Jun. 17th, 2015

TV post

Jun. 17th, 2015 08:47 am
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Finished the first season of "Daredevil" (I gotta say, I truly hate his "official" costume. I prefer the black clothes). Loved it - and most definitely will watch the next season. It's a fun show with good writing and acting, so really nice.

Watched the first two episodes of season 3 of "Orange is the New Black". I have it translated on VOD for free, so I needn't bother with downloading or streaming.

Also went through the first episode of "12 Monkeys". Another fun show, but I'm not sure about it. I'll make up my mind in a few episodes.

There are still things I'm quite behind on, like the last episode of "Orphan Black" and the entire second half of "Outlander", not to mention I really want to watch "Fargo", "Penny Dreadful", "Hindsight", "Younger" and so many more (I can't remember everything).

If I download the seasons it's easier for me to watch, for some reason. The new screen also makes it nicer looking, so the streaming is a bit bumming in terms of video quality.

And the good thing about riding to work on the bus is that I have time to watch it on my phone (with the kick-ass thumb drive which connects to it).


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