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Home sick.

First thing - siren.

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Just this morning my boss gathers us around in his room to announce that another one of our branch was drafted (that makes two). And he proceeded into going around all of us to ask how we were commuting.

I don't care riding the bus I say. I've been riding the bus for 13 year.

I get on the bus on my way home and listen to music. I keep forgetting.

We enter Holon and the bus stops at the station. Only everyone are goig down.


I didn't hear it. I was with my headphones.

So people run into a building nearby and I don't, and Iron Dome will take it anyway, so I stand next to a wall with the other poeple who didn't go into that building, and look up.

And there it was. The intercept missile, right over my head, three, two, one, blast... and then the sound hit us.

And the sound... The sound was the only thing that scared me.
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This is... David Grossman wrote this about his son, who was killed in the Second Lebanon War, and Yehuda Poliker composed and performs.

It is, this song - very heartbreaking. Attached are the lyrics and my own translation.

קצר פה כל כך האביב )

So Short is Our Spring )
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Going over old posts for a project made me find some posts from before the war of me and [personal profile] hagar_972. That wasn't easy. The difference is astounding, and well, doing that after the week I had was even more heartbreaking.

Like she said on Thursday - "we both have our weird traumas - your trauma is having people breaking up your family".

Work now, seeing that if I carry on this digging I'm going to start crying and won't be able to stop.
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Great. Just great. Now we have the north front all over again.


Jan. 4th, 2009 08:14 pm
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אני באה הביתה - מעטפה חומה מהצבא עם השם שלי עליה... אבל זה היה רק אימות פרטים.

הם עשו את זה גם בתחילת מלחמת לבנון השניה, אז אני מניחה שזה פרוטוקול. לא סביר שיגייסו אותי אם לא גייסו אותי אז, אבל אם כן, אני אלך ובשמחה. רק המבחנים שקרבים לא יעשו לי טוב.

ואבא שלי בבית, אחרי עוד יום באשדוד. ואודי בחמ"ל בירושלים וטוב שכך.
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So. 60 Hz, by the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company was amazing,. The whole thing is built around sounds, but, as all contemporary dance, says much more than the original idea.

The show started a bit funny, with a woman walking around with two golden cages around her bottom, but when the entire company took the stage there was enough energy to blow off the roof.

There were a few parts I loved more - one dancer performed a wonderful solo dance, to almost no music (there was hardly music during the whole thing - loud noises and talk mostly) that was later repeated with the entire company. There were also a few duets, two by a man and a woman, two by two women and one with two men. I loved the male duet the most, it was full of enough love, passion, sex and closeness that it brought tears to my eyes. It was one of the best pieces of dance I've ever seen.

There was a part, really loud, really powerful of all the dancers on stage moving and vibrating to sound of excited mumbelling and jibrish talk, with the dancer with the golden cages pretending to scream all the time. Laughed my ass off...

I went with Lilach and she loved it too (less than I did) and we finished the evening with a trip to Suzzanna, the cafe near Suzzanne Dalal Center. Had some really good food, wine (I wasn't driving and that was fun) and conversation and got home at about 23:30.

Also, my dad's work place was hit last night from a missile, he spent some time in a safe room and when he got home my mom greeted him with a "Oh, look, the war hero came home!". Needless to say, we were very happy he was home, and he'll be in Holon today, nowhere near falling missiles.


Dec. 27th, 2008 03:51 pm
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העולם נוקש על הדלת שלנו.

אחי, שהיה ברגילה עד לפני 10 דקות לעוד שבוע הוקפץ כרגע לבסיס שלו בחזרה.

אוי, חרא.
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I'm waiting for my boss to go home so I can... Well, just to feel he's out of my hair. Finished pretty much what I should have done until now, and since today was my test for the week I don't have to study until next week. My stomach hurts like hell and it made me a very lazy person today, but what can I do, I've already took two Optalgins....

15 soldiers died yesterday, a horrible, horrible thing, but I write about every-day issues because I can't wallow. I'll lose my mind if I do. I remember, and I hurt for the families, I can't even begin to imagine the kind of pain they must be in right now (I never want to know that pain), but I must do other things, because.. I'm alive and I have to stay sane.

Wrote a few things today, but I'm not in the mood to copy them down, at least not now.

I'm working tomorrow, a total bummer. I got two tickets to "Hutzot Hayotzer" (some sort of fair the paper is sponsoring) and a football (soccer ball, for the americans) from the paper. My dad and my brother loved the ball, abut I don't know if I'll go to the fair, it's in Jerusalem, and I don't really have time to start driving up there. I'll decide later.

Time to get some mail... :)
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Immuno is over, was a whole lot less terrible than I thought it would be. All in all, I still think I'll do it again, but it won't be horrible if I didn't. Anyway, the attack on Israel continues, a missile hit a train station in Haifa this morning, killing 8 or 9 people, I didn't turn on the T.V., and Helena and her boyfriend are back in Holon, which is a good thing. Now all I have to do is convince Sofi and Asaf to come here and I will be less worried.

I have a job interview tomorrow in a newspaper (Yediot Ahronot), for a secretery job. I thought it would be something else but, ah, well, if it's a job that pays money...
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כרגע חזרתי ממסיבת "ברוכה הבאה הביתה" של מל. נהניתי מאוד, כמו שמעידה השעה, כי באמת הייתי צריכה לחזור אחרי איזה שעה, ואיכשהו נשארתי שלוש וחצי. אימונו מועד ב', הנה אני באה... טוב, נו.
בדואר כבר היה מכתב הדחייה שלי מיורוקום, לעבודה שבמילא לא רציתי אבל אני עדיין מבואסת מזה שלא קיבלו אותי (למרות שידעתי מראש שהרושם שהשארתי שם לא היה משהו). סתם מעצבן אותי, אני מניחה, אבל... טוב, תיסכול מהרבה דברים שקורים עכשיו, או בעצם שלא קורים עכשיו, כי כלום לא זז לי, רק הזמן. לא משנה, מחר נקום מוקדם ונלמד, אימונו לפחות 80 ואז אולי אני אוכל לנוח טיפה, לכתוב את העבודות שלי ולסיים את התואר הזה, למצוא עבודה סתמית ולא רצינית ולחסוך קצת כסף ללימודי קונדיטאות ואולי באיזשהו שלב להיות בזמן של לעבור מחוץ לבית. אני לא רוצה דירה שכורה, אף פעם לא רציתי. יש לי משהו עם חלל משל עצמי, ודירה רק שלי תמיד נראתה לי קוסמת, מאוד, לא רוצה אף אחד על הראש בד"כ. ומכיוון שאין חבר או חברה באופק, לפחות לא שאני רואה כרגע (תקנו אותי אם אני טועה), המעבר יהיה לבד. דירה קטנה בחולון לא תעלה המון המון כסף, נכון? אבל מה אני מחרטטת, לפחות שנתיים שלוש יעברו עד שאני אשכרה אעשה את הצעד הזה של לעבור מחוץ לבית.
סתם המכתב דחייה הזה דיכא אותי וגרם לי להרהר בכל מה שמעצבן אותי ברגע זה, ודווקא חזרתי עם מצב רוח ממש טוב מהמסיבה - שמחתי לראות את מל שוב ויש לה אחלה חברים (רק אני הייתי מהחבורה שלנו), ומאוד נהניתי לצחוק איתם על שטויות, ולהביך איזה בחור אחד בדיבורי חזיות... ונהיגה הביתה בלילה, במהירות מופרזת עם חלונות פתוחים וטורי איימוס? אלוהי. הצלחתי לשכוח לחמש דקות שאנחנו במלחמה. טוב, נזכרתי...
לילה טוב לעולם, והלוואי שאולי יום אחד, הילדים, הנכדים והנינים שלנו יזכו לחיות בארץ בלי קטיושות.
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Rockets on the north of Israel. One woman is dead, another 20 are injured. Yesterday 8 soldiers died, and two more were kidnapped.

Hagar summed it up - this means war

I'm worried, I'm nervous. Will we have a stop to this awful way of life?
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There were the most beautiful songs on the radio today. The perfect combination between soft Hebrew songs and soft English ones. The Hebrew songs are the "Memorial day" kind - war songs, battle hero songs, death songs, army songs. You can't forget here, and that's the best thing about this country - you can't forget the important things. Or at least some of them...

Today is ten years since the murder of Ytshak Rabin. When it happened I was shocked, but I didn't understand the full implications it was going to have on my life. I still don't. I was twelve, a kid, I knew a lot but not enough about all the politics behind all the agreements that were signed back then. I knew I wanted peace (I still do), and I couldn't see why anyone would want to stop what went on there, what could have been the best thing in the world - stop being afraid when you leave your house, when you get on a bus, get a cup of coffee on a street cafe.

I grew up since then, and I learned a lot, and I know a whole lot more, but still not enough, and I still don't understand so much of all that happens in here and in the world. I just think of all the things that could have been - how life could have been so much better if we weren't in constant war against each-other. I hate the feeling of missing something important, and it happened so many times. Some opportunities you just mustn't miss, and we do. All the time. And it's bad.

On more earth-bound subjects - got another molecular evolution exercise, and have already started it. I am determined to finish it BEFORE 22 o'clock, suterday


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