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Feb. 20th, 2015 02:01 pm
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Took off and went to the port. The market was only half open - the weather frightened everyone away, even though by the time i got there the sun was pretty much shining, even if it was quite cold and windy.

I also got a glimpse of the lower parts of the Yehuda mountains with their lovely snow when I came down from the University Hill. The rain had washed away all the smog and filth from the air, and the visibility was unbelievably good. It was gorgeous.

Got some cheeses and bread, strawberries and olives, and some Haman's ears at my favorite bakery, and had Herring sandwich at the car before heading home.

As it turns out, my mom also bought bread, but, as i told her, that's what happens when she doesn't answer my phone calls.


You know. I don't fell lonely these days. I pretty much reconciled with the realization I'll probably never have a partner, and I'm fine with that, most of the time. I just don't have time to feel bad about it anymore. I wake up so early, spend the bus rides and car rides listening to music, to talk shows, reading, surfing the internet. I spend all day in a very hectic environment surrounded by people and come home to my parents. I actually feel like I need some alone time during the week, and I take a few hours to do so - shopping, sitting in a cafe, going to see some silly movie.

But then, I was sitting at my car having that sandwich, and I was watching the couples going by, and they were all couples. There weren't many people alone, and most were obviously partners, and it just hit me, like it does sometimes, my aloneness.

Nothing to it, and it'll pass, but, sometimes, for short periods of time, this feeling fills me to the brim and I can't help feel the impact and how it crushes me.

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Another Friday at work, for the overtime and work, but since I'm here alone I haven't done much until now.

Who gives a shit.

I'm listening to music and work on one certificate, and if I'll finish it it'll be great.

I was actually able to finish one of the books I got from Yediot (Schroder - by Amity Gaige) and liked it a lot. I hope I'll be able to read some more during the weekend. I still have four more books from them, not to mention *some* of my own...

The weather is cold and rainy, but not as stormy as I feared. If it would have been, I wouldn't have come here today.

Started a class this week, for Gmul (public workplaces have this thing, where if you have a few hundred hours of classes you get extra money in your paycheck). I need 400 hours for the first step and then 400 more for the second. This class is 100 hours, which is good, and talks about ISO 9001, which is better (since it's relevant to my job). It does kill my week, though, but I have to get through it in order to improve my monetary status. I still hope to get within three years and not four, and after that i can start getting the extra pay, and I really want to have all or most of the hours I need for it by that time.

So, on to work and i'll go home in an hour and a half.
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The headache is gone.

Coughing is also gon..., wait, what? Noooooo. Cough is HERE TO STAY.

It is also phlegmy and hurts my lungs and diapragm.

And my mom is now sick as well.

And we were supposed to go see a show tomorrow at the Zappa, but it won't happen.

Have I mentioned how much this SUCKS?
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So yesterday morning I was still semi-fine, even though the cough has taken a turn for the worse, and I decided I didn't need the stink-eye from my boss, so I braved the weather, which was truly horrible, and went to work.

After being somewhat productive for a few hours, I finally realized that the headache, coughing and breathing difficulty were not going away, so I called it quits, and packed up to go home. The walk to the bus station was... interesting, since by then it was cold, windy and SUPER FUCKING DUSTY, but I made it and also made it home pretty fine. I did, however, crashed right on the sofa the moment I made it home, and didn't get up until my mom came back. By then I was positive I was running a fever, because I was shaking like hell and my fingernails were blue.

My mom made me something to eat and some tea and I drifted in and out of sleep for the entire afternoon on the sofa, with a different array of cats on different parts of me (Truffle really wanted to sit on my chest and she also cuddled next to me, and Dolce and Ginger both took turns on my legs and sometimes the sides of my feet). My fever went up and then down, so I was cold and hot on intervals. Super fun times, I can tell you that. I did watch some TV with my parents, and went to sleep. Fortunately, the cough is a bit subdued, so I was able to fall asleep quite quickly.

I woke up without a fever today but the headache is still here (no doubt due to the coughing, stuffy nose and weather), and food tasted bad, so I don't know. But I can sit upright, which must be an improvement.


Other things:

I haven't really written in a while, even though I've had plenty to write about. It was, what, two weeks ago H. and I went to the Idan Haviv concert? Which was great, but it marked the beginning of one of my busiest weekends EVER.

It was a beautiful Friday, that one after the concert (maybe I'll actually be able to post pictures from the concert today), but it was full to the brim - work, drive up to KY with H., photography session with her and the pup, and game night at Opher and Shiri's.

Saturday was packing H's apartment, and that was long, hard and tiring, and also included a drive up to her parents' at KY, unpacking and keeping the pup busy while her mom got everything out of the way and into the wardrobe. I only made it home on 22:00 that day, and the fatigue and exhaustion dragged with me for the better part of last week. I only shook it off in the weekend, when I was able to actually sleep.

I had a deal with myself to not leave the house last weekend, but obviously it didn't work. Met Netalie for brunch Friday morning, and we proceeded to walk around TA, and I drove to Visit H. that afternoon. I also managed to squeeze in a visit to my grandma and was planning on going to see a movie but the one I wanted to watch had no more tickets, so I passed. Saturday was mostly quiet, but we did go out to lunch at Brasserie.

This week was fine until yesterday. The cough was getting better and I went to do some serious shopping Tuesday. Sale season, so I got two pairs of shoes, three bras, four long-sleeved shirts and tons of cosmetics. The shirts and shoes were half off, but since my shoes are extremely expensive, I still payed an arm and a leg for them. The bras are always expensive, unfortunately.

I was lucky with the cosmetics, though. I ran into a salesperson (a guy!) who actually knew what he was doing. I knew I needed refills for at least three items, and I also got a night cream. He gave me tons of tips on usage, and when I got home and tried some, and thanked him silently. He also gave me loads of tiny stuff for travel, which is always fun.

I think I'll go see if there's anything fun to watch on TV, and if not try and be productive with easy things, like the photographs or even catching up on my own shows ("Banshee" really bummed me out last week, and I'm super behind on everything, from "Person of Interest" to "The Americans")
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I'm home. It was a good day at work. It started good with the car and the radio show I love.

I went to see "You're my night" ["At Li Layla"]. I didn't like it but the cinema did me well. I had popcorn and fruit shake, like every time. I went alone, and sat alone. The quiet and darkness hugged me, like they do, and I felt safe and calm.

I drove home. There was little traffic. There was great music. I sang at the top of my voice, the way I do when no one can hear me. Most people like to hear me sing, but when I'm alone... I sing almost at a shout. It's cleansing. I've always done it. It took me years for it to come out well enough to call it singing. It makes me feel like I have real wings. Like those of a seagull. Those of a dragonfly.

The house is empty. My mom left a lot of light on. I can never understand that. she leaves it on for the animals. They don't need it.

Facebook has a date for something I'm looking forward to. It's great. I'm still flying. Still, from this day I actually spent in a way that was good for me.

The date book is in my bag, but a piece of paper is stuck there. I know what it is when it falls, when I open the date book. I go over it, find the one square that I'm looking for.

I only brake for a few minutes, but the tears do flow. They come out like I'm ripping them out one by one. It's so dry. so little sobs. I've had bigger crying feats.

But it seems like everything, these past few weeks, months, I don't know, needed this day to finally come out.

The fatigue, the stress, the pain, both mine and borrowed, both for me and for others, found its way out in a few simple dry sobs and a few, numbered, tears.

Even though I could let go. The house is empty. There's no one around to see this. I don't cry in front of other people. But that's just what there is. And I don't know if that's it, or if, somewhere along the line, much later than now, I'll look back and wish I'd've forced myself to cry longer.


Jan. 20th, 2015 06:42 am
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Miqve Israel is foggy and the sky is bright. The sun hasn't come up yet, but the color of the horizon is pink and orange.

Then, an airplane takes off and its loneliness is staggering.

Going past this little stretch of morning voyage is probably one of the better parts of my otherwise tiring and too-early morning routine.
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Oh, god, I've missed this show.

I keep forgetting how good is people's characterizing here, as good as Person of Interest is.

I'm re-watching it from the beginning as well, because I need the reminders, and also Banshee Origins (which is the webisodes they upload each week), and I just keep loving it more and more.

The first episode of the season wasn't action packed, like a lot of the episodes are, but the opening sequence was fucking awesome, and we have some new shitstorms coming, I can see it happening.


So fucking cold out. I looked at the sky on Thursday morning and decided it was cold and rainy enough to play hooky. Also managed to get a sick day from my doctor, so that was great. My mom and I went to see if we could find a new TV (since out old one - and I do mean old, it's at least 15 years old - up and died last week) and ended up buying a new smart TV, a new dryer and a cell phone for my brother. Good day's work, I'd say.

Yesterday we actually braved the weather, since I needed fabric for my new sewing project (Jacket, this time), and we were able to find great wool/cashmere combo fabric, in two patterns, in different shades of blue.

It was raining hard, so we only took a small detour through the market and went home. I pretty much did nothing the renaining part of the day, except finish my book ("Charlotte Isabel Hansen", second book of the year after "The Ocean at the End of the Lane", which I hope is the beginning of a year that will rekindle my "Clean Shelves" project). I fell asleep quite early.


We went to visit Udi in Be'er Sheva today, and brought half the house with us, including a huge pot of Chulnt (which my mom made) and Bono (who was exceptionally good on the rides there and back).

Udi was glad to see us and we had lunch together, in his ice-box-of-an-apartment. We got back home at around 17:00.

I think I'm going back to Banshee, because if I go to the living room I'll be asleep in less than half an hour.
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Why-oh-why am I at work today.

There is absolutely NO LIGHT. WHAT.
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Second day at home. Threw my back, yet again. Gets better, though, and I think I'll be able to go to work tomorrow.

I spent yesterday in front of the TV, obviously, watching movies and three episodes of Ptzuim Barosh. I need quiet for it, and my mom is here today, so I don't know if I'll watch any more today.

Recent updates:

I'm moving on nicely with the sewing class. We finished both the skirt and pants, and we'll be finishing the blouse next week. I need to make up my mind what I want to make for the final project, pick the figure from the Burda and copy it and get material. I want to make a jacket, and I hope I can. I'll copy a dress as well, just in case. I also really want to get a sewing machine already.

The class is ending in four weeks, and after that there will be a figure making class which I want to enroll to, but that starts in April, so I've some time.

We're looking into taking a short trip to Europe for my mom's birthday in March. We were thinking Barcelona, for 5 days, including her birthday Friday and come back just in time for the Elections. I'm really looking forward to it.

Work is hectic/hellish as usual, with ups and downs. I'm still toying with the idea of trying to find another place, but it's energy I don't have at the moment, and there are many people I'll be sad to leave behind. It's also, still, my best chance to acquire some management experience in the next few years, so deliberations.

Got a chance, as I've written to get some stuff out of my room, but it still looks a bit like a war-zone. My back situation makes it quite impossible to straighten at the moment, of course, but since I'm not the *most* organized person on this planet (cue laughter from the crowd), I don't mind terribly. I still need a few things from Ikea, which I'll grab when I'll be there next.


Dec. 28th, 2014 06:56 pm
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I wanted to write about exhaustion, but, well, I was too exhausted...

Que a few weeks later, and I've pretty much finished my overtime at work, so I can up and go after 8.5 hours, which is great.

Friday was super hectic, and not for this quickpost.

Straightened my room a bit yesterday, got home today and went at it again. Got quite a lot of stuff out of my closet (top of it, which hasn't been touched in years) and into the trash.

Still loads to do, but it'll wait.

Going to Studio C now.


Bisi died

Dec. 7th, 2014 06:21 pm
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He was a motherfucker of a dog, but he was still my dog.

My mom put him to sleep today at our home.

He was only in pain for a short while.

That's it.
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They landed this morning at 4:00, and my mom forbade me from coming to pick them up, which in retrospect was a wise thing, since I only just fell asleep at around 12:00 and didn't sleep very well.

I still needed to get up to open the door to them, since our lock was changed and they didn't have a key. My internal clock woke me up at 4:00 sharp, at which point I walked into the living room to see Bisi leave me with one last gift (of course I was wrong - he was able to fit another piss right when my parents' taxi arrived). Mopped the floor (I got pretty good at that - after having mopped the floor more times these past three weeks than I have my whole life), and finished up with enough time to open the door and see Bono go nuts. The cats were vocal, Bono was jumping up and down and even Bisi wagged his tail a few times. No need to go nuts, after all.

They walked in and my mom immediately started unpacking (otherwise they stand a chance of having their things peed on), so I got a run of all their shopping (well, all of her shopping...)

Tons of scarves, silk and wool (I think three silk, four wool) in various sizes, thickness and patterns, clothes for my parents, my brother and my sister (cardigans, shirts, coats...), some shirts for my almost-brother-in-law and my ex-brother-in-law, chocolates, booze, all kinds of weird treats like thin slices of crystallized ginger and rice crispies, bags, hats... DAMN.

I got mine fairly quickly - the first thing was the Sprungli loot (they had a layover at Zurich, and since they have a daughter that's addicted to Macaroons... and BTW, if you don't know Sprungli, it's one of the best bakeries in Europe, and has an international name in Macaroons - here is their website). A box of Macaroons (they call them Luxemburgerli) and sugared chestnuts. My parents paid their weight in gold, but OH MY GOD are they amazing. Really. Nothing short of that.

I also snatched one of the silk scarves for myself, and will probably confiscate some of the other at times. They also bought me L'Occitane perfume, a picture made of a kind of wire of a traditional chinese figure and a messenger bag, which looks like leather but it ain't (it's also right to my taste, which is one of the first times my mom was able to get me a bag which is to my liking.

My dad went to sleep for a few hours and is heading to work now, and my mom went through her morning routine (back to the coal mines) and went to visit my grandma. I'm at home, as this is my last day of vacation, and I'm really happy I decided to do that, since I'm quite tired and I need this extra day.

I'm so so happy they're back. They had a blast, as well, which is very good to know. They had a good group and a good instructor, and the trip was very thorough (as much as it can be for three weeks in China).

So no more mopping for me. Well, at least not at this rate...
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I've had a spread sheet to maintain all my TV shows for the past three years now, since it has become my go-to medium for the consumption of stories. I can see patterns there, as well.

Out of 20 TV shows I watch regularly, only two are comedies. Big Bang Theory is just a fun thing, and I've been watching it for years. It's still fun. Awkward really lost its footing this past season, but since it's renewed for a fifth and final season, I'll stick to it until the end.

I seem to have conservative taste in comedies - I really don't like the single camera comedies, even the good few, and the few newer comedies who make me laugh I don't have a connection strong enough to maintain a watching habit (2 Broke Girls fall under that category - I'll watch the occasional episode, but I don't really care).

I have three procedurals, Bones and Castle are the older two and Forever is the new one. Bones have long since jumped the shark, but it's still sweet (SWEETS, OH GOD, WHY DID THEY KILL YOU), and I pray it'll end this year. Castle, well, it did an annoying thing the beginning of this season, but it still has more life in it than Bones. If I still find it entertaining I keep watching, even if it takes a few days for me to watch. Forever is really nice,even though I don't really like the female detective (can't even remember her name, but I didn't like Kate in Castle in the beginning as well), but Henry is all fun and games, and Abe is awesome, and the fact that Abe looks like his dad and is actually his son is hilarious. Oh, and... Jo? Yeah, Jo, she actually wears SENSIBLE SHOES. I can't express how good that makes me feel to see a female detective without high heels (how the fuck do they run with those?). Oh, and her hair is also almost always tied in a ponytail. THANK YOU FOR A LITTLE BIT OF CREDIBILITY.

Person of Interest gets an entire category for itself. Procedural as it might be sometimes, it has become a. my favorite TV show, and b. an incredible serialized story based show. Who ever though a CBS show could be THAT GOOD?

Other cop and spy shows (in multitude of types) are Broadchurch, True Detective, Banshee, The Americans, Sherlock and to some extant, Sleepy Hollow.

Broadchurch and True Detective are the most "ordinary". Great shows, both of them, awesome writing, directing and acting, but they work in a well known fashion - one mystery, one season, work through secrets, horrible people, change suspect two or three times and solve the case. True Detective was amazing in what it did with its characters, and some scenes were unbelievably breathtaking. Broadchurch was nice, but I called the killer by the end of the first episode, and it was killing for the reason I feared.

The Americans is a wonderful show. It mixes spy stuff, 80's stuff, family stuff and an array of extras, and it WORKS WITH ALL OF THEM. It has some of the best characters I know on TV today, and the end of the second season was just as shocking as the writers intended . I did NOT see that coming. Shows that are able to surprise me get a place of honor, since it has become quite difficult over the years.

Sleepy Hollow is ridiculous. Really, it's ridiculous, and fun, and supernatural-y, and the end of the first season was not only shocking but also gut wrenching in a good way. It keeps being ridiculous, and Ichabod is the FUNNIEST THING IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY EVER, but it also builds layers and layers of meaning, and it deals, like the best of Dramas, in Human Emotions. One of the best TV shows of last year, and continues to be one of my favorites.

Banshee has so much sex and violence it sometimes seems mindless. I was extremely happy to find out otherwise. A show I've watched since day one, and one of the best character-driven shows on screen today, in my opinion. There are so many conflicting forces there, you could go on forever just trying to sort them out. It's fun, it's interesting, and what drives the character is believable. The action is less believable, but it can be super entertaining. I can't wait for the third season in January.

Sherlock is just Sherlock. I know this show has its very loud opposers, but I love it to bits. Sherlock, John and most recently Mary are incredible characters, so unbelievably well written and acted, and the relationships in this show are fucked up and layered and fun to watch. I'm Sherlocked, without a doubt.

Time periods are also a genre I love - Downton Abbey, Outlander, Masters of Sex. Downton Abbey and Masters of Sex are both quite similar in their premises, unless you count the fact that MoS is based on true people. Masters of Sex is very well written and performed in a surgical precision. Downton Abbey has tons of characters, tons of relationships and has been quite stable and un-amazing for while now. It's still fun, but it's not as innovative as it once was. Rumors has it it will end after its sixth season (it's currenty on its fifth), and I think it'll be wise to finish the story. Masters of Sex still has quite a lot of life in it, but then again, it's only just finished (brilliantly, I might add) its second season.

Outlander is so much fun and hotties I can't even talk about it without some cold water. Sure, it had a few annoying lashing scenes and almost-rape scenes... But still. JAMIE. OH GOD. Very nice recent addition to my addictions.

Stand alone dramas include Game of Thrones (duh), Orange is the new Black, Orphan Black and Rectify. Game of Thrones is a given, and I won't state my opinion on it, since it's so well known (but seriously, SO MUCH DEATH). Orange is the New Black is great, funny enough and moving enough, and has so many characters who cares if the main one is a bit unbearable?

Rectify is one of the best character studies out there, and is so subtle you need to watch is super carefully. It's one of the worst shows for binge-watching as well, since it's somewhat depressing (Uh, yeah, maybe not "somewhat". Think The Glass Jar). Very slow, very condensed, very heavy. If you want to dig, this is definitely the show for you.

As for Orphan Black, it's probably the best Sci-Fi action drama I'm currently watching, and one of the best of recent years. I'm sorry, but any show that can take one actress and have her play 8 different characters BRILLIANTLY, is awesome in my book.

I've also a waiting list for shows, which includes Fargo, Da-Vinci's Demons, Haven and H+, and a few shows I'm in the middle of (like Penny Dreadful and Transparent), but I think this is enough.

I've wanted to write this post for months now. Yey.
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[oh yey, it's a holiday, I can sleep in!]

[Uh, no, E. isn't coming this morning, which means.... FUCKSTICKS. CATS.]

[got up at 6:40 to Bono whining he has to go out]

[Oh, no, wait, Bisi has pooped, peed and is standing in his piss licking it, the little fucking asshole]

[MOPPING!!!!! MOPPING!!! Quite a lot of swearing. Dragged the dog to his place but he refuses to sit down]

[Bono, let's go. Nice little trip outside. At least he's behaving like a normal dog. Even though it takes him ages to climb the stairs back home]

[Food? Food. Oh, there's no open can for the dogs... Why don't they have a quick open on these cans? Um, can I help you guys? Is there a reason four cats are SITTING AROUND ME STARING? Oh, you want food? Water? Right on it.]


[OK. All the animals are fed. Medicines? One pill for Bisi, another for Bono, Bisi get an insulin shot, and oh right, Bono gets 10,000 pills in a pastrami piece, the little princess.]

[OK. Why won't Bisi sit down? Oh, poop again. OK]


[Take you out, OK. Could you DO something, not just walk around like a loon? You are a loon. Oh dear]

[Yes, he fell down the stairs twice so I carried him up to the apartment. He tried to bite my nose off]

[Downstairs Cats, OK, food, keys... Wait, where THE FUCK do you think you're goin... Oh, hell, I'll get the little fucking runaway after wards]

[Could you please not try and trip me when I'm walking? Thanks. No REALLY. REALLY.]

[No wet food you guys. Just deal with it.]

[Really., Eat your fucking food and STOP MEWLING. OMG STOP IT]

[Hey Maggie! Wanna play "Catch the Giant"? Without making my legs look like a scratching post?]


[Where are you, you little runaway? Oh, you went upstairs, I'll just open this door to you and... No, don't go the other fucking direction. OK. The other door, no, wait he went up again]

[Five times of up and down the stairs]

[I think I got him to get the fuck out, but I don't really care if I didn't]

[Drag myself to the apartment]

[H: "Wanna hug?" Me: "I WANNA FUCKING KILL SOMEBODY" H: "That's gonna be a LITTLE harder to arrange"]

[Can I die now on the sofa?]


[F you, man, F you.]


Oct. 11th, 2014 09:31 am
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My parents are on holiday at the moment, and what my mom does around the house is devided to three people (Emma, who comes and feeds the downstairs cats), Udi and me of course.

Had a nasty period these past few days so I was somewhat unhelpful, but I woke up today feeling a lot better, so I already washed the floor (hey, only just smeared poop), made pancakes, fed the dogs, gave them their medicines (they get A LOT), yelled at Bisi about ten times (he won't fucking sit down for more than a second. He already ate his food, ate Bono's food, peed, pooped, drank water twice, and he just keeps on going.
Yes, old demented dogs are FUN. SUPER FUN). I also bolied eggs and made the marinade for my tofu. We'll probably make fried rice for lunch.

Ooh. Also - laundry.

I still really want to clean out the fridge, but I think I'll do that after Udi goes back to Be'er Sheva, sinhce he won't let me throw out most of the stuff. I think I can have a go at the bathroom, though.

I also need to clean out the kitty litter. JOY.


I was planning on writing quite a lot lately, but it seems it all just slips down and I just don;t have the energy.

For example, I wanted to declare I would try and read at least one new book a week since Rosh Hashana (haven't done that), and I also wanted to write about my TV shows (more on that later) and also about the crap that's going on with my mom and my grandma, but... Like I said, time just slips away.

As for work, things are quiet. I also had a talk with Asaf before the holiday, in which he basically told me that after Motty leaves, Ill be promoted to section head (could still be two years until then, but still). He also made it clear that in order to be bigger section head I'd have to start going out to do tests. I told him I can't at the moment, and that he'd have to bring someone to take some of my work, and he said we'd talk about it once Motty returns from his holiday. If things go well, I might be getting a semi-replacement in a few months. If I stay at the institute, that's the way I want things to go.

Mirit and I also started sewing class, which is super fun. We really needed this. We feel rejuvinated after each class.


I'm gonna go and do the dishes, clean out some stuff and do the laundry, and enjoy my last day at home before going back to work tomorrow (still gonna be a short week of 6.5 hour days since it's Chol Hamo'ed).
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I had tons to write in the past week (mostly rants about my mom), but I'll get to that , I hope.

As for Rosh Hashana's eve - came home from work and was swept into the kitchen.

The wine-cooked pears, Honey Cake, Rice and herb salad are all done now, so I can go take a shower and get dressed.

I can also squee about "Person of Interest" being back (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!), and squee about Mirit's and mine course which starts Monday (sewing).

Aaaaaand now it's time to go get ready.

Oh, and a happy new year, may you all be heads and not tails (sound REALLY weird in English).
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I miss the days that Fridays meant Supernatural and Freakangels.


Aug. 29th, 2014 09:07 am
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You can't mistake it. Autumn is here.

We might still get hot days (well, there's not question about it), but the change has already began, and the end of the year is rolling in.

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I walked into my room and opened the window, instead of turning the AC on. The sun was already gone, and the very new moon was narrow and bright right in front of me.

And I felt it. How the end comes, how the fresh beautiful beginning also approaches.

I can't explain it, only describe it.

And this morning it's still there, the open window, the tiny breeze, fall breeze, and my immense will to bake something that will make the house smell sweet and warm and fresh and tasty.

I had a difficult week, but yesterday was a complete opposite. I guess I was feeling this change coming, and I knew it was signaling something good that's about to come.


I stood in front of the mirror this morning, and a huge smile just sprouted on my face. It's this feeling, lingering, and also.

Also, so much happiness for my friends.

I can't even begin to describe how I feel when I think of all these awesome people I love, and how my life is better now than it was ten years ago (not to mention 15 years ago).

[No guys, I didn't mix my meds this morning. I'm just happy, and I want to celebrate this wonderful feeling, and share it with you.]


I think I know what I'm going to do next week.
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The problem with my camera is my lack of lenses. I ordered our Maya Isacovitz tickets a few hours too late, and we sat at the gallery, and so I could only take photos from afar.

Still, the color rendition and quality of the photos make my old Olympus camera look like a toy.

I would still like to have one of the tele-photo lenses with me (and a few others, but that's another matter...).

But anyway.

Here be pics. )


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