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I was supposed to meet Shiri for shopping yesterday, but it didn't work out at the end - but i still had the car and some free time, and my boss went back to being the little bitch he is so I up and went at 16:00 and went to check out the second floor of Ayalon mall. The did a very nice job with it, it's quite large and the ceiling is incredibly tall, and the shops are very nice.

Went into Desigual, but didn't try anything on (I would have bought half the shop, and I don't need the clothes or the hole in my bank account it would have made). I'm really happy they brought it here, though.

Got myself a nice little outing pouch, for small change and one or two cards if I want to take a very small bag when I go out and also a new dress for the Seder night (shocking pink, knee length, V-neck, some scrunches at the front, just the way I like them - and it was only 200 NIS).

I still had energy after having dinner there so I braved the drive and the mess I knew would greet me, an headed to Ikea at Rishon.

I had a few things in mind for that, and I was able to get some of them, but a bed and a folding table will have to be from somewhere else. I also took a look at their new lines of bookcases and I don't think i'll have a problem come the time I'll get my own place (hopefully that day isn't far. I'm starting to feel the need).

I ended up with a shelf + hooks for my room (my room has no more storage space - I have tons of stuff - so I looked at my ever-closed-window and went "hmmmm. I could put a shelf with hooks above that!"), a few more small shelves for stacking books next to my bed, some new big boxes, coat hangers and a side table for our living room (the last one was unceremoniously trashed because it was peed on by the late monster that was Bisi, and since it was made of cardboard it drank up all the piss...).

My only problem was getting the things to the car. Luckily, they have staff members who stand in the loading area, so I let one of them look after my cart while I went to fetch the car.

Got everything in and drove off feeling accomplished and full of adrenalin. I actually built the side table upon arriving at home (took me maybe 15 minutes) and sat down to watch a movie with my dad, which was a mistake since I planned on going to work today, the movie ended late and the daylight saving hour change was tonight.

Only dragged myself out of bed at 7, and got here a bit after 8. will only be here until 12:00, I think, and then off to enjoy this heat. I missed the sun.
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