Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:28 am
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I just love it when TV shows go puck-puck-BOOM.

"Hunted" is very good. It's British, so don't expect any quick solutions, but that's the great part. Awesome characters, awesome kick assery (I'll never be tired of watching small cute girls beating the shit out of three guys twice her size) and the twisty plot is quite riveting. I strongly recommend.

In other news, I finished four books these past two weeks and I'm closing in on the fifth (Three Stephanie Plum novels, "The Perks of being a Wallflower" and "One night, Markovitz"). I've enough time on the bus and the service taxi to actually read.

Work is still a mess, but I've started taking things into my own hands a bit more and I've actually got some work done this week (e-courses).

And the weather is being nasty. White. The sky are supposed to be blue.

Got a party tonight and a party tomorrow night, and "DressCode" fair this afternoon. I don't think I'll buy something, I did get a dress, a shir and a jacket this week but I still like going.

And the end of the month is the Accessories market.

And December I'll be in Huston, it seems.

And February until April as well. I'll miss Purim, Passover and the Independence day, not to mention my mom's and cousin's birthdays.
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Yeah, so "Castle" is as much a cop show as "Bones" is (as in - pure fluff).

I do like Alexis and Martha so very much, not to mention Castle's relationship with them (daughter and mother, respectivly - both cute redheads).

I'm through to the middle of the third season, which means I'll be finished by Friday, and may still have time to get through another show (probably short or british) by next week.

Yes, my vacation is television. But good television.
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My room looks like a suitcase exploded in it (yes, I unpacked. Yes, I still haven't put all my things away). The amount of presents for myself and for other is astounding, I tell you. Most of our shopping was for food, but I still seem to have managed to get quite a lot of non-food stuff. And of course another round of the "abroad-cold".

We landed this morning (worst flight ever, maybe only beaten by the flight home from Stansted at '07) at 8:00 and got home a bit after 9:30. The week was a lot of fun (though many many people fighting, as per usual) and I have a whole bunch of photos to share, but I need my sister's camera's pictures as well, and also my mom's pictures. We'll have quite a lot of work combining the three.

The dogs are still alive (my mom was sure we'd come back to one dead) and the cats seem to be fine as well, but the house looks like hell - and when it becomes so dirty it bothers me, you know it's serious. Luckily our maid is coming next week, and by then my mom and I will have cleaned most of the place.

Once I have some strength I'll get my room organized (I can't sit on my bed, not to mention sleeping on it), but for now I really want to look at my photos and maybe re-watch the first episode of "Sherlock"'s second series.

(Oy! Some of my favorite shows are coming back next week! "Bones" and "Downton Abby", and "Revolution" starts as well! Yey for fall season!)

Oh, Bravo.

Sep. 5th, 2012 05:22 pm
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And the TV fest continues with "Sherlock".

Fucking brilliant, that is, and has made me talk with a british accent for the past two days.

Got through the first series and contemplating on doing the first ep of the second, just to get through the cliffhanger (did I mention it's brilliant?). The best thing about british television, it sure knows how to tell a story. Plus, you know, the basic material is already fabulous, but the construction of the characters and directing... Wonderful.

In other news, my suitcase is packed and everything else is also ready. We'll be leaving first thing in the morning (our flight is at 9:20) and be gone for a week. Look forward to my return with a ton of pictures!

TV news

Aug. 18th, 2012 11:36 am
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And "Bunheads" gets more episodes! I really like this, I mean, ballet and almost half of "Gilmore Girls" cast? You got me.

This is a fucking brilliant trailer for the second season of "Homeland" - which had an incredible first season. I warmly recommend.

Video here )

And this is the trailer for the fifth and final season of "Fringe". Pure joygasm.

Video here )

And that's it.
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The past two weeks seem like they lasted much longer than two weeks. I'm having a really nice quiet time at home, getting up at much later hours than 5:20 (YES!) and going to sleep much later than 22:00. My normal rhythm won't last long before I'm going to have to go back to work, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can.

So - I already signed the contract, I'm starting on October 1st, still have no idea when the rig times will be, not to mention the training courses abroad.


(Listening to Maya Isacowitz playlist on youtube.)


Finished "Avatar - The Last Airbender" a week ago, also finished one of the book week books and I'm in the middle of another. The last "Artemis Fowl" is in my Kindle, also already read as well as "The Age of Miracles", which was Meh. I'm currently watching "Big Bang Theory" and laughing my ass off (Oh, Sheldon).


My mom and I have been cleaning the smallest bedroom in hopes to make it her studio for the jewelery making, as well as doing inventory (boring as hell, and what I'm currently ignoring of during my time on the computer). All of the school books, encyclopedias and trash has gone to be recycled. It was heavy, I tell you.


I'm dreaming again! I can actually remember my dreams because I wake up naturally and the sleep cycles aren't cut off when the dreams are still small and insignificant.

Last night I was walking through a labyrinth and ended up at the bottom of a huge canyon. It had incredibly tall white smooth stone walls and one of the most amazing places I've ever been in in my dreams. I saw two falcons circling above me and the were lowering their flight, ending up in their nest. When I looked down there was a dog or a cat dressed up like a clown or something (9gag seems to be the culprit there). When the falcons flew off I went to check the nest and instead of a falcon chick I found a kitty, and I figured the falcons must have lost their own chick and decided to adopt the clown cat/dog's baby.

The thing is, the falcons seemed so insignificant in comparison to the immense canyon. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful it was.

Anyway. Then I walked up some stairs and came up at the bottom of my old house and met some russian girl, which I didn't know. Here is the end of the first part of the dream.

...and then I'm a member of the special services, during a drill to mimic kidnapping the president. It seemed like a big place, and in front of me were white marble stairs which we had to climb in order to get to the president's office. He had people guarding him, of course, and it seemed like live fire was being issued, but I managed to get to the top and into the room.

In order to mimic his kidnapping we had to get his wedding ring, but he didn't want to give it to me so he just gave me some coins.

At which point I went back downstairs and discovered the russian girl from before was a russian spy.

And then I woke up.


Took me two days to finish this post. During that time I dreamed I was at the Baker Hughes training facility in Huston and saw somebody juggle and go crazy with a chainsaw.

Have I mentioned how much I love dreaming?


Also, we watched "Alegria" on Thursday and it was amazing - wonderful, talented acrobats on the trapez, on bungee cords, jumping and twisting in the air, not to mention the rubber girls and the gymnasts with the hoops and the guy who stood on his hands on tall wodden sticks. And the clowns. Oh, the lovely clowns.

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That was very satisfying.
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Spent most of the weekend in front of my Kindle, and some in front of other books and my computer.

Managed to finished the "50 Shades" trilogy for the second time (even if less thoroughly than the first time) and another book from beginning to end in just under three hours yesterday ("No mistakes" by Ella Yavlonski). I also watched the series finale of "Awake" (that had so much potential...), some "Revenge", "Game of Thrones", an episode and a half of "Wilfred" (sure made me laugh, but it's not how I want to spend my time" and half of the first season of "Awkward" (oh, high school drama).

I also bought two new shirts at Frau Blau of Friday, and had my fist summer-shake on Shenkien street (watermelon and banana!).

...and now I'm hungry.

Coffee? Too early.


Short week = good week!

And I have the Goteborg Ballet tomorrow, and the Accessories Market this weekend, and next week is my graduation ceremony
(Diploma!) and the reunion for my school and book week.


So much to do. :)
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...and CSI: Miami is gone as well. Can't say I'm really sorry - but I would have loved a better send-off. Horatio needed a girlfriend!!!!

I guess that's what fanfiction is for. I'll have to check if I can get a good one for "Awake" after the season, well, ahem, series finale.
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Not that it wasn't expected, but NBC canceled "Awake", and it's incredibly sad - I really love this show, one of the smartest I watch, and I have a dark feeling we won't get any kind of closure by the end of this season. The worst thing is, by the last two or three episodes, the plot really opened up and had so much potential for more.

Well, at least we'll have "Fringe" for it's last season. I hear fans of "Awake" are trying to get some other network to pick it up, but I don't see that happening, unfortunately, unless we're really really lucky.

All my other shows got another season, so I don't have a lot to complain about otherwise.


Mar. 26th, 2012 08:45 am
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I really wanted to write about my beautiful Friday, but i don't seem to have the time...

I spent the weekend shopping (in the Tel Aviv port) and watching TV shows (Awake, Touch, Fringe, Bones). Netalie and I also met on Saturday evening for a bit and I had a really great time.

We're going to see "The Hunger Games" this evening (by "we" I mean myself, Udi, Abigail - my cousin - and Uzi, her boyfriend). I'm really looking forward to it - I've been waiting for this movie for a while now, and I will probably watch it at least once more.


As per usual, ME opened IR's and my morning with "Stop what you're doing, I don't know the procedure, you have to work as I want, but until I decide you can't do that". When AS gets here we will see where everything is going. ME and AS had had a few... "disagreements" in the past few days, and this will not be any different.

Pissing contest, anyone?


I already have a few plans for the next few months regarding Independence day, my birthday and (!!!) finding my own apartment. I need to find a place for my birthday party, since I don't want to cook this year, and i need to lay off my credit card for a while in order to have the sufficient ammount of money that will enable me to buy all the things I need for my place.
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Well, I was poised to have a boring few weeks, but "Awake" starts this week, so this should be interesting.

It seems most of my shows have been concentrated to the weekend... and then Fox went and moved "Bones" to Mondays. I don't mind, since I already have two, no, cross that, three shows on Thursdays - "Person of Interest" (which will return next week), "Touch" (which will start it's season on March 22nd) and, as I said, "Awake".

"Bones" returns on April 2nd and "Fringe" on March 23rd, so these add to the wait I have (well, "Bones" have been on hiatus since December with a tiny wave on January, so that was a long wait), but they'll have clear runs after that up until the season finales.

Here's to good television!

And for the sake of organizing:
"Awake" - 1/3
"Person of interest" - 8/3
"Touch" - 22/3
"Fringe" - 23/2
"Bones" - 2/4

I've no idea what's the schedule for "Revenge" for the remainder of the season.


Feb. 12th, 2012 11:07 am
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Spent the weekend with Hagar and Shubi (her very neurotic dog, who gets exponentially worse when her parents are away). Being that it was cold, most of our time was in a closed, heated room. I watched half of the first season of "Revenge" (which is deliciously juicy and fun) while Hagar worked on her computer.

No buses this morning - my mom drove me to the station (how incredibly second-grade of me), but the strike is over, so I'll have the bus on the way back. The train thing was much more annoying to solve.

I've quite a lot of work this week, having this Friday is Helena's bachelorette party, so food and presents and activities must be planned and carried out.

Back to work.
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My room looks like a junkyard - having that I spent the good part of the last three days removing school stuff from my closet. I also used this excuse to do a bit of cleaning and organizing. Man, I have a lot of stuff...

All of my papers from the last four years are now on the floor, awaiting my verdict. I still have no idea what to do with them - I would have loved to just toss them out, but I keep thinking I may need them some day (unlikely, but tossing out about 10 full binders full of everything I learned in the past four years is not something I'll do lightly).

I think I'll wait to see if anyone is interested in taking them off my hands, and then just stow them in another part of my closet for another 10 years and then throw them out.

Also - having watched the first 7 episodes of "Homeland" I have a new favorite (and that's a good thing, being this season's slow beginning). The only bad thing is that, being that it's a Showtime series, the season will end in just a few weeks and I'll be left hanging again. Well.

Still looking for a job.
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Finally caught up with "Fringe". Man oh man, is that thing crazy!

Of course, I was supposed to study today, but guess who really, really hates Theory of Vibrations?

(me, yes).

Anyway - that's some really good television.

On other news, my parents decided to play the parenting thing today at the restaurant along with my grandma, so I got into a sulking mood. Michali is here, though, so I'm going to have to say hi and play nice for a while.

Going to hunt down some food, now.
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"Downton Abbey" is still delicious and fun, the writing still witty and the story line is progressing in good directions. I still love maggie Smith as old lady Granthem, and all the romance is done in a surprising non-banal way.

"CSI: Miami" made me cry more than once during their season premiere because... )

"Parenthood" is still sweet and family-great. I love that everybody talks in the same time.

"HIMYM" is funny, as always. Nothing special.

Still haven't finished watching the third season of "Fringe" so I'm keeping that season premiere for after that, which is good, since I read that the cliffhanger still hangs.

Picked up "Person of Interest", which had a great pilot. I really missed Ben, sorry, Micheal Emmerson. I really hope they don't screw it up.

"Ringer" is, well, fine. Still haven't made up my mind about it.

I'm still waiting for "Being Erica" (which I'll have today) and "Terra Nova" (dido). And of course, "Bones", which will only be back in a month.
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This morning I woke up remembering it was a Friday, and all of a sudden was thrown back in time some a year and a half ago - when it was a Friday and I was waking up after a week at school and I had a day off, and I had an episode of "Supernatural" waiting for me. So I started the download and went to make myself some breakfast, and when I returned the episode was ready and I was engulfed by that story.

And here I am, not watching that series anymore, and with a head so full of worries that I can't really enjoy this Friday.

But I made a cake, with pares cooked in white wine and spices, and the smell makes me just a little bit better.

These worries, they just won't go away yet, not until I wrap up this fucking degree.


I've been a good girl when it comes to books - some five or six (mostly new) books read in the past two-three weeks. I took a break from "Children of Dune" (which will be my last "Dune" book, I think - I have enough craziness in my life, and it's not even the right kind of crazy) to get through "Beautiful Creatures", which turned out to be the first of a series. Seriously, people - why? You have a good idea, make a book out of it, it doesn't have to last three, four, ten books. I mean, each and evey "Young Adult Fantasy" book I've read lately turned out to be the first of a series. The book itself was really good, but no real ending, so I hunted down the fact that there were more. Time for my amazon account to make an appearance...

My sister's birthday party tomorrow - for the family, no friends. I don't think she'll throw one this year, with everything that has happened (and the fact that she's now dating a guy with three children of his own who dumped her twice already). God only knows where this whole thing will end.

One good thing though - T.V. Shows started coming back, and will be almost completely in full mode by the end of September (with the sole exception of "Bones".) Also, the "True Blood" season finale was one big bloodbath (spoilers) )

That is that.
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OMG. "Bones" will only be back on November 3rd!!!! The humanity!
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Fucking CSI: Miami cliffhanger!!!!


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