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Me [talking to my mom]: "So Thursday night is Tel Aviv's white night. I'm gonna go hang."
Her: "You're gonna go for a long time? I can come for some of the night with you."
Me: "Nah, you always bring me down and make faces about the whole thing. I'll just go alone."
Her: "I don't make faces! And I don't like you to go alone."
Me: "I'm 32, mom. I can go alone, and this way I can do what I want."
Her: "I really don't like you to go alone. What about Michali?"
Me: "She's pregnant, mom. Besides, I just want to go alone."

Michali called a while after and she told my mom she's going to White Night, so my mom shouts out to me "Hey! You can go together!"

And I was like what part of "want-to-go-alone-you-don't-get-to-make-this-choice-for-me" don't you fucking get?!?!?

And now I'm so fucking stuck with this hole she dug me into, and I'm fucking seething here and I know she had good intentions, but for the love of fuck, will you PLEASE stop treating me like a fucking five-year-old and realize this WASN'T YOUR FUCKING DECISION TO MAKE.

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Date: 2015-06-23 09:07 pm (UTC)
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I love your mom dearly. But on this one...god. I really want to give her one on the head.


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