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"The Good Place"? Yes, please. Kristen Bell is awesome as a VERY made-to-look-bad woman, who just happened to end up i heaven with people who actually belong there. It's witty, funny, and not embarrassing, which is a huge thing for me when I check out new comedies (my favorite comedies are quite old fashioned in style, so finding something a bit more modern... Yeah, that's a thing).

"This is Us" is, as expected, a tear-jerker. Done well, it'll be a hopelessly crying fest of a weekly hour. I like the characters, and the big twist at the end of the pilot really had me. I will, however, see if it's not just a tear-jerker but also good TV. If I want to spend an hour a week I have other ways to do it.

I liked "Designated Survivor", and my god, I've missed Kiefer Sutherland as anything other than Jack Bauer, so I'm gonna stick with it, unless they royally fork it up (yeah, "The Good Place"'s Elinor says fork instead of fuck because obviously you can't swear in heaven, and it's HILARIOUS).

"Lethal Weapon" is nice, but CSI-ish. Grew kinda tired of these, so it's probably not way up on the list, unless it turns up amazing.

And "Pitch", which will stick around for Women in sports, Women of Color, Awesome Women, Women talking about stuff other than guys, and, oh, dear sweet god, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who I didn't recognize as Zack. How. I've watched "Save by the Bell" at least a hundred times when I was a kid. I knew I recognized him from somewhere, and the name rang a bell (no pun intended), but it took a trip to IMDB to make my jaw drop.

Also even though it's about baseball, and I know nothing about baseball (took another run to google to get who Jackie Robinson was).

Got a few more new shows, mostly the week after next, so we'll see.

ETA: MacGyver is seriously Meh. I didn't have high hopes for it in the first place, being that it's a reboot of one of my favorite childhood shows and being that it's CBS, but man, cliche as hell and not enough interesting.

[None struck a chord. The last one to really burrow into me was probably "Sense8", but I'm still to find another "Supernatural" or "Bones" - both, ironically, I stopped watching well before they ended - which none yet did...]
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