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The thing about a full life, is that things that matter less gets hold up, so I hardly write anymore. All my thoughts and photography go on FB, and not here, but this weekend deserves a mention.

There was also Book week last week on Tuesday. Only got three books for myself, and a few more as presents. Got through one of them already (Paper Towns- John Green).

So Thursday was the Institute's fun day. It was somewhere near Jerusalem, and was conducted about with food, stalls, a pool and a music show. I had great fun, from the moment I needn't have gotten up at 5:30 in the morning, to the moment I got home. i spent time in the pool, had my picture taken, ate great food and enjoyed quality time with people I really love. I got home at 18:00, and spent the afternoon resting and reading.

Went to Gay Pride on Friday morning. It was awesome as awesome can be. There were tons of people but I met only one guy I know. I went alone, with my Jerusalem Pride flag (six colors and the Star of David in the middle). Went through the gathering in Meir Garden and marched half of the course on Hayarkon street before heading back (it was damn hot, and I was hungry and tired). Had lunch at a vegan place I never entered before and went home by bus (the food was nice, some of it better but I still need to see if this way of nutrition will work for me, at least for a part of the time). Took me an hour and a half to get home, though. Fucking traffic.

Spent Friday afternoon with Marvel's Daredevil, which turned out to be really fun and good television. I'm almost at the end of the season and will most likely finish it today or tomorrow.

Saturday morning I was still watching "Daredevil" before my parents dragged me out to lunch with my grandma (lovely affair, to hear her complain about everything seven times in a row and repeat herself 20 times in a row). Met [community profile] lovechild in Tel Aviv at 8:00 and we had a light dinner before the Harlem Ballet we had tickets for (it was great - four small pieces, three of them was ballet and modern, and the first, which was less to my liking - I guess I just don't like Alvin Ailey's choreography - was completely classic).

I had a great weekend. I've got a busy week ahead of me. I guess I'll write when I can.
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