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The problem with my camera is my lack of lenses. I ordered our Maya Isacovitz tickets a few hours too late, and we sat at the gallery, and so I could only take photos from afar.

Still, the color rendition and quality of the photos make my old Olympus camera look like a toy.

I would still like to have one of the tele-photo lenses with me (and a few others, but that's another matter...).

But anyway.

Here be pics. )
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Leaving in 30 minutes to see the Rolling Stones (OH YEAH).

Also got some stuff straightened for tomorrow. I'm so happy to have some time off from work and a trip to look forward to.

Will probably leave at 12:30 tomorrow for the airport, our flight is at 15:45.

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Well, thank the universe, it was not one of the ugliest, most disgusting viruses alive, like the one I cought back in March.

Even though yesterday I felt like there was fucking LEAD inside my limbs, the feeling is gone today, and besides a stuffy nose, some dryness in my throat and the hint of a headache, I'm much better. There's still soreness in my musceles, but again. it's much better today.

To celebrate, I went through my generic "List-for-Trips" I've been maintaining for the past 7 years, to make sure it's updated for Vienna.

As it turns out, it wasn't, but it is now.

...and as extra preperations, I'm listening to all my Tori Amos songs now. Hee.

I think I'm hungry.
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It was maybe a month ago - I was driving home from my grandma - I haven't been there in a while now - and then.

Laila Lo Shaket [Unquiet Night - Shlomo Artzi] came on, and somehow it hit me harder, and when it ended Ein Po Makom [No place - Idan Chaviv] came on and I had to slow down because I couldn't see well through the tears.

And yesterday we went to see Idan Chaviv at the Zapa.

... and as it turns out, I took 600 photos. I need to sift through and see if any come up o scratch (we sat a bit far from the stage, and I still haven't procured a tele lens for the Fuji.
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OK. Have you seen Vienna Teng's kickstarter project? (Here)

Worth a buck just to get the updates - A Capella songs all over the place... The last one is "Patterns", and boy did she have fun with that (and some plastic cups).


See, I've been thinking about yesterday all day. The sad thing is, if my sister were a friend I would have called her and simply said I don't really want her in my life anymore, but I can't do that, and we have the Holiday dinner on Wednesday. I guess... I guess I'm just going to really chill things out for a while.

I don't really care anymore. That's the worst part.

(I'll say it again - if you want me to treat you like an adult, behave like one. You can't expect me to take you seriously while you're shrilling like a five-year-old).


Apr. 20th, 2013 05:01 pm
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...and I'm passed the 100 followers! Some girl (Israeli, no surprizes there) started a Society 6 artists group on FB, which gave me like, 15 followers in 12 hours...

Still no buys but I'm hopefull.

And thank god Hagar texted me just now, because I totally forgot we had a show this evening.

Independence day was great as usual, but there was some rain and alot of wind. I dragged my mom out in the evening before to catch the fireworks, but I won't again. It's just not worth all the mess. So I'll only get to see the biggest and those who fly highest.

Regualr week next week, after all the hoo-ha of the last few.

OK. Back to "Out there"
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The songs, at their full versions. They're worth the listen, if you don't know them.

Good music commense )

Clue time

Feb. 17th, 2013 10:50 am
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So, it seems like there are quite a lot of my songs no one can name. It's clue time!

(And as scores go - [personal profile] hagar_972 has 9 right answers, Nurit has 2, as before).

Third lines )

Solved )

Round 3

Feb. 15th, 2013 09:26 am
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We have a new roller, her name is Nurit and she's waaaaaaaaaaay over there at LJ... But she got two songs right, and now we have a third line for y'all.

(As scores go - [personal profile] hagar_972 has 9 right answers, Nurit has 2).

Third lines )

Solved )

Round 2.

Feb. 14th, 2013 05:13 pm
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Round 2. Since the first round has ended (we have a leader, naturally), here are the second lines.

Second liners )
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Since this will mostly be solved by two people, no need to repeat the rules in full, just a reminder:

* Below are the first lines of 25 songs that came up on my iTunes.
* If you recognize a song, name it in a comment.
* And to make this interesting - I'll make a nice little present (one you can eat) for the winner.

Let the Hunger Games begin! (and may the odds be EVER in your favore...)

The lyrics )
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Yes, I went to see her again (this time with my parents) and got another batch of photos... We had lots of fun.

Here they are )
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Got back from "The Impossible". My god, the portraying of the tsunami was fucking horrific, and there were some too-graphic-for-my-taste filming of injuries, but the movie was good, got through all the "right" places, emotionally, and Tom Holland (the kid who plays Lucas, the oldest boy) was magnificent.

And I'm going to sleep.

Oooh, "Black and White" on the radio! :)
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In the end, I always go back to a diary. I mean, really, I have around ten of them, not including the "special" trips I wrote in some other notebooks, the oldest goes back to the age of 7 or 8. They're not consistent (even before LJ came along I had long periods of not writing) but I think that around four or five years (age 17 to age 22) are documented quite well. I don't write about things that happen much, I almost only rant to it (not to mention write some of the most embarrassing things a person can write), but some important milestones are there.

I also took to the habit of reading through them and writing down remarks (something I took from Anne Frank's diary), so I have entries with three or four different additions, stamping from a few months after the original entry was made to some ten years after. Some things have really changed. Some are so much the same it's fucking scary, to tell you the truth (including one very important aspect of my life I only a few days ago was able to put into words).

Here's to the page and pen (and one in pencil, also quoting Anne Frank).

Also, this is beautiful.

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The past two weeks seem like they lasted much longer than two weeks. I'm having a really nice quiet time at home, getting up at much later hours than 5:20 (YES!) and going to sleep much later than 22:00. My normal rhythm won't last long before I'm going to have to go back to work, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can.

So - I already signed the contract, I'm starting on October 1st, still have no idea when the rig times will be, not to mention the training courses abroad.


(Listening to Maya Isacowitz playlist on youtube.)


Finished "Avatar - The Last Airbender" a week ago, also finished one of the book week books and I'm in the middle of another. The last "Artemis Fowl" is in my Kindle, also already read as well as "The Age of Miracles", which was Meh. I'm currently watching "Big Bang Theory" and laughing my ass off (Oh, Sheldon).


My mom and I have been cleaning the smallest bedroom in hopes to make it her studio for the jewelery making, as well as doing inventory (boring as hell, and what I'm currently ignoring of during my time on the computer). All of the school books, encyclopedias and trash has gone to be recycled. It was heavy, I tell you.


I'm dreaming again! I can actually remember my dreams because I wake up naturally and the sleep cycles aren't cut off when the dreams are still small and insignificant.

Last night I was walking through a labyrinth and ended up at the bottom of a huge canyon. It had incredibly tall white smooth stone walls and one of the most amazing places I've ever been in in my dreams. I saw two falcons circling above me and the were lowering their flight, ending up in their nest. When I looked down there was a dog or a cat dressed up like a clown or something (9gag seems to be the culprit there). When the falcons flew off I went to check the nest and instead of a falcon chick I found a kitty, and I figured the falcons must have lost their own chick and decided to adopt the clown cat/dog's baby.

The thing is, the falcons seemed so insignificant in comparison to the immense canyon. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful it was.

Anyway. Then I walked up some stairs and came up at the bottom of my old house and met some russian girl, which I didn't know. Here is the end of the first part of the dream.

...and then I'm a member of the special services, during a drill to mimic kidnapping the president. It seemed like a big place, and in front of me were white marble stairs which we had to climb in order to get to the president's office. He had people guarding him, of course, and it seemed like live fire was being issued, but I managed to get to the top and into the room.

In order to mimic his kidnapping we had to get his wedding ring, but he didn't want to give it to me so he just gave me some coins.

At which point I went back downstairs and discovered the russian girl from before was a russian spy.

And then I woke up.


Took me two days to finish this post. During that time I dreamed I was at the Baker Hughes training facility in Huston and saw somebody juggle and go crazy with a chainsaw.

Have I mentioned how much I love dreaming?


Also, we watched "Alegria" on Thursday and it was amazing - wonderful, talented acrobats on the trapez, on bungee cords, jumping and twisting in the air, not to mention the rubber girls and the gymnasts with the hoops and the guy who stood on his hands on tall wodden sticks. And the clowns. Oh, the lovely clowns.

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