her socks as well, huh?
Me: I was actually looking at her butt.
Yael: *laughs*
Me: That's the best part of being bi - I can look because I'm a woman and no one can tell what I'm actually looking at.

On a diggerent note. I just found a letter dated back to 2005 in my mail. It brought up a few things from back then (after "Black Friday"), and also crushed me, again, under the weight of the fact that we don't gave a group anymore, and with my birthday coming up, and half of my friends not talking to the other half... I have to say, being between the rick and a hard place is not fun.

But, I made my choices and managed to keep those people I wanted to stay in my life in my life, and as gracefully as possible (I think).

I have to come up with a place that will hold a party of ~40 pips. Hmmm. As Hagar said - "good troubles". :)
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So I've made up my mind to do all my stuff today and go hang in TA tomorrow. It's going to be a wonderful day and I want to spend it outside, and for once I want not to work on a Friday.

I took my time this morning (fifth night in a row of weird dreams I can't remember, only bits of them), and I only left home at around 9:30. Got to the school at 10:00 and made my round for all the reports, left a few notes for the principal, some teachers and talked to the guidance counselor, as well as with one of the perach kids whose tutor is leaving the country and made it out of there at about 10:30.

Got home and found out a few of my T.V shows finished downloading into my computer, so I watched them for some time. My brother got home at about 13:00, along with my mom and we decided to go eat someplace with my sister.

We planned on "Barbunia" but ended up in "Benedict", which was a great choice - all of us kids took eggs benedict (my sister with ham, my brother with bacon and I with salmon) and enjoyed them tremendously. My mom had a pot of meat and veggies, which she enjoyed less. All in all it was great, and I'm definitely making it a place to eat for me.

On the way back Udi and I did our best to annoy Michali, which was huge fun and made us laugh our asses off (sometimes it's fun to be a younger sister).

Mom dropped me off at the HIT, where I had a meeting and now I'm home, relishing the weekend ahead.
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ערב צוות של פר"ח. יכול להיות נחמד.

אלא שחמוטל לא הפסיקה לדבר על הישרדות, וכל שניה "אולי נדליק טלוויזיה?" ו"רק את ההדחה..." ופרצוף של ילדה בת חמש שלא מקבלת מה שהיא רוצה. אוי. אחד גדול.

ואכלתי ממתקים ושטויות ועכשיו כואבת לי הבטן וזה די רע ומעצבן, וכל השמחה שהיתה לי מזה שמל באה היום לבקר נעלמה ופרחה לה. מה גם שהיא הייתה צריכה להסתלק די מהר, אבל זה עדיף מכלום.

אוי, אני חושבת שאני הולכת להקיא... איח.
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Spent 8 hours today meeting tutors. Oh my.

Also am in the middle of my Umberto Ecco book (I still can't remember what it's called, something with mysterious I think), I ate too much junk today and my head hurts since 11:30.

Gladly, I am home now, and I'm wondering what to eat, that'll be better than all the other stuff I ate today, and then I'll watch the end of "Pleasantville".
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First day of exam season.

Morning was productive - went with my mom and my dogs to the vet so the dogs will get their shots, dropped off the dogs at home, took the painting and Sofi's present and went to get them framed (finally). It took us about 40 minutes from the time we went in to the time we went out - the man was a little busy... All in all we got nice stuff for both pictures and it'll be ready in 3-4 days. I'm going to haress my mom to hang it all through these days, so when it arrives I'll have a place for it and I won't have to wait a year (which is usually the case with these things).

After coming home my mom went to help our cleaner and I went for a few arrends and then came home and ate three slices of the dried fruit ake my mom made. Mmmm, dried cranberries, yummy.

Anyway, will mostly spend the day working (I do want to get started on Linear Algebra) and some perach work - I really want to finish tying those loose ends I have in my projects.


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